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Aardvark - Aardvark
Ache - De Homine Urbano
Affinity - Affinity
Ahora Mazda - Ahora Mazda
Alice - Alice
Alrune Rod - Hej Du
Ame Son - Catalyse
Amon Düül - Collapsing
Amon Düül - Paradieswärts Düül
Amon Düül II - Yeti
Annexus Quam - Osmose
Aquila - Aquila
Atomic Rooster - Atomic Rooster
Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You
Audience - Friend's Friend's Friend
Brian Auger - Befour
Brian Auger - Brain Auger´s Oblivion Express
Kevin Ayers - Shooting at the moon
Il Balletto Di Bronzo - Sirio 2222
Barclay James Harvest - Barclay James Harvest
Peter Bardens - The Answer
Syd Barrett - Barrett
Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs
The Beatles - Let it be
Beaver & Krause - In A Wild Sanctuary
Beggar's Opera - Act One
Black Widow - Sacrifice
Victor Brady - Brown Rain
Brainchild - Healing of the lunatic owl
Pete Brown & Piblokto! - Things May Come And Things May Go, But The Art School Dance Goes On Forever
Pete Brown & Piblokto! - Thousands On A Raft
Jack Bruce - Things we like
Burnin Red Ivanhoe - Burnin Red Ivanhoe
Can - Soundtracks
Captain Beefheart - Lick My Decals Off, Baby
Caravan - If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You
Charlies - Buttocks
Chicago - Chicago II
Colosseum - Daughter Of Time
Cressida - Cressida
Curved Air - Air Conditioning
Day Of Phoenix - Wide Open N-Way
Delivery - Fools Meeting
Drosselbart - Drosselbart
Earth & Fire - Earth & Fire
East Of Eden - Snafu
Eden Rose - On The Way To Eden
Egg - Egg
Ekseption - Beggar Julia's Time Trip
Embryo - Opal
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Family - A song for me
Family - Anyway
Fantasy (US) - Fantasy
G.F. Fitz-Gerald - Mouseproof
Flaming Youth - ARK 2
Flower Travellin' Band - Anywhere
Focus - In And Out Of Focus
Food Brain - Social Gathering
Formula Tre - Dies Irae
Ron Geesin & Roger Waters - Music from The Body
Genesis - Trespass
Gentle Giant - Gentle Giant
Gomorrha - Trauma
Gong - Magick Brother
Gracious! - Gracious!
Gravy Train - (A Ballad of) A Peaceful Man
Gravy Train - Gravy Train
The Group (Ita.) - The Feed-Back
Guru Guru - Ufo
Bruce Haack - The Electric Lucifer
Bo Hansson - Lord Of The Rings
Roy Harper - Flat, Baroque and Berserk
Hawkwind - Hawkwind
High Tide - High Tide
If - If
If - If 2
Ihre Kinder - 2375 004 (Jeanscover)
International Harvester - Hemat
Jackson Heights - King Progress
Jazz Q - Coniunctio
Jethro Tull - Benefit
Julian´s Treatment - A Time Before This
Kuni Kawachi - Kirikyogen
King Crimson - In The Wake Of Poseidon
King Crimson - Lizard
Kluster - Klopfzeichen
Limbus 4 - Mandalas
Locomotive - We Are Everything You See
Henry Lowther Band - Child Song
Made In Sweden - Made In England
Magma - Magma
Manfred Mann Chapter Three - Volume 2
Gérard Manset - La Mort d'Orion
Máquina! - Why? Máquina!
Marsupilami - Marsupilami
Martin Circus - Acte II
May Blitz - May Blitz
McDonald & Giles - McDonald & Giles
Missus Beastly - Missus Beastly (1970)
Modry Efekt - Coniunctio
Mogul Thrash - Mogul Thrash
The Moody Blues - A Question of Balance
Motherhood - Doldinger’s Motherhood
Mr. Albert Show - Mr. Albert Show
Música Dispersa - Música Dispersa
The Nice - Five Bridges
Nosferatu - Nosferatu
Nucleus - Elastic Rock
Nucleus - We'll Talk About It Later
Orange Peel - Orange Peel
Organisation - Tone Float
Os Mundi - Latin Mass
Osmosis - Osmosis
Out Of Focus - Wake up!
Pan - Pan
Patto - Patto
Pentangle - Cruel Sister
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
Jean-Luc Ponty - King Kong
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Affenstunde
Procol Harum - Home
Quiet World - The Road
Rainbow Band - Rainbow Band
Rare Bird - As your mind flies by
Raw Material - Raw Material
Red Noise - Sarcelles - Lochères
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - nº2
Claudio Rocchi - Viaggio
Room - Pre-Flight
Samurai (JPN/UK) - Samurai
Skin Alley - Skin Alley
Skin Alley - To Pagham And Beyond
Soft Machine - Third
Staff Carpenborg and The Electric Corona - Fantastic Party
The Strawbs - Just a collection of Antiques and curios
Supersister - Present From Nancy
Supertramp - Supertramp
Sweet Smoke - Just A Poke
Syrinx (70er) - Syrinx
T2 - It'll All Work Out In Boomland
Tangerine Dream - Electronic Meditation
Tasavallan Presidentti - Tasavallan Presidentti (II)
Third Ear Band - Third Ear Band
Titus Groan - Titus Groan
Träd, Gras och Stenar - Träd, Gras och Stenar
Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die
Trees - On The Shore
Trees - The Garden of Jane Delawney
Triangle (Fra.) - Triangle (Vol. 1)
The Trip - The Trip
Trúbrot - Undir Áhrifum
Twink - Think Pink
Uriah Heep - Salisbury
Van der Graaf (Generator) - H to He Who am the Only One
Van der Graaf (Generator) - The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other
Vangelis - Sex Power
Various Artists - Zabriskie Point
Igor Wakhevitch - Logos
Warm Dust - And It Came To Pass
Waterloo - First Battle
Web - I Spider
Web - Theraphosa Blondi
Wigwam - Tombstone Valentine
Robert Wyatt - The End of an Ear
Yes - Time And A Word
Frank Zappa - Burnt Weeny Sandwich
Frank Zappa - Chunga's Revenge
Frank Zappa - Weasels Ripped My Flesh
Zweistein - trip, flip out, meditation
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Colosseum wurde 1968 von Jon Hiseman (Schlagzeug), Tony Reeves (Bass) und Dave Greenslade (Keyboards) gegründet. Jon Hiseman war zuvor u.a. bei John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (einer bedeutenden Talentschmiede für die britische Rock- und Bluesmusik!) und bei der Graham Bond Organisation aktiv. Ebenfalls von der Graham Bond Organisation stieß auch bald der Saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith zu Colosseum.

Colosseum spielten ihre Mischung aus Rock, Blues und Jazz zunächst instrumental, später dann auch mit Gesang, u.a. mit der Blues-Röhre Chris Farlowe am Mikrophon. Dominant war das virtuose Schlagzeugspiel von Jon Hiseman.

Um 1971 löste sich die Gruppe auf, Jon Hiseman versuchte sich daraufhin als Session-Drummer (u.a. bei Jack Bruce) und gründete die eher kurzlebigen Formationen "Tempest" und "Colosseum II", bis Colosseum in der "klassischen" Besetzung (Hiseman, Greenslade, Heckstall-Smith, Clempson, Clarke, Farlowe) 1994 wieder auferstand. Seitdem ist die Band wieder live zu sehen und veröffentlichte auch zwei neue Studio-Alben (Stand Januar 2004).

(Thomas Kohlruß)

Personell verwandte Bands (Pfadfinder)

Jack Bruce; Colosseum II; Greenslade; Dave Greenslade; Dick Heckstall-Smith; Mogul Thrash; Tempest (70s)

Alle besprochenen Veröffentlichungen von Colosseum

Jahr Titel Ø-Wertung # Rezis
1969 Valentyne Suite 11.00 1
1969 The Grass Is Greener 10.00 1
1969 Those Who Are About To Die Salute You 10.00 1
1970 Daughter Of Time 8.50 2
1971 Live 11.00 1
1997 Bread & Circuses 9.00 1
1997 The Reunion Concerts 1994 9.00 1
2003 Tomorrow's Blues 8.00 1
2004 The Complete Reunion Concert (DVD) 11.00 1
2009 Morituri Te Salutant 11.00 1

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