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Mark Wingfield - Tales from the Dreaming City
Blackfield - Open Mind - The Best of Blackfield
Giant Hedgehog - Die Irrealität der Zeit
Ángel Ontalva & Vespero - Sea Orm Liventure
Finally George - Life is a Killer
Dai Kaht - Dai Kaht
OAK (Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative) - Giordano Bruno
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild) - Messages from afar: The Division and Illusion of Time
London Underground - Four
Starfish64 - The Future in Reverse
The Aaron Clift Experiment - If All Goes Wrong
Le Mur - exorta
Anderes Holz - Fermate
stringmodulator - Manifesto: Noises made by Guitar and Bass
Monophonist - Über die Freiheit der praktischen Unvernunft
Colonel Petrov's Good Judgement - Among Servants
The Flaming Lips - Onboard the International Space Station Concert for Peace
Yes Featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman - Live At The Apollo (Blu-Ray)
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Bücher und Publikationen über spezielle Prog-Bands und -Künstler

Band Autor  Titel Jahr
MeshuggahJan ZehrfeldAnalyse und Darstellung der stilistischen Entwicklung der schwedischen Heavy-Metal-Band MESHUGGAH2003
Frank ZappaFrank Zappa, Peter OcchiogrossoI am the American Dream1992
Frank ZappaAllan WrightFrank Zappa's Orchestral Works: Art Music or "bogus pomp"?2007
Dream TheaterRich WilsonLifting Shadows. The authorized biography of Dream Theater2013
Twelfth NightAndrew WildPlay On2009
Pain of SalvationMarkus WierschemAnimae Partus: Conceptual Mythopoeisis, Progressive Rock, and the Many Voices of Pain of Salvation’s BE.2016
GenesisChris WelchThe Complete Guide To The Music Of Genesis1995
YesChris WelchClose to the Edge. The Story of Yes1999
YesDavid WatkinsonYes. Perpetual Change.2001
MarillionMick WallMarket Square Heroes: The Authorized Story of Marillion1987
Rick WakemanRick WakemanSay Yes! An autobiography1995
Rick WakemanRick Wakeman (mit Martin Roach)Grumpy old Rock Star and other wondrous Stories2008
Rick WakemanRick Wakeman (mit Martin Roach)Further Adventures of a Grumpy Old Rock Star2009
GenesisPeter VickersGenesis. The Top 200 Worldwide Rarities.2005
Uz Jsme DomaMartin Velisek, Miroslav Wanek & Uz Jsme DomaUz Jsme Doma - 111996
Dream TheaterW. B. van DijkProgressive traits in the music of Dream Theater2013
The BeatlesSteve TurnerA Hard Day's Write. The Stories behind every Beatles' Song1994
GenesisDave ThompsonTurn it on again. Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins & Genesis2004
10 ccDave ThompsonThe Cost of Living in Dreams. The 10cc Story2012
Robert FrippEric TammRobert Fripp - From Crimson King to Crafty Master1990
David SylvianDavid SylvianTrophies: The Lyrics of David Sylvian1988
David SylvianDavid SylvianTrophies II1999
Gentle GiantPaul StumpGentle Giant. Acquiring the taste.2005
Tangerine DreamPaul StumpDigital Gothic. A critical discography of Tangerine Dream1997
EggDave Stewart, Mont Campbell, Antony VinallCopious Notes. The inside story of Egg, Uriel, Arzachel & The Ottawa Company2007
Peter GabrielMick St. MichaelPeter Gabriel - In His Own Words1994
RushFrank SpeerBands Better Than Rush2017
Jethro TullTim SmolkoJethro Tull's Thick as a Brick and A Passion Play: Inside Two Long Songs2013
King CrimsonSid SmithIn the court of King Crimson2001
MeshuggahEric T. SmialekRethinking Metal Aesthetics: Complexity, Authenticity and Audience in Meshuggah's I and Catch Thirtythr332008
MarillionJoe ScottScript for a Jester's Song2011
MarillionJoe ScottScript for Fugazi2017
Frank ZappaDaniel SchröderDer Komponist Frank Zappa. Über die Aktualität der "Neuen Musik"2012
Amon Düül IIIngeborg SchoberAmon Düül - Tanz der Lemminge1994
Pink FloydNicholas SchaffnerPink Floyd. Vom Underground zur Rock-Ikone2004
Mike RutherfordMike RutherfordThe Living Years2014
YesMichael RudolfRound about Jutesack. Yes, "Yessongs" (= The Essence of Rock, Bd. 1)2001
YesWill RomanoClose to the Edge. How Yes's Masterpiece defined Prog Rock2017
GenesisPhilipp RöttgersTwo eras of Genesis? The development of a rock band2015
YesScott RobinsonYesTales. An unauthorized Biography of Rock’s most cosmic Band, in Limerick Form2002
RushLeonard Roberto, Jr.A Simple Kind of Mirror - The Lyrical Vision of Rush2000
Frank ZappaCarl-Ludwig ReichertFrank Zappa2000
Jethro TullDavid Rees & Martin WebbThe A New Day Tapes Vol. 12012
Frank ZappaAndreas RauschZappaesk ...eine Hommage an die Mutter der Erfindung2005
UKKevin QuinnUK 1977-20152015
RushCarol Selby Price & Robert M. PriceMystic Rhythms - The Philosophical Vision of Rush1998
YesMartin PopoffTime and a Word. The Yes Story2016
GenesisRobin PlattsGenesis. Behind the Lines 1967 - 20072007
MarillionMark PardyIan Mosley Marillion's Heartbeat2014
Carl PalmerCarl PalmerApplied Rhythms1987
YesScott O’ReillyYes and Philosophy. The spiritual and philosophical Dimensions of Yes Music.2012
Frank ZappaVu Q. NgyuenA Historical Overview, Analysis, and Wind Transcription of Frank Zappa’s “Sad Jane”2012
AyreonArjen Lucassen & Wilko Müller Jr.Die Reise ins Elektrische Schloss2011
YesTim MorseYesstories. Yes in their own words1996
Neal MorseNeal MorseTestimony. The inspirational and spiritual journey of a prog musician2011
Frank ZappaBarry MilesZappa: A Biography2004
Frank ZappaIngo MeyerFrank Zappa2010
ToolJoel McIverUnleashed: The Story of Tool2009
Dream TheaterGregory Richard McCandlessRhythm and Meter in the Music of Dream Theater2009
YesBill MartinMusic of Yes. Structure and Vision in Progressive Rock1996
The BeatlesIan MacDonaldRevolution in the Head. The Beatles’ Records and the Sixties1997
Emerson, Lake & PalmerEdward MacanEndless Enigma. A musical biography of Emerson, Lake and Palmer2006
Pink FloydAndy MabbettPink Floyd. Story und Songs kompakt2004
Emerson, Lake & PalmerGiuseppe LupisThe published music of Keith Emerson: Expanding the solo piano repertoire.2006
Dream TheaterDaniel LogarProgressive Metal am Beispiel von Dream Theater2014
Kerry LivgrenKerry Livgren/Kenneth BoaSeeds of change. The Spiritual Quest of Kerry Livgren, Writer, Guitarist, and Keyboard Player with Kansas1983
Tony LevinTony LevinFragile as a Song2016
Tony LevinTony LevinBeyond the Bass Clef - The Life and Art of Bass Playing1998
King CrimsonTony LevinCrimson Chronicles. Volume 1: the '80's2004
Reinhard LakomyReinhard LakomyEs war doch nicht das letzte Mal. Erinnerungen2000
Greg LakeGreg LakeLucky Man: The Autobiography2017
GenesisMichael Paul KossFrom Prog to Pop: Progressive Rock Elements in the Pop-Rock Music of Genesis, 1978-912011
King CrimsonAndrew KeelingMusical Guide to In The Wake of Poseidon by King Crimson and McDonald and Giles by McDonald and Giles2010
King CrimsonAndrew KeelingMusical Guide to Larks' Tongues in Aspic by King Crimson2010
King CrimsonAndrew KeelingMusical Guide to In The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson2009
Keith EmersonAkitsugu KawamotoForms of Intertextuality: Keith Emerson's Development as a "Crossover" Musician2006
Steve HoweSteve Howe, Tony BaconThe Steve Howe guitar collection1994
GenesisKevin Holm-HudsonGenesis and "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"2008
MarillionSteve HogarthThe Invisible Man Diaries 1991 - 20142016
GenesisAlan HewittOpening the Musical Box: A Genesis Chronicle2000
YesDan HedgesYes. The authorised biography1981
HakenRay HearneDrum Guide. Haken Affinity.2017
King CrimsonGordon HaskellThe Road to Harry's Bar. Forty Years on the Potholed Path to Stardom2006
Pink FloydJohn HarrisPink Floyd und Dark Side of the Moon. Die Entstehung eines Meisterwerks2007
The NiceMartyn HansonHang on to a dream. The story of The Nice featuring Keith Emerson and P. P. Arnold.2002
VangelisMark J. T. GriffinV-A-N-G-E-L-I-S. The Unknown Man1997
YesDouglas Gottlieb/Glenn GottliebYes 502018
GenesisArmando GalloGenesis1978
AsiaDavid GallantAsia. The Heat Goes On. The Authorized Asia Biography.2001
AsiaDavid GallantAsia. Heat of the Moment2007
Tangerine DreamEdgar FroeseTangerine Dream. Force Majeure2017
Emerson, Lake & PalmerGarry FreemanDo you wanna play some magic? Emerson, Lake and Palmer in concert 1970-19792013
Emerson, Lake & PalmerPeter T. FordThe compositional style of Keith Emerson in Tarkus (1971) for the rock music trio Emerson, Lake and Palmer1994
GenesisHugh FielderThe Book Of Genesis1984
YesAlan FarleyThe Extraordinary World Of Yes2004
Keith EmersonKeith EmersonPictures of an Exhibitionist2003
YesBrian DraperYes in Australia2010
GenesisMax DemontCounting Out Time - The Worldwide Singles Discography1993
John WettonKim DanchaMy own time. The authorized Biography of John Wetton1997
YesJohn Covach/Graeme M. BooneUnderstanding Rock: Essays in Musical Analysis1997
MarillionJon CollinsMarillion: Separated Out. The Complete History 1979-20022002
RushJon CollinsChemistry2005
YesStuart ChambersYes: And Endless Dream of ´70s, ´80s and ´90s Rock Music2002
BrufordBill BrufordThe Autobiography. Yes, King Crimson, Earthworks, and more2009
BrufordBill BrufordWhen in doubt, roll!1988
GenesisDave Bowler & Bryan DrayGenesis - A Biography1992
King CrimsonChristopher P. BohlingFreedom and Construction: New Concepts of Form in the Improvisations and Compositions of King Crimson2012
Soft MachineGraham BennettSoft Machine - Out-Bloody-Rageous2005
Stewart BellStewart BellThe Cupboard of Fear2014
RushBill BanasiewiczVisions - The Official Biography1988
ElectraJürgen BalitzkiGeschichten vom Sachsendreier. Lift, Electra, Stern Combo Meißen.2001
King CrimsonAndrew KeelingThe Concise Musical Guide to King Crimson and Robert Fripp (1969 - 1984)2013
HawkwindIan AbrahamsHawkwind - Sonic Assassins2004

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