Erweiterte Suche
Andromeda (60s) - See into the Stars
Aphrodite's Child - End of the world
Aphrodite's Child - It's five o'clock
Brian Auger - Auger Rhythms
Barrett Elmore - Woodlands
The Beach Boys - Classics: Selected By Brian Wilson
The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
The Beatles - Revolver
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Beatles - Yellow Submarine Songtrack
Bigelf - Into The Maelstrom
Birdeatsbaby - Tanta Furia
Black Mountain - In The Future
Pete Brown & Piblokto! - Things May Come And Things May Go, But The Art School Dance Goes On Forever
Pete Brown & Piblokto! - Thousands On A Raft
Robert Calvert - Lucky Leif and the Longships
Captain Beefheart - Safe As Milk
Chicago - Chicago II
Chicago - The Chicago Transit Authority
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Monolith Of Phobos
Coheed And Cambria - In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Salvador Dali & Igor Wakhevitch - Être Dieu
Wolfgang Dauner Quintet - The Oimels
The Dear Hunter - Act I: The Lake South The River North
Diagonal - The Second Mechanism
William D. Drake - Revere Reach
Epidermis - June 1975
Genesis - The Genesis of Genesis
Giles, Giles & Fripp - The cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles & Fripp
Gomorrha - Trauma
Grobschnitt - Die Grobschnitt Story 2
Steve Howe - Mothballs - Groups & Sessions 1964 - 1969
Steve Howe with Bodast - The Early Years
Ihre Kinder - 2375 004 (Jeanscover)
Ihre Kinder - Werdohl
Instant Flight - Endless Journey
Ion Quest - Ion Quest
Jeavestone - 1 + 1 = OK
Lobster Newberg - Vernal Equinox
London Underground - London Underground
Love Sculpture - Forms and Feelings
Mabel Greer's Toyshop - New Way of Life
Madame Blavatsky Overdrive - Idiot Jones Will Have His Day
Man - Christmas at the Patti
Man - Revelation
Misty Range - Misty Range
Modest Midget - The Great Prophecy of a Small Man
The Narcotic Slave Orchestra - Love, Art, Intoxication / Musick For Flies
Obskuria - Discovery of Obskuria
Phideaux - The Great Leap
The Psychedelic Avengers - ...and the curse of the universe
The Psychedelic Avengers - The Psychedelic Avengers and the Decterian Blood Empire
Rare Bird - Rare Bird
Saint Steven - Over the hills / The Bastich
Salamander - The Ten Commandments
The Setting Son - Spring of Hate
Skaldowie - Cisza krzyczy - Leningrad 1972
Skyron Orchestra - Situations
Judge Smith - Zoot Suit
Soft Machine - Jet Propelled Photographs
Stackridge - Extravaganza
The Strawbs - Burning For You
The Strawbs - Deep Cuts
Sweatin' Like Nixon - Fishing In Political Sewers
Sweatin' Like Nixon - Tunes For Young People To Enjoy
The Syn - Syndestructible
Umphrey's McGee - Anchor Drops
The Urbane - Glitter
The Urbane - Neon
Vanilla Fudge - The Return - Live in Germany 2003
Various Artists - The Essence of Swedish Progressive Music 1967 - 1979. Pregnant Rainbows for colourblind Dreamers
Violeta De Outono - Ilhas
The Void's last Stand - A Sun by Rising Set
The Who - Tommy
The Wilde Flowers - The Wilde Flowers
Yellow Sunshine Explosion - Yellow Sunshine Explosion
Yolk (SUI) - Die Dritte
Frank Zappa - Absolutely Free
24975 Rezensionen zu 17123 Alben von 6671 Bands.

Alben aus dem Genre/mit dem Merkmal "Blues"

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Band  Album Jahr Ø-Wertung # Rezis
Jimmy ÅgrenClose Enough For Jazz200411.001
Anton & The HeadcleanersRotor201111.001
Apostolis AnthimosBack to the North20069.502
Brian AugerAuger Rhythms20030.001
Baby WoodroseKicking Ass & Taking Names201410.001
Back DoorBack Door197311.001
Back Door8th Street Nites197310.001
Back DoorAnother Fine Mess19759.001
Back DoorActivate197611.001
Back DoorThe Human Bed200410.001
BangtowerCasting Shadows201010.001
Peter BardensPeter Bardens19716.001
Peter BardensThe Answer19709.001
Martin BarreOrder of Play20149.001
Martin BarreA Trick of Memory19948.001
Martin BarreBack to Steel20159.001
Syd BarrettThe Madcap Laughs19705.003
Syd BarrettBarrett19708.502
Colin BassAt Wild End201511.001
Big SleepBluebell Wood19719.001
Birth ControlHere And Now20168.001
Black BonzoGuillotine Drama20099.002
Black MountainIn The Future200811.001
Black MountainBlack Mountain200510.001
Blind FaithLondon Hyde Park 1969 (DVD)20058.001
Blind FaithBlind Faith19699.502
Tomas BodinI AM200510.502
Sean Noonan's Brewed By NoonStories to Tell200712.001
BröselmaschineIndian Camel201710.002
Jack BruceDoing This... On Ice!200110.001
Jack BruceSongs For A Tailor196912.502
Jack BruceHow's Tricks19779.001
Jack BruceHarmony Row197112.001
Jack BruceBBC Live in Concert199511.001
Jack BruceLive On The Old Grey Whistle Test199811.001
Jack BruceThe Jack Bruce Band Live '75200313.001
Jack BruceI've Always Wanted To Do This19808.001
Jack BruceSpirit - Live At The BBC 1971 - 1978200811.001
Chris BuckProgasaurus200711.002
Burnin Red Ivanhoe6 Elefantskovcikadeviser19719.001
Bushman's Revengea little bit of big bonanza201210.001
Robert CalvertLucky Leif and the Longships19753.001
CanvasLong Way To Mars20138.001
Captain BeefheartLive from Paris 197720149.001
Captain BeefheartLive from Vancouver 197320147.001
Captain BeefheartThe Lost Broadcasts20129.001
Captain BeefheartGrow Fins (Rarities 1965-1982)19990.001
Captain BeefheartSafe As Milk19678.333
Captain BeefheartStrictly Personal196810.502
Captain BeefheartI may be hungry but I sure ain't weird199211.001
Captain BeefheartMirror Man197111.001
Captain BeefheartLick My Decals Off, Baby197014.001
Captain BeefheartThe Spotlight Kid19729.001
Captain BeefheartClear Spot19728.001
Captain ObviousLive@Bar227-24.02.0720079.001
Captain ObviousFat'n'Juicy Live Takes From The Road in 25% Olive Oil201010.001
Casualties Of CoolCasualties Of Cool20147.001
Cats on the RoofPros and Cons of Solitude20128.502
Circus BrimstoneLive - BrimStoned In Europe200510.002
Collegium MusicumKonvergencie197110.001
ColosseumMorituri Te Salutant200911.001
ColosseumThose Who Are About To Die Salute You196910.001
ColosseumDaughter Of Time19708.502
ColosseumThe Reunion Concerts 199419979.001
ColosseumTomorrow's Blues20038.001
The Crazy World of Arthur BrownThe Crazy World of Arthur Brown196812.001
Crippled Black Phoenix(Mankind) The Crafty Ape201210.333
Culpeper's OrchardSecond Sight19727.001
The Dalton CorrectionBeware Of Yarara20187.001
Christian Décamps et filsVesoul199511.001
Christian Décamps et filsJuste une ligne bleue19908.001
Deep SpaceThrough the Haze201410.001
DeliveryFools Meeting19709.002
Joe Deninzon & StratospheeriusHeadspace200712.001
Dice (Dt)Waterworld20029.001
Dice (Dt)The Torgau Show. Cosmic-Prog Live200711.001
Dice (Dt)Time in eleven Pictures20059.502
Dice (Dt)Space Rock Live19988.001
Dice (Dt)Within vs. Without Next Part200710.001
Dice (Dt)A Long Cosmic Trip20086.001
Dice (Dt)Without vs. Within Pt. 120069.002
Dice (Dt)Twentaurus20147.001
The Divine Baze OrchestraOnce we were born...20089.001
Douze AlfonsoCharles Darwin20129.503
DreadnaughtMusica en Flagrante200511.001
Eela CraigEela Craig197110.502
Efendi's GardenEfendi's Garden19790.001
Eggs & DogsYou Are200911.502
El Doom & The Born Electricel doom & the born electric201212.002
Roland EndersAbout Angst | Daydreamer200910.001
Flat Earth SocietyISMS200411.001
Flat Earth SocietyPsychoscout200611.001
The FlockThe Flock196912.001
The FlockTruth - The Columbia Recordings 1969-1970201712.001
Flower Travellin' BandAnywhere19709.001
Flying CircusStarlight Clearing - A Story - 25 Live Edition201611.001
Flying ColorsFlying Colors20129.504
FocusShip of Memories19769.001
FocusThe Focus Family Album20179.001
Free LoveOfficial Bootleg Vol. 1 Concert 2005 Sapporo200611.001
Freeway Jam"pensieri imperfetti"200211.001
French, Frith, Kaiser, ThompsonInvisible Means19909.001
From.uzPlaying the Imitation (DVD)200510.001
Galadriel (Aus.)Galadriel19715.001
Ax GenrichIn a World of Dinosaurs201410.001
Ax GenrichSpontaneous Combustion20109.001
David GilmourLive in Gdansk200811.001
David GilmourOn an Island20069.002
GingerGoing Through Arlanda20108.001
GingerFrom the Road20119.001
Ginger TreesAlong with the tide201110.002
GoadIn the house of the dark shining dreams20075.001
Guru GuruDoublebind201110.001
Steve HackettBlues with a Feeling19951.002
Glen HealdProgressive Rock201010.001
HeatOld Sparky201210.001
Dick Heckstall-SmithA Story Ended197210.001
Jonas HellborgAbstract Logic20068.001
Klaus Hess' Mother JaneTurn The Page20129.001
Joel HoekstraUndefined20009.502
House of notThe Walkabout Of A.Nexter Niode * Part 1 Off The Path20039.001
Steve Howe's RemedyElements20037.333
Hypnos 69Timeline Traveller200210.001
IndrâzorCocoon to Butterfly200410.001
Instant FlightEndless Journey20088.001
Jack Foster IIIEvolution Of JazzRaptor200310.333
Jam CampLive20069.001
Jam CampBlack Hills Jam - Preserves Vol. 220049.001
Jazz QPozorovatelna (The Watch Tower)197410.001
Jethro Tull25th Anniversary Box199312.001
Jethro TullToo Old To Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young To Die! - The TV Special Edition201511.001
Jethro TullCatfish Rising199110.502
Jethro TullThe very best of200111.001
Jethro TullThis Was19687.004
Jethro TullIn Concert199510.001
Clive JohnYou Always Know Where You Stand With A Buzzard19757.001
KansasPoint Of Know Return197713.003
Kazutoki Umezu 'Kiki' BandAlchemic Life200811.001
Kazutoki Umezu 'Kiki' BandDowser200511.001
The Keith Emerson TrioKeith Emerson Trio Rare Vinyl 10"20150.002
KingBathmatFantastic Freak Show Carnival200511.001
King's XBlack Like Sunday200311.502
King's XTape Head199810.001
King's XLive Love In London201011.001
King's XTales From The Empire201010.001
King's XLive All Over The Place20049.001
King's XFaith Hope Love199011.502
King's XGretchen goes to Nebraska198911.502
King's XKing's X199210.001
King's XPlease Come Home...Mr. Bulbous200011.001
King's XManic Moonlight20019.001
La Ira de DiosArchaeopterix200611.001
Link XIIBack Home200610.001
Lo-Fi ResistanceA Deep Breath201010.001
Lobster NewbergActress200911.001
Love SculptureBlues Helping19680.001
Love SculptureForms and Feelings196912.001
Lucifer WasDiesGrows20148.001
The Mad ScientistsGeoparasitism200510.001
Magnet AnimalsButterfly Killer201611.002
ManLive at the Padget Rooms, Penarth197211.001
ManChristmas at the Patti19730.001
ManBack into the Future197312.001
Man2 Ozs.Of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle19698.001
Manfred Mann Chapter ThreeVolume 1196911.001
Manfred Mann Chapter ThreeVolume 2197010.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandManfred Mann's Earth Band19727.001
MindmovieAn Ocean of Dreams20099.673
Missus BeastlyMissus Beastly (1970)19708.001
Moving Sidewalks99th Floor19828.001
My Brother The WindTwilight In The Crystal Cabinet201010.001
Naked CityNaked City19899.673
The Narcotic Slave OrchestraLove, Art, Intoxication / Musick For Flies200510.001
Natural BreakdownAll the Paths200910.001
Natural BreakdownInside The One20079.001
NektarLive in Bremen201710.001
NektarLive In New York19776.502
NiacinBlood, sweat and beers20038.673
Czeslaw NiemenStrange is this world197211.001
Czeslaw NiemenMourner´s Rhapsody19748.001
Czeslaw NiemenPostscriptum198010.001
Czeslaw NiemenEnigmatic196911.506
Czeslaw NiemenNiemen Enigmatic19719.001
The Night PatrolLost Voice200510.001
NitewalkDarker Shade Of Gray20119.001
ObskuriaBurning Sea Of Green201010.001
ObskuriaDiscovery of Obskuria200711.001
Orange PeelOrange Peel197011.001
Osanna and David JacksonProg Family200910.001
Pain of SalvationRoad Salt Two201111.673
Pain of SalvationRoad Salt One201012.334
PattoHold Your Fire19718.001
Pelagic ZonePelagic Zone201310.002
Pelagic ZoneLatitudes201611.001
PentangleThe Albums 1968-1972201712.001
Pink FloydA Collection Of Great Dance Songs198111.001
PriestbirdIn Your Time200710.001
Procol Harum30th Anniversary Anthology19979.001
Procol HarumA Salty Dog19696.001
Procol HarumHome19708.002
Procol HarumBroken Barricades19718.002
QophKalejdoskopiska aktiviteter199810.001
Random TouchDuologue20089.001
R-Evolution BandThe Dark Side of the Wall 1979-2013201311.001
RinotopíaRinotopía I20179.001
RitualSuperb Birth19998.502
RMP (Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project)For the Light201710.001
Omar Rodriguez-LopezLos Sueños De Un Higado20098.001
Roz VitalisLive at Mezzo Forte Moscow September '09200910.001
Rufus ZuphallWeiß der Teufel197110.001
Rufus ZuphallColder than hell200010.001
Ray RussellGoodbye Svengali200613.001
Saint StevenOver the hills / The Bastich19690.001
SalvaLeft to burn20079.001
Samsara Blues ExperimentLong Distance Trip201010.001
Samsara Blues ExperimentRevelation & Mystery201110.001
Samsara Blues ExperimentWaiting for the Flood201310.001
David SanciousTransformation (The Speed Of Love)197610.004
SavoraCompany Of Dogs20128.001
SBBBudai Ifjusagi Park Live '77200112.001
SBBAnthology 1974 - 200420040.001
SBBLive in Spodek 2006200610.001
SBBNew Century20059.502
SBBLive in Theatre 2005 (DVD)20069.502
SBBBlue Trance20108.001
SBBRoskilde 197820089.001
SBBKarlstad 1975 plus201811.001
SBBw filharmonii: akt I20057.001
SBBThe Rock20074.001
SBBComplete Tapes 1974200711.001
SBBw filharmonii: akt II200510.001
SBBSBB (2012)201213.002
Scorch TrioLuggumt200412.001
Shadow CircusWelcome to the Freakroom200710.001
Side CAndare Via...201111.001
Side CStati d'Alienazione200911.001
Simeon Soul ChargerHarmony Square201212.001
Snack FamilyPokie Eye201410.001
Snack FamilyBelly201411.001
Space DebrisLive Ghosts200910.502
Space DebrisBehind the Gate201712.001
Space DebrisAt Finkenbach 2012201511.001
Space DebrisKraut Lok200511.002
Space DebrisElephant Moon200811.502
Space DebrisArchive Volume 2: All Man201110.002
Space DebrisBack to Universe. Archive Volume 4201711.001
Space DebrisInto the Sun. Live at Burg Herzberg Festival 2006 (DVD)200711.002
Space DebrisArchive Volume 3: Deepest View201110.502
Space DebrisMountain Ultimate201812.001
Space DebrisKrautrock-Sessions 1994-2001200211.001
The StationSpeed of Sound200812.001
The Stationall that lies between...200410.001
Steve Morse BandStand Up19859.001
Steve Morse BandThe Introduction198411.001
Roine StoltWall Street Voodoo20058.836
String Driven ThingThe Machine That Cried19736.002
Daryl StuermerGo20075.002
Subject Esq.Subject Esq.197210.002
SupertrampSome Things Never Change19978.333
SupertrampSlow Motion20026.001
Sweatin' Like NixonFishing In Political Sewers19988.001
Sweatin' Like NixonTunes For Young People To Enjoy200212.001
Sweatin' Like NixonExamining the Rubicon201111.001
Tasavallan PresidenttiSIX Complete20079.001
Tasavallan PresidenttiTasavallan Presidentti (I)19699.001
Mama Béa TékielskiLa Folle197612.001
Tempest (70s)Living In Fear197410.001
Tempest (70s)Tempest19738.001
Terraplane...into the unknown20069.001
The Electric FamilyTender19999.001
The Electric FamilyTerra Circus20179.001
The Electric FamilyRoyal Hunt20067.001
The Electric FamilyIce Cream Phoenix - Resurrection201210.001
The PercWorldlooker19958.001
The ShiverWalpurgis19699.001
Chester ThompsonA Joyful Noise19922.001
TilesFly Paper20089.001
TømrerclausEn Spade Er En Spade200211.001
David Torndoor X199010.001
David TornTripping Over God19959.502
TrafficShoot Out At The Fantasy Factory19739.673
TrafficLast Exit19697.001
TrafficJohn Barleycorn Must Die197010.502
Travis Larson BandRate Of Change live200910.001
Trettioåriga KrigetGlorious War (Recordings from 1970 - 1971)20046.002
Trettioåriga KrigetElden av år200410.502
Han Uildark in light20109.001
Umphrey's McGeeThe Best Show On Earth - 2004-12-31 The Riviera - Chicago, IL200512.502
Umphrey's McGeeHall Of Fame: Class Of 2011201211.001
Umphrey's McGeeLive At The Murat200711.001
Umphrey's McGeeLocal Band Does O.K.200210.502
Umphrey's McGeeThe Bottom Half20079.001
Umphrey's McGeeSafety in Numbers200610.001
Urban SpacemenPlainsongs20046.001
The Valentine SixThe Valentine Six199710.502
Vargton ProjectProgXprimetal201112.001
Various ArtistsLive at Hof Huhnstadt - 36287 Breitenbach20080.001
Ville Emard Blues BandLive à Montréal197410.001
Ville Emard Blues BandVille Emard197510.001
Ville Emard Blues BandAu complet 1973-197520040.001
The Void's last StandA Sun by Rising Set20099.002
Oliver WakemanComing to Town. Live in Katowice (DVD)20088.002
Roger WatersThe Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking19848.254
White Rabbit DynamiteInsight201110.001
The Wilde FlowersThe Wilde Flowers19947.001
WoodenheadMusic From The Big Green Warehouse199610.001
Yoke ShireMasque of Shadows19999.002
Frank ZappaMake A Jazz Noise Here199111.001
Frank ZappaBroadway The Hard Way198910.001
Frank ZappaBongo Fury19759.001
ZëroJoke Box200811.001
Zone SixZone Six199710.001

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