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ALBEN 1993
Ain Soph - 5 or 9 - Five Evolved From Nine
Alpes - Patrice Moullet - Rock Sous La Dalle
Anacrusis - Screams and Whispers
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe - An Evening Of Yes Music Plus...
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe - An Evening Of Yes Music Plus... (Video/DVD)
Anekdoten - Vemod
Anima - Tempus Stetisse
Aragon - Rocking Horse (and Other Short Stories from the Past)
Ark - Spiritual Physics
Art Zoyd - Marathonnerre I & II
Asgard - Imago Mundi
Ash Ra Tempel - Le Berceau de Cristal
Atheist - Elements
Atomo Permanente - Projeção
Peter Banks - Instinct
Barclay James Harvest - Caught In The Light
Peter Bardens - Further Than You Know
Adrian Belew - The acoustic Adrian Belew
Believer - Dimensions
Robert Berry - Pilgrimage To A Point
Bi Kyo Ran - Ran - Live Vol.3
Bi Kyo Ran - Who Ma - Live Vol.2
Björk - Debut
Carsten Bohn - New York Times
David Borden - Cayuga Night Music
David Bowie - Black Tie White Noise
David Bowie - The Buddha Of Suburbia
Kate Bush - The Red Shoes
Buzzard - Churp!!!
California Guitar Trio - Yamanashi Blues
Calliope - Citta´di frontiera
Camel - Never Let Go
Caravan - Caravan Live
Carbonized - Disharmonization
Chance - Dunes
Cheer-Accident - Babies Shouldn't Smoke
Mikhail Chekalin - Night Pulsation
Cinderella Search - Cinderella Search
Clepsydra - Fly man EP
Christiane Maria Cohade - A voix basse
Collage - Nine songs of John Lennon
Conception - Parallel Minds
Conception - The Last Sunset
Consorzio Acqua Potabile (CAP) - Sala Borsa Live ´77
Court - And you'll Follow the Winds' Rush 'till their Breath Dwells
Cross - Cross III: Changing poison into medicine
David Cross - The Big Picture
Cynic - Focus
Holger Czukay - Moving Pictures
Patricia Dallio - Champs de Mars
Damn the Machine - Damn the Machine
Dead Can Dance - Into the Labyrinth
Death - Individual Thought Patterns
Delta Cyphei Project - Virtual World
Daniel Denis - Les Eaux Troubles
Discipline. - Push & Profit
Djam Karet - The Ritual Continues
Don Caballero - For Respect
Dream Theater - Live at the Marquee
Eloy - Chronicles I
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - The Return of the Manticore
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Works Live
Enchant - A Blueprint Of The World
Brian Eno - Neroli
L'Ensemble Rayé - Quelques pièces détachées
Epidermis - Feel Me II
Everon - Paradoxes
Fish - Songs From The Mirror
Fish - Uncle Fish & The crypt creepers (Live at the Düsseldorf Philipshalle 7.12.1991)
Fleshquartet - Flow
Fonya - Soul Travels
Francesco Bruno - El lugar
The Robert Fripp String Quintet - The Bridge Between
Fushitsusha - Allegorical Misunderstanding
Peter Gabriel - Plus From Us (Compilation)
Galahad - In A Moment Of Complete Madness
Garden Wall - Principium
Genesis - The Way We Walk Vol.2 - The Longs (Live)
Glass Hammer - Journey of the Dunadan
Golgotha - Symphony in Extremis
Gong - Live on TV 1990
Grits - As The World Grits
Gulââb - Veils of Mystery
Trey Gunn - One Thousand Years
Guru Guru - Shake well
Steve Hackett - Guitar Noir
Steve Hackett - There Are Many Sides To The Night
Peter Hammill - Loops & reels - Analogue Experiments 1980 - 1983
Peter Hammill - Offensichtlich Goldfisch
Peter Hammill - The Noise
Peter Hammill - There Goes The Daylight
Hatfield and the North - Live 1990
Hawkwind - It Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous
High Wheel - 1910
Lars Hollmer - Looping Home Orchestra Live 1992-1993
Horus - Stelle di battaglia
Steve Howe - The Grand Scheme of Things
ICU - Moonlight flit
Iluvatar - Iluvatar
Iona - Beyond these shores
IQ - Ever
Jade Warrior - Distant Echoes
Jadis - Once upon a time...
Jansen Barbieri Karn - Beginning to Melt - Medium Series Vol. 1
Jean Michel Jarre - Chronologie
Jethro Tull - 25th Anniversary Box
Jethro Tull - Nightcap
Kansas - Live at the Whisky
Mick Karn - Bestial Cluster
Kenso - Live '92
Kiss of Reality - Kiss of Reality
Kombinat M - Hybrid Beat
Boris Kovac - Ritual Nova I & II
Labradford - Prazision LP
Landmarq - Infinity Parade
José Luis Fernándes Ledesma - Dicen que somos dioses y nos sonamos hombres
Legend - Second Sight
Locanda delle Fate - Live
Louise Avenue - Let´s take one more
M. Walking on the Water - Pictures of an Exhibitionist
Manticore - Time To Fly
Marillion - Live In Caracas
Mekong Delta - Classics
Mekong Delta - Live at an exhibition
André Mergenthaler - Musik für einen Engel
Minimum Vital - La source
Motorpsycho - Demon Box
The Muffins - Chronometers
Naked City - Absinthe
Naked City - Radio
no-man - Loveblows & Lovecries - A Confession
no-man - Sweetheart Raw (Single)
No Safety - Live at the Knitting Factory
Novalis - Novalis lebt!
Offering - A fiïèh
Mike Oldfield - Elements
Mike Oldfield - The Best of Mike Oldfield Elements
Omnia Opera - Omnia Opera
Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic shift
Pabst - Bowdlerized Music
Paga - Gnosis
The Alan Parsons Project - Try Anything once
Pendragon - The very very bootleg
Pendragon - The Window Of Life
Pere Ubu - Story Of My Life
Pestilence - Spheres
Phenomena - Phenomena III - Innervision
Philharmonie - Les Éléphants Carillonneurs
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Sing, for Song Drives Away the Wolves
Porcupine Tree - Up The Downstair
Present - C.O.D. Performance
Primus - Pork Soda
Radiohead - Pablo Honey
Recordando O Vale Das Macas - As Criancas Da Nova Floresta II
Red Jasper - A Midsummer Night's Dream
Happy Rhodes - Equipoise
Ritual (USA) - Trials Of Torment
Rocket Scientists - Earthbound
Ruins - Graviyaunosch
Ruins - II & 19 Numbers
Rush - Counterparts
Saga (Kan.) - The Security of Illusion
Savatage - Edge of Thorns
Saviour Machine - I
Eberhard Schoener - Harmonia mundi
Klaus Schulze - The Dome Event
Ship Of Fools - Close Your Eyes (Forget The World)
Peter Sinfield - Stillusion
Soft Machine - BBC In Concert 1971
Simon Steensland - The Simon Lonesome Combat Ensemble
Strangers on a train - The key part 2: the labyrinth
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Jean the Birdman (2 CD-Singles)
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - The first day
Tangerine Dream - 220 Volt Live
Tea For Two - Dream Or Reality
Teru's Symphonia - Clockworked Earth
The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman - Ages
Theatre - No More Rhymes but Mr. Brainstorm
Third Ear Band - Brain Waves
This Heat - Repeat
Thought Industry - Mods carve the pig: assassins, toads and god's flesh
Threshold - Wounded land
Thule - Frostbrent
Treatment - Cipher Caput
Tribal Tech - Face First
Ulysses - Neronia
Uz Jsme Doma - Hollywood
Van der Graaf (Generator) - 'I Prophesy Disaster'
Chuck Van Zyl - Celestial Mechanics
Voivod - The Outer Limits
Rick Wakeman - Classic tracks
Rick Wakeman - Heritage Suite
Rick Wakeman - Prayers
Rick Wakeman - The Classical Connection 2
Rick Wakeman & Adam Wakeman - Wakeman with Wakeman
Witsend - Cosmos and Chaos
X-Legged Sally - Killed By Charity
Yes - Highlights - The Very Best of Yes
Yes - Symphonic Music of Yes
Frank Zappa - The Yellow Shark
Zappa´s Universe - A Celebration of 25 Years of Frank Zappa´s Music
Zappa´s Universe - A Celebration of 25 Years of Frank Zappa´s Music (VHS)
Zauber - Phoenix
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24967 Rezensionen zu 17120 Alben von 6671 Bands.

Alben aus dem Genre/mit dem Merkmal "HardRock"

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Band  Album Jahr Ø-Wertung # Rezis
25 Yard ScreamerSomething that serves to warn or remind20139.001
3The End Is Begun200710.502
3Wake Pig200510.001
35007Especially for You199411.001
3RDegreeLive At Progday 2009 (DVD)20109.001
6:33Deadly Scenes201512.002
A Piedi NudiEclissi199712.001
A Piedi NudiA Piedi Nudi199410.001
A Silent SoundCompass20179.001
Aardvark'Tuntematon Sotilas200610.001
The Aaron Clift ExperimentOuter Light, Inner Darkness201510.002
The Aaron Clift ExperimentIf All Goes Wrong20187.502
AbiogenesiLe notti di Salem20007.001
AbiogenesiIl giocoscuro19979.001
Lee AbrahamDistant Days20149.001
AcheGreen Man19716.001
Acid Mothers TempleStarless And Bible Black Sabbath20069.001
A.C.TLast Epic20038.001
Steve AdamsCamera Obscura20047.002
After CryingCreatura201110.003
AgenessSongs from the Liar's Lair20098.502
Agent CooperBeginner's Mind20057.002
Agent FrescoDestrier201511.002
Ailing SunMen among Ruins201510.001
Don AireyA Light In The Sky200811.001
Don AireyK2 - Tales Of Triumph And Tragedy19881.001
Don AireyAll Out201112.001
Don AireyLimited Edition Bootleg20170.001
AirlordClockwork Revenge197710.001
AkaciaAn Other Life20039.003
Aku-AkuMezi psem a vlkem19956.502
AlchemViaggio al Centro della Terra201811.001
AlgabasAngels And Demons20127.002
Alias EyeIn Focus200711.002
Alias EyeIn-Between201210.254
AlkemyDa 63 Projekt20049.002
Allen - LandeThe Battle20059.001
Russell Allen's Atomic SoulRussell Allen's Atomic Soul20050.001
Alpha Male Tea PartyHealth201710.502
Alpha ZentradiFive Man Army200510.001
Alpha ZentradiHello Copernicus200611.001
ALT F4Live200710.001
AlyeusAnd from the Sky we fall201510.001
AlyeusForty Days At Sea201310.001
AmAndALa Maison de Flore200712.002
Amaran's PlightVoice in the Light20077.001
Amity in FameThrough20119.502
AmplifierTrippin' with Dr. Faustus20178.502
AmplifierThe Octopus201113.002
An Endless SporadicMagic Machine201613.003
Ancient VisionLost at Sea20087.001
AndeavorOnce Upon Time19999.001
AndeavorThe Darkest Tear200910.001
Ian AndersonThick as a Brick 2201210.805
Andromeda (60s)See into the Stars19929.001
AngeSouffleurs de vers Tour200911.001
AngeLe bois travaille, même le dimanche201011.003
AngeEscale à Ch'tiland201212.001
AngeLive Tour 2003-2004 - Par Les Fils De Mandrin (DVD)200613.001
AngeEn Concert - Par Les Fils De Mandrin - Millésimé 77200312.001
AngeSouffleurs de vers20079.001
AngeLa Voiture A Eau199911.001
AngeEmile Jacotey197512.001
AngePar les Fils de Mandrin197610.502
AngeZénith an II200712.001
Angele tour de la question200712.001
AngulartDonde renacen las horas20047.001
AnkhZiemia i slonce19958.001
Ankh....bedzie tajemnica19988.001
Anti-Depressive DeliveryChain of Foods200811.002
Anti-Depressive DeliveryFeel. Melt. Release. Escape.200411.502
Anti-Depressive DeliveryThe Best Of Antidepressive Delivery20109.001
Anton & The HeadcleanersRotor201111.001
Antonius RexNeque Semper Arcum Tendit Rex19748.001
Antonius RexSwitched On Dark20069.001
Arabs in AspicVictim of Your Father´s Agony201511.001
Arabs in AspicPictures In A Dream201311.001
Arca ProgjetArca Progjet20187.001
ArchangelThe Akallabeth20098.502
Areknamésin case of loss...201011.002
ArilynAlter Ego200711.001
ArilynShadows Of The Past201311.001
ArilynLive in England (DVD)20088.001
ArilynVirtual Reality200510.001
The AristocratsTres Caballeros201511.502
The AristocratsCulture Clash Live!201511.001
The AristocratsCulture Clash201311.502
The AristocratsThe Aristocrats201111.001
ArkWild Untamed Imaginings201011.001
ArkThe Dreams Of Mr. Jones19888.001
ArkSpiritual Physics199310.001
ArkCover Me With Rain19927.001
ArkNew Scientist198811.001
ArmoniteThe Sun is New each Day201511.001
AsgaartTravelling 3 Decades20058.001
AshlandYin & Yang19999.001
AstrakhanAdrenaline Kiss201610.001
Astral SonSilver Moon201511.001
Atlantide (ITA)Francesco ti ricordi19769.001
Atomic RoosterHeadline News19837.001
Atomic RoosterAtomic Rooster197010.001
Atomic RoosterDeath Walks Behind You19707.001
AudioPlastikIn The Head Of A Maniac20157.002
Aunt MaryJanus19737.001
The Aurora ProjectShadow Border200910.001
The Aurora ProjectWorld of Grey20169.002
Awaiting DawnLeave no Trace201610.001
AxisAxis (II)19714.001
AyeforeBurnout Juggernaut201210.001
AyreonThe Theory Of Everything201310.002
Aztec JadeFrames of mind19977.001
Baby WoodroseKicking Ass & Taking Names201410.001
BadgerOne live Badger19738.003
Frank BakerNoctilucent201311.001
Il Balletto Di BronzoIl Re Del Castello19904.001
Il Balletto Di BronzoSirio 222219705.001
Band of RainThe Dust of Stars201711.001
BangtowerCasting Shadows201010.001
BarakaShade of Evolution20089.001
BaronessBlue Record200910.502
BaronessRed Album200711.002
Martin BarreA Trick of Memory19948.001
David Barrett TrioDavid Barrett Trio201310.001
The Barstool PhilosophersSparrows20087.001
The Barstool PhilosophersCrossing Over201510.001
Basta! (It.)Elemento Antropico201611.001
BeardfishThe Void201210.754
Been ObsceneNight O' Mine201110.001
Beggar's OperaGet Your Dog Off Me!19734.002
Adrian Belewe200911.003
BelieveHope To See Another Day20068.003
BigelfInto The Maelstrom201412.002
BigelfMoney Machine200010.003
BigelfCloser to Doom199810.254
BigelfCheat The Gallows200812.003
Biglietto per L'InfernoBiglietto per L'Inferno197411.673
BirdeatsbabyTanta Furia201611.001
Birth ControlHere And Now20168.001
Birth ControlLive Abortion Plus - Live Rarities from the Past20150.001
Birth ControlIncrease19779.001
Birth ControlLive197410.003
Birth ControlOperation19719.502
Birth ControlRebirth19747.502
Birth ControlHoodoo Man19739.673
Raoul BjörkenheimApocalypso200110.001
Black BonzoGuillotine Drama20099.002
Black BonzoSound of the Apocalypse200711.673
Black BonzoBlack Bonzo200411.001
Black Lung vs. NAPSplit 12″ EP20179.001
Black MountainIn The Future200811.001
Black MountainWilderness heart20108.002
Black WidowSee's the light of day20127.001
Black WidowBlack Widow19718.001
Black WidowBlack Widow III19727.001
Blazing BronzeDominion Of The East20016.002
Christoph BlenkerCamouflage20078.001
Blind EgoLiquid201610.002
Blind EgoNumb200910.502
Blind EgoLiquid Live201710.001
Peter BlinneDeep Space Mine20026.001
Peter BlinneStar Tracks20188.001
BloqueMusica para la Libertad198111.001
BloqueHombre, Tierra y Alma19799.001
Blue DogWhat Is Anything?199412.001
Blue DogLurch199910.001
Shanir Ezra BlumenkranzAbraxas: Book of Angels Volume 19201212.001
The Bob Lazar Story(sic)20069.001
Mark BogertPainting The World201611.001
BolusDelayed Reaction201011.001
BonebagNoli Me Tangere20079.001
Book Of HoursArt To The Blind199910.502
The Book Of KnotsThe Book Of Knots200412.001
The Book Of KnotsTraineater200712.001
Mike BotelloRule of Law20095.001
Lindsey BoulltComposition200711.001
David BowieDavid Bowie Box20080.001
David BowieLive Santa Monica '72200811.001
David BowieEarthling199710.001
David BowieThe Man Who Sold The World19719.001
BraggpeakThe Shoot20117.001
Aaron BrooksHomunculus201810.001
Charles BrownStorm Rising20119.001
Charles BrownWind of the Eastern Sea20158.001
Charles BrownThru the flames20030.001
Charles BrownJourney in a New Land20079.001
Chris BuckProgasaurus200711.002
Buddha SentenzaSemaphora201711.001
Buddha SentenzaSouth Western Lower Valley Rock201310.001
BunburyRadical Sonora199712.001
Dec BurkeBook of Secrets20169.001
Burnin Red IvanhoeM144196910.001
Bushman's Revengeyou lost me at hello200911.001
Bushman's Revengea little bit of big bonanza201210.001
Bushman's RevengeJitterbug201011.001
C-SidesWe Are Now20179.001
Robert CalvertCaptain Lockheed and the Starfighters19748.002
CanvasLong Way To Mars20138.001
Captain BeyondCaptain Beyond19729.001
Captain ObviousFat'n'Juicy Live Takes From The Road in 25% Olive Oil201010.001
Captain ObviousLive@Bar227-24.02.0720079.001
Alex CarpaniSo Close, So Far20169.001
Carpathia ProjectCarpathia199910.502
Carpathia ProjectII201111.001
Carpe Notacarpe nota201210.001
The Carpet KnightsAccording To Life20098.001
The Carpet KnightsLost and so strange is my mind20058.002
Rich CaseyShadowblack200810.001
Causa SuiVibraciones Doradas20178.001
Causa SuiCausa Sui20059.001
Causa SuiFree Ride20078.001
Cell15Chapter One201412.001
Central ParkAt The Burial Vault20189.002
Central Parkreflected20119.002
Il Cerchio d'OroDedalo e Icaro201310.002
Cerebus EffectReturning To The Beginning200711.001
Chaos Venture1.0201311.001
Chato!Prog Fusion with Balls201511.001
Cheer-AccidentDumb Ask19919.001
ChicagoChicago II197011.001
Chico Magnetic BandChico Magnetic Band19719.001
Children of NovaImpossible Landscape201210.001
Circle of IllusionJeremias - Foreshadow of Forgotten Realms201311.004
Cirrha NivaOut of the Freakshow201610.001
CitadelTextures Of The Impact201011.001
CitadelPluies Acides200611.001
Paul ClarkShredz At An Exhibition200610.001
The Claypool Lennon DeliriumMonolith Of Phobos201612.001
Clear Blue SkyClear Blue Sky19717.001
CliffsightSoulful man201010.001
Coheed And CambriaGood Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow200711.002
Coheed And CambriaGood Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness200510.001
Coheed And CambriaNeverender: Children Of The Fence Edition200911.001
Coheed And CambriaIn Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3200410.001
Uwe ColleneckUwe Colleneck201411.001
Colosseum IIWar Dance197710.001
Colour HazeTempel200610.001
Colour HazeShe said201212.001
Colourful SeasonsOn Through The Year19997.001
Comets on FireAvatar200610.001
Comets on FireBlue Cathedral200412.001
ContrarianMinor Complexities20079.001
conXiousBetween arrival and departure20036.001
conXiousNever before / Never again20057.001
Cosmic FallIn Search of Outer Space20189.001
Cosmic FallFirst Fall201610.001
CosmografThe Hay​-​Man Dreams201711.002
CosmografThe Man Left in Space20139.001
CosmosquadAcid Test200711.001
Coupla ProgSprite200010.001
Ian CrichtonWelcome To The Boom Boom Room199511.001
Ian CrichtonGhettos By Design19978.001
David CrossCloser Than Skin20059.502
CryptexLive at de Bosuil (DVD)201211.001
CryptexMadeleine Effect201510.001
CryptexGood morning, how did you live?201111.001
The Crystal CaravanThe Crystal Caravan20099.001
Crystal LakeSafe200910.001
Culpeper's OrchardSecond Sight19727.001
CytrusTrzecia Łza Od Słońca201810.001
Czajkowski MinnemannWest ZooOpolis201011.001
The D ProjectBig Face20118.001
The D ProjectMaking Sense201410.001
The D ProjectShimmering Lights200612.001
DaedalousParts of a dream20096.001
Daniel JLosing Time20053.001
DarediabloBedtime Stories200211.001
Dark OceanPlanet Paranoid20054.001
Dark SunsOrange201111.502
Darwin's RadioEyes of the world20069.001
Dave CorpThe Sweet Life200711.001
Day SixSolitary League201710.001
Dead Air RadioSignal To Noise Ratio200711.001
Dead Air RadioStrange Frequencies20029.001
THE DEADSTATIONEpisode 01: Like Peering Into The Deepest Ocean Abyss.201211.001
Deafening OperaBlueprint201311.002
Deafening OperaLet Silence Fall201811.001
The Dear HunterAct I: The Lake South The River North200610.502
The Dear HunterAct II: The Meaning Of, & All Things Regarding Ms. Leading200710.003
Death Organ9 to 5199410.001
Death OrganUniversal stripsearch199710.001
Christian Décamps et filsVesoul199511.001
Christian Décamps et filsJuste une ligne bleue19908.001
DeeExpusHalf Way Home20088.001
DeeExpusFar From Home (DVD)200910.001
Delusion SquaredThe Final Delusion201410.002
Demetra Sine DieA Quiet Land Of Fear201211.001
Demon ThorWritten in the Sky19745.001
Joe Deninzon & StratospheeriusHeadspace200712.001
Joe Deninzon & StratospheeriusLive Wires200411.001
Joe Deninzon & StratospheeriusThe Adventures Of Stratospheerius20029.001
Desert Mountain TribeOm Parvat Mystery20189.001
Desert Mountain TribeEither That Or The Moon201610.001
Desert WizardsRavens20139.001
Deus Ex Machinaimparis200811.673
Deus Ex MachinaGladium Caeli19919.002
Deus Ex MachinaDeus Ex Machina199410.001
Deus Ex MachinaDe Republica199511.001
Deus Ex MachinaEquilibrismo Da Insofferenza199812.001
Devin Townsend ProjectThe Retinal Circus201314.001
Devin Townsend ProjectKi20097.001
Diablo Swing OrchestraSing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious200910.502
Diablo Swing OrchestraPandora's Piñata201211.001
Diabolos In MusikaNatural Needs199510.001
Dies IraeFirst19718.001
DillingerDon´t lie to the band19769.001
DiscordiaSeason Changes201411.001
Disgruntled Postal WorkersWicked200310.001
DivertigoGentle Chaos200311.001
The Divine Baze OrchestraOnce we were born...20089.001
Divine In SightSorrow And Promise200110.001
Dizzy Mizz LizzyRotator199612.001
Djam KaretThe Devouring199711.001
Doctor CyclopsOscuropasso201410.001
Doctor CyclopsBorgofondo201210.001
DoubleYouSee a.k.a. Warren Cuccurullo featuring Terry BozzioPlaying In Tongues200910.001
DreadnaughtHave a Drink with Dreadnaught201311.001
Dream The Electric SleepHeretics20149.502
Dream The Electric SleepLost and Gone Forever201111.002
Dream TheaterMade in Japan (Official bootleg)200610.001
Dream TheaterUncovered 2003-2005 (Official bootleg)20098.001
The Dreaming TreeSilverfade201510.001
DrivebyProgressing Decay200710.001
droga del espirituluces y sombras200911.001
Francis DunneryFrankenstein Monster20130.001
DunstArchimedes Waffen201412.001
Earth FlightRiverdragons & Elephant Dreams201811.001
East Of EdenMercator Projected19699.502
East Of EdenSnafu197010.001
Eat GhostsAn Ti E Go201711.001
Echo UsThe Tide Decides20099.001
Echolynecholyn (The Window Album)201212.502
EcholynI Heard You Listening201511.502
Eclipse Sol-AirSchizophilia201310.003
EderaAnd mouth disappears200510.001
Edge of RealityVicious Circle201612.001
Eggs & DogsYou Are200911.502
Ego EimiThe Door of Heart20049.001
Mattias IA EklundhFreak Guitar199910.001
EkosLuz Interna20139.001
El Doom & The Born Electricel doom & the born electric201212.002
El ShalomFrost19767.001
Elara Sunstreak BandDeli Bal201710.001
ElderReflections of a Floating World201710.001
Electric OutletON!200710.001
Electric sandwichElectric sandwich19738.002
Elephants Of ScotlandExecute and Breathe201410.001
ELF ProjectThe Great Divide20127.002
Emerald LiesDifferent View Pt. 2 - Green Turns Blue201411.001
Emerald LiesDifferent View Pt. 1 - Life On Earth?201211.001
Keith EmersonBoys Club - Live From California200912.002
EnneadeTeardrops In The Morning Dew201111.001
Ephemeral SunHarvest Aorta200910.001
Equilibrio VitalKazmor El Prisionero19847.002
Equilibrio VitalEquilibrio Vital19837.002
Ergo Sum (Chile)Mixolidio200011.001
EspirituLive "En Obras" '8219964.001
Even HorsesEven Horses20089.002
EverflowDifferent Views20075.001
Evil WingsKaleidoscope201111.001
Ex-VagusDream Object 5200910.001
Ex-VagusÂmes Vagabondes200612.001
EzraSongs From Pennsylvania20068.673
Fair To MidlandFables From a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times is True200710.001
Faithful BreathBack on my hill19808.502
FantasmagoriaDay And Night200910.001
Fatal FusionTotal Absence201611.001
Fatal FusionLand of the Sun201012.001
Fear Of FlyingFear Of Flying20089.001
FermataReal time19948.001
The Fierce and The DeadThe Euphoric201810.001
Fig LeafPlays Bob W. and other selections199510.001
Fig LeafThe humble poet199711.001
Fig LeafFearless199811.001
Final ConflictSimple20068.001
Final ConflictStand Up19978.001
Final ConflictAnother Moment In Time (DVD)20099.001
Fire GardenFar and Near201611.001
First Band From Outer SpaceImpressionable Sounds of the Subsonic200610.502
Five FifteenDeath Of A Clown20019.502
Five FifteenSix dimensions of the electric camembert199811.001
Five FifteenPsychedelic singalongs for stadiums19979.001
Five FifteenAlcohol200710.001
Flame DreamTravaganza19838.001
Flaming BessDer gefallene Stern201312.002
FleaTopi o uomini197210.002
FlickerHow Much Are You Willing To Forget?20136.001
Flied EggDr. Siegel's Fried Egg Shooting Machine19728.001
Flight 09Human nature20047.001
Flor De LotoMundos bizarros200910.001
Flower Travellin' BandSatori197111.001
Flower Travellin' BandAnywhere19709.001
FLUTTR EFFECTMarking Time200610.502
Flying CircusOut Of The Waste Land200010.502
Flying CircusForth201011.001
Flying CircusStarlight Clearing - A Story - 25 Live Edition201611.001
Flying CircusPomp200411.002
Flying CircusOnes and Zeros - The EP201310.001
Flying CircusSeasons19979.001
Flying ColorsFlying Colors20129.504
Flying ColorsLive in Europe (DVD-Video,DoCD)201311.001
Fond of MusicAbschiedskonzert20050.001
Food BrainSocial Gathering197010.001
Fools & KingsIn Search of Balance201610.001
Forgotten SunsSnooze200410.502
Formula TreDies Irae19707.001
Formula TreFormula Tre19716.001
Formula TreSognando e risognando19729.001
FrameshiftUnweaving The Rainbow200310.002
FrameshiftAn Absence Of Empathy200510.502
FreddeGreddeThirteen Eight201111.001
Free LoveOfficial Bootleg Vol. 1 Concert 2005 Sapporo200611.001
Free LoveApocalypse20069.002
Marty FriedmanScenes19927.001
Fright PigOut of the barnyard201311.754
From.uzSeventh Story201010.001
FrostExperiments In Mass Appeal200810.001
FungusThe Face Of Evil201310.001
FuryuCio che l'anima non dice20109.002
Fusion OrchestraSkeleton In Armour197311.001
The Future Kings of EnglandWho is This Who is Coming?201110.002
GäaAlraunes Alptraum19985.001
Galadriel (Aus.)Galadriel19715.001
GalahadBeyond The Realms Of Euphoria201213.001
GalahadEmpires Never Last200712.502
GalahadBattle Scars201210.003
GalahadWhen Worlds Collide201512.001
GalahadResonance - Live In Poland (DVD)200612.001
GalapagosDesierto Avant Garde201010.001
GalleonEngines of Creation20076.502
GalleryJas Gripen200712.001
Garden WallAssurdo201112.001
GashA young man's gash19727.001
The GatheringMandylion19959.002
Gecko's TearContradiction200612.003
Gecko's TearPrimati201611.001
Gentle GiantCivilian19807.254
GerardIrony of fate19918.502
GerardSave knight by the night19945.001
Ghost CommunityCycle of Life20168.001
Ghost MedicineDiscontinuance20169.001
Il Giardino OniricoPerigeo201212.001
Eric GilletteThe Great Unknown201611.002
Jim GilmourGreat Escape20058.502
GingerFrom the Road20119.001
Ginger TreesAlong with the tide201110.002
Golden CavesCollision20179.001
GolgothaUnmaker of Worlds19905.001
GomorrhaI Turned To See Whose Voice It Was197210.001
Gran TorinograntorinoProg20116.001
Gran Turismo VeloceDi Carne, Di Anima201110.002
Grand GeneralGrand General201312.001
Gravy TrainSecond Birth19734.001
green carnationA Blessing In Disguise200311.003
green carnationThe Quiet Offspring200511.001
Grey MouseTrip201310.001
GrobschnittThe History of Solar Music Vol. 3200211.673
The Guardian's OfficeThe Guardian's Office20026.002
Guerilla TreeMental Leaps201210.001
guess that mess!dis-/order (a mind in mess)201110.001
Arjen Lucassen's GUILT MACHINEOn This Perfect Day200911.003
Guru GuruUfo19709.502
Guru GuruHinten197110.001
Gypsy KyssSongs From A Swirling Ocean199212.001
Gypsy KyssLast One In The World (Single)19927.001
HagenCorridors of time200110.001
HällasExcerpts From A Future Past201710.002
HamadryadLive in France 200620079.254
HamadryadThe Black Hole201711.673
HamadryadSafe In Conformity20059.003
HannaHA Life In Rock Minor200811.001
Happy FamilyToscco199711.001
Happy FamilyHappy Family199510.001
Harem ScaremOver:Load200510.001
HarlisNight Meets The Day19777.001
Roy HarperValentine197412.001
Roy HarperThe BBC Tapes Volume V (1975 -1978)199712.001
Michael HarrisSketches from the thought chamber200110.001
Michael HarrisDefense Mechanizms19917.001
Hasse Fröberg & Musical CompanionPowerplay201212.001
HawkwindThe Chronicle of the Black Sword (DVD)20007.001
HawkwindThe Chronicle of the Black Sword19859.502
HawkwindLive Chronicles198610.334
HawkwindThe Machine Stops201610.001
HeadspaceI Am20078.001
Glen HealdProgressive Rock201010.001
Heart Of CygnusUtopia200812.002
Heart Of CygnusThe Voyage of Jonas20129.502
Heart Of CygnusOver Mountain, Under Hill200911.002
Heart Of CygnusTales From Outer Space!200911.001
HeartscoreStraight to the Brain20049.502
HeartscoreTouch Me20099.001
HeartscoreMany Directions200710.001
HeatOld Sparky201210.001
Heavy Water ExperimentsHeavy Water Experiments200812.001
Hectic WatermelonThe Great American Road Trip200611.001
Jonas HellborgArt Metal200711.001
Jonas HellborgJonas Hellborg Group19909.001
Jonas HellborgTemporal Analogues Of Paradise200312.001
Jonas HellborgTime Is The Enemy200311.001
Hello MadnessLight and Life after Dusk20089.001
Klaus Hess' Mother JaneTurn The Page20129.001
Klaus Hess' Mother JaneIn Dreams20096.502
High TideHigh Tide197011.001
High TideSea Shanties196910.002
High WheelLive Before The Storm200611.002
High Wheel1910199310.001
HipgnosisStill Ummadelling200710.001
HipgnosisSky Is The Limit200611.001
Sebas HoningThe Big Shift201610.001
Horizontal AscensionHorizontal Ascension201511.502
HøstPå Sterke Vinger197410.001
HöstsonatenThe Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Chapter One - Alive in Theatre20130.001
HöstsonatenThe Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, Chapter One201212.001
HourglassOblivious to the Obvious200912.002
House Of AquariusThe World Through Bloodred Eyes20037.001
House of notThe Walkabout - Part III On The Madness Of Crowds20128.502
HuminoitaAll is Two201510.001
Hypnos 69The Intrigue of Perception200412.001
Hypnos 69Timeline Traveller200210.001
I Compagni Di BaalI Compagni Di Baal201211.001
I Treni All'Alba2011 A.D.201111.001
IbisSun supreme197411.002
IgorrrSavage Sinusoid201713.002
Il Bacio della MedusaDiscesa agl'Inferi d'un Giovane Amante200811.502
Il Ballo delle CastagneKalachakra201011.002
IllumionHunting For Significance20096.001
Imagin'AriaIn un altro quando19967.001
Imagin'AriaLa tempesta19999.001
In Search ForFaith200910.001
In The NameIn The Name19959.001
IndisciplineA non-obvious ride19947.001
IndrâzorCocoon to Butterfly200410.001
Ingranaggi Della ValleIn Hoc Signo201312.003
Inner OdysseyAscension20158.001
Inside AgainSongs Of Love & Disaster20128.001
IOEarthNew World201511.502
Irmin´s WayOpus; Destroy19768.002
Iron MountainUnum201611.001
ITWe're all in this together201710.001
It BitesLive In Montreux20030.001
It BitesEat me in St Louis198910.002
It BitesWhen The Lights Go Down200710.001
Jack Foster IIIRaptorGnosis20058.001
Jack Foster IIIJazzraptor's Secret200811.001
Jack YelloXeric20099.001
Jack YelloThorns of anger20039.502
JaculaIn Cauda Semper Stat Venenum19698.001
JadisMore Than Meets The Eye (Special Edition)199211.254
JadisMedium Rare20019.001
Jam CampBlack Hills Jam - Preserves Vol. 220049.001
JaneHere We Are19737.502
JaneAge of Madness19785.502
JaneFire, water, earth & air19769.002
JaneBetween Heaven And Hell19775.001
Janelive at home (at home - live)19768.673
Jeavestone1 + 1 = OK201111.001
JeavestoneMind the soup200511.001
JeboSinking Without You200612.001
The Jelly JamShall We Descend201110.001
The Jelly Jam2200412.001
The Jelly JamThe Jelly Jam200211.002
Jeronimo ProjectTales from Eloi and Morlocks20117.001
Jethro TullNothing Is Easy: Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970 (DVD)20058.002
Jethro TullAqualung Live20050.002
Jethro TullNothing Is Easy: Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970200411.001
Jethro TullBenefit19709.004
Jethro TullAqualung197111.333
Jethro TullHeavy Horses19789.805
Jethro TullLive - Bursting Out197811.502
Jethro TullRoots To Branches19958.502
Jethro Tull25th Anniversary Box199312.001
Jethro TullIn Concert199510.001
Jethro TullCatfish Rising199110.502
JetLagDelusione ottica200211.001
Jinetes NegrosChronos20047.001
Clive JohnYou Always Know Where You Stand With A Buzzard19757.001
John Paul JonesThe thunderthief200111.001
JonesyMasquerade - The Dawn Years Anthology200712.001
Josh & Co. LimitedThrough These Eyes20089.001
JPLLe Livre Blanc20179.502
JPLRetrospections Volume I200810.502
JPLRétrospections Volume III201810.001
JPLRetrospections Volume II201610.001
Jud's GallerySWF Sessions20009.001
Jump...and all the King's men19945.001
JumpOn Impulse20016.001
Junipher GreeneFriendship197110.001
Junk FarmUgly Little Thing200710.002
KanoiFrom the City to the Stars201410.001
KansasPoint Of Know Return197713.003
KansasDevice - Voice - Drum200310.333
KansasOriginal Album Classics20090.001
KansasFreaks Of Nature199510.001
KansasAudio Visions19806.002
KansasThere's Know Place Like Home200911.001
KansasThe Prelude Implicit20169.002
KansasSong For America197512.333
KarciusThe First Day201211.001
KarmakanicWho's The Boss In The Factory?200811.002
KarmakanicIn A Perfect World201111.001
KarmakanicEntering the spectra200211.004
Karmic JuggernautThe Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of201812.001
Kazutoki Umezu 'Kiki' BandDowser200511.001
KebnekajseResa Mot Okänt Mal197110.001
Mike KeneallyHalf Alive In Hollywood199711.001
Mike KeneallyYou Must Be This Tall201312.502
Mike KeneallyScambot 1200914.001
Mike Keneally Marco MinnemannEvidence Of Humanity201012.001
Ken's NovelThe guide19996.001
Kepler TenDelta-V20179.001
KiamaSign of IV20169.673
David KilminsterScarlet - The Director's Cut20128.001
Kin Ping MehKin Ping Meh19718.001
King CrimsonVrooom19949.002
King FridayLet the Song Begin20139.001
King Of KingsKing Of Kings199010.001
KingBathmatOvercoming The Monster20139.001
KingBathmatTruth Button20139.502
KingBathmatFantastic Freak Show Carnival200511.001
Kingdom ComeGalactic Zoo Dossier197112.002
King's XOgre Tones200510.502
King's XBlack Like Sunday200311.502
King's XLive All Over The Place20049.001
King's XDogman199411.502
King's XTape Head199810.001
King's XGretchen goes to Nebraska198911.502
King's XKing's X199210.001
King's XEar Candy199610.001
King's XFaith Hope Love199011.502
King's XPlease Come Home...Mr. Bulbous200011.001
King's XManic Moonlight20019.001
King's XOut Of The Silent Planet19889.002
King's XLive Love In London201011.001
King's XXV200811.002
King's XTales From The Empire201010.001
Kingston WallKingston Wall199210.001
Klark NovaZero Music201010.001
Knight AreaHyperlive20159.002
Knight AreaBetween Two Steps201311.001
KongWhat It Seems Is What You Get200912.001
KopeckySunset gun20046.001
KrokofantKrokofant II201511.001
Kurgan´s BaneThe future lies broken20007.001
Kyrie EleisonThe Complete Recordings 1974-197820020.002
KyrosVox Humana201612.002
La DesooordenCiudad De Papel200713.001
La Iglesia AtomicaLa Iglesia Atomica20179.001
La Théorie Des CordesSinges Electriques201312.001
Labirinto Di SpecchiHanblecheya201011.001
Lac PlacideCloser200610.002
Lagger Blues MachineTanit197210.001
Lagger Blues MachineTanit Live19884.001
La Ira de DiosCosmos Kaos Destruccion20089.001
La Ira de DiosArchaeopterix200611.001
Greg LakeGreg Lake19816.502
Greg LakeFrom the Beginning - The Greg Lake Retrospective19976.001
LamanaifL'Uomo Infinito201212.001
Lana LaneEl Dorado Hotel201211.001
Lana LaneGemini20060.001
Lana LaneRed Planet Boulevard20076.502
Lana LaneLady Macbeth200510.001
Lalle LarssonWeaveworld200911.001
The Last Placid Days Of PlentyHeadphone Gallery20079.001
Lava EngineIn Limbo (EP)201010.001
Le Murexorta201811.001
Le MurIn Tenebris201210.502
LegendTriple Aspect19968.001
LegendSecond Sight19938.001
Les LekinDied with Fear201711.001
Leviathan (70er)Leviathan19748.001
LifeLife (CD Version)19977.001
Light DamageNumbers201811.001
Light DamageLight Damage201510.001
Lingua Mortis OrchestraLMO20135.001
Liquid VisionsThe Lost Recordings200610.001
Lird Van GolesWho Set That Fire200811.002
Little KingVirus Divine20054.001
Kerry LivgrenSeeds Of Change19808.001
Lo-Fi ResistanceA Deep Breath201010.001
Love SculptureForms and Feelings196912.001
Arjen Anthony LucassenLost In The New Real201211.002
Lucid DreamOtherworldly20168.001
Lucid DreamThe Eleventh Illusion201310.001
Lucifer WasThe Divine Tree20077.001
Lucifer WasDiesGrows20148.001
Lucifer WasBlues from Hellah20049.001
Lucifer WasThe crown of creation20108.001
Lucifer WasUnderground And Beyond19975.002
Lucifer WasIn Anadi's Bower20008.003
Lux Nova Umbra EstLight Is The New Dark200410.001
Madison DykeZeitmaschine19779.001
MagellanInnocent God20075.502
Magic ElfHeavy Meddle200310.002
Magic ElfElf tales199810.001
Magic ElfLive200010.001
Magic PieMotions Of Desire200511.504
Magic PieKing For A Day201510.502
Magical Power MakoJump197710.001
Magna ViceSerpent Of Wisdom20136.001
Bruce MainElements20068.001
Major ParkinsonSongs From A Solitary Home201012.001
Major ParkinsonTwilight Cinema201413.001
ManChristmas at the Patti19730.001
Man2 Ozs.Of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle19698.001
Matheus ManenteIllusions Dimension201711.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandManfred Mann's Earth Band19727.001
Máquina!Why? Máquina!19708.001
MareefieldSpark Transmission20069.001
Mars Red SkyApex III (Praise For The Burning Soul)20169.001
The Mars VoltaOctahedron200911.002
The Mars VoltaL'Via L'Viaquez20050.001
La Maschera di CeraLe Porte Del Domani201311.001
Master ExperienceBillions Of Grains201210.002
MastermindVolume One19907.333
MastermindBroken (CD-Single/EP)20067.001
Niall MathewsonEclectic Electric Volume I201510.001
MavaraSeason of Salvation201210.001
MaxxessThe Sequel20038.001
May BlitzMay Blitz197010.001
May BlitzThe 2nd Of May19719.001
Maze Of TimeLullaby For Heroes20088.673
Maze Of TimeMasquerade Show20128.002
Mechanical ButterflyThe Irresistible Gravity201412.001
Mecki Mark MenRunning In The Summer Night19698.001
Mecki Mark MenMarathon19717.001
Meller Golyzniak DudaBreaking Habits201610.002
MessageFrom Books & Dreams19735.001
MessageThe Dawn Anew Is Coming19726.001
Metamorphosis (CH)Dark20087.004
MetaphysicsBeyond The Nightfall20128.001
Mind FurnitureHoop Of Flame200710.001
MindflowMind Over Body20069.001
MindmovieHappiness And Tears201010.502
Marco MinnemannBorrego201711.001
MiseriuMReturn To Grace201312.001
Misty RangeMisty Range201111.001
Kimio MizutaniA Path Through Haze197111.001
MörglblTea Time for Pünks20159.001
MörglblJäzz For The Deaf200910.001
MoeTarFrom These Small Seeds201012.003
MogadorAll I Am Is Of My Own MaKing20109.333
Monkey DietInner Gobi201710.001
Monkey3The 5th Sun201311.001
Mono (D)Little Mary Chapter I-V. Tales of Hope and Misery20115.001
MoonlightKoncert W Trojce20028.001
Steve MorseSteve Morse Prime Cuts20050.001
MosaikIm Wandel der Zeit201210.001
MosaikStille Nacht200811.001
Mostly AutumnGo well Diamond Heart20108.001
MotorpsychoHeavy Metal Fruit201012.001
MotorpsychoThe Tower201711.673
MotorpsychoTrust Us199811.001
MotorpsychoRoadwork vol 2: The MotorSourceMassacre200011.001
MotorpsychoHere Be Monsters201612.001
MotorpsychoLittle Lucid Moments200811.001
Motorpsycho and Ståle StorløkkenThe Death Defying Unicorn201212.805
Mr. Albert ShowWarm Motor19719.001
Mr. Albert ShowMr. Albert Show197010.001
Mr. BungleMr. Bungle199113.001
Mr. So & SoTruths, Lies & Half Lies201310.001
Murder She WrotePast Incomplete200611.001
Murphy BlendFirst Loss19719.001
MuseThe Resistance20099.001
My Baby wants to eat your pussyIgnorance & Vision200811.001
My Solid GroundMy Solid Ground19718.001
Naked SunNaked Sun199113.502
Naked SunWonderdrug199510.001
Nathan MahlJustify201410.001
Nathan MahlExodus200811.001
NektarUnidentified flying abstract19748.001
NektarA Tab in the Ocean19728.805
NektarLive in Bremen201710.001
NektarSunday night at the London Roundhouse197410.001
NektarLive In New York19776.502
NektarSounds Like This19739.002
NektarDoor to the future - The light show tapes Vol.120058.001
NektarRemember The Future197310.004
NemoPrélude à la Ruine200413.001
NemoLa Machine à Remonter les Temps201011.502
NemoLes Enfants Rois (Single)200710.001
NemoLe ver dans le fruit201312.002
NemoSi Partie II - L'Homme Idéal20078.673
NemoImmersion Publique - Live200510.001
Neo ProphetT.I.M.E.20159.001
Neue AeraAerabian201012.001
NevernessCuentos de otros mundos posibles200711.001
NevernessIII: The Measure Of Time200910.001
NevernessThe Art Of War E.P.201011.001
Nevernesshorizonte de sucesos200211.001
New TrollsSearching for a land19726.502
New TrollsUT197210.002
NiacinBlood, sweat and beers20038.673
Nice BeaverOregon20048.502
Nico, Gianni, Frank, MaurizioCanti d'innocenza, canti d'esperienza197310.001
The Night PatrolLost Voice200510.001
Nine Stones CloseLeaves201612.002
NitewalkDarker Shade Of Gray20119.001
No More PainThe Post Human Condition201512.001
NoekkThe Minstrel's Curse20089.002
NordagustIn The Mist Of Morning20109.333
Doris NortonParapsycho19817.001
NotabeneSei lacrime d'ambra200710.001
NovelaFrom the mystic world198410.001
NovelaHarmagedon Story19839.001
NovelaHarmagedon Story Part II19846.001
NovelaParadise lost19817.001
NovelaIn the night19806.001
Nth AscensionIn Fine Initium20165.001
ÑuCuentos de Ayer y de Hoy197810.502
ÑuA Golpe de Latigo198012.001
Nucleus TornBlowing Up The Entire World (Explosions 1997 - 2015)20150.001
Nucleus TornNihil200612.001
Nuova IdeaIn The Beginning19717.001
Nuovo ImmigratoNuovo Immigrato19977.001
N.y.XDown In Shadows200910.001
Oblique RainIsohyet20077.001
Obscurale città invisibili200710.001
ObskuriaBurning Sea Of Green201010.001
ObskuriaDiscovery of Obskuria200711.001
OceansizeSelf preserved while the bodies float up201010.002
OceansizeEveryone Into Position200511.002
The OdysseysThe Odysseys20064.001
Of the IBalance Instars200810.001
OktopusWorlds Apart201612.001
on trialForever200610.502
OntofieldSleeping With Fractals20136.001
OpethPale Communion201411.176
OpethOpeth/Enslaved Split EP20177.001
OpramMon Temps Mon Espace200510.001
Orange PeelOrange Peel197011.001
Orcus ChyldeOrcus Chylde20129.001
OrneThe Tree of Life20116.673
Orphaned LandThe Road To OR-Shalem201113.001
Os MundiLatin Mass19708.002
Osada VidaThe Body Parts Party20089.002
Osada VidaParticles201310.002
Osage TribeArrow Head197210.001
OsannaLandscape Of Life19748.001
OsannaMilano Calibro 919727.001
Osanna and David JacksonProg Family200910.001
Otrovna KristinaOtrovna Kristina20167.001
Out Of FocusWake up!19708.001
Overheadof sun and moon201212.001
Oz KnozzRuff Mix19758.001
Il Paese dei BalocchiIl Paese dei Balocchi197210.002
Pain of SalvationRoad Salt Two201111.673
Pain of SalvationLinoleum E.P.200911.001
Pain of SalvationScarsick200712.003
Pain of SalvationRoad Salt One201012.334
PallasKnightmoves to Wedge19868.003
PallasBeat the Drum19999.003
PanalogNew Silence20069.001
PandoraDramma Di Un Poeta Ubriaco200810.001
Panic StationVanished from the Scene20149.001
Panna FreddaUno197110.001
Papa Zoot BandSWF-Session 197320118.001
Paramount GreyhoundCosmic Sleep201011.001
ParanightInto the Night20178.001
Ian Parry's Consortium ProjectIan Parry's Consortium Project19998.001
PattoHold Your Fire19718.001
Henning PaulyBabysteps200610.002
Henning PaulyCredit Where Credit Is Due20059.333
Henning Pauly13 days20049.502
Victor Peraino's Kingdom ComeNo Man's Land197510.001
Periferia Del MondoPerif3ria Del Mondo200610.002
Peter PanDays20078.502
Peter Pankas JaneKuxan Suum20118.002
Phal:AngstPhase IV20189.001
Pharaoh OverlordHorn20119.001
PhenomenaPhenomena I19859.001
PhenomenaPhenomena III - Innervision19933.001
PhiThe Deflowering of Reality20129.002
PhiNow The Waves Of Sound Remain201410.502
PhiWaves Over Vienna - Live at dasBach, 30.04.2015201510.002
PhoenixCei Ce Ne-Au Dat Nume197210.002
PhoenixMugur De Fluier19749.001
Pictorial WandA Sleeper's Awakening20066.502
Jorge PinchevskySu violin magico y la pesada19738.001
PinskiSound The Alarm20188.001
PirateLeft of Mind201112.001
Pitts Minnemann Project2 L 8 2 B NORMAL201211.001
Plasmic OceanHaptic Trips200710.001
Plasmic OceanPhobia201010.001
PlatypusIce Cycles20007.001
Pekka PohjolaUrban Tango198214.001
Points NorthRoad Less Traveled20126.001
Popol Vuh (Norw.)Popol Vuh19729.001
Le Porte Non AperteGolem201310.001
PresenceEvil Rose20088.002
PresenceThe Sleeper Awakes + Live200312.001
PresenceMasters and Following201610.001
PresenceBlack Opera19969.502
Presto BalletThe Lost Art Of Time Travel20089.001
Presto BalletRelic Of The Modern World201210.001
Presto BalletPeace Among the Ruins20054.001
Presto BalletInvisible Places20117.001
Bobby PreviteMass201611.001
PrismaYou name it201210.002
Prisma CircusMk. II / Promethea's Armageddon201710.001
ProgenesiUlisse: L'Alfiere Nero201312.001
Project: PatchworkTales From A Hidden Dream201511.001
Project: PatchworkRe/Flection201811.001
PuzzleWoodGates of Loki201711.001
PyriorOceanus Procellarum201010.001
QophKalejdoskopiska aktiviteter199810.001
QueenLive at the Rainbow '7420149.001
QueenA Night at the Opera197511.502
QueenSheer Heart Attack19749.001
QueenQueen II197410.002
QueensrÿcheDedicated to chaos20110.001
QueensrÿcheHear In The Now Frontier19974.502
QueensrÿcheOperation: Mindcrime II200611.001
QuestOpposite sides of the picket fence19949.001
QwaarnMy Achievements20126.001
Råg i RyggenRåg i Ryggen19759.502
RAMWHERE? (In Conclusion)19729.001
RävjunkUppsala Stadshotell Brinner19778.001
Raw MaterialRaw Material19707.001
The ReasoningAdverse Camber20107.001
The Rebel Wheeldiagramma20079.502
The Rebel WheelWe are in the Time of Evil Clocks201011.001
Pekka "Rekku" RechardtSnakecharm200712.001
The Red MasqueFossileyes20089.001
The Red MasqueFeathers For Flesh200410.333
Red Star RevoltRed Star Revolt200810.001
Red SunThe Wind, The Waves, The Clouds201710.001
Jonas ReingoldUniverse19990.001
RetrospectiveStolen Thoughts20088.001
RH FactorRH Factor19988.001
RicochetZarah - A Teartown Story200510.502
Ricordi D´InfanziaIo Uomo197310.001
Alberto RigoniThree Wise Monkeys201210.001
Ring Of MythWeeds200510.001
Ring Van MöbiusPast The Evening Sun201811.001
RitualDid I go wrong (EP)19999.001
RitualThink Like A Mountain200310.333
RitualSuperb Birth19998.502
RiversideShrine Of New Generation Slaves20139.437
Dante RobertoThe Circle20179.001
Rocky's FiljStorie di uomini e non197312.001
Roel van HeldenRvH20127.001
Patrick RondatOn the edge19997.001
The RoomBeyond The Gates Of Bedlam201510.001
Rosa LuxemburgChapitre lll: Seuls, Chapitre IV: Ensemble201412.001
Rosa LuxemburgRosa Luxemburg I & II200911.001
Roswell SixTerra Incognita: A Line In The Sand20108.001
Roswell SixTerra Incognita: Beyond the horizon20093.673
Il Rovescio Della Medaglia (RDM)La Bibbia197110.002
Il Rovescio Della Medaglia (RDM)Live In Tokyo20140.001
Il Rovescio Della Medaglia (RDM)Contaminazione197311.333
Il Rovescio Della Medaglia (RDM)Io come io19729.001
Jason RubensteinNew Metal From Old Boxes201411.001
Runaway TotemTrimegisto19954.001
Runaway TotemPleroma20048.001
Runaway TotemAndromeda19996.001
Runaway TotemZED19963.333
Todd RundgrenA Wizard, A True Star197312.001
RuphusNew Born Day197310.001
RushClockwork Angels201212.333
RushA Farewell to Kings197710.205
RushDifferent Stages/Live199811.673
RushAll the World's a Stage19768.502
RushExit...Stage Left198110.502
RushCaress of Steel197510.504
RushFly By Night19756.754
RushClockwork Angels Tour (2 DVDs)201312.001
Rush1974-1981 (DVD)20050.001
RushTest for echo19968.002
RushThe Studio Albums 1989-200720130.001
RushRoll the bones19916.002
RushA Show of Hands198912.003
RushSector 120110.001
RushPower Windows19859.502
RushSector 220110.002
RushGrace under pressure198410.333
RushSector 320110.001
RushRush in Rio200312.001
RushR40 Live201511.001
RushSnakes & Arrows200711.333
RushCaravan (Single)201010.001
RushR30 (30th Anniversary World Tour) (DVD/CD)200512.502
RushMoving Pictures198113.754
RushPermanent Waves198012.504
Jason SaditesTales201412.001
Jason SaditesWEVE200910.001
Jason Sadites . Marco Minnemannbehind the laughter201012.001
Saga (Kan.)The Human Condition200910.001
Saga (Kan.)Generation 13199512.005
Saga (Kan.)Pleasure & the Pain19973.001
Sahara (US)Going Crazy199212.001
Sahara (US)The Seventh House19946.001
Sailor FreeSpiritual Revolution20128.001
Salem HillCatatonia19979.001
SalvaA handful of earth20046.001
SalvaSigh of Boreas201610.502
SalvaLeft to burn20079.001
Samsara Blues ExperimentLong Distance Trip201010.001
Samsara Blues ExperimentWaiting for the Flood201310.001
Samsara Blues ExperimentOne with the Universe201710.001
Samsara Blues ExperimentRevelation & Mystery201110.001
SaracenHeroes, Saints & Fools198111.001
SarisGhosts of Yesterday201710.504
SarisUntil we have Faces20149.502
SarisCurse Of Time200910.502
Yossi SassiDesert Butterflies20148.754
SatelliteInto The Night200711.001
Satin WhaleDesert Places19747.001
Satin WhaleLost Mankind19757.002
SavatageHall of the Mountain King19879.001
Saviour MachineII199413.002
SavoraCompany Of Dogs20128.001
SBBWicher w polu dmie20069.001
SBBBudai Ifjusagi Park Live '77200112.001
SBBThe Rock20074.001
SBBBlue Trance20108.001
SBBComplete Tapes 1974200711.001
SBBNowy Horyzont197510.002
Scorch TrioBrolt20088.003
Scorch TrioLuggumt200412.001
SeidMagic Handshake201210.001
Sensitive To LightFrom The Ancient World200810.502
September CodeIII201611.001
Seven ImpaleCity of the Sun201412.002
Seven ImpaleContrapasso201612.502
Seven IndiesSomeone Hears Your Prayer201512.001
Seven Second CircleDivide20168.001
Seven Steps To The Green DoorFetish201512.502
Seven That SpellsThe Death and Resurrection of Krautrock: OMEGA201811.001
SfinxLume Albă197511.001
Shadow CircusWhispers and Screams20099.001
Shadow CircusOn A Dark And Stormy Night201212.001
Shadow GalleryRoom V20059.002
Shadow PointeSituations20049.001
ShadowflagCause For Alarm200611.001
ShamallTurn Off201310.001
Shaolin Death SquadFive Deadly Venoms201012.001
Billy SheehanCosmic Troubadour20059.001
ShelterworksColoured thoughts20058.001
Derek SherinianBlood of the Snake200610.502
Paolo Siani & friends feat. Nuova IdeaCastles, Wings, Stories & Dreams201011.001
Sideways...And There Is Light20064.001
7iebenGut zu wissen...200510.001
7iebenLupus und Lea20109.001
Silent LucidityPositive As Sound19967.001
Simeon Soul ChargerMeet me in the afterlife201110.502
Simeon Soul ChargerA Trick Of Light201511.001
Simeon Soul ChargerHarmony Square201212.001
Single Celled OrganismSplinter in the Eye20179.002
Six by SilverEarthquake200511.001
The SixxisHollow Shrine201410.001
Skin AlleyTwo Quid Deal19729.001
Sky ArchitectA Billion Years of Solitude201312.001
Skyron OrchestraSituations20069.001
Slaves To FashionArtistic Differences20119.001
Sleep DirtShades Of Meaning20009.001
Sol ObscuraRising201312.001
Solstice CoilNatural Causes201110.502
Solution Science SystemsDaemon Ex Machina200311.001
SomnambulistThe Paranormal Humidor200112.254
S.O.T.E. (Songs of the Exile)Reasons20079.001
Sonic PulsarOut Of Place20058.673
Soniq CircusSoniq Circus20079.001
Sons of ApolloPsychotic Symphony201711.003
Sophie’s EarthquakeSophie’s Earthquake (EP)201310.001
Sort of QuartetVictim a la mode199911.001
Sound of ContactDimensionaut201311.001
Southern EmpireSouthern Empire201611.002
Space DebrisArchive Volume 2: All Man201110.002
Space DebrisThree200611.003
Space DebrisArchive Volume 3: Deepest View201110.502
Space DebrisPhonomorphosis201411.002
Space DebrisInto the Sun. Live at Burg Herzberg Festival 2006 (DVD)200711.002
Space DebrisBack to Universe. Archive Volume 4201711.001
Space DebrisKrautrock-Sessions 1994-2001200211.001
Space DebrisBehind the Gate201712.001
Spaceship LandingSpaceship Landing201210.001
Tony SpadaHuman Element20048.001
Spettri2973 La Nemica dei Ricordi201512.001
Spock's BeardSpock's Beard20068.754
Spock's BeardLive (DVD)200811.002
Star OneLive On Earth200310.502
Starglow EnergyGates to Celdan199810.001
StarlessSong of Silence/Wish19997.001
The StationSpeed of Sound200812.001
The Stationall that lies between...200410.001
Steamboat SwitzerlandZeitschrei201313.002
Steve Morse BandCoast to Coast19929.001
Steve Morse BandSouthern Steel19918.001
Steve Morse BandStand Up19859.001
Steve Morse BandThe Introduction198411.001
Stick MenProg Noir201613.002
Stick MenDeep201211.333
Stick MenAbsalom201111.001
Stick MenLive in Buenos Aires 2011 (Official Bootleg)201111.001
Stick MenPower Play201411.001
Stone from the SkyFuck the Sun201711.001
Stream of PassionLive in the Real World - DVD20066.001
Daryl StuermerGo20075.002
StyxThe complete Wooden Nickel Recordings20050.001
StyxOne with everything20069.001
StyxBig Bang Theory20056.002
StyxStyx II19737.003
StyxCrystal Ball19769.002
StyxMan of miracles19746.502
StyxThe Grand Illusion19779.254
StyxPieces of Eight197810.502
StyxCaught In The Act198411.001
StyxThe serpent is rising19737.333
SubsignalBeautiful & Monstrous200912.502
Subterranean MasqueradeSuspended Animation Dreams200510.001
Subterranean MasqueradeThe Great Bazaar201512.001
Subvert BlazeThe Complete Best Of Subvert Blaze201512.001
Sun CagedArtemisia20076.001
Sun DomingoLive In Montreal - Marillion Weekend 09200910.001
Sun DomingoSongs for end times201110.002
SunpathUnder Ice201310.001
The SurgeryHoly umbrella199410.001
Sweatin' Like NixonFishing In Political Sewers19988.001
Sweatin' Like NixonTunes For Young People To Enjoy200212.001
Sweet SlagTracking With Close-Ups197110.001
SylvanLeaving Backstage200812.001
SylvanPosthumous Silence - The Show (DVD)200811.001
SylvanForce Of Gravity20099.002
SylvanPosthumous Silence200613.002
T2It'll All Work Out In Boomland19706.001
Tacita IntesaTacita Intesa201410.001
Taipuva Luotisuora8201311.001
TarantulaTarantula 2197810.001
Taras Bul'ba (IT)Amur201210.001
TCPThe Way20095.001
Tempest (70s)Living In Fear197410.001
Tempest (70s)Tempest19738.001
Terraplane...into the unknown20069.001
The MachineCalmer Than You Are201210.001
The Mercury TreePterodactyls201110.001
The Raptor TrailNew World201610.001
The Rising Sun ExperienceBeyond the oblivious Abyss201410.001
The SpurRebirth201710.001
ThenceThese stones cry from the earth201110.001
therhythmisoddFrom nowhere to eternity20088.001
TherionGothic Kabbalah200710.001
ThorkWe Ila200412.502
Three WishesTowards The Light200610.001
ThresholdCritical Mass20029.502
TilesFly Paper20089.001
TilesWindow Dressing20049.002
TilesPresents Of Mind199910.502
TilesFence The Clear19977.001
TilesOff the Floor 02201410.001
TilesOff The Floor20128.002
Time ColliderTravel Conspiracy20186.502
Time MachineHidden Secrets200011.001
Time MachineReviviscence - Liber Secundus200411.001
Time RequiemOptical Illusion20069.002
Time TravellerChapters I&II20087.001
Tin MachineTin Machine198911.001
Tin Machinetin machine live oy vey, baby199110.001
TinkickerThe Cup of the Lord and the Wine of Demons201410.001
TitanA Raining Sun of Light and Love For You and You and You20079.502
TitanPacific Living201111.001
TitanSweet Dreams201010.002
ToehiderWhat kind of Creature am I?201411.001
ToehiderThe First Six20110.001
ToehiderThe Last Six201112.001
ToehiderTo Hide Her201110.001
Tom MotoAllob Allen201412.001
Torman MaxtThe Problem of Pain : Part 220117.002
TrackerHow I became an Alien201011.001
Tragical FunEpisodical20069.001
Trans-Siberian OrchestraChristmas eve and other stories199614.001
TraumpfadDie Kreise schließen sich200610.502
TravellersA Journey Into The Sun Within20117.001
Travis Larson Bandrate of change200610.001
Travis Larson BandRate Of Change live200910.001
Travis Larson BandAnicca20169.001
Tree of LifeAwakening Call201714.001
Trettioåriga KrigetElden av år200410.502
Trettioåriga KrigetKrigssång197610.502
Trettioåriga KrigetTrettioåriga Kriget197410.001
Trettioåriga KrigetI början och slutet200711.001
Trettioåriga KrigetOm kriget kommer 1974-198119968.001
Trettioåriga KrigetGlorious War (Recordings from 1970 - 1971)20046.002
Trettioåriga KrigetEfter Efter201111.001
Triangle (Fra.)Homonymie19739.001
TrigonDas UMO-Mandat200311.001
TrigonBeschränkte Haftung200010.001
Trojan HorseWorld Turned Upside Down201412.001
TrustiesHuman Wheel20099.001
TumbletownDone With The Coldness20138.502
Turbine StollpronaTurbine Stollprona201310.001
Twenty Sixty Six & ThenReflections On The Future197210.205
UFOUFO 2 - Flying - One Hour Space Rock197210.001
Han Uildark in light20109.001
UKZRadiation (EP)200911.002
ÜmitThe Testament of Ümit20189.001
Umphrey's McGeeLive At The Murat200711.001
Umphrey's McGeeThe London Session201511.001
Umphrey's McGeeMantis200911.001
Umphrey's McGeeThe Best Show On Earth - 2004-12-31 The Riviera - Chicago, IL200512.502
Umphrey's McGeeAnchor Drops200511.333
Umphrey's McGeeLocal Band Does O.K.200210.502
Umphrey's McGeeThe Bottom Half20079.001
Umphrey's McGeeDeath By Stereo201111.001
Umphrey's McGeeHall Of Fame: Class Of 2011201211.001
Umphrey's McGeeSimilar Skin201410.001
Una stagione all'infernoIl Mostro di Firenze20189.001
Uncle Moe's Space RanchGarsed Helmerich Chambers Kinsey Willis: Uncle Moe's Space Ranch200113.001
Uncle Moe's Space RanchMoe's Town200712.002
Under The SunSchematism - On Stage With Under The Sun200510.001
Universal MindAnother illusion20069.001
Universal Totem OrchestraThe Magus200810.002
UniverveTimeless Space200710.001
L'Uovo Di ColomboL'Uovo Di Colombo197310.003
Upsilon AcruxGalapagos Momentum200710.002
Uriah HeepSalisbury197012.002
UtopianistiUtopianisti II + Utopianisti meets Black Motor & Jon Ballantyne201412.333
Steve VaiSound Theories Vol. I & II200712.001
VandroyaBeyond the human Mind20179.001
Vanilla FudgeThe Return - Live in Germany 2003200310.001
Vanilla FudgeRenaissance196811.002
Vanilla FudgeNear The Beginning19699.001
Vanilla FudgeRock & Roll19698.001
Janos Varga ProjectThe wings of revelation II200211.001
Janos Varga ProjectThe wings of revelation I200011.001
Vargton ProjectProgXprimetal201112.001
Various ArtistsThousand days of yesterdays - A tribute to Captain Beyond19999.001
Various ArtistsCelebrating Jon Lord20140.001
Various ArtistsThe Good, The Bad And The Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive Rock19976.001
Various ArtistsKinections: The Progday Support CD200510.001
Vecchio StampoThe Oniric Love20079.001
ViennaStep Into...198810.673
VigorOut Of Habit201112.001
VIII StradaBabylon201510.002
Kalle VilpuuSilver Lining201410.001
Violent Attitude If NoticedOurselves and Otherwise20178.001
Violet HourThe Fire Sermon199112.001
Visual CliffKey To Eternity20049.001
The Vital MightRed Planet20098.502
VoivodTarget Earth201310.001
VoivodThe Outer Limits199310.001
VonFricklefeeding the organic computer200111.001
Von Hertzen BrothersLove Remains The Same200812.002
Oliver WakemanComing to Town. Live in Katowice (DVD)20088.002
Rick WakemanIn The Nick Of Time - Live In 200320120.001
Rick WakemanOut There20036.504
Steve WalshGlossolalia200013.001
Steve WalshShadowman20059.673
Steve WalshBlack Butterfly20177.001
WebI Spider197010.001
WEEND'ÔYou Need To Know Yourself20129.502
Wheatstone BridgeWheatstone Bridge (Demo)20036.502
White Rabbit DynamiteInsight201110.001
The WhoTommy196911.502
Wicked MindsLive at Burg Herzberg Festival 2006200711.001
Wicked MindsWitchflower200610.001
Wicked MindsFrom the Purple Skies200410.001
Ray WilsonGenesis vs Stiltskin20110.001
The WindmillThe Continuation20138.001
WitchwoodLitanies From The Woods20156.001
Without WarningMaking Time20035.001
WolfspringWho's Gonna Save The World?20139.502
WolverineCommunication Lost201110.001
WolverineMachina Viva201611.502
WyzardsThe final catastrophe19979.001
XinemaBasic Communication200611.001
Phi Yaan-ZekDance With The Anima201011.002
YargosTo be or not to be20056.001
YargosMagical Karma20128.001
Yossi Sassi BandRoots And Roads201610.003
Dweezil ZappaConfessions19919.001
Dweezil Zappavia zammata'201510.002
Dweezil ZappaAutomatic20009.001
Zhornz comes first20033.001
Zion9P - Nove Pianeti201411.001
Zip TangDas Reboot201311.002

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