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ALBEN 1969
Alrune Rod - Alrunes Rod
Amon Düül - Psychedelic Underground
Amon Düül II - Phallus Dei
Aphrodite's Child - It's five o'clock
Arcadium - Breathe A While
Ars Nova (US) - Sunshine & Shadows
Arzachel - Arzachel
Audience - Audience
Kevin Ayers - Joy of a toy
The Beatles - Abbey Road
Blind Faith - Blind Faith
David Bowie - Space Oddity
Brainbox - Brainbox
Jack Bruce - Songs For A Tailor
Burnin Red Ivanhoe - M144
Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies - The American Metaphysical Circus
Can - Monster Movie
Captain Beefheart - Trout Mask Replica
Chicago - The Chicago Transit Authority
Circus (GB) - Circus
Clark-Hutchinson - A=MH2
Colosseum - The Grass Is Greener
Colosseum - Those Who Are About To Die Salute You
Colosseum - Valentyne Suite
Holger Czukay - Canaxis
Wolfgang Dauner Quintet - The Oimels
Julie Driscoll - 1969
East Of Eden - Mercator Projected
Fairport Convention - Liege & Lief
Family - Entertainment
The Flock - The Flock
Genesis - From Genesis to Revelation
Group 1850 - Paradise Now
Roy Harper - Folkjokeopus
George Harrison - Electronic Sound
Pierre Henry - Ceremony
High Tide - Sea Shanties
'Igginbottom - 'Igginbottom's Wrench
The Incredible String Band - Changing Horses
International Harvester - Sov Gott Rose-Marie
It's a Beautiful Day - It's a Beautiful Day
Jacula - In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum
Jethro Tull - Stand Up
King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King - An Observation By King Crimson
Love Sculpture - Forms and Feelings
Made In Sweden - Live! At the "Golden Circle"
Made In Sweden - Snakes In A Hole
Man - 2 Ozs.Of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle
Man - Revelation
Manfred Mann Chapter Three - Volume 1
Martin Circus - En direct du Rock'N Roll Circus
Maxwells - Maxwell Street
John McLaughlin - Extrapolation
Mecki Mark Men - Running In The Summer Night
The Moody Blues - On the Threshold of a Dream
The Moody Blues - To Our Children's Children's Children
Music Emporium - Music Emporium
The Nice - Nice
Czeslaw Niemen - Enigmatic
Pentangle - Basket of Light
Pink Floyd - More
Pink Floyd - Ummagumma
Procol Harum - A Salty Dog
Quintessence - In Blissful Company
Rare Bird - Rare Bird
Renaissance - Renaissance
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - Catherine Ribeiro + 2 BIS
Terry Riley - A Rainbow in Curved Air
Saint Steven - Over the hills / The Bastich
Silver Apples - Contact
Soft Machine - Volume 2
Tasavallan Presidentti - Tasavallan Presidentti (I)
The Shiver - Walpurgis
Third Ear Band - Alchemy
Touch - Touch
Traffic - Last Exit
Trikolon - Cluster
Van der Graaf (Generator) - The Aerosol Grey Machine
Vanilla Fudge - Near The Beginning
Vanilla Fudge - Rock & Roll
The White Noise - An Electric Storm
The Who - Tommy
Wigwam - Hard'N'Horny
Xhol (Caravan) - Electrip
Yes - Yes
Frank Zappa - Hot Rats
Frank Zappa - Uncle Meat
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Band  Album Jahr Ø-Wertung # Rezis
17 PygmiesIsabel II: Abaddon Rising20155.003
17 PygmiesCelestina20089.001
17 PygmiesIsabel20139.001
17 PygmiesCII: Second Son201110.001
17 PygmiesCIII: Even Celestina Gets The Blues (A Tale of Love and Quantum Physics)20129.001
1-A DüsseldorfFettleber199911.001
1-A DüsseldorfKönigreich Bilk199912.001
the 3rd and the mortalMemoirs200211.001
3rd Ear ExperiencePeacock Black201310.001
A Prison Called EarthRise of the Octopus (Realistic tale of a sprawling city)201110.001
AavikkoNovo Atlantis200910.001
AavikkoOriental Baby19999.001
AavikkoMulti Muysic200011.001
AavikkoBack From The Futer200512.001
Absolute ElsewhereIn Search Of Ancient Gods19769.002
Acid Mothers Templein o to infinity201011.001
Acid Mothers TempleMagical Power from Mars200310.001
Acid Mothers Temple41st Century Splendid Man200211.001
Acid Mothers TempleAre We Experimental?200911.001
Acid Mothers TempleAbsolutely Freak Out (Zap Your Mind!!)200112.001
Acid Mothers TempleA thousand shades of grey20039.001
Add N to (X)Vero Electronics199611.001
Add N to (X)On the Wires of Our Nerves199811.001
Add N to (X)Avant Hard199912.001
Add N to (X)Add Insult to Injury200010.001
Agitation FreeLast197610.673
Ildefonso AguilarErosión19789.502
Pekka AiraksinenMangala199712.001
Pekka AiraksinenVitae Tennis Nest201511.001
Pekka AiraksinenLove And Addiction199711.001
Aisles4:45 AM20139.001
Aksak Maboul16 Visions of Ex-Futur201612.001
AktII (Binario)201611.001
Albergo Intergalattico SpazialeAlbergo Intergalattico Spaziale197811.001
Alien NatureHeisenberg 2201510.001
Alien NatureThe Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius201310.001
Alien Nature & Michael BrücknerThe Dark Path201710.001
Alien Nature & Stan DartAccelerator20158.001
Alpes - Patrice MoulletRock Sous La Dalle19939.001
Alpha RalphaAlpha Ralpha19779.001
AlquimiaA separate reality200110.001
AlquimiaCoatlicue - Goddess of the Earth199211.001
Alquimia & José Luís Fernández LedesmaDead Tongues (Lenguas Muertes)199610.001
Aluk TodoloArchives Vol.1201711.001
AlwanzatarHeliotropiske Reiser201711.001
Amber RouteSnail Headed Victrolas19809.001
Amber RouteGhost Tracks198310.001
Amin BhatiaThe Interstellar Suite19879.001
Emil AmosFilmmusik20178.502
The Anagram PrincipleInventor20155.001
Analog OnAnalog On201711.001
AnathemaDistant Satellites201410.405
Åke Anderssonin ja Antero HonkanenReidarin Sähköiset Kuvat197712.001
Jon AndersonOlias Of Sunhillow197613.005
Jurriaan AndriessenThe Awakening Dream19779.001
Anja GarbarekSmiling & Waving20019.001
Annot RhülLost in the woods200710.502
Ant-BeeElectronic Church Muzik20119.001
AntrilonMind Erase200810.001
ARCRadio Sputnik200011.001
ArcanumKlang-Raum-Wort X20048.001
Martin ArcherEnglish Commonflowers200312.001
Martin ArcherWinter Pilgrim Arriving200013.001
Martin ArcherGhost lily cascade199512.001
Martin ArcherHeritage and Ringtones200413.001
Martin ArcherIn stereo gravity200813.001
Architectural MetaphorGalactus Interruptum20169.001
Architeuthis RexUrania201112.001
ArchiveControlling Crowds Part IV20098.502
ArchiveControlling Crowds200911.004
ARCN TEMPLEmanations Of A New World201011.001
ArcturusDisguised Masters199911.001
Neil ArdleyHarmony of the Spheres19799.502
Army of BriarsArmy of Briars200712.001
Art Against AgonyThree Short Stories201412.001
Art FleuryI luoghi del potere198012.502
Art of InfinityDimension Universe20048.001
Art of InfinityRaumwerk20129.001
Art ZoydPhase V201813.001
Art Zoydu.B.I.Q.U.e200111.002
Art ZoydNosferatu198914.002
Art ZoydMetropolis200214.001
Art ZoydLa Chute de la Maison Usher200814.001
Art ZoydArmageddon201312.001
Art ZoydFaust199512.001
Art ZoydLes Espaces Inquiets198314.001
Art ZoydHäxan199713.001
Art ZoydEyecatcher201113.001
Art ZoydLe champ des larmes200613.001
Masayo AsaharaSaint Agnes Fountain200311.001
Ash Ra TempelLe Berceau de Cristal19935.502
Ash Ra TempelGin Rosé at the Royal Festival Hall200010.001
AshraSauce Hollandaise199810.001
AshraWalkin' the desert198911.001
AshraTropical heat19914.001
AshraNew Age of Earth197610.333
Astma / MeanzaRaw Volumes201711.001
AtaraxiaThe Unexplained197510.001
atelierThereminEmpfange neue Signale201412.001
atelierThereminatelier Theremin200112.001
atelierThereminpsycho Acoustic Processor200512.001
atelierThereminMorgen im Garten des Neokrautrock200913.001
Atomine ElektrineLaniakea201512.001
Atomine ElektrineNebulous200712.001
Atomine ElektrineThe Second Moon201612.001
Atomine ElektrineThe Deep Invisible20088.001
Atomine ElektrineArchimetrical Universe199910.001
AudiacThank you for not discussing the outside world200311.001
Chris AudrenGwen Menez20028.001
AunPhantom Ghost20119.001
Auxilium-TekCascadin EP201110.001
AvelionLiquid Breathing20139.001
Marvin AyresEccentric Deliquescence200810.001
BabilsThe Joint Between200712.001
Herbert F. BairyTraumspiel197911.002
Franck BalestracciModified Reality200612.001
Franck BalestracciExistences Invisibles200311.001
Il Balletto Di BronzoTrys19997.001
Baffo BanfiThe Sound Of Southern Sunsets19889.001
Baffo BanfiGalaxy My Dear197810.001
Baffo BanfiMa, Dolce Vita197910.002
Peter BanksThe Self-Contained Trilogy20189.001
Jacques Barberi & Laurent PerniceL’Apocalypse des Oiseaux201510.001
Richard BarbieriPlanets + Persona201710.001
Richard BarbieriThings buried200412.002
Richard BarbieriStranger Inside20088.502
Peter BardensWater Colors19917.001
Peter BardensSeen One Earth19878.001
Peter BardensSpeed Of Light19884.001
BarnaclesOne Single Sound201711.001
BarnaclesAir Skin Digger201811.001
bArtManJourney into the Dark20139.001
bArtManLos Gigantes20158.001
Karl BartosOff the record20138.502
Karl BartosCommunication20038.001
Colin Bass - Józef SkrzekPlanetarium200610.001
Bass CommunionLoss200711.001
Bass Communion vs Muslimgauzebcvsmgcd200610.001
Masaki BatohCollected Works 95-96200412.001
Franco BattiatoClic197411.002
Franco BattiatoSulle Corde Di Aries197311.502
Franco BattiatoPollution197212.502
Franco BattiatoFetus197210.673
Battiato/Pinaxajoe patti's experimental group201412.001
Baumann / KoekBaumann / Koek197811.001
Peter BaumannTrans Harmonic Nights19798.502
Peter BaumannMachines of Desire201611.001
Peter BaumannRomance '76197711.754
BEAK>Couple in a Hole20169.001
Beaver & KrauseThe Nonesuch guide to electronic music19680.001
Beaver & KrauseIn a wild sanctuary / Gandharva199413.001
Beaver & KrauseIn A Wild Sanctuary19707.001
David BedfordInstructions For Angels19779.001
Beef TerminalThe grey knowledge200211.001
Carlos BeltránJerico198710.001
Bersarin QuartettBersarin Quartett200812.001
Bersarin QuartettII201211.001
Philippe BesombesLibra197511.001
Philippe BesombesCesi est Cela197910.001
Besombes - RizetPôle197612.002
Dave BessellBlack Horses Of The Sun201512.001
The Best PessimistTwo Against All201010.001
BetweenAnd The Waters Opened197310.001
Betzler & Brücknertriplet201611.001
Betzler & BrücknerTwo201510.502
Big RobotAquafit200912.001
BionautAu Naturel199611.001
Bionautbig causeway to gone19989.001
BiotaBellowing Room / Tinct199012.001
BiotaAlmost Never199212.001
BiotaInvisible Map20019.001
BiotaHalf a True Day200711.001
BiotaObject Holder199511.001
Birds of Passage and Leonardo RosadoDear and Unfamiliar201110.001
Bitchin BajasRebajas201813.001
Black Devil Disco ClubThe Strange New World of Bernard Fevre200912.001
Tim BlakeCrystal Machine197711.502
Tim BlakeBlake's New Jerusalem19789.502
Toto BlankeElectric Circus197611.001
Tristan BlaskowitzWinter20139.502
Blast UnicornVan Halo201512.004
Sven BlauPerspectives201610.001
Serge BlennerMusique Esthétique19887.001
Serge BlennerLa Vogue198010.001
[bleu]clara altantsegtseg201212.001
Blezqi ZatsazRise And Fall Of Passional Sanity19926.502
Wolfgang BockCycles198010.001
Ian Boddy & Markus ReuterDistant Rituals19998.001
Tomas BodinCinematograaf20089.001
Bojanek & MichalowskiSolid20189.001
David BordenMusic for Amplified Keyboard Instruments198112.001
David BordenAnatidae198513.001
David BordenMigration198812.001
David BordenThe continuing story of Counterpoint 5 - 8199011.001
David BordenThe continuing story of Counterpoint 1 - 4 + 8 (complete)199112.001
David BordenThe continuing story of Counterpoint 9 - 12198812.001
David BordenCayuga Night Music199314.001
BraindanceMaster Of Disguise20149.001
BrainticketCelestial Ocean19739.502
BrainticketAlchemic Universe20008.001
BrainticketLive in Rome 197320119.001
Steve Maxwell von BraundMonster Planet197511.001
Tyondai BraxtonCentral Market200912.001
Francois BréantSons Optiques197910.001
BreitbandFadu und der Unterschied199910.001
Bridge To ImlaThe Radiant Sea201711.001
Bridge To Imlaone january evening201811.001
British TheatreDyed In The Wool Ghost201210.001
Brockmann / BargmannLicht201711.002
Broekhuis, Keller & SchönwälderWolfsburg200211.001
Broekhuis, Keller & SchönwälderRepelen Revisited201810.001
Broekhuis, Keller & SchönwälderGreen201512.001
Broekhuis, Keller & SchönwälderLive @ Dorfkirche Repelen 2200811.001
Broekhuis, Keller & SchönwälderRed Live @ USA201712.001
Broekhuis, Keller & SchönwälderYellow201711.001
Broekhuis, Keller & SchönwälderRed201212.001
Broekhuis, Keller & SchönwälderBlue200910.001
Broekhuis, Keller & SchönwälderOrange200711.001
Broekhuis, Keller & SchönwälderDirection Green201410.001
Brückner + JobimHochofen201410.001
Michael BrücknerIncarnation Generator19999.001
Michael BrücknerHikari201611.001
Michael BrücknerR is for "Rocket" and S is for "Space"201210.001
Michael BrücknerIn letzter Konsequenz20139.001
Michael BrücknerMousic20175.001
Michael BrücknerThirteen Rites of Passage201411.001
Michael BrücknerThe Outsider200211.001
Michael BrücknerOmbra Revisited201411.001
Michael BrücknerKings of the Earth20139.001
Michael Brückner100 Million Miles under the Stars201211.001
Michael Brücknertrois briques201611.001
Michael Brücknertrips and ticks20066.001
Michael BrücknerNaura20137.001
Michael BrücknerMuzikhala20169.001
Michael BrücknerTwo Letters from Crimea - Live at St.Peter, Frankfurt, April 2014201411.001
Michael BrücknerEndless Mind Portal20119.001
Michael BrücknerDrones201710.001
Michael BrücknerAll The Pieces Fit Forever20179.001
Michael BrücknerBreakfast On Yuggoth200311.001
Michael BrücknerTrees Of Olivandá201711.001
Michael BrücknerThe Giant Illusion201610.001
Michael Brückner & Mathias BrüsselOndes intergalactiques - live at the cosmic nights festival 2015201511.001
Brückner & EverlingSparrows201411.001
Franceso BuccheriJourney19799.001
Harold Budd/Brian EnoThe Pearl19840.001
Michael BundtElectri City198011.002
Michael BundtJust Landed Cosmic Kid19779.001
Tim BurnessWhose Dream are you living?20179.001
Byggesett OrchestraWild Birch201410.001
Roberto CacciapagliaSonanze197511.001
CameraPhantom of Liberty201611.001
CameraRemember I Was Carbon Dioxide201411.001
Camerata MediolanenseCampo di Marte19961.001
Capillary ActionCannibal Impulses20050.001
Wendy CarlosClockwork Orange - Complete Original Score197211.001
Wendy CarlosSwitched On Bach19680.001
Wendy CarlosDigital Moonscapes198410.001
Cavern Of Anti-MatterVoid Beats/Invocation Trex201611.001
Cavern Of Anti-MatterHormone Lemonade201811.502
Cavern Of Anti-MatterBlood-Drums201311.001
Cellutron & the InvisibleReflecting on the First Watch, We Uncover Treasure Buried for the Blind197811.001
Guido Möbius / Centenaire + KingQ4asper#220120.001
CentrozoonNever trust the way you are200411.002
Centrozoonthe cult of: bibbiboo200013.001
CentrozoonAngel liquor200611.001
CentrozoonBoner (Adrian Benavides-Version)201211.001
CentrozoonBoner (Marziano Fontana-Version)201212.001
CentrozoonThe Scent Of Crash And Burn200312.002
Changing ImagesThe Castle19917.001
Chaos VentureOut (CD-Single)20109.001
Chat NoirNine Thoughts for one World201611.001
Mikhail ChekalinSaturn. Izdelie No...200210.001
Mikhail ChekalinAvoiding the desire for cutting and piercing objects19999.001
Mikhail ChekalinConcerto Grosso No. 1199111.001
Mikhail ChekalinNight Pulsation199311.001
Mikhail ChekalinConcerto Grosso No. 2199111.001
Mikhail ChekalinThe Symphony - Phonogram199112.001
Mikhail ChekalinGreen Symphony - Borderline State19919.001
Mikhail ChekalinA Pagan Suite20049.001
Mikhail ChekalinPorcelain God19978.001
Mikhail ChekalinBetween Spring and Autumn by Stealth199110.001
Chicken El DiabloLove it or Level it200810.001
Anthony ChildElectronic Recordings From Maui Jungle Vol. 1201512.001
Anthony ChildElectronic Recordings From Maui Jungle Vol. 2201612.001
ChocoBubbles in Your Brain?20149.001
Chvad SBCrickets were the Compass201410.001
Suzanne CianiLixiviation201211.001
Suzanne CianiSeven Waves19829.001
Cinema by PöngseThe MagiX Box20125.001
Cinema by PöngseLoopings20149.001
Cinema (DE)The Discovering of Time20179.001
CircleGolem / Vesiliirto200410.001
CirclesMore Circles198411.001
Clara MondshineLuna Africana198111.001
ClearlightClearlight Symphony197510.502
Barry ClevelandMemory & Imagination20039.002
ClusterCluster II197210.502
ClusterKollektion 06: Cluster 1971-1981201611.001
ClusterApropos Cluster199012.001
ClusterCluster 7119719.001
ClusterCluster & Farnbauer Live in Vienna198011.001
ClusterGrosses Wasser19799.001
ClusterJapan live201511.001
ClusterCluster & Eno197710.001
ClusterUSA live201511.001
ClusterJapan 1996 live199711.001
ClusterAfter the Heat197811.001
ClusterOne Hour199411.001
ClusterKonzerte 1972/197720178.001
Code IIIPlanet of Man197410.001
Jean Cohen-SolalFlutes Libres197112.001
Collapse Under The EmpireFragments of a Prayer20128.002
ContactZero Moment201610.001
Continuum (GB)Continuum 220076.502
Julian CopeRite219979.001
Corey & MapleHome In The Universe200712.001
The Cosmic ArcFeed Your Head201411.001
cosmic groundcosmic ground201411.605
cosmic groundlive201711.502
cosmic groundcosmic ground 2201511.754
cosmic groundcosmic ground lll201611.504
cosmic groundcosmic ground IV201812.003
Cosmic HoffmannBeyond The Galaxy199910.001
Cosmic JokersCosmic Jokers19748.001
Cosmic JokersGalactic Supermarket19747.001
Cosmic JokersPlaneten Sit-In19745.001
Cosmic JokersSci-Fi Party19744.001
Cosmic JokersGilles Zeitschiff19742.001
Phil CoulterSea Of Tranquility19848.001
Patrick CowleyCatholic200911.001
Patrick CowleyAfternooners201710.001
Patrick CowleySchool Daze201312.001
Patrick CowleyMuscle Up201512.001
Cozmic CorridorsCozmic Corridors199610.001
CrematorAlpha Ralpha Boulevard201310.001
CrematorClear Air Turbulence201411.001
CrematorPhase Électronique201510.002
Uwe Cremer & Thomas RydellTime Trilogy201611.001
Uwe Cremer & Thomas RydellSirius Singularity201410.001
CrépusculeL' hymne à la vie200610.001
David Cross & Robert FrippStarless Starlight201511.001
Gregor Cürten & Anselm RogmansPlanes197410.001
Cultural NoiseAphorisms Insane198011.001
CybotronSunday night at the Total Theatre197610.001
CyclobeSulphur - Tarot - Garden201211.001
CyclobeThe Visitors200111.001
CyclobeWounded Galaxies Tap at the Window201012.001
Holger CzukayMovies197911.001
Holger CzukayLa Luna200011.001
DaalDestruktive Actions Affect Livings201112.001
DadaCastle wall / The House In The Mirror20139.001
DadaCastle Wall19949.001
Salvador Dali & Igor WakhevitchÊtre Dieu198911.001
Patricia DallioL´encre des voix secrètes200312.001
Patricia DallioChamps de Mars199311.001
Patricia DallioLa ronce n'est pas le pire199410.001
Patricia DallioD´ou vient l´eau des puits?199611.001
Patricia DallioBarbe Bleu199712.001
Patricia DallioProcession19929.001
Patricia DallioQue personne ne bouge199910.001
Das Blaue PalaisBlauer Regen20160.001
Das Blaue PalaisWelt am Draht201611.001
Days Between StationsDays Between Stations200712.002
Dead Can DanceInto the Labyrinth19937.001
Dead Can DanceAnastasis20126.001
Death AmbientDrunken Forest200714.001
Death AmbientDeath Ambient199512.001
Death AmbientSynaesthesia199911.001
Ritchie DeCarloWeek201313.001
DecibelSecuencias Genéticas201612.001
Dedalusmateriale per tre esecutori e nastro magnetico19740.001
Deep ImaginationAwareness201011.001
Deep ImaginationCarefully Kept Secrets201710.001
Del Rey & The Sun KingsBattleship Potemkin200710.001
Daniel DenisSirius And The Ghosts199111.001
DeuterSilence Is The Answer198113.001
DeuterKundalini Meditation Music197910.001
Deutsche WertarbeitDeutsche Wertarbeit198110.001
Joe DeVitaCanyons20168.001
DidymosGrief Distance200610.001
Die Wilde JagdUhrwald Orange201810.001
Thomas DingerFür mich198210.001
Dionne - Brégent... et le troisième jour197612.002
Dionne - Brégentdeux197711.502
Djam KaretCollaborator19946.001
Djam KaretRecollection Harvest200511.002
Djam KaretThe Trip201311.001
Djam KaretSonic Celluloid201710.001
Djam KaretThe Devouring199711.001
Do Make Say ThinkDo Make Say Think19989.001
Tod Dockstader & David Lee MyersPond20040.001
Tod Dockstader & David Lee MyersBijou200512.001
Dol'AmmadOcean dynamics20074.001
Patrick DorobiszSneeuw201411.001
Douze AlfonsoUnder20087.001
Geoffrey DownesVox Humana19924.001
Geoffrey DownesThe Light Program19866.001
Jan DreesKaprizen201411.001
Krzysztof DudaAltus20139.001
Dweller at the ThresholdFull Boundary Condition200411.001
Dweller at the ThresholdNo Boundary Condition199610.001
Dweller at the ThresholdGeneration Transmission Illumination199810.001
Echo UsTomorrow Will Tell the Story201011.001
Eclectic Maybe BandThe Blind Night Watchers' Mysterious Landscapes201812.001
Ego on the RocksACID in Wounderland198111.001
EktroverdeFuturo - A New Stance for Tomorrow199812.001
Eleanoora RosenholmHyväile minua pimeä tähti201112.001
Electric OrangeCows don't dream at night200111.001
Electric OrangeTotales Brummen20010.001
Electric OrangeVolume 10201412.505
Electric OrangeUnterwasser - Live 2002200212.001
Electric OrangeEOXXV20179.005
Electric Orangetonbandreste200110.001
Electric OrangeTime Machine 1992​-​2017201711.002
Electric Orangerote sonne200110.001
Electric Orangerechnung offen20018.001
Electric OrangeOrange commutation199610.001
Electric OrangeCyberdelic199612.001
Electric TigerDian Hu200512.001
Electric WürmsMusik, die schwer zu twerk201410.001
ElektriktusElectronic mind waves197611.002
Brian EllisYellow Light District200912.001
Brian EllisThe Silver Creature200711.001
Emerald WebThe Stargate Tapes201311.001
EmeraldsDoes It Look Like I'm Here?201012.001
EmeraldsJust To Feel Anything201210.001
EmeraldsSolar Bridge200810.001
EmeraldsWhat Happened200911.001
Keith EmersonIron Man Vol.1200211.502
Keith EmersonAt The Movies20059.502
The EnidTripping The Light Fantastic19947.001
The EnidThe Spell19849.502
The EnidSundialer19957.001
The EnidWhite Goddess19989.001
The EnidTouch Me197912.001
Brian EnoBefore And After Science197712.254
Brian EnoMusic For Films197813.001
Brian EnoLux20120.001
Brian EnoPanic of Looking201110.001
Brian Enoapollo: atmospheres and soundtracks19830.001
Brian EnoThursday Afternoon19850.001
Brian EnoSmall Craft on a Milk Sea201011.001
Brian EnoAnother Green World197511.001
Brian EnoAnother Day On Earth200510.001
Brian EnoThe Drop199712.001
Brian EnoThe Ship201611.001
Brian EnoDrums Between the Bells201110.001
Brian EnoReflection20170.001
Eno • HydeHigh Life201410.001
Eno • HydeSomeday World201410.001
Eno Moebius Roedelius PlankBegegnungen II19840.001
ErgoIf Not Inertia201211.001
ErgoMultitude, Solitude20099.001
ErgoAs subtle as tomorrow201611.001
Erik Scottand the EARTH BLEEDS201410.001
ErocChanging Skies198710.001
ErocEroc 4198210.001
Eroc & Urs FuchsEurosonic Experiences20019.001
EskalationEskalation - music for basoon, wind synthesizer and sampled percussion200011.001
Esmarkmāra I20179.001
Esmarkmāra II20179.001
EturiviYlhäisten Kastien Kelvottomat Jälkeläiset200212.001
EurekaShackleton's Voyage20098.001
Chris Evans & David HanselmannStonehenge19808.001
Chris Evans & David HanselmannStonehenge - From Then Till Now20138.001
Expanding WaterThe space around us200310.001
Experimental Audio ResearchMesmerised199410.001
Expo '70Virtually From The Unknown201210.001
Expo '70America Here & Now Sessions201611.001
Expo '70Sonic Messenger200910.001
Expo '70animism200710.001
Expo '70Journey Through The Astral Projections201211.001
Fanger & SchönwälderAnalog overdose "the ricochet dream edition"200410.001
Fanger & SchönwälderAnalog overdose200112.001
Fanger & SchönwälderAnalog Overdose 5201411.001
Fanger & SchönwälderAnalog overdose 0.9200710.001
Fanger & KerstenSplashdown200010.001
FantômasDelìrivm Còrdia20047.502
Far East Family BandParallel World197612.001
Far East Family BandNipponjin197510.001
Dieter FeichtnerAnthology Vol.1200513.001
Bernard FevreSuspense197511.001
Bernard FevreThe Strange World Of Bernard Fevre197711.001
Bernard FevreCosmos 2043197711.001
F.G. Experimental LaboratoryJourney into a dream19759.001
Field RotationFatalist: The Repetition of History201311.001
Christian Fiesel and Alien NatureGeistertanz201610.001
Christian Fiesel and Alien NatureUnter Null201710.001
Christian FieselThe Hunting Game201510.001
Christian FieselThis Is The Dark House201510.001
Christian FieselA Passage Through Time201210.001
Christian FieselSmile With An Ambience201310.001
Christian FieselThe Dark Orb201810.502
Christian FieselThe Forrest201511.001
Christian FieselAfter the Flood201310.001
Christian FieselHagen's Delight201710.002
Christian FieselOn Water201811.001
Christian FieselMechanic Falls201510.001
Christian FieselSignal For Fire201310.001
Christian Fiesel & Hagen von BergenSperrgut201712.001
Christian Fiesel & Jack HertzFast Rails201611.001
Christian Fiesel & Jack HertzEnd of the Steam Age201610.001
Fifty Foot HoseCauldron196812.001
Fifty Foot Hosesing like scaffold199713.001
Frank FischerTales Of Mullumbimby19902.001
Flaming BessFinstere Sonne / Black Sun200410.003
Flaming BessFata Morgana19960.001
The Flaming LipsOczy Mlody201611.002
The Flaming LipsOnboard the International Space Station Concert for Peace201710.001
Fleeman, AlThe Water is Wide201110.001
Floating PointsReflections – Mojave Desert201710.001
FMDirect to disc197811.001
Fogh DepotFogh Depot201511.001
FondationLes Cassettes 1980-1983201810.502
FonyaSoul Travels19937.001
FonyaIn Flux19949.001
FonyaWanderers of the Neverending Night19928.001
Foreign SpacesImagination-Pictures-Music200110.001
Foreign SpacesSpheres20039.001
Patrick ForgasSynchronicité20027.001
Chris(topher) FrankePerry Rhodan (Pax Terra)19968.001
Chris(topher) FrankeKlemania19956.001
Free System ProjektBritish Aisles200810.001
Free System ProjektImpulse199611.001
Free System ProjektProtoavis200410.001
Free System ProjektAtmospheric Conditions200210.001
Fripp & EnoLive in Paris 28.05.1975201412.001
Fripp & EnoNo Pussyfooting197311.502
Fripp & EnoThe Essential Fripp and Eno199411.001
Robert Fripp1999 (Soundscapes - Live in Argentina)19949.502
Robert FrippThat Which Passes (1995 Soundscapes Live, Volume 3)199612.001
Robert FrippA Blessing Of Tears19958.001
Robert FrippThe Gates Of Paradise199711.001
Robert FrippPie Jesu (Single)19970.001
Fabio FrizziManhattan Baby19829.001
Fabio FrizziZombi 2197910.001
Fabio FrizziL'Aldilà / The Beyond198113.001
Edgar FroeseAqua19749.502
Edgar FroeseSOLO (1974-1983) The Virgin Years201211.001
Edgar FroesePinnacles198311.001
Edgar FroeseStuntman197912.001
Edgar FroeseEpsilon In Malaysian Pale197512.002
Edgar FroeseIntroduction to the ambient highway (roaring cats and driving camels)20036.001
Edgar FroeseAmbient Highway Vol.120038.001
Edgar FroeseAges197810.001
Edgar FroeseAmbient Highway Vol.220039.001
Edgar FroeseAmbient Highway Vol.320036.001
Edgar FroeseKamikaze 1989198210.001
Edgar FroeseAmbient Highway Vol.420039.001
Edgar FroeseMacula transfer19769.001
Edgar FroeseBeyond the Storm19957.001
Jerome FroeseNeptunes200510.001
Frohmader/Fuchs-GamböckDas ist alles (Das fahle Licht am Ende des Zimmers...)200011.001
Peter FrohmaderStringed Works199412.001
Peter FrohmaderHomunculus / Ritual199513.001
Peter FrohmaderArmorika199111.001
Peter Frohmader3rd Millennium´s Choice - Vol. 1199011.001
Peter Frohmader3rd Millennium´s Choice - Vol. 2199110.001
Peter FrohmaderMacrocosm199010.001
Peter Frohmader2001200112.001
Peter FrohmaderCycle Of Eternity19949.001
Peter FrohmaderAdvanced Alchemy Of Music199412.001
Peter FrohmaderGate199512.001
Peter FrohmaderThrough Time and Mystery-Ending198812.001
Peter FrohmaderAnubis Dance200312.001
Peter FrohmaderMiniatures198910.001
Peter FrohmaderEismeer200213.001
Peter FrohmaderCultes des Goules198511.001
Peter Frohmader & Richard PinhasFossil Culture199912.001
FrontEra (Baffo Banfi & Matteo Cantaluppi)FrontEra201511.001
The Future Sound Of LondonDead Cities199612.001
Ga'anBlack Equus201111.001
Peter GabrielUp200210.754
Galactic ExplorersEpithaph For Venus199610.001
GandalfFrom Source To Sea19888.002
GandalfTo Another Horizon19839.001
GandalfTale From A Long Forgotten Kingdom19859.001
GandalfJourney to an imaginary land19817.502
GandalfInvisible power - A symphonic prayer19896.001
GandalfThe Universal Play19876.001
Michael GarrisonImages19869.001
Michael GarrisonAurora Dawn19889.001
Michael GarrisonEclipse198211.001
Michael GarrisonPrisms198112.001
Michael GarrisonIn the Regions of Sunreturn197910.001
Genet - PlouvierPlaisirs et Pénitences199011.001
Stefano Giannotti / Salvo LazzaraLa vostra ansia di orizzonte201711.001
Giles/Muir/CunninghamGhost Dance199512.001
Frank GingeleitMegalopolis200311.001
Frank GingeleitToy Island200310.001
Frank GingeleitNightmares & Escapades200211.001
Marcello GiombiniComputer Disco19829.001
Marcello GiombiniLa Bestia Nello Spazio198010.001
Marcello GiombiniSynthomania197310.001
Marcello GiombiniAstromusic Synthesizer198111.001
GlassSpectrum Principle201012.001
GleisbergFragile Fairytales200110.001
GoblinBuio Omega19978.001
Goddess TElectric Shiatsu19996.001
Manuel GöttschingE2-E4198412.001
Manuel GöttschingInventions for electric guitar197410.502
Manuel GöttschingDie Mulde200511.001
Jerry Goodman & Jan HammerLike Children19749.001
Jean-Philippe GoudeDrones197910.001
Harald GrambergGravitation20179.001
Graves And Orchestra PitsGraves And Orchestra Pits201112.001
Gravity Adjusters Expansion BandOne197312.001
Dave GreensladeThe Pentateuch Of The Cosmogony19799.002
Jonny GreenwoodBodysong200314.001
Jeff GreinkeSwimming19987.001
Grey Towers Stone TemplesLand Of Saturn201512.001
Ragnar GrippeSand197713.001
Harald GrosskopfOceanheart198610.001
Harald GrosskopfSynthesist19809.002
Harald Grosskopf & Eberhard KranemannKrautwerk201711.002
Sven GrünbergHingus198111.502
Sven GrünbergOM19889.001
GuapoBlack Oni200511.754
GuapoThe Ducks and Drakes of Guapo and Cerberus Shoal200311.001
Gustavo JobimDezoito201612.001
Gustavo JobimTrapped in a Day Job201112.001
Gustavo JobimMeio-Dia201711.001
Gut und Irmler500m201411.001
Bruce HaackThe Electric Lucifer197012.001
Hagen von BergenJetzt20099.001
Hagen von BergenEi Allemol201411.001
Hagen von Bergen's Hargest DarkenDer Dauernde Fluss201710.502
Hagen von Bergen's Hargest DarkenAbschied ist ein schweres Schaf201011.001
Peter Michael HamelNada197713.001
Peter Michael HamelBardo198112.001
Peter Michael HamelColours Of Time198012.001
Jan HammerThe First Seven Days197511.001
HarmoniaDocuments 1975201611.001
HarmoniaDe Luxe197512.001
HarmoniaMusik von Harmonia197412.001
HarmoniaHarmonia live 1974200710.502
HarmoniaTracks & Traces199710.002
Don HarperCold Worlds201411.001
George HarrisonElectronic Sound19690.001
Paul HaslingerFuture Primitive19949.001
Jon Hassell/Brian EnoFourth World Vol.1,Possible Musics19800.001
HattlerSurround Cuts (DVD)20058.001
The Hausfrauen of DeathFegefeuer der Eitelkeiten201310.001
Anna von HausswolffDead Magic201812.002
HawkwindThe business trip199411.001
HawkwindIt Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous199311.001
HawkwindElectric Tepee199210.001
Head From BehindInside Head200610.502
The Healing RoadTímanfaya200810.002
HeinaliA Wave Crashes20158.001
Heldononly chaos is real19987.001
HeldonAllez Teia197510.673
HeldonHeldon IV "Agneta Nilsson"197610.502
HeldonWell And Live In France - Live In Nancy 197920069.001
HeldonUn Rêve Sans Consequence Spéciale197611.001
HeldonStand By197911.502
HeldonLive Electronik Guerilla: Paris 1975-76200611.001
HeldonElectronique Guerilla19749.673
HeldonIt's Always Rock'n'Roll197510.002
Anders HelmersonFields Of Inertia20028.001
Anders HelmersonEnd of illusion198112.002
Henderson/OkenDream Theory in the IE201110.001
Pierre HenryMesse pour le temps présent196710.001
Pierre HenryCeremony196910.001
HeonElectro-acoustic Requiem20039.001
Martin C. HerbergEye-D: 29.3 Dreams199912.001
Jack HertzRed Planet20169.001
Klaus HessSternentanz19839.001
Hildegard von Binge DrinkingTour de Farce Soundtracks201810.001
Hildegard von Binge DrinkingHildegard von Binge Drinking201611.001
Steve HillageRainbow Dome Musick197910.502
Steve HillageFor To Next / And Not Or19836.001
Steve HillmanMatrix199410.001
Steve HillmanRiding the Storm199610.001
Rupert HineThe wildest wish to fly19839.001
Rupert HineImmunity198111.001
Höhlenmusik EnsembleHöhlenmusik Ensemble201112.001
Höhlenmusik EnsembleII201412.001
Michael HoenigDeparture from the Northern Wasteland197812.001
Hoenig / GöttschingEarly water199712.001
Michael HolmesSubterranea201711.002
HolosudFijnewas Afpompen199812.001
Bill HoltDreamies19739.001
Horrific ChildL'Etrange Monsieur Whinster19769.001
László Hortobágyi6th All-India Music Conference199514.001
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László HortobágyiSumma technologiae199610.001
László HortobágyiMemesis - MêMRAGAS From Another 21st Century199810.001
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László HortobágyiSangeet Novus Sensus (Hungisthan-version)199710.001
László HortobágyiAeon - Voice of Genesis - Genesis of Voice199811.001
László HortobágyiFata-Organa199712.002
László HortobágyiTerra Dei19969.001
Haruomi HosonoCochin Moon197812.001
Dirk HübnerII200310.001
Dirk HübnerTriade200611.001
Jörg Hüttemann & Dieter PowallaBetween ambience and processing199810.001
Jörg Hüttemann & Dieter Powallaone day after brain salad199711.001
Jörg Hüttemann & FriendsFantasy Line 3199611.001
Jörg Hüttemann & FriendsFantasyline Compilation One200010.502
Michel HuygenAbsence of Reality19828.001
Hy MayaThe Mysticism Of Sound & Cosmic Language201710.001
HydravionStratos Airlines197910.001
IasosInter-Dimensional Music19759.001
IgorrrSavage Sinusoid201713.002
IgorrrPoisson Soluble200612.001
Il Ballo delle CastagneSoundtrack For An Unreleased Herzog Movie20158.001
IlitchPeriodik Mindtrouble197812.001
Illáchime QuartetIlláchime Quartet200311.001
Inclusion PrincipleThird Opening201512.001
Inner TripInitiate201210.001
The InstigationsSoundtracks for Alternate Realities20081.001
Isildurs BaneOff the Radar201712.002
It's the EndIt´s the End200911.001
Steve Jansen - Richard BarbieriLumen201511.002
Jean Michel JarreSessions 200020024.002
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Jean Michel JarreChronologie19933.002
Jean Michel JarreMagnetic Fields198110.502
Jean Michel JarreAero20048.502
Jean Michel JarreTéo & Téa20070.001
Jean Michel JarreDeserted Palace19727.001
Jean Michel JarreOxygene Trilogy20160.001
Jean Michel JarreOxygene197610.333
Jean Michel JarreElectronica 1 - The Time Machine20150.001
Jean Michel JarrePlanet Jarre201811.001
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Jean Michel JarreImages - The Best of Jean Michel Jarre19910.002
Jean Michel JarreRevolutions19887.502
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Jean Michel JarreEquinoxe197812.002
Jean Michel JarreIn Concert Houston-Lyon19877.002
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Jean Michel JarreWaiting for Cousteau19907.002
Jean Michel JarreLes Granges Bruleés19739.002
Jean Michel JarreThe concerts in China19828.502
Jean Michel JarreZoolook19847.673
Jean Michel JarreElectronica 2 - The Heart Of Noise20160.001
jayAgeTentative Version199611.001
jayAgeIvory tower199710.001
jayAgeGoldland XT200212.502
jayAgeADL (Agent des Lichts)199812.001
jayAgeKlangraum Eins200511.001
jayAge3rd touch200711.001
jayAgeFirefly / Blunas Revenge199912.001
jayAge1st touch199611.502
jayAgeChemical Cafe200612.001
jayAgeWarp 4199612.001
jayAge2nd touch199710.333
Jazz QTemné slunce201411.001
Jack JefferyEnlightened Horizon20148.001
Iain JenningsMy Dark Surprise20137.001
Jeremy & ProgressorThe Pearl Of Great Price20058.001
Joan Silver PinChiaroscuro200612.001
Eddie JobsonTheme of Secrets198510.001
Steve JolliffeEscape19917.001
Jon and VangelisShort Stories19806.333
Jon and VangelisThe Friends Of Mr. Cairo19818.002
Percy JonesCape Catastrophe19909.001
Julian JulienTerre II201512.001
Kafedra.orgShulgin's Scooter20087.001
Kalman FilterExo-Oceans201810.001
KaloSpiral Dream20046.502
Marten Kantuselevator20129.502
Øystein Kapperud311/Amnesia201110.001
Jürgen KargElektronische Mythen197712.002
Karuna KhyalAlomoni 1985197612.001
KayanisMachines And Dreams19988.001
Kayo DotPlastic House On Base Of Sky201612.002
Keller & SchönwälderKeller, Schönwälder & Friends200411.001
Keller & SchönwälderConcerts199810.001
Keller & SchönwälderThe reason at the Jodrell Bank200011.001
Keller & SchönwälderThe Reason Why...Part Two200110.001
Keller & SchönwälderThe liquid session200511.002
Keller & SchönwälderMore loops19989.001
Kellerkind BerlinSongs for Traveling...201610.001
Kellerkind BerlinSit down... and listen201410.001
Kellerkind BerlinColourful Thoughts20178.001
Kellerkind Berlin…still walking20159.001
Kellerkind BerlinSigns20159.001
Kellerkind BerlinDreams201311.001
Mike KeneallyParallel Universe200411.001
Mike KeneallyWine And Pickles200811.001
Mike KeneallySluggo!199711.001
Mike KeneallyThe Tar Tapes Vol. 119970.001
Mike KeneallyThe Tar Tapes Vol. 219980.001
KennedyTwinkling NASA198611.001
KeuhkotToimintatapoja Olioille200511.001
Kingdom ComeJourney197312.502
Bernd KistenmacherHead-Visions198610.502
Bernd KistenmacherCompiled Dreams19979.001
Bernd KistenmacherLive + Studio Tapes '9219927.001
Bernd KistenmacherUn viaggio attraverso l'Italia200110.001
Bernd KistenmacherThoughts199610.001
Bernd KistenmacherKaleidoscope198910.001
Bernd KistenmacherWake Up In The Sun198710.002
Makoto KitayamaPractical Encyclopedia Of Kingdom Plantae20082.001
Das Klangwolken QuintettKlangraum 3200510.001
Das Klangwolken QuintettStudio TAN - Klangraum 5200511.001
Frank KlareMemorial Dreams200310.001
Klaus WieseSecret Doctrine198512.001
Klaus WieseEl-Hadra (The Mystic Dance)199112.001
Klaus WieseDunya199913.001
Klaus WieseMaquam200414.001
Klaus WieseSeed200813.001
Thomas KönerTiento de las nieves201412.001
Kosmosekosmic music from the black country201511.001
Kosmosesome little trips to our flourescent land201711.001
Takehisa KosugiCatch Wave197512.001
Esa KotilainenAjatuslapsi197711.002
Boris KovacRitual Nova I & II199312.001
KraftwerkTour de France (Single)199911.001
KraftwerkThe Mix19918.502
Kraftwerk3-D Der Katalog201713.001
Kraftwerk3-D Der Katalog (BluRay-Boxset)201714.001
KraftwerkDer Katalog200913.002
KraftwerkThe Man-Machine197812.001
KraftwerkTrans Europa Express197712.002
KraftwerkKraftwerk 1197111.673
KraftwerkComputer World198111.001
KraftwerkKraftwerk 219729.003
KraftwerkRalf & Florian197310.504
KraftwerkMinimum - Maximum (DVD)200511.502
Krakatau (CH)As...20067.001
KrautzoneKosmische Rituale201311.001
KreidlerMosaik 2014200911.001
KreidlerEuropean Song20179.002
KreidlerEve Future20029.001
KreidlerMort Aux Vashes19999.001
KreidlerEve Future Recall20048.001
Kuusumun ProfeettaLyhtykuja200812.001
La Musica de Erich ZannLa Musica de Erich Zann199711.001
La! Neu?Zeeland19978.001
James LaBrieI Will Not Break20149.001
Bruce LaceyThe Spacey Bruce Lacey201410.001
Reinhard Lakomy & Rainer OleakZeiten198511.502
Reinhard LakomyDer Traum von Asgard198310.001
Reinhard LakomyDas Geheime Leben198210.001
Bernd-Michael LandTransmitter 594kHz201711.001
Lard FreeI'm Around About Midnight197510.001
Lard FreeLard Free (III)197710.001
Lard FreeGilbert Artman's Lard Free197311.001
Laren d'OrWar Of Angels20006.001
Laren d'OrReal Nord200011.001
Laser PaceGranfalloon197411.001
Late Musicians Dream ParkDramatic Synth (EP)20109.001
Late Musicians Dream ParkBaltica (EP)201010.001
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaAl Filo200210.502
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaMotivos para perderse19966.502
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaSol Central200012.001
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaDesignios20038.502
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaLa paciencia de Job200513.001
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaHibridos200712.001
Jussi LehtisaloThe Complete Solo Works201312.001
K. LeimerImposed Order198311.001
K. LeimerA Period of Review201411.001
K. LeimerClosed System Potentials198010.001
Frédéric L'EpéeLe Mont Analogue20009.001
Franco LeprinoIntegrati...Disintegrati197710.001
Les boucles absurdesUn nouveau pied pour Noël201711.001
Level PiEntrance200611.002
Level PiDunkelstunde201111.001
Level PiElectronic Sheep200911.502
Leverton FoxCountry Dances200912.001
LightdreamsIslands in Space198110.001
Lightdreams10001 Dreams19829.001
LightnessLightness 220049.001
Liir Bu Fer3juno201011.502
Pär Lindh ProjectRondo19956.502
Little TragediesPassions on Titanic199913.001
Kerry LivgrenOne of several possible musiks19895.001
Stavros LogaridisStavros Logaridis19785.001
Rüdiger LorenzInvisible Voices19839.001
LuciferBlack Mass197112.001
Lunatic SoulUnder The Fragmented Sky201810.001
Lunatic SoulFractured201712.003
LüüpDistress Signal Code200812.001
M. FrogM. Frog197311.001
Maat LanderSeasons of Space - Book #1201712.001
Maat LanderThe Birth Of Maat's Galaxy201512.001
Duncan MackayVisa19803.001
Magical Power MakoHapmoniym 1972-1975200411.001
Nick MagnusInhaling green19997.001
Mahogany FrogSenna201212.502
Frédéric MailletStratégie Lunaire20069.001
MajeureTermination Shock201510.001
MajeureSolar Maximum20129.001
M.A.L.My Sixteen Little Planets201811.001
MalicorneLes Cathédrales de l'Industrie198610.001
MamifferStatu Nascendi201412.001
Mamifferthe world unseen201612.001
Man On FireHabitat20058.002
Geoff MannChants Would Be A Fine Thing19849.001
Mappe NooticheCieli sotterranei20119.001
Mar-VistaVisions of Sodal Ye197610.001
MarillionTales From The Engine Room19984.505
Jasun MartzThe Pillory/The Battle200511.002
Gigi MasinWind198612.001
Gigi MasinThe Wind Collector199112.001
Gigi MasinTalk To The Sea201412.001
Pat Mastelotto Tobias RalphToPaRaMa201410.001
MaxxessGreen Fairy20149.001
MaxxessThe Sequel20038.001
MehlianaTaming the Dragon201410.001
Mergener et AmiciNox Mystica20039.001
Mergener et AmiciVitam aut Mortem20088.001
Peter MergenerLounge Control20048.001
Peter MergenerPhonetic Society201110.001
Peter MergenerPassage In Time199110.001
Peter MergenerInstinctive Traveller19979.001
André MergenthalerMusik für einen Engel19938.001
Manfred MierschDas Subharchord - The Subharchord201510.502
Piero MilesiWithin Himself200010.001
Piero Milesi & Daniel BacalovLa Camera Astratta198910.001
MindmovieHappiness And Tears201010.502
The Ministry of Inside ThingsAmbient Elsewhere200810.001
The Ministry of Inside ThingsEverlasting Moment200310.001
The Ministry of Inside ThingsContact Point200610.001
Mkwaju EnsembleKI-Motion198112.001
Moebius & BeerbohmStrange Music198211.001
Moebius & BeerbohmDouble Cut198311.001
Dieter MoebiusBlue Moon - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack19869.001
Dieter MoebiusKram200910.502
Dieter MoebiusDing201110.502
Dieter MoebiusTonspuren198310.502
Dieter MoebiusNurton200611.001
Dieter MoebiusBlotch199911.001
Dieter MoebiusMusik für Metropolis201711.001
Moebius/Neumeier/EnglerAnother Other Places201412.001
Moebius & PlankMaterial198110.502
Moebius & PlankRastakraut Pasta198011.002
Moebius Story LeideckerFamiliar201711.002
Moebius Story LeideckerSnowghost Pieces201411.001
Moebius + TietchensMoebius + Tietchens201212.001
MogwaiRave Tapes201410.001
Moholy-NagyLike Mirage201110.001
MolesomeSongs for Vowels and Mammals201511.001
Francis MonkmanEnergism19789.001
MonophonistBilanz 2010201210.003
Maria MontiIl Bestiario197411.001
MoolahWoe Ye Demons Possessed197411.001
Moon of OstaraThe Star Child201210.001
Kevin MooreThis is a recording (demos 1994-97)19990.001
Kevin MooreShine / Soundtrack to the Film "Küçük Kiyamet"20100.001
Kevin MooreGhost book / Soundtrack to the Film "Okul"20040.001
Kevin MooreMemory Hole 120040.001
Steve MoorePrimitive Neural Pathways / Vaalbara20119.001
Steve MooreDemo 2003 + Bonus Track (LP)200810.001
Steve MooreCub201511.001
Steve MooreGutterballs: Original Motion Picture Score20099.001
Steve MooreMayhem20179.001
Steve MooreThe Henge20079.001
Steve MooreThe Mind's Eye201612.001
Steve MooreLight Echoes201211.001
Steve MoorePangaea Ultima201310.001
Patrick MorazFuture Memories (Live on TV - Keyboards' Metamorphoses)19798.001
Patrick Morazmoraz live / abbey road201211.001
Patrick MorazChange of Space20092.502
Patrick MorazFuture Memories live on TV (DVD)200711.001
Patrick MorazFuture Memories II198410.001
Patrick MorazHuman Interface19877.001
Yuri MorozovStrange Angels: Experimental & Electronic Music201612.001
Scott MosherAmbient Earth19966.001
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.197312.001
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.1970-1973199911.003
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.Like a duck to water197610.001
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.Music by David Borden200310.002
MothliteDark Age201210.001
Thierry MüllerRare & Unreleased 1974-1984200711.001
Jonas MunkPan201211.001
Roberto Musci & Giovanni VenostaVampyr And Other Stories201512.001
Roberto Musci & Giovanni VenostaMessages & Portraits199011.001
MythosJules Verne Forever201510.001
MythosSurround Sound Evolution201211.001
MythosGrand Prix19819.001
MythosJules Verne – Around the World in 80 Minutes201610.001
N-1macht ihr mal, ich hab schon201711.001
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side Of The Moog IX200211.001
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side of the Moog IV19969.001
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side Of The Moog VIII199911.001
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side of the Moog V19969.002
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side of the Moog I199410.001
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side of the Moog II199510.001
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side of the Moog III19959.001
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side of the Moog VI199711.001
Naoki IshidaFazing Redust20079.001
Nascita della sferaPer una scultura di Ceschia19788.001
NattefrostSkaldic Themes201710.001
NattefrostDifferent Stages201410.001
NautilusIn Search Of Castaways20049.001
The NazgûlThe Nazgûl199710.001
NecromonkeyA Glimpse of Possible Endings201411.502
NecromonkeyShow Me Where It Hertz201512.001
NecromonkeyThe Shadow of the Blind Man20169.001
Ned LaginSeastones19756.001
nema nikoNo Zeit 7905200512.001
Neptune TowersCaravans To Empire Algol199410.001
Neu!Neu! ´8620109.001
Neu!Neu! 419959.001
NeuroniumInvisible Views19836.001
NeuroniumQuasar 2C361197710.001
NeuroniumVuelo Quimico19789.001
NeuroniumDigital Dream198010.001
NeuroniumChromium Echoes19827.502
NeuroniumThe Visitor19818.002
NheapFlying And The Silence201310.001
Czeslaw NiemenTerra Deflorata - Koncert201010.001
Czeslaw NiemenKatharsis197511.001
Czeslaw NiemenPostscriptum198010.001
Night TerrorNight Terrors201312.001
The Night TerrorsBack To Zero200912.001
The Night TerrorsSpiral Vortex201410.001
The Night Terrorslightless200310.001
The Night TerrorsThe Night Terrors200211.001
The NightcrawlersTravelling Backwards199711.001
The NightcrawlersThe Biophonic Boombox Recordings201810.001
NightsatanNightsatan And The Loops Of Doom201411.001
NightsatanMidnight Laser Warrior201010.001
no-manSchoolyard Ghosts200811.333
no-manSweetheart Raw (Single)19930.001
no-manWild opera199610.001
NodeNode 2201411.001
NodeNode Live201811.002
Erik NorlanderSeas of Orion20049.001
Erik NorlanderThe Galactic Collective20129.001
Erik NorlanderThe Galactic Collective - Live in Gettysburg201210.001
North Sea Radio OrchestraI am a Moon201111.001
North Sea Radio OrchestraDronne201611.001
Doris NortonParapsycho19817.001
NosoundAllow Yourself20189.001
NU & Apa NeagraAt Gardina200510.001
Nurse with woundThunder Perfect Mind19920.001
Nurse with woundChance Meeting Of Nurse With Wound And Unveiled On Charlottenborg20030.001
N.y.XThe News201610.001
Ocean MachineBiomech199712.001
OffworldSome Circles Are Square201611.001
Patrick O'HearnAncient Dreams198511.001
Ole LukkøyeZapara199610.001
Ole LukkøyeDream of the wind20038.001
Opus AvantraOpus Magnum200313.001
Orbit ServiceA Calm Note From The West20118.001
Orbit ServiceA Beautiful Vision20119.001
Orbit Servicelive at the walnut room / denver 11.12.1120119.001
Orchestra of the Upper AtmosphereΘ1201214.002
Orchestra of the Upper AtmosphereΘ2201413.001
Orchestra of the Upper AtmosphereΘ4201812.002
Orchestra of the Upper AtmosphereΘ3201713.001
Orfeo 5In The Green Castle20170.001
Ornah-MentalTake Time out200710.001
The Orphic SalvationOrphic Salvation200410.002
OxomaxomaEspiritus en Rojo y Negro200211.001
OxomaxomaSin Boca Con Los Ojos Negros199711.001
Ozric TentaclesThe floor's too far away20068.333
Ozric TentaclesThe Yumyum Tree200910.001
PaavoharjuYhä hämärää200512.001
Pan & MePaal201211.001
Pan/ScanCinematic Lies201610.001
PanabriteThe Baroque Atrium201211.001
Panta Rhei (Ungarn)p.r. computer19836.001
Panta Rhei (Ungarn)Misc Recordings (1975-79)19797.001
Irene Papas & VangelisOdes197911.002
Irene Papas & VangelisRapsodies19869.502
pArAdOx OnEEscalators To Mars200310.001
pArAdOx OnEDimension of Miracles200211.001
Bernard ParmegianiChants Magnetiques197412.001
Stephen ParsickTraces of the past199811.001
Stephen ParsickHöllenengel200511.001
Stefan PaulusBecoming-Dissolve20129.001
P´cockThe Prophet198010.001
Annette PeacockI'm the one197211.001
Pepe MainaImperceptible Details201111.001
Pepe MainaIl Santo dell'Arca e del Crauto201111.001
Pepe MainaCanto dell'arpa e del flauto197710.001
Luis PerezEl Ombligo de la Luna198112.001
The Perotic TheatreTren D2 Andy199810.001
Finn PetersMusic Of The Mind201010.001
Finn PetersPurple & Yellow201111.001
Philippe PetitBuzzing but not hung up on Hip201711.001
Der Petunienmann von Metaluna VierMagnetbandaufzeichnung20146.002
Phal:AngstPhase IV20189.001
Phallus DeiBlack Dawn20160.001
Pharaoh OverlordCircle201510.502
Anthony Phillips198419816.673
Anthony PhillipsPrivate Parts & Pieces II - Back to the Pavilion198010.001
Anthony PhillipsSail the World19942.001
Anthony PhillipsPrivate Parts & Pieces VII - Slow Waves,Soft Stars19878.001
Anthony PhillipsMissing Links Volume 1 - Finger painting19918.001
Anthony Phillips & Guillermo CazenaveThe Meadows of Englewood19968.001
Anthony Phillips & Guillermo CazenaveThe Live Radio Sessions19980.001
PhonophaniOak or rock200411.001
PhonophaniGenetic engeneering200114.001
Richard Pinhas & Oren AmbarchiTikkun201411.502
Richard Pinhas & John LivengoodCyborg Sally199412.001
Richard PinhasMetal/Crystal201011.001
Richard PinhasRhizosphère197710.001
Richard PinhasTranzition20049.673
Richard PinhasEvent and Repetitions200210.001
Richard PinhasChronolyse197811.001
Richard PinhasIceland197913.001
Richard PinhasSingle Collection 1972-1980200610.001
Richard PinhasRhizosphère / Live, Paris 1982199413.001
Richard PinhasSchizotrope - Le plan19998.001
Richard PinhasMetatron200611.002
Richard PinhasReverse201712.001
Richard Pinhas & Barry ClevelandMu201610.002
Richard Pinhas and MerzbowKeio Line200810.502
Richard Pinhas and MerzbowRhizome201111.002
Richard Pinhas and MerzbowParis 2008201110.001
Richard Pinhas & Yoshida TatsuyaWelcome in the Void201412.002
Richard Pinhas / Tatsuya Yoshida / Masami AkitaProcess and Reality201612.001
Pixie NinjaUltrasound201712.001
Planet P Project1931: Go Out Dancing Part One20049.003
PlantsDouble Infinity200711.001
PôleInside The Dream197510.001
PondBilder einer Ausstellung + Die größten Hits20088.001
PondGemälde einer Vernissage20097.001
Poor Genetic MaterialFree To Random200510.001
Poor Genetic MaterialFree to random Vol. 1199910.502
Poor Genetic MaterialFree to random Vol. 2: Modern Myths200010.001
Poor Genetic MaterialSummerland20019.754
Popol Vuh (Dt.)City Raga19940.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Shepherd's Symphony - Hirtensymphonie19960.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Affenstunde19709.504
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Revisted & Remixed 1970 - 199920110.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)In den Gärten Pharaos197210.004
Nic PotterSketches in Sound19869.001
Nic PotterMountain Music19848.001
Nic PotterThe Blue Zone199010.502
Nic PotterNew Europe - Rainbow Colours19929.001
Nic PotterThe Long Hello Vol. II (mit Guy Evans)19817.502
Nic PotterDreamworld19977.001
Nic PotterSelf Contained19878.001
Roger PowellFossil Poets20069.001
Roger PowellAir Pocket19809.001
Roger PowellCosmic Furnace197310.002
David PritchardNocturnal Earthworm Stew197612.001
Progenie Terrestre PuraU.M.A.201310.001
ProtogonosStrange Geographie199911.001
The Psychedelic AvengersThe Psychedelic Avengers and the Decterian Blood Empire200611.002
Pure Reason RevolutionAmor Vincit Omnia20096.673
Pyramid PeakRoots201710.001
PythagorasJourney to the Vast Unknown19809.001
PythagorasAfter The Silence198210.001
Quaeschning & SchnaussSynthwaves201712.001
Quantum FantayAgapanthusterra20058.502
QuarkspaceThe hidden moon199910.001
Rachel'sFull on Night200011.001
radio massacre internationalorgan harvest19979.001
radio massacre internationalpeople would really like space rock if they would only give it a try200311.001
radio massacre internationalzabriskie point200011.001
radio massacre internationaltime & motion201011.002
radio massacre internationalfrozen north199511.001
radio massacre internationalemissaries200510.002
radio massacre internationalrain falls in gray200710.001
radio massacre internationalthe god of electricity200012.001
radio massacre internationalborrowed atoms199811.001
radio massacre internationalrepublic199611.001
RadioheadThe King Of Limbs20119.002
Rättö ja LehtisaloKovaa Kamaa - Rättö Ja Lehtisalon Parhaat 2003-2018201812.001
Rättö ja LehtisaloKopernikus hortoilee näkinkengässä200311.001
Lutz RahnSolo Trip19786.001
Rainbow SerpentThe 8th nerve200510.001
Rainbow SerpentVoices of the first day200110.001
Rainy SeasonReturn199210.502
['ramp]synchronize or die201712.001
['ramp]frozen radios200011.001
['ramp]no sleep 'till wilmersdorf201812.001
['ramp]steel and steam201112.001
Ranta Lewis PlankMu201013.001
RashomonThe Ruined Map (Film Music Volume 1)200712.001
RashomonThe Finishing Line (Film Music Volume 2)201012.001
Dennis ReaViews from Chicheng Precipice201012.001
Redshiftlife to come201511.001
Redshiftturning towards us200811.001
The Redundant RockerHeart20099.001
Hans Reichel & ErocThe Return of Onkel Boskopp199712.001
Gordon ReidAliens20007.001
RequiemFor A World After198111.001
The ResidentsDemons Dance Alone200210.001
Markus ReuterTaster199812.001
Markus Reuter & Robert RichEleven Questions20089.001
Jorge ReyesEk-Tunkul19839.001
Happy RhodesRearmament19869.001
Happy RhodesEcto19889.001
Rhythmische BeobachterKrautrock201312.001
Rhythmische Beobachter1 Leben20089.001
Wolfgang RiechmannWunderbar197812.001
Terry RileyA Rainbow in Curved Air196912.001
RinghausenHarmonic Xtortion20149.001
Steve RoachStorm Surge: Live at NEARfest20068.001
Robert Cohen-SolalLes Shadoks201811.001
Claudio RocchiSuoni Di Frontiera197611.001
Rocket RobertRocket Robert198210.001
Rodion G.A.The Lost Tapes201311.001
Omar Rodriguez-LopezSe dice bisonte, no bufalo200711.001
Omar Rodriguez-Lopeza manual dexterity: soundtrack volume one200411.001
Roedelius + AlquimiaMove and Resonate200011.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusEx Animo201011.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusSelbstportrait - Vol. II19809.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusSelbstportrait Vol. III "Reise durch Arcadien"19808.002
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusOffene Türen198210.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusWenn der Südwind weht (Selbstportrait IV)19819.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusKollektion 02 (electronic music)20140.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusTape Archive 1973 - 197820140.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusGlobal Trotters Project, Vol. I: Drive19997.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusWasser im Wind198211.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusRoedeliusweg200011.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusJardin au Fou197911.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusSelbstportrait19799.002
Roedelius SchneiderTiden201311.001
Roedelius/SchnitzlerAcon 2000/1200112.001
RoksanaBarwy (Colours) - Absolutely Live200511.001
Kurt RongeyBook in Hand19919.001
August RosenbaumVista20179.001
David Rothenberg,Bernhard Wöstheinrich,Jay NicholasCool Spring201611.001
Michael RotherTraumreisen19878.001
Michael RotherFernwärme19829.001
Michael RotherLust19839.001
Michael RotherSüßherz und Tiefenschärfe198510.001
Michael RotherEsperanza199610.001
Round House3-D20066.502
Cristiano RoversiAntiQua201211.001
Row BoatRomance200911.001
Roz VitalisEnigmarden20059.001
Jordan RudessExplorations201412.001
Runaway TotemAfreschi e Meditazione201210.001
Runaway TotemViaggio Magico201411.001
Todd RundgrenInitiation197511.502
Todd RundgrenA Wizard, A True Star197312.001
SaffronkeiraA New Life201212.001
Ryūichi SakamotoThousand Knifes of197811.001
Vincenzo SalviaThe Volkswagen Of Death201510.001
Vincenzo SalviaAuto Radio20139.001
Vincenzo SalviaAtlantis201410.001
Bruno SanfilippoSuite Patagonia200011.001
SangiulianoTake Off197810.003
Sankt OttenSequencer Liebe201210.001
Sankt OttenMännerfreundschaften und Metaphysik201611.001
Sankt OttenEngtanz Depression201512.001
Sankt OttenGottes Synthesizer20119.001
Sankt OttenZwischen Demut und Disco201811.001
Sankt OttenMessias Maschine201310.001
Boris Savoldelli & Elliot SharpProtoplasmic20090.001
SBBAnthology 1974 - 200420040.001
SBB22.10.1977 Göttingen/Alte Ziegelei20049.001
Scattered PurgatorySua-Hiam-Zun201712.001
Luca ScheraniEveryday's Life20075.001
Günter SchickertSomnambul199510.001
Günter SchickertSamtvogel197512.002
Günter SchickertÜberfällig198011.002
SchlammpeitzigerDamenbartblick auf Pregnant Hill201810.001
Irmin Schmidt & KumoMasters of confusion200112.001
Irmin Schmidt & Bruno SpoerriToy planet198110.001
Detlev SchmidtchenThe Last Planet - Chapter III 'Reversion'200910.001
Detlev SchmidtchenAnother World201510.001
Detlev SchmidtchenThe Last Planet - Chapter II 'Challenges'200810.001
Detlev SchmidtchenThe Last Planet - Chapter I 'Impressions'20079.001
Detlev SchmidtchenVanthasia20138.001
Johannes SchmoellingWuivend Riet198711.001
Johannes SchmoellingThe Zoo of Tranquillity199810.001
Johannes SchmoellingThe Zoo of Tranquillity (Original version)198811.001
Johannes SchmoellingWhite out (Original version)199011.001
SchnAAk and the Rundu ChoirNo Security through Numbers20130.001
Schneider KacirekShadows Documents201410.001
Schneider KacirekRadius Walk201711.001
Conrad SchnitzlerElectronegativity199511.001
Conrad SchnitzlerCharred Machinery199512.001
Conrad SchnitzlerEndtime201212.001
Conrad Schnitzler00/44199711.001
Conrad SchnitzlerBlau197413.001
Conrad SchnitzlerFilmmusik 2201711.001
Conrad SchnitzlerCon (Ballet Statique)197812.001
Conrad SchnitzlerRot197312.001
Conrad SchnitzlerGold200313.001
Conrad SchnitzlerCon 3198111.001
Conrad SchnitzlerGelb197411.001
Conrad SchnitzlerBlue Glow199412.001
Conrad SchnitzlerSilver200911.001
Conrad Schnitzler3.3.83200812.001
Conrad SchnitzlerGrün198110.001
Conrad SchnitzlerFilmmusik 1201611.001
Conrad SchnitzlerAuf dem Schwarzen Kanal (Con 2+)198012.001
Conrad Schnitzler & PoleCon-Struct20177.001
Eberhard SchoenerMeditation19739.001
Eberhard SchoenerSky Music / Moutain Music198411.001
Eberhard SchoenerTrance-Mission199112.001
Eberhard SchoenerHarmonia mundi19939.001
Eberhard SchoenerBon voyage198711.001
Eberhard SchoenerNamaste-Puja199912.001
Eberhard SchoenerFlashback19789.673
Eberhard SchoenerBali Agúng197611.333
Eberhard SchoenerVideo-Magic197810.001
Eberhard SchoenerTrance-Formation197712.502
Mario SchönwälderTraum & Trauma201510.001
Robert SchroederBrain Voyager19859.001
Robert SchroederTimeWaves19866.001
Robert SchroederPegasus199010.001
Robert SchroederDriftin'19886.001
Robert SchroederGalaxie Cygnus-A19826.001
Robert SchroederD.MO Vol.4 - Harmonic Decadence20179.001
Robert SchroederMosaique198111.001
Robert SchroederHarmonic Ascendant197910.002
Robert SchroederCygnus-A201011.001
Kristian SchultzeExpedition Extra19839.001
Klaus SchulzeEternal. The 70th Birthday Edition201710.001
Klaus SchulzeX197813.005
Klaus Schulze...Live...198010.673
Klaus SchulzeDune197911.673
Klaus SchulzeBallett 420079.001
Klaus SchulzeAndrogyn20179.001
Klaus SchulzeThe Ultimate Edition20000.001
Klaus SchulzeLa Vie Electronique 7201011.001
Klaus SchulzeIn Blue19958.502
Klaus SchulzeBlackdance19748.003
Klaus SchulzeLa Vie Electronique 2200911.001
Klaus SchulzeInter*face19859.503
Klaus SchulzeBody Love197710.673
Klaus SchulzeTimewind197512.333
Klaus SchulzeDreams198610.003
Klaus SchulzeBody Love Vol. 2197712.003
Klaus SchulzeBallett 1200610.001
Klaus SchulzeAre you sequenced?19967.333
Klaus SchulzeBeyond Recall199111.002
Klaus SchulzeRoyal Festival Hall Volume 1199211.001
Klaus SchulzeContemporary Works 1200013.001
Klaus SchulzeLa Vie Electronique 5201011.001
Klaus SchulzeRoyal Festival Hall Volume 2199211.001
Klaus SchulzeContemporary Works 2200212.001
Klaus SchulzeLa Vie Electronique 1200911.001
Klaus SchulzeTotentag199413.001
Klaus SchulzeEn=Trance19889.504
Klaus SchulzeLe Moulin De Daudet199411.002
Klaus SchulzeJubilee Edition First Part200010.001
Klaus SchulzeThe Dresden Performance199012.001
Klaus SchulzeDig It198010.004
Klaus SchulzeDziekuje Poland198311.502
Klaus SchulzeHistoric Edition200012.001
Klaus SchulzeMoonlake20059.502
Klaus SchulzeBallett 320078.001
Klaus SchulzeAnother Green Mile20167.002
Klaus SchulzeMirage197712.205
Klaus SchulzeLa Vie Electronique 3200911.001
Klaus Schulze200119910.001
Klaus Schulze & Lisa GerrardDziekuje Bardzo (DVD)20099.001
Klaus SchulzeTrancefer198112.333
Klaus SchulzeSilhouettes201810.001
Klaus SchulzeKontinuum20077.673
Klaus SchulzeAudentity198311.333
Klaus SchulzeDas Wagner Desaster - Live19949.673
Klaus SchulzeMiditerranean Pads19908.502
Klaus SchulzeBig in Japan (Live in Tokyo 2010)201010.002
Klaus SchulzeAngst19849.333
Klaus Schulze & Lisa GerrardBig in Europe Vol.1 Warsaw (2DVD+CD)201311.001
Klaus Schulze & Lisa GerrardFarscape200810.502
Klaus SchulzeThe Dome Event199312.001
Klaus Schulze & Lisa GerrardRheingold (DVD)200812.002
Klaus SchulzeVanity of Sounds200511.502
Klaus SchulzeVirtual Outback200210.001
Klaus SchulzeLive @ Klangart 1 + 2200111.002
Klaus SchulzeShadowlands201310.001
Klaus SchulzeDosburg Online19979.502
Klaus Schulze & Lisa GerrardBig in Europe Vol.2 Amsterdam (2DVD+2CD)201410.001
Klaus SchulzeBallett 3&420176.001
Klaus SchulzeJubilee Edition Second Part200010.001
Klaus SchulzeBallett 2200610.001
Klaus SchulzeThe Crime of Suspense200610.502
Klaus SchulzeIrrlicht197210.005
Klaus SchulzeCyborg197311.003
Klaus SchulzeLa Vie Electronique 8201011.001
Klaus SchulzeLa Vie Electronique 6201011.001
Klaus SchulzeLa Vie Electronique 4200911.001
Klaus SchulzeLa Vie Electronique 9201110.001
Klaus SchulzePicture Music197510.002
Klaus SchulzeSilver Edition200013.001
Klaus SchulzeGoes Classic19940.001
Klaus SchulzeMoondawn197611.003
Klaus SchulzeJubilee Edition Third Part20009.001
Klaus Schulze & Günter SchickertThe Schulze-Schickert Session201310.001
J. Peter SchwalmHow We Fall201811.001
J. Peter SchwalmThe Beauty of Disaster201611.001
sciaradathe addiction200911.001
The Season StandardSqueeze Me Ahead Of Line200811.333
SeesselbergSynthetik 1197312.001
Sensations' FixMusic Is Painting In the Air201211.001
ServiRückkehr aus Ithaka19868.001
Seventh WaveThings To Come197410.002
Seventh WavePsi-Fi197510.001
ShabdaThe Electric Bodhisattva201311.001
Shadow RayEyes,Gleaming Through The Dark20176.001
ShamallTurn Off201310.001
Shamallquestions of life20088.001
William ShatnerSeeking Major Tom20110.001
William ShellerLux Aeterna197212.001
Yasuaki ShimizuKakashi198212.001
Shiny GnomesMC Creatrix199411.001
Michael Shrieve with Kevin Shrieve and Klaus SchulzeTransfer Station Blue19849.001
Silver ApplesSilver Apples19689.502
Silver ApplesContact196910.502
Silver ApplesBeacon199710.001
Silver ApplesThe garden199810.001
Silver ApplesDecatur19987.002
Sine AmplitudeHypnotized20168.001
Skeleton$I'm At The Top Of The World20047.001
Skeleton$Life and the Afterbirth20039.001
Alan Skidmore, Mike Osborne, John SurmanSOS197511.001
Alan Skidmore, Mike Osborne, John SurmanLooking For The Next One201312.001
Jakob SkøttAll the Colours of the Dust201611.001
Jakob SkøttAmor Fati / Taurus Rising201412.001
Jakob Skøtt, Rasmus Rasmussen, Jonas MunkSeptember200711.001
Józef SkrzekU stóp krzyza200312.001
Józef SkrzekKoncert Swietokrzyski200211.002
Józef Skrzek East WindTryptyk Petersburski200711.001
Smiling EyeTravels Within20006.001
Smoking The Century AwayAnimated Weightlessness200111.001
Smoking The Century AwaySmoking The Century Away199711.001
Soft MachineSpaced199611.502
SoftwareChip Meditation Part I198510.001
SoftwareModesty Blaze Vol. II19925.001
SolarisMarsbéli Krónikák198410.502
SølystThe Steam Age201612.001
Soniq TheaterThe Third Eye200310.001
Soniq TheaterForce Majeure201110.001
Soniq TheaterEnchanted200610.502
Soniq TheaterSoniq Theater20009.002
Soniq Theatera SECOND of ACTion200210.001
Soniq TheaterThis Mortal Coil20047.001
Soniq TheaterSquaring the Circle201810.001
Soniq TheaterThe Journey20177.001
Soniq TheaterSeventh Heaven20077.001
Soniq TheaterLife Seeker20088.001
Soniq TheaterGlobaliced20168.001
Soniq TheaterGuitarissimo20158.001
Soniq TheaterVision Quest20099.001
Soniq TheaterStardust Memories20138.001
Nicklas SørensenSolo 2201810.001
SoulitudeSo came restless Night20088.001
Sounds Of New SomaBeyond The Acid Dream201410.001
Sounds Of New SomaLa Grande Bellezza201711.001
Sounds Of New SomaGandhis Labyrinth EP20149.001
Sounds Of New SomaMoebius Tunnel201611.001
Space ArtSpace Art197710.001
Space Machine3200411.001
Spirits Burning & ClearlightThe Roadmap in your Head201610.001
SpyraHeadphone Concert - Little Garden Of Sounds II (Documenta 11)20049.001
SpyraHomelistening is killing clubs199611.001
st.ridepiume che cadano200510.001
Arturo StalteriAndré sulla luna197911.002
Hans-Hasso StamerDigital Life19896.001
StardriveIntergalactic Trot19739.001
The Stargazer's AssistantThe Other Side Of The Island200711.001
The Stargazer's AssistantShivers And Voids200811.001
The Stargazer's AssistantRemoteness Of Light201612.001
Markus StaussNeolithicum (Bass Saxophon Solo & Extras)200411.002
Stella MarisTo The Promised Land200510.001
Stern-Combo MeissenHits19960.001
Stevegane ProjectWhen the time is a present20117.001
stringmodulatorManifesto: Noises made by Guitar and Bass201810.001
Pauline Anna StromTrans-Millenia Music201711.001
Sula BassanaOrgan Accumulator + Dissappear201711.001
Sula BassanaSilent Music200911.001
Sula Bassanathe ape regards his tail201712.001
Sula BassanaShipwrecked201610.002
Sula BassanaKosmonauts20107.002
Sula Bassana & ModulfixHalf past six200711.001
Sun DialMade in the Machine201611.002
Sun DialScience Fiction, a Compendium of Space Soundtrax201811.001
Yoshio SuzukiMorning Picture19859.001
SwansSoundtracks for the Blind199613.001
Mateusz ŚwięcickiHalo Wenus201710.001
David SylvianAlchemy - An Index of Possibilities198511.001
David Sylvian & Holger CzukayPlight & Premonition198811.001
SynergyThe Jupiter Menace19829.001
SynergyReconstructed Artifacts200212.001
SynergyElectronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra197512.002
SynergyComputer Experiments, Volume One198110.001
SynergyMetropolitan Suite198710.001
Syrinx (70er)Syrinx19709.001
Syrinx (70er)Long Lost Relatives197111.001
Syrinx (70er)Tumblers from the Vault201612.001
Systems TheorySoundtracks For Imaginary Movies20048.673
Systems TheoryDemos 1999-2000200010.001
Systems TheoryDemos 2001-200220029.001
Bernard SzajnerSuperficial Music198112.001
Bernard SzajnerSome Deaths Take Forever198011.002
Bernard SzajnerVisions of Dune201412.002
T3AFOWelcome To The Fine Machine (CD+DVD)201110.001
Taj Mahal TravellersLive Stockholm July 1971199812.001
Taj Mahal TravellersJuly 15, 1972197213.001
Taj Mahal TravellersAugust 1974197512.002
Midori TakadaThrough The Looking Glass198312.001
Tangerine DreamLegend198512.001
Tangerine DreamThe Hollywood Years Vol.119986.502
Tangerine DreamCyclone19788.502
Tangerine DreamJeanne D'Arc20058.001
Tangerine DreamThe Park Is Mine19844.001
Tangerine DreamThe Hollywood Years Vol.219983.002
Tangerine DreamThe Bootleg Box Set Vol.2200411.002
Tangerine DreamForce Majeure19798.502
Tangerine DreamParadiso200611.001
Tangerine DreamTyger19878.502
Tangerine DreamSummer In Nagasaki (Part Two from the Five Atomic Seasons)200710.001
Tangerine DreamTangram19809.754
Tangerine DreamOne night in space (EP)20078.001
Tangerine DreamOasis19978.002
Tangerine DreamNear Dark19878.001
Tangerine DreamDream Encores19984.502
Tangerine DreamPergamon198010.001
Tangerine DreamSorcerer197710.502
Tangerine DreamTranssiberia19987.001
Tangerine DreamKyoto20058.001
Tangerine DreamGreen Desert19869.003
Tangerine DreamOptical Race19888.002
Tangerine DreamI-Box (1970-1990)20000.001
Tangerine DreamExit19818.502
Tangerine DreamMiracle Mile19899.001
Tangerine DreamLive Miles19886.504
Tangerine DreamAntique Dreams20008.001
Tangerine DreamDead Solid Perfect19897.001
Tangerine DreamPurgatorio20047.001
Tangerine DreamShy People19875.001
Tangerine DreamMars Polaris - Deep Space Highway To Red Rocks Pavilion199910.001
Tangerine DreamThief19817.001
Tangerine DreamLight Flux20170.001
Tangerine DreamDream Sequence19850.002
Tangerine DreamWinter in Hiroshima (Part Four from the Five Atomic Seasons)20099.001
Tangerine DreamCanyon Dreams19916.002
Tangerine DreamSohoman19996.001
Tangerine DreamThe Bootleg Box Set Vol.1200312.002
Tangerine DreamBells of Accra (EP)200710.001
Tangerine DreamBooster V20120.001
Tangerine DreamDeadly Care19873.001
Tangerine DreamSoundmill Navigator20000.001
Tangerine DreamGreat Wall Of China20007.502
Tangerine DreamReims Cathedral December 1974 & Mozartsaal, Mannheim October 1976201511.001
Tangerine DreamThe Collection19870.001
Tangerine DreamThe Seven Letters From Tibet20007.002
Tangerine DreamUnderwater Sunlight19868.502
Tangerine DreamAtem197311.002
Tangerine DreamLily on the beach19896.001
Tangerine DreamBook of Dreams19950.001
Tangerine DreamDestination Berlin19891.001
Tangerine DreamMelrose19903.002
Tangerine DreamCatch me if you can19894.001
Tangerine DreamDream Mixes Three200110.001
Tangerine DreamOne Night in Africa20130.001
Tangerine Dream220 Volt Live19937.001
Tangerine DreamInferno20028.001
Tangerine DreamWhat a Blast19997.502
Tangerine DreamWhite Eagle19827.502
Tangerine DreamTurn of the tides19945.001
Tangerine DreamTangram 2008200811.001
Tangerine DreamThe Dream Roots Collection19960.001
Tangerine DreamTyranny of beauty19955.002
Tangerine DreamPalais de Congres, Paris March 1978 & Palast der Republik, East Berlin January 1980201610.001
Tangerine DreamQuinoa19987.001
Tangerine DreamLive Brighton - March 25th 1986200510.001
Tangerine DreamQuantum Gate201710.002
Tangerine DreamTangents 1973-198319940.001
Tangerine DreamRockface. Live at Berkeley200310.001
Tangerine DreamEast - Live20048.001
Tangerine DreamMona Da Vinci201110.001
Tangerine DreamNebulous dawn200612.001
Tangerine DreamLive - Arizona '9220046.001
Tangerine DreamStratosfear197611.673
Tangerine DreamThe Endless Season201012.001
Tangerine DreamZoning19947.001
Tangerine DreamPhaedra 200520058.001
Tangerine DreamGoblins Club199610.502
Tangerine DreamAtlantic Bridges (1988-98)19980.001
Tangerine DreamEdgar Allan Poe's The Island of the Fay. A Nonverbal Musical Translation201111.001
Tangerine DreamAtlantic Walls (1988-98)19980.001
Tangerine DreamLogos Live198210.333
Tangerine DreamRockoon19924.002
Tangerine DreamHyperborea19839.002
Tangerine DreamDream mixes one19950.001
Tangerine DreamAlpha Centauri197111.502
Tangerine DreamUnder Cover. Chapter One20100.001
Tangerine DreamThe Anthology Decades - The Space Years Volume One20088.001
Tangerine DreamPoland (The Warsaw Concert)198410.002
Tangerine DreamMota Atma200310.001
Tangerine DreamZeit19728.206
Tangerine DreamWavelength198311.001
Tangerine DreamTournado19977.001
Tangerine DreamQuantum Key201511.001
Tangerine DreamPhaedra197411.754
Tangerine DreamRocking Mars200510.001
Tangerine DreamFirestarter19847.001
Tangerine DreamTimeSquare-Dream Mixes 219987.001
Tangerine DreamRubycon197512.003
Tangerine DreamFlashpoint19845.001
Tangerine DreamAmbient Monkeys19970.001
Tangerine DreamMadcap's Flaming Duty20077.002
Tangerine DreamEncore197711.502
Tangerine DreamAutumn In Hiroshima (Part Three from the Five Atomic Seasons)20089.001
Tangerine DreamLe Parc19857.002
Tangerine DreamValentine Wheels19977.001
Tangerine DreamSpringtime in Nagasaki (Part One from the Five Atomic Seasons)20079.001
Tangerine DreamRicochet197513.003
Taras BulbaThe Best Of Now & Zen20099.001
Lou Maxwell TaylorCheshire Tree Suite199914.001
Robin TaylorNovember200311.002
Robin TaylorX Position Vol. 120049.001
Robin TaylorThe Båndbix Tapes200010.001
Robin TaylorDeutsche Schule200610.001
Robin TaylorCloze test terror19928.001
Robin TaylorSamplicity20019.001
Robin TaylorEdge Of Darkness200012.001
TeekayBreezing Sequence19894.001
Mama Béa TékielskiLa Folle197612.001
Telaio MagneticoLive 1975199512.001
TeleidofusionAround Past201011.001
The Eye Of TimeThe Eye of Time201212.001
The Hadron Big BangersStrange Beauty Decays20139.001
The PercWorldlooker19958.001
The Sound Of Animals FightingLover, the Lord Has Left Us...200612.001
The Winter TreeTwilight of the Magicians20149.001
Theodor BastardPustota200411.001
Third Ear BandMagic Music (New Age Magical Music)199712.001
Third Ear BandBrain Waves199311.001
Third Ear BandThe Magus200410.001
This HeatRepeat19936.001
This HeatHealth & Efficiency (EP)19809.001
This HeatThis Heat197914.002
This HeatMade Available - John Peel Sessions199612.001
Jacques ThollotQuand Le Son Devient Aigu, Jeter La Girafe A La Mer197111.001
TiamatA deeper kind of slumber199710.001
Steve TibbettsSteve Tibbetts197711.001
Asmus TietchensNachtstücke198010.001
Asmus TietchensAK7+201513.001
Andy Tillison DiskdriveFog20078.001
Andy Tillison DiskdriveMURK201110.001
Alfredo TisoccoKatharsis197512.001
TomitaSpace Fantasy19779.001
TomitaSnowflakes Are Dancing19749.001
TomitaThe Planets19769.001
TomitaThe Ravel Album197910.001
TomitaThe Bermuda Triangle197811.001
TomitaPictures At An Exhibition197510.001
TonbruketNubium Swimtrip201312.001
Tonto's Expanding Head BandTonto's Expanding Head Band200611.001
Tonto's Expanding Head BandTonto rides again199612.002
David TornThe Order (The Sin Eater)200311.001
Transient v ResidentElectrical Shrouds199711.001
Transient v ResidentMedulla200112.001
A Triggering MythForgiving Eden200211.002
TrinacriaTravel Now Journey Infinitely200813.001
TrivalentNorms And Values20169.001
Rolf TrostelTwo Faces198210.002
Rolf TrostelNarrow Gate To Life199511.001
Rolf TrostelInselmusik198111.002
Rolf TrostelDer Prophet19828.502
TUTrey Gunn & Pat Mastelotto200312.001
TyndallDurch die Zeiten19838.002
Nik TyndallEntspannung19859.001
Ukab Maerdthe waiting room201010.001
Ulan BatorStereolith201711.502
UlverThemes From William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell199814.001
UlverMesse I.X-VI.X201312.001
UlverA Quick Fix Of Melancholy20037.001
Piero UmilianiTra scienza e fantascienza197611.001
Piero UmilianiIl Mondo Dei Romani197210.001
Piero UmilianiSynthi Time197110.001
Unearth NoiseAnother Dimension20147.001
UnicaZürnTemporal Bends200912.001
Univers ZeroHeatwave198611.502
VagusNerveLo Pan200913.001
VagusNerveGo Back To The Sirius201212.001
Van Zyl - Gulsh - RathThe Sound Museum20018.001
Chuck Van ZylThe Xyl File199111.001
Chuck Van ZylMemorySpace20109.001
Chuck Van ZylCenotaph20129.502
Chuck Van ZylRecitals 2201811.001
Chuck Van ZylRituals201410.001
Chuck Van ZylRecitals201611.001
Chuck Van ZylCelestial Mechanics199310.001
Chuck Van ZylThe Relic199510.001
Joël VandroogenbroeckBiomechanoid198010.001
VangelisSee you later19809.001
VangelisBlade Runner199411.001
VangelisEl Greco199813.001
VangelisThe City19908.001
VangelisAlbedo 0.39197614.502
VangelisThe Dragon197811.001
VangelisBlade Runner Trilogy, 25th Anniversary200711.001
Jean-Claude VannierL'enfant assassin des mouches197212.001
Various ArtistsKinections: The Progday Support CD200510.001
Various Artistsl'age d'analogue200012.001
Various ArtistsVariaciones en la cuerda Vol.119956.001
Various Artistsassorted [progrock-dt] music vol. 120040.001
Various ArtistsAMIGA Electronics20170.001
Various ArtistsEastern Space Cakes20060.001
Various ArtistsSchizoid dimension - A Tribute to King Crimson199710.002
Various ArtistsBrand NEU!20090.001
Various ArtistsSon of Kraut20140.001
Various ArtistsThere Is More...20170.001
Various ArtistsThe Sky Goes All The Way Home199912.001
VauxdvihlSiberian Church Recordings200110.001
Vector EscoploRepresion199111.001
Cyrille VerdeauxJourney to Tantraland19849.001
Cyrille Verdeaux & Pascal MenetreyTribal Hybrid Concept (2014)20147.001
Vesala/Sermilä/Hauta-aho/Honkanen/HelasvuoOde to Marilyn197412.001
Via LacteaVia Lactea198012.001
Via LacteaDaath201613.001
Patrick VianBruits et temps analogues197611.002
Video LisztEktakröm Killer198111.001
Richard VimalMigrations19789.001
Richard VimalAquarythmies19809.001
Vintage CucumberYoki Style201311.001
V.MajesticDynamic Alloy199912.001
Adelbert von DeyenSternzeit19788.502
Adelbert von DeyenNordborg197910.002
Adelbert von DeyenAtmosphere198010.502
von HaulshovenHovenstein - the castle in space200812.001
von HaulshovenDer Weg des Geistes201011.001
von HaulshovenPlanet Of The Northern Wind201010.001
von HaulshovenKiko And The Ancient Astronaut200911.001
Voyag3rDoom Fortress201411.001
Voyag3rAre You Synthetic?201611.001
Rene de VrengPandora200210.001
Vulgar UnicornSleep with the fishes199610.001
(Richard) WahnfriedTonwelle19819.001
(Richard) WahnfriedTrance Appeal19967.502
(Richard) WahnfriedTime Actor19799.001
(Richard) WahnfriedDrums 'n' Balls (the Gancha Dub)19978.002
Rick WakemanMedium rare20024.001
Rick WakemanThe Seven Wonders of the World19958.001
Rick WakemanSongs of Middle Earth20023.001
Rick WakemanThe Burning19818.001
Igor WakhevitchLogos197012.001
Igor WakhevitchDocteur Faust197113.001
Igor WakhevitchHathor197312.001
Igor WakhevitchLes Fous d'Or19759.001
Igor WakhevitchNagual (les ailes de la perception)197711.001
Igor WakhevitchLet's start197911.001
WapassouLudwig - Un Roi pour l´Eternité197910.001
Kit WatkinsLabyrinth19809.001
Kit WatkinsAzure19898.001
Kit WatkinsSunStruck19909.001
Kit WatkinsHolographic Tapestries19959.001
Darryl WayConcerto for Electric Violin197810.001
We Deserve ThisFloating Colours20169.001
Wet RabbitOf Clocks and Clouds20167.001
Gerd WeyhingJourneys to Impossible Places201412.001
Gerd WeyhingThe Hidden Symmetry201211.502
Gerd WeyhingThe Inside World / Soundscapes III20008.333
Wha-ha-haShinutokiwa Betsu198112.001
The White NoiseAn Electric Storm196910.754
The White NoiseWhite Noise 2 - Concerto for synthesizer19759.001
The White NoiseRe-entry19808.001
The White NoiseInferno198911.001
The White NoiseV200011.001
The White Noise5.5. White Label20009.001
Benoît WidemannStress!197710.001
Benoît WidemannTsunami197910.001
WintherStormerGround Connection201110.001
WintherStormerElectric Fairytales200811.001
Erik Wøllo & Bernhard WöstheinrichWeltenuhr201410.001
Robert Wyattradio experiment rome, february 1981200911.001
XenoMoving to Town...19999.001
Gabriel YacoubElementary Level of Faith19878.001
Stomu YamashtaSea & Sky19845.001
Stomu Yamashta's GoThe GO Sessions200511.502
Stomu YamashtaRaindog19758.502
Stomu Yamashta's GoLive From Paris197711.001
Thom YorkeThe Eraser200610.001
Thom YorkeSpitting Feathers20067.001
YOUElectric Day197911.001
YOUTime Code198310.001
Dennis YoungWave201611.001
Dennis YoungReel to Real201510.001
Dennis YoungSynthesis201811.001
Yume BitsuThe Golden Vessyl of Sound200210.001
ZReal Life Never Stops201510.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffMultiple Distortions201611.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffAlice19998.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffNebensonnen200010.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffIndia19989.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffDr. Zab & his robotic strings orchestra199210.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffVoyage au centre de la terre200812.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffMïssa Furïosa200411.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffIva Lirma200711.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffAria Primitiva201411.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffMiniaturen200012.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffThe Cabinet of Dr.Caligari (DVD)201410.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffDr. Zab Vol. 220019.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffProméthée19849.001
ZanovGreen Ray197612.001
ZanovMoebius 256 301197711.001
ZanovOpen Worlds201611.001
ZanovVirtual Future201411.001
ZanovIn Course of Time198211.001
Frank ZappaLumpy Gravy196812.001
Frank ZappaCivilization Phaze III199413.001
Frank ZappaJazz from Hell198612.001
ZEDVisions of Dune197911.001
ZeitWaves from the Sky200812.001
ZETComandante Beat201713.001
Barbara Zielinska-VanSecret Garden20029.001
ZinklLovely Night Creatures199510.002
ZinklPlexus Andromeda19978.673
ZinklNo snaildance, please199410.502
ZinklDance music for insects200211.003
ZinklCircus Maximus19998.673
ZinklThe Temptations of St.Anthony200411.001
Zinkl & AlquimiaUnderwater200112.002
Zinkl & NeroKinder der Nacht20169.333
Hartmut ZinnGipfelstürmer19843.001
ZoltanFirst Stage Zoltan201211.002
ZoltanSixty Minute Zoom201411.502
ZombiSurface To Air20069.001
ZombiShape Shift201510.001
ZombiThe Zombi Anthology200510.001
ZombiEscape Velocity201111.001
ZsNew Slaves II: Essence Implosion!201111.001
Zweisteintrip, flip out, meditation19707.001

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