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Pell Mell - Moldau
Iris Divine - The Static And The Noise
Colossus Projects (Finnland) - The Spaghetti Epic 2: Tho Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Malady - Malady
The Rome Pro(g)ject - III: Exegi Monumentum Aere Perennius
Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella - Gray Matters - Live in Concert
Gustavo Jobim - Dezoito
Tree of Life - Awakening Call
Tori Amos - Unrepentant Geraldines
Pell Mell - Only A Star
Echo Us - To Wake a Dream In Moving Water
Security Project - Contact
Weedpecker - II
Goblin - Buio Omega
Weedpecker - Weedpecker
Goblin - Tenebre
Galahad - Seas Of Change
Fondation - Les Cassettes 1980-1983
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Autor Titel Jahr Rezensent Datum 
Garry FreemanDo you wanna play some magic? Emerson, Lake and Palmer in concert 1970-19792013Nik Brückner2.4.2013
Bernward HalbscheffelProgressive Rock. Die Ernste Musik der Popmusik2012Ralf J. Günther2.1.2013
Carol Selby Price & Robert M. PriceMystic Rhythms - The Philosophical Vision of Rush1998Günter Schote26.12.2012
Dave ThompsonThe Cost of Living in Dreams. The 10cc Story2012Christian Rode6.6.2012
Peter Michael HamelDurch Musik zum Selbst1976Michael Hirle5.6.2012
Julian CopeKrautrocksampler. One Head´s Guide To The Große Kosmische Musik1996Christian Rode9.3.2012
Jon CollinsChemistry2005Günter Schote26.2.2012
Leonard Roberto, Jr.A Simple Kind of Mirror - The Lyrical Vision of Rush2000Günter Schote4.2.2012
Joe ScottScript for a Jester's Song2011Günter Schote23.12.2011
Stephen LambeCitizens of Hope and Glory. The Story of Progressive Rock2011Nik Brückner28.10.2011
Kerry Livgren/Kenneth BoaSeeds of change. The Spiritual Quest of Kerry Livgren, Writer, Guitarist, and Keyboard Player with Kansas1983Nik Brückner18.10.2011
Jeff WagnerMean Deviation. Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal2010Nik Brückner13.9.2011
Arjen Lucassen & Wilko Müller Jr.Die Reise ins Elektrische Schloss2011Nik Brückner15.7.2011
Tommy Hash, Rev. Keith A. GordonProg 2010. A Decade of Progressive Rock & Metal 2001-20102011Nik Brückner7.7.2011
Ilja RichterStar Szene '77. 1000 Top-Stars präsentiert von Ilja Richter1977Nik Brückner20.6.2011
Neal MorseTestimony. The inspirational and spiritual journey of a prog musician2011Nik Brückner13.6.2011
Andrew KeelingMusical Guide to Larks' Tongues in Aspic by King Crimson2010Nik Brückner1.6.2011
Eric T. SmialekRethinking Metal Aesthetics: Complexity, Authenticity and Audience in Meshuggah's I and Catch Thirtythr332008Nik Brückner23.5.2011
Dave Stewart, Mont Campbell, Antony VinallCopious Notes. The inside story of Egg, Uriel, Arzachel & The Ottawa Company2007Nik Brückner21.5.2011
Gregory Richard McCandlessRhythm and Meter in the Music of Dream Theater2009Nik Brückner10.3.2011
Bill BanasiewiczVisions - The Official Biography1988Günter Schote16.2.2011
Mark Powell"Prophets & Sages: An Illustrated Guide to Underground and Progressive Rock 1967-19752010Nik Brückner31.1.2011
Will RomanoMountains come out of the sky2010Nik Brückner3.1.2011
John HarrisPink Floyd und Dark Side of the Moon. Die Entstehung eines Meisterwerks2007Nik Brückner28.10.2010
Kevin Holm-HudsonGenesis and "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"2008Nik Brückner20.10.2010
Andrew KeelingMusical Guide to In The Wake of Poseidon by King Crimson and McDonald and Giles by McDonald and Giles2010Nik Brückner19.10.2010
Brian DraperYes in Australia2010Nik Brückner23.6.2010
Rich LackowskiOn the beaten path. Progressive Rock. The drummer's guide to the genre and the legends who defined it2008Nik Brückner18.5.2010
Andrew WildPlay On2009Günter Schote16.5.2010
Paul StumpDigital Gothic. A critical discography of Tangerine Dream1997Christian Rode4.5.2010
Bernward HalbscheffelLexikon Progressive Rock. Musiker, Bands, Instrumente, Begriffe.2010Nik Brückner16.4.2010
Bernward HalbscheffelLexikon Progressive Rock. Musiker, Bands, Instrumente, Begriffe.2010Ralf J. Günther29.3.2010
Storm Thorgerson, Peter CurzonTaken By Storm. The Album Art of Storm Thorgerson2007Nik Brückner19.2.2010
Andrew KeelingMusical Guide to In The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson2009Nik Brückner24.11.2009
David SylvianTrophies II1999Günter Schote22.10.2009
David SylvianTrophies: The Lyrics of David Sylvian1988Günter Schote11.10.2009
Rick Wakeman (mit Martin Roach)Further Adventures of a Grumpy Old Rock Star2009Nik Brückner1.10.2009
Joel McIverUnleashed: The Story of Tool2009Nik Brückner30.8.2009
Julian CopeKrautrocksampler. One Head´s Guide To The Große Kosmische Musik1996Günter Schote20.6.2009
Augusto CroceItalian Prog. The comprehensive guide to italian progressive music 1967/19792008Nik Brückner8.5.2009
Bill BrufordThe Autobiography. Yes, King Crimson, Earthworks, and more2009Nik Brückner24.3.2009
Kim DanchaMy own time. The authorized Biography of John Wetton1997Nik Brückner24.3.2009
Hugh FielderThe Book Of Genesis1984Michael Weinel4.1.2009
Armando GalloGenesis1978Michael Weinel4.1.2009
Jerry LuckyThe Progressive Rock Handbook2008Nik Brückner11.12.2008
Archie Pattersoneurock. European Rock & the Second Culture2002Nik Brückner11.11.2008
Roger DeanDragon's Dream2008Nik Brückner24.10.2008
Rick Wakeman (mit Martin Roach)Grumpy old Rock Star and other wondrous Stories2008Nik Brückner13.10.2008
Henning DedekindKrautrock. Underground, LSD und kosmische Kuriere2008Christian Rode8.8.2008
Charles SniderThe Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock2007Nik Brückner20.12.2007
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