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ALBEN 1975
10 cc - The Original Soundtrack
A.R. & Machines - Erholung
Aera - Humanum Est
Agorà - Live In Montreux
Ambrosia - Ambrosia
Amon Düül II - Made In Germany
Ange - Emile Jacotey
Apoteosi - Apoteosi
Archimedes Badkar - Badrock För Barn I Alla Åldrar
Area - Are(A)zione
Armageddon - Armageddon
Arti & Mestieri - Giro di valzer per domani
Ataraxia - The Unexplained
Atoll - L'Araignée-Mal
Back Door - Another Fine Mess
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Garofano Rosso
Banda Do Casaco - Dos benefícios dum vendido no reino dos bonifácios
Barclay James Harvest - Time honoured ghosts
David Bedford - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Francois Béranger - L'alternative
Berits Halsband - Berits Halsband
Philippe Besombes - Libra
Between - Hesse Between Music
Biglietto per L'Inferno - Il Tempo Della Semina
Birth Control - Plastic People
Jacques Blais - Thèmes
Blåkulla - Blåkulla
Bonfire - Bonfire Goes Bananas
Eduardo Bort - Eduardo Bort
Brast Burn - Debon
Steve Maxwell von Braund - Monster Planet
Roberto Cacciapaglia - Sonanze
Robert Calvert - Lucky Leif and the Longships
Camel - The Snow Goose
Can - Landed
Caravan - Cunning Stunts
Carmen - Dancing On A Cold Wind
Catharsis - Volume 4 "Illuminations"
Città Frontale - El Tor
Clearlight - Clearlight Symphony
Clearlight - Forever Blowing Bubbles
Coronarias Dans - Visitor
Lula Côrtes e Zé Ramalho - Paêbirú
Cortex - Tropeau bleu
Cosmos Factory - A Journey with the Cosmos Factory
Curt Cress Clan - CCC
Curved Air - live
Curved Air - Midnight wire
Dalton - Argitari
Déjà-Vu (Nor) - Between The Leaves
Delired Cameleon Family - Delired Cameleon Family
Dennis - Hyperthalamus
Dragon (NZ) - Scented Gardens For The Blind
Druid - Toward The Sun
Earth & Fire - To The World Of The Future
Ejwuusl Wessahqqan - Ejwuusl Wessahqqan
Electric Light Orchestra - Face the Music
Electromagnets - Electromagnets
Eloy - Power and the Passion
Embryo - Surfin'
Energit - Energit
Brian Eno - Another Green World
Brian Eno - Discreet Music
Eroc - Eroc
Esperanto - Last Tango
Espiritu - Crisalida
Etna - Etna
Exit - Exit
Fantasia - Fantasia
Far East Family Band - Nipponjin
Far East Family Band - The Cave Down To The Earth
Fermata - Fermata
Bernard Fevre - Suspense
F.G. Experimental Laboratory - Journey into a dream
Finch - Glory Of The Inner Force
Fireballet - Night On Bald Mountain
Focus - Mother Focus
Fripp & Eno - Evening Star
Edgar Froese - Epsilon In Malaysian Pale
Fruupp - Modern Masquerades
Fusioon - Minorisa
Gabriel Bondage - Angel Dust
Galaxy-Lin - G
Gentle Giant - Free Hand
Gilgamesh - Gilgamesh
Goblin - Profondo Rosso
Goma - 14 de Abril
Gong - Shamal
Granada - Hablo de una tierra
Greenslade - Time And Tide
Grobschnitt - Jumbo
Group 1850 - Polyandri
Gryphon - Raindance
Gualberto - A la vida, al dolor
Guru Guru - Mani und seine Freunde
Steve Hackett - Voyage Of The Acolyte
Jan Hammer - The First Seven Days
Peter Hammill - Nadir's Big Chance
Bo Hansson - Attic Thoughts
Harmonia - De Luxe
Harmonium - Si On Avait Besoin D´Une Cinquième Saison
Roy Harper - HQ
Hatfield and the North - The Rotters' Club
Hawkwind - Warrior on the Edge of Time
Heldon - Allez Teia
Heldon - It's Always Rock'n'Roll
Henry Cow - Concerts
Henry Cow - In Praise Of Learning
Steve Hillage - Fish Rising
Hoelderlin - Hoelderlin
Steve Howe - Beginnings
Iasos - Inter-Dimensional Music
Ibis - Ibis
Iceberg - Tutankhamon
Isotope - Illusion
Jade Warrior - Waves
Los Jaivas - Los Jaivas
Jane - Lady
Jazz Q - Symbiosis
Jethro Tull - Minstrel In The Gallery
Clive John - You Always Know Where You Stand With A Buzzard
Joy Unlimited - Minne
Kaipa - Kaipa
Kalevala - Boogie Jungle
Kandahar - In The Court Of Catherina Squeezer
Kansas - Masque
Kansas - Song For America
Kayak - Royal Bed Bouncer
Kebnekajse - Kebnekaise III
Kestrel - Kestrel
King Crimson - USA
Klockwerk Orange - Abrakadabra
Takehisa Kosugi - Catch Wave
Kraan - Let It Out
Kraan - Live
Kraftwerk - Radio-Aktivität
Jack Lancaster and Robin Lumley - Sergej Prokofiev: Peter and the wolf
Lard Free - I'm Around About Midnight
Libra - Musica & Parole
Living Life - Let: from experience to experience
Magical Power Mako - Super Record
Magma - Live (Hhai)
Magma (Dt.) - Rock Duo Magma
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Visions Of The Emerald Beyond
Mandalaband - Mandalaband
Maneige - Les Porches
Maneige - Maneige
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Nightingales and Bombers
Phil Manzanera - Diamond Head
Maxophone - Maxophone
Message - Message
Mona Lisa - Grimaces
Morse Code - La Marche des Hommes
Mythos - Dreamlab
Napoli Centrale - Napoli Centrale
Ned Lagin - Seastones
Nektar - Recycled
Neu! - Neu! 75
Czeslaw Niemen - Katharsis
Novalis - Novalis
Nucleus - Alleycat
Nucleus - Snakehips Etcetera
O Terco - Criaturas Da Noite
Mike Oldfield - Ommadawn
Mike Oldfield - The Orchestral Tubular Bells
Opus Avantra - Lord Cromwell (plays suite for seven vices)
Le Orme - Smogmagica
Oz Knozz - Ruff Mix
Pentacle - La clef des songes
Victor Peraino's Kingdom Come - No Man's Land
Perigeo - La valle dei templi
Phoenix - Cantafabule
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Pekka Pohjola - Harakka Bialoipokku
Pôle - Inside The Dream
Jean-Luc Ponty - Upon The Wings Of Music
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Das Hohelied Salomons
Poseidon - Found my way
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Chocolate Kings
Probe 10 - There Is a Universe
Procol Harum - Procol's Ninth
Prosper - Broken Door
Pulsar - Pollen
Quarteto 1111 - Onde Quando Como Porquê Cantamos Pessoas Vivas
Queen - A Night at the Opera
Quiet Sun - Mainstream
Råg i Ryggen - Råg i Ryggen
Ragnarok (NZ) - Ragnarok
Rainbow Theatre - The Armada
Ramses - La Leyla
Renaissance - Scheherazade And Other Stories
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - (Libertés ?)
Rigoni/Schoenherz - Victor - A Symphonic Poem
Roxy Music - Siren
Todd Rundgren - Initiation
Todd Rundgren's Utopia - Another Live
Rush - Caress of Steel
Rush - Fly By Night
Jordi Sabatés - Ocells del més enlla
Sahara - For All The Clowns
David Sancious - Forest Of Feelings
Satin Whale - Lost Mankind
SBB - Nowy Horyzont
Günter Schickert - Samtvogel
Klaus Schulze - Picture Music
Klaus Schulze - Timewind
Sebastian Hardie - Four Moments
Secret Oyster - Vidunderlige kælling
Seventh Wave - Psi-Fi
Sfinx - Lume Albă
Siddhartha - Weltschmerz
Alan Skidmore, Mike Osborne, John Surman - SOS
Slapp Happy/Henry Cow - Desperate Straights
Sloche - J'un Oeil
Soft Machine - Bundles
Solis Lacus - Solis Lacus
Speed Limit - Speed Limit (I)
Chris Squire - Fish Out Of Water
Stackridge - Extravaganza
Stormy Six - Un biglietto del tram
The Strawbs - Ghosts
Styx - Equinox
Supertramp - Crisis? What Crisis?
Synergy - Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra
Tabula Rasa - Same
Taï Phong - Taï Phong
Taj Mahal Travellers - August 1974
Tangerine Dream - Ricochet
Tangerine Dream - Rubycon
Thirsty Moon - Blitz
Jacques Thollot - "watch devil go"
Alfredo Tisocco - Katharsis
Tomita - Pictures At An Exhibition
Trace - Birds
Transit Express - Priglacit
Triana - El Patio
Tritonus - Tritonus
Triumvirat - Spartacus
Unisono - Unisono
Michal Urbaniak - Fusion III
Van der Graaf (Generator) - Godbluff
Laurence Vanay - Evening Colours
Vangelis - Heaven and Hell
Ville Emard Blues Band - Ville Emard
Il Volo - Essere o non essere? Essere, Essere, Essere!
Vortex - Vortex
Rick Wakeman - Lisztomania
Rick Wakeman - The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
Igor Wakhevitch - Les Fous d'Or
Wallenstein - Stories, Songs & Symphonies
Weather Report - Tale Spinnin'
The White Noise - White Noise 2 - Concerto for synthesizer
Wigwam - Live Music from the Twilight Zone
Wigwam - Nuclear Nightclub
Robert Wyatt - Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard
Stomu Yamashta - Raindog
Yes - Yessongs (VHS/DVD)
Yes - Yesterdays
Fernando Yvosky - Dos Mundos
Zao - Osiris
Zao - Shekina
Frank Zappa - Bongo Fury
Frank Zappa - One Size Fits All
Zingale - Peace
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Band  Album Jahr Ø-Wertung # Rezis
1476Wildwood / The Nightside201610.001
17 PygmiesIsabel20139.001
17 PygmiesIsabel II: Abaddon Rising20155.003
the 3rd and the mortalTears Laid In Earth19948.605
the 3rd and the mortalNightswan EP19958.001
A KEW’S TAGSilence of the Sirens20159.502
A Silent SoundCompass20179.001
Abarico Loop ProjectAbarico Loop Project201410.001
Abel GanzAbel Ganz20148.004
Acqua FragileA New Chant20179.001
Active HeedVisions from Realities20138.333
After CryingCreatura201110.003
After Crying198919896.001
Agents Of MercyDramarama201010.002
Ailing SunMen among Ruins201510.001
AinurFrom Ancient Times20068.001
AislesThe Yearning200510.001
AislesIn Sudden Walks20098.001
Aisles4:45 AM20139.001
Akron/FamilyMeek Warrior200611.001
Alamaailman VasaratMaahan200711.002
Alamaailman VasaratKäärmelautakunta200310.673
Alamaailman VasaratHuuro Kolkko200911.002
Alamaailman VasaratHaudasta Lomilla (DVD)20090.001
Alamaailman VasaratValta201211.002
Tuomari Nurmio & Alamaailman VasaratKinaporin Kalifaatti200510.003
AlamedaMisterioso manantial19807.001
AlchemViaggio al Centro della Terra201811.001
Rodolfo AlchourronTalismán19949.001
AlgaraviaBreve E Interminável199510.502
All Over EverywhereInner Firmaments Decay201010.333
Allegri LeprottiAu Zulò200711.001
AmarokSol De Medianoche200711.502
AmarokMujer luna200210.001
Amazing BlondelA Foreign Field That Is Forever England19998.001
Amazing BlondelEngland197210.001
Amazing BlondelFantasia Lindum19719.001
Amazing BlondelBlondel19736.001
Amity in FameThrough20119.502
Amoebic EnsembleAmoebiasis199711.001
Amoebic EnsembleLimbic Rage199512.001
AmorphisTales From The Thousand Lakes199412.001
AmorphisMy Kantele199711.001
Ancient Oak consortThe Acoustic Resonance of Soul20079.001
Ancient VeilRings of earthly...Live201810.001
Anderes HolzFermate201810.001
Ian AndersonThick as a Brick 2201210.805
Ian AndersonRupi's dance200310.003
Ian AndersonPlays The Orchestral Jethro Tull20059.001
Ian AndersonThe Secret Language of Birds200011.001
Jon AndersonSurvival & other stories20107.001
Jon AndersonThe Promise Ring19975.001
AngeLive Tour 2003-2004 - Par Les Fils De Mandrin (DVD)200613.001
Angele tour de la question200712.001
AngeEscale à Ch'tiland201212.001
AngeZénith an II200712.001
AngeCulinaire Lingus200112.002
AngeEmile Jacotey197512.001
AngePar les Fils de Mandrin197610.502
AngeEn Concert - Par Les Fils De Mandrin - Millésimé 77200312.001
Anima MundiSeptentrion20029.001
Anima MundiJagannath Orbit200811.002
AnkhZiemia i slonce19958.001
Ankh....bedzie tajemnica19988.001
AntiherøeEntretejido cosmico200810.502
Antony Kalugins Kinematics OrchestraAKKO I20138.001
AparecidosPalito Bombón Helado20129.333
Coste ApetreaRites of Passage200611.001
Arbete och FritidArbete och Fritid197311.001
Arbete och FritidSe upp för livet197712.001
Archimedes BadkarBadrock För Barn I Alla Åldrar197510.001
Archimedes BadkarTre197711.001
ARCN TEMPLEmanations Of A New World201011.001
AreaChernobyl 799119979.001
Aria PaleaZoicekardia199611.001
AriesDouble Reign201012.001
Finn ArildTestament20107.003
Armenian Space StationArmenian Space Station20099.001
Armiader Prozess200911.001
Army of BriarsArmy of Briars200712.001
Arti & MestieriArticollezione20018.001
ArtsruniThe Live Cuts 2000 / 2001200211.502
AsturiasIn Search Of The Soul Trees200811.502
At War With SelfA Familiar Path200910.001
AtmanPersonal Forest199711.001
AucanBrotes del alba197910.001
AudienceFriend's Friend's Friend197010.001
Chris AudrenGwen Menez20028.001
Ausiakasa kasa20035.001
Autumn WhispersCry of Dereliction Vol. II20139.001
Autumnal BlossomAgainst the fear of death201311.001
Kevin AyersThe Unfairground200710.001
AyreonThe Human Equation200410.206
AyreonAyreonauts only20009.001
AyreonThe Theory Of Everything201310.002
AyreonDay eleven: Love (Single)20047.001
AyreonThe final experiment19958.255
AyreonThe Source201711.001
Sophya BacciniAradia200911.001
Dave BainbridgeCelestial Fire201411.502
Dave BainbridgeVeil of Gossamer200411.001
Aram Bajakian's KefAram Bajakian's Kef201111.001
BAKUSequences Of My Bequest199410.001
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoCanto di Primavera197910.502
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoDonna Plautilla20048.001
Banda Do CasacoCoisas do Arco da Velha197611.001
Banda Do CasacoHoje há conquilhas amanhã não sabemos197710.001
Banda Do CasacoDos benefícios dum vendido no reino dos bonifácios197512.001
Banda Do CasacoTambém eu198212.001
BaronessBlue Record200910.502
BaronessRed Album200711.002
Barrskogsbo is the place200810.001
Martin BarreA Trick of Memory19948.001
Martin BarreBack to Steel20159.001
Martin BarreAway With Words20139.001
Barrett ElmoreWoodlands201210.001
Colin BassAt Wild End201511.001
Colin BassAn outcast of the islands199910.001
Colin BassLive at Polskie Radio 3199910.001
Colin BassLive - Vol.2 "Acoustic songs"20008.001
Colin BassIn the meantime200310.001
Colin Bass - Józef SkrzekPlanetarium200610.001
Franco BattiatoFetus197210.673
Franco BattiatoSulle Corde Di Aries197311.502
BayonDie Suiten200010.001
BayonFirst recordings 1971-197320007.001
BeardfishSleeping In Traffic: Part Two200811.405
Beat CircusRingleader's Revolt200410.001
Beat CircusBoy From Black Mountain200910.001
Beat CircusDreamland200811.001
Bent KneeShiny Eyed Babies201413.673
Bent KneeBent Knee201113.002
Bratko Bibic & the MadleysBratko Bibic & The Madleys199511.001
Big Big TrainGrimspound201710.004
Big Big TrainA Stone's Throw From The Line201612.001
Big Big TrainThe Second Brightest Star20179.001
Big Big TrainFolklore201610.003
Big Big TrainEnglish Electric: Full Power201313.001
Big HoggGargoyles201710.502
Big SleepBluebell Wood19719.001
BiotaInvisible Map20019.001
BiotaObject Holder199511.001
The Black CodexThe Black Codex Box201511.502
Black MountainIn The Future200811.001
Blue MammothBlue Mammoth20118.001
Blue MammothStories of a King20169.001
The Blue ShipThe Executioner's Lover201411.502
Boduf SongsBoduf Songs200512.001
The Bollenberg ExperienceIf only stones could speak20034.001
David BowieSpace Oddity196911.001
Boys´n WitchesSun And Moon20049.001
Carla BozulichRed Headed Stranger20020.001
Carla BozulichBoy201411.001
Carla BozulichI'm Gonna Stop Killing200410.001
Andy John Bradford's Oceans 5Return to Mingulay20143.003
Dan Ar BrazDouar nevez - Terre nouvelle197711.001
Paul BremnerWombsong20034.502
Sean Noonan's Brewed By NoonSet The Hammer Free201011.001
Sean Noonan's Brewed By NoonStories to Tell200712.001
Sean Noonan's Brewed By NoonBeing Brewed by Noon200811.001
Sean Noonan's Brewed By NoonBoxing Dreams200812.001
BröselmaschineIndian Camel201710.002
Aaron BrooksHomunculus201810.001
Brother Sun, Sister MoonBrother Sun, Sister Moon201210.001
Jack BruceSpirit - Live At The BBC 1971 - 1978200811.001
Buddha SentenzaSemaphora201711.001
Burnin Red Ivanhoe6 Elefantskovcikadeviser19719.001
Joe Byrd and the Field HippiesThe American Metaphysical Circus196913.001
J.A. Caesar & Tenjo SajikiShintokumaru197811.502
CaiNoche abierta198010.001
CaiCanción de la primavera19818.001
CálixCanções de Beurin20009.001
CálixA Roda200310.001
CálixVentos de outono - Ao vivo200710.001
CamelHarbour of Tears199612.001
Camelias GardenYou Have a Chance20139.002
The Neil Campbell Collective3 o'clock sky200511.001
The Neil Campbell CollectiveParticle Theory200714.001
CannataMy Back Pages (Volume 1)20090.001
CANOTous dans l´meme bateau19769.001
CANOAu nord de notre vie197710.001
Captain CougarÅkerblomrörelsen201412.001
CaravanAll Over You19969.001
CarmenDancing On A Cold Wind197510.001
Carol Of HarvestCarol Of Harvest197811.001
Carol Of HarvestTy i Ja200910.001
Carpathia ProjectCarpathia199910.502
Christina CarterOriginal Darkness20088.001
Casualties Of CoolCasualties Of Cool20147.001
CelesteSecond Plus19915.001
CentenaireII - The Enemy200911.001
Cerberus ShoalAn Ongoing DING20109.001
Charming HostessPunch200010.502
Charming HostessEat199812.001
Charming HostessThe Bowls Project201011.001
CiccadaA Child In The Mirror201011.254
CiccadaThe Finest of Miracles201512.003
Circle of BardsTales20108.001
CirculusThought Becomes Reality20099.001
CirculusClocks Are Like People20069.502
CirculusThe Lick on the Tip of an Envelope Yet to be Sent200510.001
Cirrus BayWhimsical Weather20125.502
Barry ClevelandVolcano200311.002
CloudkickerLet Yourself Be Huge20119.001
CMUSpace Cabaret19739.001
CMUOpen Spaces197110.001
CoarbeghThe Colour Of Happiness201310.001
Uwe ColleneckUwe Colleneck201411.001
Colossus Projects (Finnland)Kalevala - A Finnish Progressive Rock Epic200311.001
ColtsfootA Winter Harvest19957.001
Companyia Elèctrica DharmaL'Oucomballa19769.001
ComusFirst Utterance19719.504
ComusTo Keep From Crying19745.502
ComusOut of the coma201210.001
Conqueror74 Giorni20079.001
ContraluzNovus Orbis20114.001
ContraluzRamos Generales20037.001
ContraluzEl Pasaje200010.001
ContrarianMinor Complexities20079.001
Corde ObliqueBack Through The Liquid Mirror201811.001
Cosa BravaRagged Atlas201012.001
Cotters BequestLand Of The Vast Horizon20068.001
CourtTwenty Flying Kings201210.001
CourtFrost of watermelon20079.001
Crippled Black Phoenix(Mankind) The Crafty Ape201210.333
Cro MagnonBrosella Suite200412.001
CryptexLive at de Bosuil (DVD)201211.001
CryptexGood morning, how did you live?201111.001
Crystal PhoenixCrystal Phoenix19896.001
CTMSuite for a Young Girl20168.001
CulpeperAll dressed up and nowhere to go197712.001
Culpeper's OrchardSecond Sight19727.001
Curved AirLive Atmosphere20127.001
The D ProjectMaking Sense201410.001
DálavaThe Book of Transfigurations201711.001
DaymoonFabric Of Space Divine201310.673
DaymoonCruz Quebrada201610.502
Dead Can DanceWithin the Realm of a dying Sun198712.001
Christian Décamps et filsJuste une ligne bleue19908.001
Francis DécampsHistoire de Fou197910.001
Donella del Monaco & Paolo Troncon, Opus Avantra ensembleVenetia & anima200411.001
DeliriumDolce Acqua19719.001
DeliriumLo Scemo e il Villaggio19728.001
DeliriumIII (Viaggio negli Arcipelaghi del Tempo)19748.002
DeliriumIl Nome Del Vento20099.001
DeuterSilence Is The Answer198113.001
DeuterKundalini Meditation Music197910.001
Diablo Swing OrchestraPacifisticuffs201711.001
Dice (Dt)Twentaurus20147.001
Discus...tot licht!200311.605
The Divine Baze OrchestraDead but dreaming201012.502
Troy DonockleyMessages201210.001
Troy Donockley & Dave BainbridgeWhen worlds collide20059.001
Troy Donockley & Dave BainbridgeFrom Silence200510.001
Douze AlfonsoClaude Monet Vol. 1200114.001
Douze AlfonsoCharles Darwin20129.503
William D. DrakeRevere Reach201513.001
William D. DrakeThe Rising Of The Lights201110.001
William D. DrakeBriny Hooves200711.001
William D. DrakeWilliam D. Drake200310.001
DreadnaughtHave a Drink with Dreadnaught201311.001
Dream The Electric SleepLost and Gone Forever201111.002
Dream The Electric SleepHeretics20149.502
DreamshipAncestral Voyage20027.001
Julie Driscoll1969196910.502
DulcamaraThe Sea's Stones Collection20017.001
DungenSkit i allt201010.001
Judy DybleTalking with Strangers200911.002
Judy DybleFlow and Change20138.001
EatlizViolently Delicate200812.502
Echo UsTo Wake a Dream In Moving Water201710.001
Eclipse Sol-AirBartók's Crisis201111.502
Ed BernardPolydactyl201511.254
EffloresceShades of Fate20099.001
Ego EimiI’m living200110.001
Ego EimiTranscendental Diseases20009.001
Ego EimiThe Door of Heart20049.001
Emmett ElvinBloody Marvels201411.001
Emma MyldenbergerEmma Myldenberger197810.001
Emma MyldenbergerTour de Trance197911.001
Roland EndersAbout Angst | Daydreamer200910.001
L'EngouleventL'île où vivent les loups19779.001
Ennïs TólaSeed201011.001
L'Ensemble RayéMême en Hiver/Come un pinson dans l'eau198912.001
L'Ensemble RayéQuelques pièces détachées199311.001
L'Ensemble RayéLes contrepoints cardinaux20029.001
L'Ensemble RayéEn Frac!199611.001
L'Ensemble RayéVis-à-Vis200111.001
L'Ensemble RayéThéâtre de la Poudrière200513.001
Eris PluviaThird Eye Light201010.001
Eris PluviaRings Of Earthly Light19916.001
ErrobiAmetsaren Bidea197911.001
EsmerineMechanics of Dominion201711.001
EsmerineLost Voices201511.001
EsmerineLa Lechuza201111.001
Esthetic PaleTales From An Ancient Realm19979.001
EstradaspherePalace of Mirrors200611.001
EstradasphereIts understood20009.001
EstradasphereBuck Fever200110.001
EturiviYlhäisten Kastien Kelvottomat Jälkeläiset200212.001
EurekaShackleton's Voyage20098.001
EurekaSilverware - The Best of EUREKA 1997 - 201020107.502
Extra LifeMade Flesh201012.333
Extra LifeRipped Heart EP20110.001
Extra LifeDream Seeds201212.502
Fair To MidlandFables From a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times is True200710.001
Fairport Convention"Babbacombe" Lee197110.001
Fairport ConventionLiege & Lief196911.001
Fairport ConventionThe Bonny Bunch of Roses197710.001
La Famiglia Degli OrtegaLa Famiglia Degli Ortega19736.502
Farmhouse OdysseyRise of the Waterfowl201612.001
Faun FablesBorn of the Sun20169.001
Faun FablesLight of a Vaster Dark201010.001
Faun FablesThe Transit Rider200610.001
FaunsAwaiting the Sun20118.001
First Band From Outer SpaceImpressionable Sounds of the Subsonic200610.502
FishVigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors199013.001
FishA Feast Of Consequences201312.001
Five-Storey EnsembleNot That City201312.003
Flamborough HeadTales of imperfection20056.002
Flamborough HeadLooking for John Maddock20098.001
Flaming RowMirage - A Portrayal of Figures201410.002
Flat Earth SocietyISMS200411.001
Lee FletcherFaith in Worthless Things201212.001
The FlockTruth - The Columbia Recordings 1969-1970201712.001
Jeremy FlowerThe Real Me201613.001
Flying CircusOut Of The Waste Land200010.502
Flying CircusSeasons19979.001
Flying ColorsSecond Nature20149.502
Fond of MusicJunk Shop / Italian Cemetery200610.001
Fovea HexAllure (EP)200711.001
FrameshiftUnweaving The Rainbow200310.002
French, Frith, Kaiser, ThompsonLive, Love, Larf & Loaf198710.001
French, Frith, Kaiser, ThompsonInvisible Means19909.001
Frequency Drift...laid to rest201210.333
Frequency DriftOver201412.002
Frequency DriftLast201611.333
Frequency DriftSummer20149.502
Frequency DriftGhosts...201111.004
Friends of Dean MartinezThe Shadow of Your Smile19957.001
Friends of Dean MartinezRetrograde19978.001
Friends of Dean MartinezA Place In The Sun200010.001
Friends of Dean MartinezAtardecer19999.001
Friends of Dean MartinezWichita Lineman20019.001
From.uzQuartus Artifactus201110.502
Fugato OrchestraNeander Variations200410.001
Fugato OrchestraNoé201011.001
FungusThe Face Of Evil201310.001
The Future Kings of EnglandWho is This Who is Coming?201110.002
The Future Kings of EnglandThe Fate of Old Mother Orvis200710.002
GandalfVisions 200120009.001
Gandalf's FistThe Clockwork Fable201611.001
Gandalf's FistA Forest Of Fey201411.001
Gatto MarteMarte Sulla Luna20129.001
The Gentle StormThe Diary201512.001
GerminaleScogli di sabbia200511.001
GestaltGomorrha vs. Khan199911.002
GhostSecond Time Around19929.001
GhostTemple Stone199412.001
GhostLama Rabi Rabi199612.001
GhostSnuffbox Immanence199911.001
GhostTune in, turn on, free Tibet199912.001
Ghostin stormy nights200712.001
Stefano Giannotti / Salvo LazzaraLa vostra ansia di orizzonte201711.001
The GiftWhy The Sea Is Salt20168.001
GilaBury My Heart At Wounded Knee197310.002
Kristoffer GildenlöwRust20139.001
Giles, Giles & FrippThe Brondesbury Tapes20019.001
David GilmourLive in Gdansk200811.001
David GilmourOn an Island20069.002
Gordon GiltrapFear of the Dark19788.502
Gordon Giltrap / Ric SandersOne to One19898.001
Michael GiraDrainland19959.001
Glass HammerThe Middle Earth Album20010.003
Glass HammerThe Inconsolable Secret20058.504
GoadThe Wood20069.001
Farzad GolpayeganiOne200210.001
Farzad GolpayeganiTwo200511.001
GranadaHablo de una tierra19759.502
GranadaValle del pas19789.502
GreensladeLarge Afternoon20003.001
GreenwallFrom The Treasure Box200510.001
Grey LotusOur little World of Glass201310.001
Grünlich GrauNiederstes Gewänz201511.001
GryphonCrossing The Styles - The Transatlantic Anthology20040.001
GryphonRed Queen To Gryphon Three197411.001
GryphonAbout As Curious As It Can Be200211.002
GryphonMidnight Mushrumps197312.001
GryphonGlastonbury Carol20030.001
GryphonRaindances - The Transatlantic Recordings 1973-1975201811.001
GualbertoA la vida, al dolor197511.001
GungflyOn her Journey to the Sun201712.001
Gypsy KyssWhen Passion Murdered Innocence19908.001
Gypsy KyssSongs From A Swirling Ocean199212.001
Gypsy KyssLast One In The World (Single)19927.001
Steve HackettWild Orchids200610.333
Steve HackettThe Night Siren201712.002
Steve HackettTo Watch The Storms200311.004
HagenCorridors of time200110.001
HaggardTales of Ithiria200811.001
HaggardAwaking The Centuries200015.001
HaizeaHontz Gaua197910.001
HandsTwenty Five Winters200212.002
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Roy HarperBurn the world199011.001
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Roy HarperThe BBC Tapes Volume IV (1975)199713.001
Roy HarperStormcock197112.502
Roy HarperThe BBC Tapes Volume VI (1978)199711.001
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Roy HarperThe BBC Tapes Volume I19979.001
Roy HarperThe BBC Tapes Volume III19979.001
Roy HarperFlashes from the archives of oblivion197410.001
Roy HarperIn between every line (Live in your living room)198611.001
Roy HarperWhat ever happened to Jugula?198510.001
Roy HarperDream Society199810.001
Annie HaslamAnnie in Wonderland19773.502
Herba D'HameliGirafes a Sibèria201111.001
Heron OblivionHeron Oblivion201610.001
Russell Hibbs & Daevid AllenNectans Glen20017.001
Hinn Islenski ÞursaflokkurinnÁ hljómleikum198012.003
Hinn Islenski ÞursaflokkurinnHinn Islenzki Þursaflokkur og Caput (CD/DVD)200814.001
Hinn Islenski ÞursaflokkurinnÞursabit197913.003
Hinn Islenski ÞursaflokkurinnSame197811.605
Hinn Islenski ÞursaflokkurinnÞursar200812.001
Hinn Islenski ÞursaflokkurinnÓkomin forneskjan20080.002
HipgnosisSky Is The Limit200611.001
HoelderlinHölderlins Traum19729.002
Lars HollmerSola200213.001
Lars HollmerVendelmässa19969.001
Lars HollmerXII Sibiriska cyclar198112.001
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Lars HollmerWith Floury Hand (sketches) / Med Mjölad Hand (skisser)20120.001
Lars HollmerAndetag19979.001
Lars HollmerVendeltid198712.001
Lars HollmerViandra200811.001
Lars HollmerFrån Natt Idag198311.001
Lars HollmerTonöga198510.001
HolonThe Time is Always Now201612.001
Bill HoltDreamies19739.001
HöstsonatenThe Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, Chapter One201212.001
HöstsonatenThe Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Chapter One - Alive in Theatre20130.001
Hot Head ShowPerfect201312.001
Steve HoweHomebrew 620160.001
Steve HowePortraits of Bob Dylan19998.502
Humble GrumbleFlanders Fields201111.002
Humble GrumbleThe Face Of Humble Grumble200811.001
I Treni All'Alba2011 A.D.201111.001
iamthemorningfrom the house of arts201512.001
Ihre KinderWerdohl197110.001
Il Bacio della MedusaSeme201811.001
Il Bacio della MedusaDiscesa agl'Inferi d'un Giovane Amante200811.502
Ill WickerUntamed201610.001
IllusionOut of the Mist19778.001
IllusionEnchanted Caress19906.001
In Search ForFaith200910.001
In The LabyrinthOne Trail To Heaven201110.001
In The LabyrinthWalking on Clouds19999.001
In The LabyrinthThe Garden of Mysteries19968.001
The Incredible String BandThe Hangman's Beautiful Daughter19685.001
The Incredible String BandChanging Horses19690.001
The Incredible String BandThe Big Huge19680.001
The Incredible String BandThe Incredible String Band19668.001
IndrâzorCocoon to Butterfly200410.001
Infinite Light Ltd.Infinite Light Ltd.201111.001
Instant FlightEndless Journey20088.001
International HarvesterSov Gott Rose-Marie196911.001
International HarvesterHemat19708.001
IOEarthNew World201511.502
IonaLive in London200812.001
IonaThe Book Of Kells199211.001
IonaOpen sky200011.001
IonaJourney Into The Morn199512.502
IonaWoven cord199912.001
IonaThe Circling Hour200611.001
IonaBeyond these shores199312.001
IonaHeaven's Bright Sun199711.002
IonaAnother Realm201112.001
IonaThe river flows - Anthology Volume 1200212.001
Iron MountainUnum201611.001
IZZampersand volume 1200410.001
Jack Foster IIIJazzraptor V - Apple Jack Magic20148.001
Jack O'The ClockRepetitions Of The Old City II201812.001
Jack O'The ClockRepetitions of the Old City - I201612.001
Jack O'The ClockNight Loops201412.001
Jack O'The ClockAll My Friends201310.001
Jackie-O MotherfuckerBallads of the Revolution200910.001
Jackie-O MotherfuckerValley of Fire200710.001
Jackie-O MotherfuckerThe Blood of Life20087.001
Jackie-O MotherfuckerEarth Sound System20119.001
Jackie-O MotherfuckerFlags of the Sacred Harp20059.001
Jackson HeightsThe Fifth Avenue Bus19725.001
Jaen KiefLas Hadas No Vuelan Más - I.Vagas Nubes200310.001
Los JaivasAlturas de Macchu Picchu198112.001
Los JaivasLos Jaivas19759.001
Los JaivasCanción Del Sur19778.001
Jan Dukes de GreyMice And Rats In The Loft197110.001
Janison EdgeThe Services Of Mary Goode19989.001
Janne PerssonMosaik198210.001
Jeavestone1 + 1 = OK201111.001
JeboSinking Without You200612.001
Jack JefferyEnlightened Horizon20148.001
Jethro TullThe very best of200111.001
Jethro Tull25th Anniversary Box199312.001
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Jethro TullMinstrel In The Gallery197511.504
Jethro TullHeavy Horses19789.805
Jethro TullToo Old To Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young To Die! - The TV Special Edition201511.001
Jethro TullIn Concert199510.001
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Jethro TullSongs from the Wood197711.673
Jethro TullA New Day Yesterday - The 25th Anniversary Collection (DVD)20039.001
Jethro TullStormwatch19799.502
Jethro TullCatfish Rising199110.502
Jethro TullThe Best Of Acoustic Jethro Tull20070.001
Jethro TullThe Broadsword And The Beast198210.002
Jethro TullAqualung Live20050.002
Björn JohanssonDiscus Ursi19989.001
Richard Leo JohnsonPoetry of Appliance200410.001
Richard Leo JohnsonWho Knew Charlie Shoe?200710.001
Richard Leo JohnsonFingertip Ship199911.001
Richard Leo JohnsonThe Legend of Vernon McAlister200611.001
Richard Leo JohnsonLanguage200010.001
John Paul JonesThe thunderthief200111.001
Josh & Co. LimitedThrough These Eyes20089.001
Joy UnlimitedMinne197510.001
Charles KaczynskiLumière de la Nuit197911.002
KaipaAngling Feelings20077.004
KaipaIn the Wake of Evolution20109.254
KalacakraCrawling To Lhasa19728.333
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild)As Far As The Eye Can See201111.001
KanoiFrom the City to the Stars201410.001
Marten Kantusairframe200910.001
Marten KantusNimbus20119.002
KaollSob os Olhos de Eva201710.001
Gadi KaplanMorning Sun201611.001
KarfagenMagician's Theater201411.001
KauanSorni Nai201511.001
KayakLetters from Utopia20098.001
KBBProof Of Concept200712.001
KebnekajseResa Mot Okänt Mal197110.001
KebnekajseKebnekajse (II)197311.001
KebnekajseKebnekaise III19759.001
Mike KeneallyScambot 2201612.003
Kerrs PinkArt of Complex Simplicity19978.002
Kerrs PinkTidings20029.502
Kerrs PinkKerrs Pink198011.001
Kerrs PinkMellom Oss198110.001
KeuhkotToimintatapoja Olioille200511.001
KeuhkotMitä otat mukaan muistoksi sivistyksestä199611.001
Carla Kihlstedt2 Foot Yard20039.502
Kingdom ComeGalactic Zoo Dossier197112.002
Kiss KissReality vs. The Optimist200712.001
Kiss KissThe Meek Shall Inherit What's Left200913.001
KnifeworldBottled Out Of Eden20169.673
KompendiumBeneath The Waves - Elements20130.001
KompendiumBeneath The Waves201211.502
Kosmos (FI)Vieraan Taivaan Alla200910.001
KotebelConcerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble201212.333
Boris KovacRitual Nova I & II199312.001
KrabatWaiting for the next big Thing20086.673
Sonja KristinaAnthology20179.001
Juha KujanpääKivenpyörittäjä / Tales and Travels201311.001
Kula ShakerPilgrims Progress20106.001
Kuusumun ProfeettaJatkuvasti maailmaa pelastamaan kyllästynyt supersankari200210.002
Kuusumun ProfeettaSanansaattaja Oraakkeli Salamurha Hyökkäysvaunu200411.001
Kuusumun ProfeettaHymyilevien Laivojen Satama200611.502
Kuusumun ProfeettaLyhtykuja200812.001
Kuusumun ProfeettaRiemun ja kurjuuden sälekaihtimet20069.001
Kuusumun ProfeettaHuutoja hiljaisesta huoneesta201211.001
Kuusumun ProfeettaKukin Kaappiaan Selässään Kantaa200112.001
La DesooordenCiudad De Papel200713.001
Greg LakeFrom the Beginning - The Greg Lake Retrospective19976.001
Las Orejas Y La LenguaError200312.001
LavaTears are goin' home19738.001
LazuliRéponse Incongrue à l'Inéluctable200912.004
LazuliTant que l'herbe est grasse20148.754
LazuliEn avant doute...200611.502
LazuliSix Frenchmen in Amsterdam : live at Paradiso (DVD)200912.002
Lazuli(4603 battements)201111.004
Le Ton MitéPassé Composé Futur Conditionnel201712.001
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaAl Filo200210.502
Lemmus LemmusChameleon Mood Swing200510.002
Ben Levin GroupInvisible Paradise201211.001
Ben Levin GroupPeople20179.002
Ben Levin GroupPulse of a Nation201013.001
LightdreamsIslands in Space198110.001
Lightdreams10001 Dreams19829.001
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Pär Lindh & Björn JohanssonDreamsongs from Middle Earth20035.002
Little AtlasNeverworldly19988.001
Locanda delle FateHomo homini lupus19995.001
Emilio LocurcioL'Eliogabalo197910.001
Arjen Anthony LucassenLost In The New Real201211.002
Lucifer WasDiesGrows20148.001
Lukas Tower BandAfter Long Years20049.001
Lukas Tower BandAge Of Gold20188.001
Lukas Tower BandAlbedo20108.502
LunocodeC'e vita intelligente sulla terra?201411.001
MagentaNight And Day (Single)20060.001
MagentaHome / The New York Suite: Special Edition20069.673
MagusThe garden20029.001
Bruce MainElements20068.001
Major ParkinsonSongs From A Solitary Home201012.001
Make A RisingInfinite Ellipse and Head With Open Fontanel200813.001
Make A RisingRip Through the Hawk Black Night200511.002
Didier Malherbe / Loy EhrlichHadouk199511.001
MalicorneLe bestiaire197913.502
MalicorneLes Cathédrales de l'Industrie198610.001
MalicorneBalançoire en Feu198114.001
MalicorneMalicorne (Colin)197412.001
MandalabandAD - Sangreal20119.001
MandalabandBC - Ancestors20099.001
ManningAnser´s Tree200610.673
ManningThe ragged curtain200211.001
ManningA Matter Of Life & Death (The Journal Of Abel Mann)20047.254
ManningThe Root, The Leaf & The Bone201310.001
ManningOne Small Step...20058.805
ManningSongs from the Bilston House200710.001
Melanie Mau & Martin SchnellaThe Oblivion Tales20170.002
Melanie Mau & Martin SchnellaGray Matters201512.001
Melanie Mau & Martin SchnellaGray Matters - Live in Concert20170.002
Loreena McKennittLive in Paris and Toronto199913.001
Loreena McKennittThe book of secrets199710.001
Loreena McKennittThe Mask and Mirror199413.502
Loreena McKennittA Midwinter Night's Dream200810.001
Laura MeadeRemedium201811.002
Mechanical BirdBitter Herbs201311.001
Rodolfo MederosDe todas maneras197711.001
Rodolfo MederosTodo hoy197811.001
Mellow CandleSwaddling Songs197210.001
Mermaid KissEtarlis20079.001
MessengerIllusory Blues201510.001
MezquitaRecuerdos de mi Tierra197911.333
MIAMagicos Juegos del Tiempo19779.001
Mario MilloMusic from the Television Series "GP"199610.001
Mario MilloAgainst the wind197810.001
Mario MilloBrides of Christ - Soundtrack from The Series19916.001
David MinasianRandom Acts Of Beauty20108.001
Minimum VitalSarabandes199010.001
Minimum VitalLa source199310.001
Minimum VitalAtlas200411.001
Minimum VitalPavanes201510.001
Minimum VitalCapitaines200811.002
MolcaSuper Ethnic Flavor20055.001
MonjoieAffetto e Attrazione20126.001
Maria MontiIl Bestiario197411.001
MoongardenSongs From The Lighthouse200810.333
The MoorFlux199612.001
The MorriganHidden agenda20029.001
The MorriganMasque199810.001
Neal MorseSend the Fire20060.001
Neal MorseSongs From The Highway20070.001
Neal MorseThe Similitude Of A Dream Live In Tilburg 2017201811.502
Mostly AutumnGlass Shadows20087.002
Mostly AutumnHeart Full Of Sky200610.003
Mostly AutumnStorms Over London Town20068.001
Mostly AutumnThe Spirit Of Autumn Past199912.001
Mostly AutumnThe Last Bright Light200112.001
Mostly Autumn(Music inspired by) The Lord Of The Rings200110.001
Mostly AutumnThe Ghost Moon Orchestra20125.001
Mostly AutumnThe story so far (DVD)20019.001
Mostly AutumnThe next chapter (DVD)20035.001
Mostly AutumnAt the Grand Opera House (DVD)200310.001
Mostly AutumnPassengers200310.002
Mostly AutumnThe V-Shows (DVD)200410.001
Mostly AutumnGo well Diamond Heart20108.001
Mother GongFairy Tales19790.001
Mother TurtleZea Mice201811.001
MotisPrince des Hauteurs20049.001
MotorpsychoThe Tower201711.673
Motorpsycho and Ståle StorløkkenThe Death Defying Unicorn201212.805
Mr GilLight And Sound20108.001
Mr. So & SoTruths, Lies & Half Lies201310.001
Dominik MüllerLevellym20048.002
Música DispersaMúsica Dispersa197010.001
Música UrbanaBanda Sonora de la Pelicula: Primera Aventura de Pepe Carvalho: Tatuaje197811.001
MythologicStanding in Stillness20039.003
NarrOxymore Dans La Chrysalide Des Rêves20093.001
Narrow PassA Room Of Fairy Queen's200610.001
Natural BreakdownAll the Paths200910.001
Natural BreakdownInside The One20079.001
Nell JamesTempus200612.001
NimalDis tanz199210.001
Nirgal VallisY Murió la Tarde19849.001
No Secrets in the FamilyIn a certain Light we all appear green198712.001
Non CredoReluctant Hosts198811.001
Nordic NomadicWorldwide Skyline201110.001
North Sea Radio OrchestraDronne201611.001
North Sea Radio OrchestraI am a Moon201111.001
Notturno ConcertanteCanzoni allo specchio201211.502
Nucleus TornAndromeda Awaiting201013.001
Nucleus TornTravellers201011.001
Nucleus TornBlowing Up The Entire World (Explosions 1997 - 2015)20150.001
Nucleus TornNihil200612.001
Nucleus TornStreet Lights Fail201412.001
Nucleus TornGolden Age201112.001
OAK (Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative)Giordano Bruno201711.001
OaksenhamConquest Of The Pacific200611.002
Obscurale città invisibili200710.001
OHOBricolage (CD+DVD)20088.001
Mike OldfieldVoyager19969.003
Mike OldfieldReturn to Ommadawn201711.673
Olive Messgramercy20027.001
Luca OlivieriLa quarta dimensione20083.001
Opus AvantraOpus Magnum200313.001
Orange Tulip ConspiracyOrange Tulip Conspiracy200810.001
Le OrmeUomo di Pezza197212.001
Le OrmeThe Universal Music Collection20090.001
Le OrmePiccola Rapsodia Dell´Ape19809.001
Le OrmeFlorian197910.001
Orphaned LandAll Is One201312.502
Orphaned LandMabool - The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven200411.001
Orphaned LandThe Road To OR-Shalem201113.001
Orphaned Land & AmasefferKna'an201611.001
OTEME (Osservatorio delle Terre Emerse)Il Corpo nel Sogno201811.001
OTEME (Osservatorio delle Terre Emerse)Il Giardino Disincantato201310.502
OTEME (Osservatorio delle Terre Emerse)L’agguato, l’abbandono, il mutamento201511.502
OugenweideOuwe war20058.001
OugenweideNoch aber ist April19818.001
OugenweideWol mich der Stunde200410.001
OugenweideAll die weil ich mag197410.001
OysterheadThe Grand Pecking Order200111.001
PaatosSilence Of Another Kind200611.001
PaavoharjuYhä hämärää200512.001
Il Paese dei BalocchiIl Paese dei Balocchi197210.002
Mauro PaganiMauro Pagani197810.001
Jimmy Page & Robert PlantNo Quarter199410.333
PaidarionTwo Worlds Encounter20168.001
Pain of SalvationFalling Home201411.502
PandoraDramma Di Un Poeta Ubriaco200810.001
PandoraSempre e Ovunque Oltre Il Sogno201011.001
pArAdOx OnEEscalators To Mars200310.001
Parzivals EyeDefragments20159.502
Rog PattersonFlightless198910.001
Pavlov's DogEcho & Boo201011.001
Jean-Luc PayssanPierrots & Arlequins20058.001
Pelagic ZonePelagic Zone201310.002
Les PenningBelerion20169.003
PentangleSweet Child196812.001
PentanglePass avant199911.001
PentangleOpen The Door19859.001
PentangleThink of Tomorrow19916.001
PentangleBasket of Light196911.333
PentangleCruel Sister19709.001
PentangleSolomon's Seal19728.001
PentangleAbout Thyme19956.001
PentangleThe Albums 1968-1972201712.001
Pepe MainaIl Santo dell'Arca e del Crauto201111.001
Periferia Del MondoPerif3ria Del Mondo200610.002
Rudy PerroneOceans Of Art19817.001
Persona GrataReaching Places High Above201310.002
PhideauxGhost Story200410.001
Anthony PhillipsThe Geese & the Ghost197711.002
PhoenixCei Ce Ne-Au Dat Nume197210.002
PhoenixMugur De Fluier19749.001
Pictorial WandA Sleeper's Awakening20066.502
Pienza EthnorkestraIndiens d'Europe200612.002
La Pietra LunareLa Pietra Lunare20159.001
PingvinorkesternLook - No Hands!20179.001
Pink FloydMore19699.754
Pink FloydUmmagumma196911.334
PlantsDouble Infinity200711.001
Pekka PohjolaUrban Tango198214.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Sing, for Song Drives Away the Wolves19930.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Die Nacht der Seele - tantric songs197913.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Cobra Verde (Soundtrack)198710.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiA.D.2010-La Buona Novella201010.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiPasspartù19785.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiEmotional Tattoos20177.002
Prime MoverImperfekt200712.001
Prime MoverPrime Mover alias Drivkraft200411.001
ProjectName stolen20068.502
Project: PatchworkRe/Flection201811.001
Quaterna RéquiemVelha gravura19909.001
QuidamSny Aniolów199810.333
QuidamThe Time Beneath The Sky/Pod Niebem Czas200211.502
Quiet WorldThe Road19707.001
QuikionEscargot Bianco19999.001
QuirinusThe decision tree20097.001
Rachel's BirthdayThe english roses EP20004.001
Rain for a Dayelemental200411.002
Mikael RamelTill Dej197211.001
Mikael RamelExtra Vagansa197410.001
Reale Accademia di MusicaAdriano Monteduro & Reale Accademia Di Musica197411.001
Red JasperA Midsummer Night's Dream199310.001
Red JasperThe Winter's Tale19949.001
ReddTristes Noticias del Imperio197811.001
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresMay You Dine On Weeds Made Bitter By The Piss Of Drunkards19999.001
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresBent At The Waist200210.001
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresThe Quiet Room200511.001
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresSister Death20129.002
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresThe Smother Party200612.001
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresEvery Man For Himself & God Against All200311.001
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresThe Blind Spot200711.001
Alec K. Redfearn and The SeizuresExterminating Angel200811.001
Alan ReedDancing with Ghosts201110.002
Alan ReedFirst In A Field Of One201211.001
Robert ReedVariations On Themes By David Bedford20176.001
Robert ReedTheme From Dr.Who20185.001
Regal WormPig Views201812.001
Regal WormNeither Use Nor Ornament (A Small Collection Of Big Suites)201412.001
Regal WormUse And Ornament201313.001
RegicideBreak The Silence200610.001
Jane RelfJane's Renaissance. The Complete Jane Relf Collection: 1969 - 199520080.001
RenaissanceKings & Queens201010.001
RenaissanceTurn of the Cards197411.002
RenaissanceSymphony of Light201411.001
Renaissance'Unplugged' - 'Live' at The Academy of Music, Philadelphia USA20007.001
RenaissanceIn the land of the rising sun20029.001
RenaissanceThe Mystic and the Muse201011.002
Renaissance IllusionThrough The Fire20015.001
RenaissantSouth of Winter20046.001
R-Evolution BandThe Dark Side of the Wall 1979-2013201311.001
Revolutionary Army of the Infant JesusThe Gift of Tears198712.001
Catherine Ribeiro + AlpesCatherine Ribeiro + 2 BIS196910.001
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpesnº2197010.001
Catherine Ribeiro + AlpesAme Debout197110.001
RipailleLa vieille que l'on brûla197712.003
Talitha RiseAn Abandoned Orchid House201810.001
RitualThink Like A Mountain200310.333
RitualDid I go wrong (EP)19999.001
RitualSuperb Birth19998.502
RitualThe Hemulic Voluntary Band200711.502
Claudio RocchiVolo magico n. 1197110.001
Claudio RocchiLa norma del cielo197210.001
Claudio RocchiViaggio19709.001
Roz VitalisLavoro d'Amore201511.001
Roz VitalisLive at Mezzo Forte Moscow September '09200910.001
Roz VitalisEnigmarden20059.001
Roz VitalisPatience of Hope201212.001
Roz VitalisLive Autumn '05 In the Ad Lucem Studio200510.001
Roz VitalisThe Hidden Man of the Heart201812.001
RPWL...plays Pink Floyd's 'The Man And The Journey'201611.001
Rufus ZuphallWeiß der Teufel197110.001
Rufus ZuphallAvalon And On20058.001
Todd RundgrenSomething/Anything197212.001
Sad MinstrelThe Flight of the Phoenix20015.502
Saga de Ragnar LodbrockSaga de Ragnar Lodbrock19799.001
Saint JustSaint Just197312.001
Saint JustLa casa del lago197410.502
Michel SajrawyArabop201210.001
Michel SajrawyYathrib200611.001
SalvaA handful of earth20046.001
SalvaLeft to burn20079.001
Samsara Blues ExperimentRevelation & Mystery201110.001
Elaine Samuels and Kindred SpiritPhoenix Rising201510.001
The Samurai of ProgArchiviarum201810.001
Yossi SassiDesert Butterflies20148.754
Scarlet ThreadValheista Kaunein200611.001
Nerissa SchwarzPlaygrounds Lost201612.002
Secret GreenTo Wake The King200911.002
SenogulConcierto De Evocación Sonora Para Conjunto Instrumental200912.001
Sensitive To LightFrom The Ancient World200810.502
SeptimaniaWelcome To Septimania200211.001
SequoyaJulia On The Tree200010.001
Seven ReizhStrinkadenn Ys200212.333
Shadow RayEyes,Gleaming Through The Dark20176.001
ShearwaterThe Golden Archipelago201013.001
Yasuaki ShimizuKakashi198212.001
Sh'lonkChild of Music20179.001
Simeon Soul ChargerHarmony Square201212.001
Simeon Soul ChargerMeet me in the afterlife201110.502
Alan SimonSongwriter20170.001
Alan SimonExcalibur IV - The Dark Age of the Dragon201710.001
Patrik Skantze and the Free Souls SocietyFiction at first view20069.002
Slede, Zivé SledeMilácek Vytvárí Krajinu199812.001
Slede, Zivé SledeRostliny! Rostliny!200011.001
SolsticeKindred Spirits (DVD/CD)201110.001
Sonus UmbraWinter Soulstice201310.001
Alan SorrentiCome un vecchio incensiere all'alba di un villaggio deserto197312.003
Alan SorrentiAlan Sorrenti197410.001
SoulitudeSo came restless Night20088.001
Spellbound DazzleUnreal Fairytales201111.001
Spirits Burning & ClearlightThe Roadmap in your Head201610.001
SpirogyraSt. Radigunds197111.001
SpirogyraBurn the Bridges20009.001
SpirogyraBells, Boots and Shambles197310.001
SpirogyraOld Boot Wine19727.001
Felix StefanoffThe Mintgreen EP20127.001
SteinwolkeDie frühen Jahre20108.001
Steve Morse BandStand Up19859.001
Steve Morse BandThe Introduction198411.001
Storm CorrosionStorm Corrosion201210.333
Stormy SixUn biglietto del tram19759.001
Stormy SixL'Apprendista197711.001
The StrawbsJust a collection of Antiques and curios197010.001
The StrawbsFrom The Witchwood197110.502
The StrawbsGrave New World19727.001
String Driven ThingThe Machine That Cried19736.002
Subterranean MasqueradeVagabond20179.502
Sündenfall IISündenfall II19718.001
Sunset in the 12th houseMozaic201511.001
Supernal EndgameTouch The Sky20109.001
Supernal EndgameTouch the Sky Volume II201410.001
Sus DungoDown The River201514.001
SwansTo Be Kind201412.001
SwansThe Seer201213.502
SwansThe Glowing Man201612.001
SwansMy Father Will Guide Me up a Rope to the Sky201010.001
Sweet SmokeDarkness To Light19737.001
Syd mattersSomeday we will foresee obstacles200511.001
Sydän SydänAu200711.001
Syrinx CallWind In The Woods201510.001
Tabula RasaSame197511.001
Tabula SmaragdinaA szavakon tul200910.001
Taipuva LuotisuoraII200610.001
Talitha QumiDespre Cuvinte199612.001
TantalusLumen Et Caligo II200411.001
Lou Maxwell TaylorCheshire Tree Suite199914.001
Tea For TwoDream Or Reality19938.001
Tea For TwoTwisted200610.001
Mama Béa TékielskiLa Folle197612.001
Il Tempio delle ClessidreIl-Lūdĕre201711.001
TenhiFolk Aesthetic 1996-2006200711.001
Tenhiairut: aamujen200611.001
TeTsuoCousu Main200912.001
TeTsuoTeTsuo Big Band20110.001
TeTsuo & L'OeillèreLos 3 Compañeros Desperdicios20110.001
TeTsuoBetween Earth & Moon200610.001
The Electric FamilyIce Cream Phoenix - Resurrection201210.001
The Electric FamilyRoyal Hunt20067.001
The Electric FamilyThe Long March...from Bremen to Betancuria201810.001
The Nerve InstituteFictions201511.002
The PercWorldlooker19958.001
The Perc Meets The Hidden GentlemanAges19938.001
The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman & The Lavender OrchestraPraha20179.001
The Raptor TrailNew World201610.001
The Samuel Jackson FiveThe Samuel Jackson Five201212.001
The SilenceHark The Silence201511.001
The Tea ClubQuickly Quickly Quickly201210.001
TherionGothic Kabbalah200710.001
Third Ear BandMusic from Macbeth197211.001
Third Ear BandThe Magus200410.001
Third Ear BandBrain Waves199311.001
Molly ThompsonAsh200711.001
ThorkWe Ila200412.502
ThorkNula Jedan200713.002
Steve ThorneEmotional Creatures: Part One200511.001
Steve Thornepart two: emotional creatures200710.502
Steve TibbettsSteve Tibbetts197711.001
Steve TibbettsYr198011.001
Tin Hat (Trio)The Sad Machinery Of Spring200711.001
Tin Hat (Trio)Foreign Legion201011.001
Tin Hat (Trio)The Rain is a Handsome Animal201212.001
Tin Hat (Trio)The Rodeo Eroded20029.001
Tin Hat (Trio)Book of Silk200410.001
TirillUm Himinjodur20148.001
TirillA dance with the shadows200410.001
TirillNine and Fifty Swans20117.001
TirillTales From Tranquil August Gardens20118.001
ToehiderTo Hide Her201110.001
TømrerclausEn Spade Er En Spade200211.001
Träd, Gras och StenarTräd, Gras och Stenar19709.001
TrafficThe Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys197111.001
TrafficJohn Barleycorn Must Die197010.502
TrafficWelcome To The Canteen19719.002
TrafficLast Exit19697.001
TrafficThe Last Great Traffic Jam20059.502
TreesOn The Shore197010.001
TreesThe Garden of Jane Delawney197010.001
Trettioåriga KrigetElden av år200410.502
Tri AtmaTri Atma19790.001
TrianaEl Patio197511.502
TrianaSombra Y Luz197910.001
TrianaUn Encuentro19809.001
TrianaLlegó El Dia19837.001
TrianaHijos del agobio197711.502
TributeTerra Incognita199111.001
TributeLive! The Melody The Beat The Heart199010.001
Bobb TrimbleHarvest of Dreams19829.001
Bobb TrimbleIron Curtain Innocence19808.001
TroissoeurTrah Njim200012.001
TugsEuropa Minor20139.002
TusmørkeFørt Bak Lyset201612.002
TusmørkeRiset Bak Speilet201412.001
TusmørkeFjernsyn i farver201811.502
TusmørkeUnderjordisk Tusmørke201210.002
Twice BittenLast Cut20159.001
TýrHow Far To Asgaard200211.001
Ueno ParkDix-Mille Yeux20178.001
Umphrey's McGeeLive At The Murat200711.001
Umphrey's McGeeLocal Band Does O.K.200210.502
Umphrey's McGeeSafety in Numbers200610.001
Umphrey's McGeeDeath By Stereo201111.001
Umphrey's McGeeThe Bottom Half20079.001
Umphrey's McGeeMantis200911.001
Unearth NoiseSpirit Guitar201410.001
Steve UnruhThe Great Divide200711.001
UZVATammikuinen Tammela199911.001
Elizabeth Anka VajagicStand With the Stillness of This Day200411.001
Various ArtistsThe Alien Killer Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive Rock19977.001
Various ArtistsThe Good, The Bad And The Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive Rock19976.001
Various ArtistsKinections: The Progday Support CD200510.001
Various ArtistsThe Essence of Swedish Progressive Music 1967 - 1979. Pregnant Rainbows for colourblind Dreamers20070.001
Various ArtistsThe Bearded's Project - Hope | Omid200711.001
Venegoni & Co.Planetarium20077.001
Venegoni & Co.Sarabanda19798.001
VHK (Vágtázó HalottKémek)Az Éden Visszahódítása 1. (Reconquering Eden 1.)199712.001
VHK (Vágtázó HalottKémek)Az Éden Visszahódítása 2. (Reconquering Eden 2.)199811.001
VHK (Vágtázó HalottKémek)A Halál Móresre Tanítása - A Világösztön Kiugrasztása199711.001
Ville Emard Blues BandLive à Montréal197410.001
Ville Emard Blues BandVille Emard197510.001
Ville Emard Blues BandAu complet 1973-197520040.001
Violet HourThe Fire Sermon199112.001
Volapükwhere is Tamashii?20038.001
Von Zamla1983199913.001
Von Hertzen BrothersApproach200612.001
Rene de VrengPandora200210.001
Wailing of the WindsII201310.001
WaterclimeThe Astral Factor20059.001
Leah WaybrightBeauty gone wild19997.001
The Weever SandsKeep Your Face Turned To The Light20169.001
White WillowSacrament200011.673
White WillowEx Tenebris19988.502
White WillowIgnis Fatuus199511.502
White WillowTerminal Twilight201111.002
Dave Willey & FriendsImmeasurable Currents201111.673
The Wishing TreeCarnival of Souls19966.001
The Wishing TreeOstara20098.001
WitchwoodLitanies From The Woods20156.001
Witthüser & WestruppTrips + Träume19719.001
Witthüser & WestruppDer Jesuspilz / Musik vom Evangelium19717.002
Witthüser & WestruppBauer Plath19728.001
World Sanguine ReportThird One Rises200912.001
Gabriel YacoubBabel199711.001
Gabriel YacoubElementary Level of Faith19878.001
Gabriel YacoubQuatre199412.001
YesHeaven & Earth20145.177
YesterdaysHoldfénykert (Moonlit Garden)200612.003
Yoke ShireA seer in the midst20029.001
Yoke ShireThe witching hour200710.001
Yoke ShireMasque of Shadows19999.002
Yossi Sassi BandRoots And Roads201610.003
Hartmut ZinnHeiles Land19829.001
Zip TangFeed our heads201011.001

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