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Alben aus dem Genre/mit dem Merkmal "Canterbury"

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Band  Album Jahr Ø-Wertung # Rezis
Accordo dei ContrariKublai201111.004
Ain SophA Story of Mysterious Forest19809.001
Ain SophHat and Field198610.001
Ain SophRide On A Camel19919.001
Ain SophMarine Menagerie19919.001
Ain Soph5 or 9 - Five Evolved From Nine19937.002
Ain SophStudio Live Tracks '80s and '0520078.002
Alco FrisbassLe Bateleur201811.001
Alco FrisbassAlco Frisbass201510.673
AlquinOne More Night200310.001
AlquinThe Marks Sessions201311.001
AlquinThe Mountain Queen197311.001
Amoeba SplitSecond Split201612.001
Amoeba SplitDance of the Goodbyes201011.001
AmpledeedA is for Ampledeed201311.001
Annot RhülLost in the woods200710.502
Aquasergece très cher serge, spécial origines201011.002
Aquasergelaisse ça être201712.002
AquasergeÀ l'Amitié201412.001
Martin ArcherStory Tellers201612.001
Martin ArcherEnglish Commonflowers200312.001
Martin ArcherBad Tidings From Slackwater Drag201511.001
Neil ArdleyHarmony of the Spheres19799.502
Neil ArdleyKaleidoscope of Rainbows197612.001
AreaChernobyl 799119979.001
Areknamésin case of loss...201011.002
ArgosA Seasonal Affair201512.001
ArmoniteAnd The Stars Above201811.001
Army of BriarsArmy of Briars200712.001
Art BearsWinter Songs197913.001
Art BearsThe world as it is today198011.502
Art FleuryI luoghi del potere198012.502
AstrakanHidden Agenda201610.001
AxisAxis (III)197312.002
Kevin AyersBananamour19737.001
Kevin AyersWhatevershebringswesing19729.001
Kevin AyersThe Confessions Of Dr Dream And Other Stories19749.001
Kevin AyersJoy of a toy196911.001
Kevin AyersSinging The Bruise - The BBC Sessions 1970 - 1972199610.001
Kevin AyersShooting at the moon197012.001
Kevin AyersToo Old To Die Young19989.001
Rick BiddulphSecond nature19958.001
Birds And BuildingsBantam To Behemoth200810.605
Birds And BuildingsMultipurpose Trap201311.504
Blue Touch PaperStand Well Back201112.001
Blue Touch PaperDrawing Breath201313.001
BonfireBonfire Goes Bananas197511.001
BrainstormBremen 1973200211.001
BrainstormLast smile200110.001
BrainstormSmile a While197211.673
BrainstormSecond Smile197310.502
Breznev Fun ClubL'Onda Vertebrata: Lost + Found Vol. 1201012.502
Breznev Fun Clubil misantropo felice201510.502
Jack BruceHarmony Row197112.001
BrufordRock Goes To College (DVD)200611.001
BrufordFeels Good To Me197710.001
BrufordOne Of A Kind197911.001
Burnin Red IvanhoeW.W.W.197112.001
Burnin Red IvanhoeBurnin Red Ivanhoe197010.001
CamelRain Dances19778.503
Canterbury GlassSacred Scenes and Characters200710.001
CaravanCaravan and the New Symphonia19749.673
CaravanCunning Stunts19758.001
CaravanBlind Dog at St. Dunstans19766.001
CaravanCaravan Live199311.001
CaravanThe Unauthorised Breakfast Item200311.001
CaravanHere Am I20050.001
CaravanSurprise Supplies19998.001
CaravanLive at the Fairfield Halls, 1974200211.001
CaravanBBC Radio 1 Live in Concert199111.001
CaravanSongs For Oblivion Fishermen199812.001
CaravanGreen Bottles For Marjorie - The Lost BBC Sessions20029.001
CaravanEther Way19987.001
CaravanTravelling Man19980.001
CaravanTravelling Ways20020.001
CaravanAccess All Areas201512.001
CaravanAll Over You19969.001
CaravanThe Show Of Our Lives - live at the BBC 1968-1975200711.001
CaravanLive UK Tour 1975200311.001
CaravanIf I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You197012.002
CaravanIn the Land of Grey and Pink197113.002
CaravanBack To Front19826.001
CaravanWaterloo Lily197212.002
CaravanFor Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night197311.002
Carpe DiemEn Regardant Passer Le Temps197612.003
Carpe DiemCueille Le Jour197712.002
CarpetSecret Box201711.001
CentenaireII - The Enemy200911.001
CentipedeSeptober Energy197112.001
CMUSpace Cabaret19739.001
CMUOpen Spaces197110.001
CortexTropeau bleu197510.001
CortexVolume 219778.001
COSViva Boma197610.502
COSPostaeolian Train Robbery197412.001
Crime in ChoirTrumpery Metier200611.001
Crime in ChoirThe Hoop200310.001
Crime in ChoirGift Givers20098.001
Crium DeliriumPower To The Carottes199411.001
Beppe CrovellaWhat's Rattlin' On The Moon?201011.001
Cucci-BandBon Débarras201011.001
DaymoonAll Tomorrows201110.333
Elton DeanJust Us197110.001
Emiliano DeferrariMonty201810.001
DeliveryFools Meeting19709.002
Delta Saxophone QuartetDedicated To You... But You Weren't Listening200711.001
Deluge GranderOceanarium201710.254
DiagonalThe Second Mechanism201210.333
Discus...tot licht!200311.605
The Divine Baze OrchestraDead but dreaming201012.502
Djam KaretRegenerator 3017201410.001
Eggthe metronomical society200710.001
EggThe Polite Force197111.002
EggThe Civil Surface19749.673
EntityIl Falso Centro201311.001
Fashion Pink... to brainstorm200010.001
The FirebirdsAladdin's Dream201713.001
G.F. Fitz-GeraldMouseproof197010.001
Patrick ForgasL´Oeil19905.001
Patrick ForgasCocktail197711.001
French TVThis is what we do200611.502
French TVIntestinal Fortitude199512.502
French TVYoo-Hoo!!!19979.001
French TVThe Violence Of Amateurs199911.001
French TVI Forgive You for All My Unhappiness201010.502
French TVAmbassadors of Good Health and Clean Living201612.002
French TVThe Case Against Art200111.002
French TVFrench TV19847.001
French TVVirtue In Futility199411.001
French TVPardon Our French200412.002
GilgameshArriving Twice200010.673
GilgameshAnother Fine Tune You've Got Me Into19788.001
GlassSpectrum Principle201012.001
GlassLive at Progman Cometh200710.001
GodsticksThe Envisage Conundrum201310.673
GongLive in Sherwood Forest '75200512.001
GongContinental Circus19719.001
GongCamembert Electrique197110.502
GongFlying Teapot197311.002
GongAngel's Egg197311.673
GongCamembert Eclectique19958.001
GongGong Est Mort, Vive Gong!197713.001
Gong25th Birthday Party199411.001
GongLive au Bataclan - 197319909.001
GongGong Live etc.197710.001
GongLive at Sheffield 74199010.001
GongLive on TV 199019939.002
GongRadio Gnome Invisible20020.001
GongI See You201410.502
GongZero to infinity200010.001
GongThe World of Gong and Daevid Allen20030.001
GongMagick Brother197010.002
Gowen, Miller, Sinclair, TomkinsBefore A Word Is Said198213.001
John Greaves & Peter BlegvadKew. Rhone.197712.502
GritsRare Birds19979.502
GritsAs The World Grits19939.502
GroovectorDarklubing at Tavastia20069.001
Happy The ManHappy The Man197712.754
Happy The ManCrafty Hands197811.754
Happy The ManLive199710.502
Hatfield and the NorthHatwise Choice200512.001
Hatfield and the NorthAfters19800.001
Hatfield and the NorthThe Rotters' Club197511.502
Hatfield and the NorthLive 199019938.001
Hatfield and the NorthHattitude200612.001
Hatfield and the NorthHatfield And The North197313.001
Steve HillageFish Rising197511.333
HillmenThe Whiskey Mountain Sessions Vol.II201810.001
Homunculus ResCome si diventa ciò che si era201511.502
Homunculus ResLimiti all'eguaglianza della Parte con il Tutto201312.002
Homunculus ResDella stessa sostanza dei sogni201812.001
Honduras LibregrupoLa Única Posición Es La Oposición200812.002
Honduras LibregrupoCinco201411.001
Honduras LibregrupoHonduras 3200911.001
Honduras LibregrupoCelula Dormida201013.001
Hugh Hopper & Alan GowenTwo rainbows daily198011.001
Hugh Hopper & Alan GowenImprovisations19969.001
Brian HopperIf Ever I Am20057.001
Hopper, Dean, Gowen, Sheen (Soft Head)Rogue Element19789.001
Hugh HopperHopper Tunity Box197712.001
Hugh HopperMonster Band19789.001
HoweverSudden Dusk198112.002
HuneDe l'Autre Côté du Monde200910.001
Phil Miller - In CahootsConspiracy Theories20069.001
Inner Ear BrigadeDromology201712.502
Inner Ear BrigadeRainbro201212.002
IsotopeGolden Section200810.001
IsotopeLive at the BBC20049.001
Jakko M. JakszykThe Bruised Romantic Glee Club200610.001
Junipher GreeneFriendship197110.001
K.Ostra"... it´s out there"200310.001
Marten Kantuselevator20129.502
Gadi KaplanMorning Sun201611.001
KhanSpace Shanty197212.003
Juha KujanpääKivenpyörittäjä / Tales and Travels201311.001
KultivatorBarndomens Stigar198011.002
Yves LaferrièreYves Laferrière197811.001
Lagger Blues MachineTanit197210.001
Low Flying AircraftLow Flying Aircraft198710.001
Henry Lowther BandChild Song197011.002
Machine And The Synergetic NutsMachine And The Synergetic Nuts200310.001
Machine And The Synergetic NutsLeap Second Neutral200510.502
Maelstrom (USA)Maelstrom197310.502
Magic BusPhillip The Egg201710.001
Mahogany FrogMahogany Frog Vs Mabus200311.001
ManeigeLive à L'Évêché 1975200511.001
ManningSongs from the Bilston House200710.001
Phil ManzaneraRare One20007.001
Matching MoleBBC Radio 1 Live in Concert19948.001
Matching MoleMatching Mole197214.001
Matching MoleMarch200210.001
Matching MoleLittle Red Record19729.003
Matching MoleSmoke Signals200110.001
Matching Moleon the radio200610.001
Mispel BellyfulMispel Bellyful20049.001
Kimio MizutaniA Path Through Haze197111.001
MollmaskinHeartbreak in ((Stereo))201511.001
Moon MenAmazing Science Fiction Stories201713.001
Mosaïc (Fra.)Ultimatum197812.001
Mother GongFairy Tales19790.001
MotorpsychoThe Tower201711.673
Moving Gelatine PlatesMoving Gelatine Plates197111.001
Moving Gelatine PlatesThe World Of Genius Hans197211.001
The MuffinsDouble Negative200410.502
The MuffinsSecret Signals 2199210.001
The MuffinsManna/Mirage197812.001
The MuffinsChronometers199311.001
The MuffinsOpen City198513.001
The MuffinsSecret Signals 1198911.002
The Muffins<185>198114.001
The MuffinsBandwidth20028.502
Música UrbanaBanda Sonora de la Pelicula: Primera Aventura de Pepe Carvalho: Tatuaje197811.001
Música UrbanaMúsica Urbana197611.001
National HealthD.S. al Coda19828.002
National HealthDreams Wide Awake20050.001
National HealthPlaytime200111.002
National HealthMissing Pieces199610.502
National HealthNational Health197710.676
National HealthOf Queues And Cures197812.673
Natural BreakdownAll the Paths200910.001
NeedlepointAimless Mary201511.001
NeedlepointThe Diary of Robert Reverie201811.001
Not A Good SignIcebound201813.001
NucleusLive In Bremen20038.001
NucleusWe'll Talk About It Later197013.002
NucleusSolar Plexus197110.001
NucleusElastic Rock197012.002
NucleusUnder The Sun197410.001
NucleusUK Tour ´76200610.001
NucleusIn Flagrante Delicto197710.001
OcarinahPremière Vision De L'Etrange197810.001
Ángel OntalvaMundo Flotante201210.001
Orchestra of the Upper AtmosphereΘ4201812.002
Orchestre National de JazzAround Robert Wyatt200913.001
Out Of FocusFour Letter Monday Afternoon197210.001
Panta Rhei (Dt.)Das Porträt200112.001
PanzerpappaKoralrevens Klagesang200611.001
PazopPsychillis of a Lunatic Genius199612.001
John G. PerrySunset Wading197610.001
PhloxRebimine + Voltimine200712.001
Picchio Dal PozzoA_live201011.002
Picchio Dal PozzoAbbiamo Tutti I Suoi Problemi198012.502
Picchio Dal PozzoPicchio Dal Pozzo197612.003
Picchio Dal PozzoCamere Zimmer Rooms200112.502
Picchio Dal PozzoPic_nic@Valdapozzo200412.001
Pierrot LunaireTre201110.001
Planeta ImaginarioBiomasa200810.001
Planeta ImaginarioOptical Delusions201110.502
Planeta ImaginarioQué Me Dices?200410.001
PoiLDins o Cuol201211.002
Polite ForceCanterbury Knights19969.001
Pip Pyle7 Year Itch199811.002
Pip PyleEquipe Out199910.001
Quantum JumpQuantum Jump197612.002
Quiet SunMainstream197513.004
Radar FavouritesRadar Favourites20109.001
Rainbow BandRainbow Band197011.001
Rascal ReportersRidin' On A Bummer198410.001
Rascal ReportersHappy Accidents19889.001
Reform (Swe)Reveries of Reform201110.001
Regal WormPig Views201812.001
Regal WormNeither Use Nor Ornament (A Small Collection Of Big Suites)201412.001
Regal WormUse And Ornament201313.001
Regal WormDissecting The Worm (A Taste)201312.001
RhùnFanfare du Chaos200911.001
Ring Van MöbiusPast The Evening Sun201811.002
Samurai (UK)Samurai197111.002
Sanguine HumNow We Have Power201812.001
Jan SchelhaasDark Ships200812.001
SchnauserProtein for Everyone201411.001
Secret OysterSecret Oyster197311.001
Richard Sinclair's Caravan of DreamsRichard Sinclair's Caravan of Dreams199211.001
Six NorthPrayer200310.001
Alan Skidmore, Mike Osborne, John SurmanSOS197511.001
Alan Skidmore, Mike Osborne, John SurmanLooking For The Next One201312.001
Skin AlleySkin Alley197012.001
Skin AlleyTo Pagham And Beyond197010.001
Slapp Happy/Henry CowDesperate Straights197511.001
SlocheJ'un Oeil197512.336
Malcolm SmithWe were here201412.002
Soft HeapSoft Heap197911.001
Soft HeapAl Dente200810.001
Soft MachineVolume 1196810.502
Soft MachineSeven197310.502
Soft MachineVolume 2196913.002
Soft MachineLive At The Paradiso 196919959.502
Soft MachineNDR Jazz Workshop201012.001
Soft MachineSpaced199611.502
Soft MachineNoisette200011.001
Soft MachineBBC Radio 1971-1974200311.001
Soft MachineThird197014.502
Soft MachineFourth197110.002
Soft MachineVirtually199810.001
Soft MachineDrop200811.502
Soft MachineLive at the Proms 1970198810.001
Soft MachineFifth197210.002
Soft Machinesomewhere in Soho20047.001
Soft MachineLive In Paris20049.502
Soft MachineGrides200610.001
Soft MachineBritish Tour '75200511.001
Soft MachineSix197311.003
Soft MachineJet Propelled Photographs19727.502
Soft MachineBundles197511.002
Soft MachineMiddle Earth Masters20069.001
Soft MachineBreda Reactor200410.001
Soft MachineBackwards200210.001
Soft Machineas if...19910.001
Soft MachineBBC In Concert 1971199312.001
Soft MachineSoftstage - BBC In Concert 197219949.001
Soft MachineTurns On Vol.120014.001
Soft MachineTurns On Vol.220016.001
Soft MachineBBC Radio 1967-1971200313.002
Soft MachineThe Story Of Soft Machine20055.001
Soft MachineSwitzerland 1974201512.001
Soft MachineOut-Bloody-Rageous - An Anthology 1967-1973200512.001
Soft MachineLive at Henie Onstad Art Centre 1971200913.001
The Soft Machine LegacyLive Adventures20109.001
The Soft Machine LegacySoft Machine Legacy20068.502
The Soft Machine LegacySteam200711.002
The Soft Machine LegacyLive In Zaandam20067.002
Soft MountainSoft Mountain200713.001
Soft WorksAbracadabra20037.502
Solis LacusSolis Lacus197511.001
Clive StevensAtmospheres197211.001
Dave Stewart and Barbara GaskinThe Big Idea199012.001
Stop Motion OrchestraInstant Everything!201412.001
Strange AttractorEverything Is Closer200610.001
SupersisterPudding and Yesterday197210.001
SupersisterPresent From Nancy197011.001
SupersisterLong Live Supersister!201311.001
Supersisterto the highe$t bidder197112.333
The TangentA Place On The Shelf201012.001
The Tangentii: The World That We Drive Through20049.148
The TangentThe Music That Died Alone200310.805
The TangentLe Sacre Du Travail201313.001
The TangentGoing Off On Two201111.002
The TangentThe Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery201712.002
The TangentA Place In The Queue200611.257
The TangentDown And Out In Paris And London200910.002
The TangentCOMM201110.001
The TangentL'Étagère Du Travail201310.002
Tasavallan PresidenttiTasavallan Presidentti (II)197011.001
Tasavallan PresidenttiLambertland197212.001
Tasavallan PresidenttiMilky Way Moses197411.001
The Kentish SpiresThe Last Harvest201810.001
Jacques Thollot"watch devil go"197512.001
The Keith Tippett GroupDedicated To You, But You Weren't Listening197113.001
The Keith Tippett OctetThe Nine Dances of Patrick O’Gonogan20160.001
Transit ExpressPriglacit197511.001
Theo TravisEarth To Ether20049.502
Nik Turner's SphynxXitintoday197810.003
Turning PointCreatures of the Night197710.001
Turning PointSilent Promise197810.001
Urban SpacemenPlainsongs20046.001
UrielArzachel Collectors Edition20079.001
UserKurmuschels Verwandlung201412.001
Ut GretAncestors' Tale201410.673
UtopianistiUtopianisti II + Utopianisti meets Black Motor & Jon Ballantyne201412.333
Various ArtistsThe Essence of Swedish Progressive Music 1967 - 1979. Pregnant Rainbows for colourblind Dreamers20070.001
Various ArtistsCanterbury and beyond - Selected Runes from the Cuneiform Catalogue20000.002
Various ArtistsRomantic Warriors III: Canterbury Tales201513.001
The Void's last StandA Sun by Rising Set20099.002
VolaréThe Uncertainty Principle19979.001
VortexLes Cycles De Thanatos197912.673
Darryl Way's WolfSaturation Point197310.001
Darryl Way's WolfCanis Lupus197310.001
WigwamLive Music from the Twilight Zone19759.001
The Wilde FlowersThe Wilde Flowers19947.001
Gary WindoSteam Radio Tapes20139.001
Gary WindoHis Master's Bones19969.001
Gary WindoAnglo American20049.001
WMWSOne Night Stand20159.001
The Wrong ObjectPlatform One200712.001
The Wrong ObjectLive At Zappanale 2004 (feat. Ed Mann)200410.001
Wrupk UreiKõik saab korda201410.502
Robert WyattThe End of an Ear197011.001
Robert WyattDondestan199114.001
Robert WyattComicopera200712.001
Robert WyattRuth Is Stranger Than Richard197510.001
Robert WyattTheatre Royal Drury Lane 8th September 1974200512.001
Robert WyattSoupsongs Live200012.001
Robert WyattDondestan (revisited)199814.001
Robert WyattCuckooland200312.001
Robert Wyattradio experiment rome, february 1981200911.001
Robert Wyatt'6820139.001
Robert WyattRock Bottom197414.254
Xing SaCréation de l'univers201010.002
Stomu YamashtaFreedom is frightening197310.502
Stomu YamashtaOne by One19747.502
Stomu YamashtaFloating Music197211.001
Stomu YamashtaThe Man From The East19738.001
ZaalOnda Quadra201011.001
Zen CarnivalBardo200612.502
Michael ZentnerPresent Time198311.001
ZNRBarricade 3197610.001

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