Erweiterte Suche
Andromeda (60s) - See into the Stars
Aphrodite's Child - End of the world
Aphrodite's Child - It's five o'clock
Brian Auger - Auger Rhythms
Barrett Elmore - Woodlands
The Beach Boys - Classics: Selected By Brian Wilson
The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
The Beatles - Revolver
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Beatles - Yellow Submarine Songtrack
Bigelf - Into The Maelstrom
Birdeatsbaby - Tanta Furia
Black Mountain - In The Future
Pete Brown & Piblokto! - Things May Come And Things May Go, But The Art School Dance Goes On Forever
Pete Brown & Piblokto! - Thousands On A Raft
Robert Calvert - Lucky Leif and the Longships
Captain Beefheart - Safe As Milk
Chicago - Chicago II
Chicago - The Chicago Transit Authority
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Monolith Of Phobos
Coheed And Cambria - In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Salvador Dali & Igor Wakhevitch - Être Dieu
Wolfgang Dauner Quintet - The Oimels
The Dear Hunter - Act I: The Lake South The River North
Diagonal - The Second Mechanism
William D. Drake - Revere Reach
Epidermis - June 1975
Genesis - The Genesis of Genesis
Giles, Giles & Fripp - The cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles & Fripp
Gomorrha - Trauma
Grobschnitt - Die Grobschnitt Story 2
Steve Howe - Mothballs - Groups & Sessions 1964 - 1969
Steve Howe with Bodast - The Early Years
Ihre Kinder - 2375 004 (Jeanscover)
Ihre Kinder - Werdohl
Instant Flight - Endless Journey
Ion Quest - Ion Quest
Jeavestone - 1 + 1 = OK
Lobster Newberg - Vernal Equinox
London Underground - London Underground
Love Sculpture - Forms and Feelings
Mabel Greer's Toyshop - New Way of Life
Madame Blavatsky Overdrive - Idiot Jones Will Have His Day
Man - Christmas at the Patti
Man - Revelation
Misty Range - Misty Range
Modest Midget - The Great Prophecy of a Small Man
The Narcotic Slave Orchestra - Love, Art, Intoxication / Musick For Flies
Obskuria - Discovery of Obskuria
Phideaux - The Great Leap
The Psychedelic Avengers - ...and the curse of the universe
The Psychedelic Avengers - The Psychedelic Avengers and the Decterian Blood Empire
Rare Bird - Rare Bird
Saint Steven - Over the hills / The Bastich
Salamander - The Ten Commandments
The Setting Son - Spring of Hate
Skaldowie - Cisza krzyczy - Leningrad 1972
Skyron Orchestra - Situations
Judge Smith - Zoot Suit
Soft Machine - Jet Propelled Photographs
Stackridge - Extravaganza
The Strawbs - Burning For You
The Strawbs - Deep Cuts
Sweatin' Like Nixon - Fishing In Political Sewers
Sweatin' Like Nixon - Tunes For Young People To Enjoy
The Syn - Syndestructible
Umphrey's McGee - Anchor Drops
The Urbane - Glitter
The Urbane - Neon
Vanilla Fudge - The Return - Live in Germany 2003
Various Artists - The Essence of Swedish Progressive Music 1967 - 1979. Pregnant Rainbows for colourblind Dreamers
Violeta De Outono - Ilhas
The Void's last Stand - A Sun by Rising Set
The Who - Tommy
The Wilde Flowers - The Wilde Flowers
Yellow Sunshine Explosion - Yellow Sunshine Explosion
Yolk (SUI) - Die Dritte
Frank Zappa - Absolutely Free
24976 Rezensionen zu 17123 Alben von 6671 Bands.

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Band  Album Rezensent Ø-Wertung # Rezis
10 cc10 ccChristian Rode12.001
The 16 Deadly ImprovsThe Triumph of The 16 Deadly ImprovsSiggy Zielinski12.001
19801980Thomas Kohlruß11.502
1-A DüsseldorfKönigreich BilkJochen Rindfrey12.001
35007LiquidKristian Selm12.001
the 3rd and the mortalTears Laid In EarthKristian Selm8.605
5 UU'sCrisis in ClayRalf J. Günther11.502
5 UU'sHunger´s TeethRalf J. Günther12.001
5 UU'sElementsAchim Breiling12.001
7CCompartment CJochen Rindfrey12.001
A Cosmic TrailThe Outer PlanesKai Lorenz Kruppa12.001
A Piedi NudiEclissiThomas Kohlruß12.001
A.R. & MachinesEchoAchim Breiling12.001
AavikkoBack From The FuterAchim Breiling12.001
AavikkoDerek!Achim Breiling12.001
AbstraktLimbosisThomas Kohlruß12.001
Abus DangereuxLe Quatrième MouvementNik Brückner11.002
Accordo dei ContrariKublaiJörg Schumann11.004
Accordo dei ContrariAdCAchim Breiling12.254
Accordo dei ContrariKinesisKristian Selm11.254
Accordo dei ContrariKinesisJörg Schumann11.254
Accordo dei ContrariViolato IntattoJochen Rindfrey12.002
Accordo dei ContrariViolato IntattoSiggy Zielinski12.002
Accordo dei ContrariKinesisThomas Kohlruß11.254
Accordo dei ContrariAdCJochen Rindfrey12.254
Accordo dei ContrariAdCJörg Schumann12.254
Acid Mothers TempleAbsolutely Freak Out (Zap Your Mind!!)Achim Breiling12.001
Acid Mothers TempleNam Myo Ho Ren Ge KyoAchim Breiling12.001
Acqua FragileMass-media starsGünter Schote10.333
Add N to (X)Avant HardAchim Breiling12.001
AdagioUnderworldKristian Selm12.001
Adam HolzmanTruth DecayPeter Meyer12.001
AdeiaHourglassGunnar Claußen12.001
AeneasNew RenaissanceMartin Dambeck11.502
ÆON SPOKEAbove The Buried CryChristian Rode10.503
Aeon ZenThe Face of the UnknownSiggy Zielinski9.333
AeoSMemories Of A Dead ManThomas Kohlruß12.001
After CryingStruggle for lifeThomas Kohlruß12.003
After Crying6Jochen Rindfrey10.673
After CryingShowRalf J. Günther12.205
After CryingBootleg SymphonyThomas Kohlruß11.333
After CryingStruggle for lifeJörg Schumann12.003
After CryingLive (DVD)Roland Heil12.001
After CryingShowJochen Rindfrey12.205
After CryingMegalázottak és MegszomorítottakUdo Gerhards12.504
After CryingMegalázottak és MegszomorítottakThomas Kohlruß12.504
After CryingMegalázottak és MegszomorítottakJörg Schumann12.504
After CryingStruggle for lifeKristian Selm12.003
AGE2Christian Rode12.001
Agent FrescoA Long Time ListeningThomas Kohlruß12.001
Agent FrescoDestrierThomas Kohlruß11.002
Agitation FreeMaleschJochen Rindfrey12.003
Agitation FreeMaleschAchim Breiling12.003
Agitation FreeMaleschAndreas Pläschke12.003
Morgan Ågren, Henry Kaiser, Trey GunnInvisible RaysJochen Rindfrey12.001
Air CandaAir CandaAchim Breiling12.001
Pekka AiraksinenMangalaAchim Breiling12.001
AirbagThe Greatest Show on EarthMarc Colling11.003
Don AireyAll OutNik Brückner12.001
Don AireyKeyed UpNik Brückner12.001
Akinetón RetardAkrananiaJochen Rindfrey12.001
Akinetón RetardAkinetón Ao VivoJochen Rindfrey12.002
Akinetón RetardAkinetón Ao VivoAchim Breiling12.002
Aksak Maboul16 Visions of Ex-FuturAchim Breiling12.001
Aksak MaboulEx-Futur AlbumAchim Breiling12.001
AKSUThe Way to Destroy and Create Things / Screenplay and Outline for an Unexpected SpaceAchim Breiling12.001
Alamaailman VasaratHuuro KolkkoAchim Breiling11.002
Alamaailman VasaratKäärmelautakuntaThorsten Gürntke10.673
Alamaailman VasaratVasaraasiaAchim Breiling11.504
Alamaailman VasaratVasaraasiaKristian Selm11.504
AlasPinta Tu AldeaRalf J. Günther11.333
Alboth!LiebefeldRalf J. Günther12.001
Alboth!Ecco la fieraRalf J. Günther11.502
AlchemistTripsisMichael Büttgen12.001
Alex’s HandKaTaTaKVolkmar Mantei12.001
Alex’s HandKünstler ScheißeAchim Breiling12.001
Alfie RynerWhat's Wrong?Jochen Rindfrey12.001
Alfie RynerIIJochen Rindfrey12.001
Alias EyeA Different Point Of YouSal Pichireddu12.003
Alias EyeA Different Point Of YouThomas Kohlruß12.003
Alias EyeIn FocusThomas Kohlruß11.002
Alias EyeA Different Point Of YouThorsten Gürntke12.003
Alias EyeIn-BetweenChristian Rode10.254
Alien GunTales from unbroken soulsMarc Colling12.001
Altare ThotemicoSogno ErrandoThorsten Gürntke12.002
Altare ThotemicoSogno ErrandoThomas Kohlruß12.002
Alternative 4The ObscurantsMarc Colling11.502
Aluk TodoloVoixThomas Kohlruß12.001
Alusa FallaxIntorno Alla Mia Cattiva EducazioneHorst Straske11.002
AmarokSol De MedianocheThomas Kohlruß11.502
AmbrosiaSomewhere I've never travelledPiotre Walter12.001
The American Analog SetPromise of LoveChristian Rode12.001
Amia Venera LandscapeThe Long ProcessionGunnar Claußen12.001
Amoeba SplitSecond SplitAchim Breiling12.001
Amoebic EnsembleLimbic RageJochen Rindfrey12.001
Amon Düül IITanz der LemmingeAchim Breiling11.002
Amon Düül IIPhallus DeiAndreas Pläschke10.673
AmorphisTales From The Thousand LakesGunnar Claußen12.001
Tori AmosLittle EarthquakesJörg Schumann13.003
Tori AmosAbnormally Attracted To SinDirk Reuter10.002
Tori AmosLittle EarthquakesMarkus Peltner13.003
Tori AmosUnder The PinkJörg Schumann12.502
AmpledeedByobSiggy Zielinski12.001
AmplifierTrippin' with Dr. FaustusChristian Rode8.502
AmplifierEcho StreetSebastian Hauck12.002
AmplifierEcho StreetThomas Kohlruß12.002
AmplifierMystoriaChristian Rode11.502
An Endless SporadicAmeliorateNik Brückner12.001
AnacrusisScreams and WhispersGeorg Heep12.001
AnathemaEternityMichael Hirle12.001
AnathemaWe're here because we're hereHenning Mangold8.673
AnathemaThe Silent EnigmaMichael Hirle12.001
AnathemaA natural disasterMichael Hirle9.003
AnathemaAlternative 4Marc Colling10.502
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & HoweAn Evening Of Yes Music Plus... (Video/DVD)Nik Brückner10.673
Åke Anderssonin ja Antero HonkanenReidarin Sähköiset KuvatAchim Breiling12.001
Ian AndersonThick As A Brick. Live in IcelandNik Brückner12.001
Ian AndersonThick as a Brick 2Markus Peltner10.805
Ian AndersonThick as a Brick 2Piotre Walter10.805
Jon AndersonOlias Of SunhillowAndreas Pläschke13.005
Laurie AndersonBig ScienceAndreas Pläschke11.333
Laurie AndersonUnited States LiveAndreas Pläschke12.001
Laurie AndersonBig SciencePiotre Walter11.333
Laurie AndersonBright red - TightropeAndreas Pläschke12.001
AndromedaII = IFranco Cappelletti11.502
AnekdotenVemodHorst Straske11.673
AnekdotenUntil All The Ghosts Are GoneThomas Kohlruß11.333
AnekdotenFrom WithinHorst Straske10.333
AnekdotenOfficial Bootleg - Live In JapanKristian Selm10.673
AnekdotenNucleusJörg Schumann12.003
AnekdotenChaptersGünter Schote12.002
AnekdotenVemodJörg Schumann11.673
AnekdotenNucleusHorst Straske12.003
AnekdotenNucleusUdo Gerhards12.003
Angele tour de la questionThomas Kohlruß12.001
AngeCulinaire LingusChristian Rode12.002
AngeEmile JacoteyHorst Straske12.001
AngeAu-Delà Du DélireJochen Rindfrey11.002
AngeEscale à Ch'tilandThomas Kohlruß12.001
AngeLe bois travaille, même le dimancheThomas Kohlruß11.003
AngeZénith an IIThomas Kohlruß12.001
AngePar les Fils de MandrinHorst Straske10.502
AngeCulinaire LingusKristian Selm12.002
AngeMoyen-ÂgeThomas Kohlruß11.502
AngeEn Concert - Par Les Fils De Mandrin - Millésimé 77Thomas Schüßler12.001
AngeUn p'tit tour et puis s'en vontJürgen Meurer13.002
ÄnglagårdProg på Svenska - Live in JapanAchim Breiling12.003
ÄnglagårdViljans ÖgaThorsten Gürntke12.333
ÄnglagårdProg på Svenska - Live in JapanJochen Rindfrey12.003
ÄnglagårdProg på Svenska - Live in JapanThomas Kohlruß12.003
L'AnimaDeparturesMarc Colling12.001
Anima MundiLive in EuropeJürgen Wissing12.001
Anima MundiJagannath OrbitJürgen Wissing11.002
Animals As LeadersWeightlessThomas Kohlruß12.333
Animals As LeadersAnimals As LeadersNik Brückner11.003
Animals As LeadersWeightlessNik Brückner12.333
Animals As LeadersAnimals As LeadersJörg Schumann11.003
AnimatorGalleryHeiko Westhagen12.001
Annexus QuamOsmoseJochen Rindfrey12.002
Annexus QuamOsmoseAchim Breiling12.002
Anthurus d'ArcherPlastofilèneJochen Rindfrey12.001
Anthurus d'ArcherFatalitas - Desperate PinballNik Brückner12.002
Anthurus d'ArcherFatalitas - Desperate PinballJochen Rindfrey12.002
Anthurus d'ArcherPhallus ImpudicusJochen Rindfrey11.673
Anthurus d'ArcherMusique VerteNik Brückner12.001
Anti-Depressive DeliveryFeel. Melt. Release. Escape.Thomas Kohlruß11.502
AntiherøeEntretejido cosmicoThomas Kohlruß10.502
AntimatterLights OutMarc Colling12.001
Anyone's DaughterPiktors VerwandlungenWolfram Ehrhardt13.003
a.P.A.t.T.FuN wITh MuSIcJochen Rindfrey12.001
Apocalyptica...Plays Metallica By Four CellosThomas Kohlruß12.001
ApocalypticaCult (Special Edition)Thomas Kohlruß9.002
ApokatastasiaWaiting fourGeorg Heep12.001
ApoteosiApoteosiHorst Straske11.502
Aquasergelaisse ça êtreAchim Breiling12.002
Aquasergelaisse ça êtreJochen Rindfrey12.002
AquasergeDéjà-vous?Jochen Rindfrey12.001
AquasergeÀ l'AmitiéAchim Breiling12.001
AranisMade In Belgium IIAchim Breiling12.001
AranisAranis III - Songs From MirageJochen Rindfrey12.673
AranisAranis IIAchim Breiling10.673
AranisMade In BelgiumAchim Breiling12.001
Arbete och FritidSe upp för livetAchim Breiling12.001
ARCArcturusAchim Breiling12.001
ArcadeaArcadeaAchim Breiling12.001
Arch EchoArch EchoPeter Meyer12.001
Arch/MatheosSympathetic ResonanceNik Brückner12.003
Arch/MatheosSympathetic ResonanceThomas Kohlruß12.003
Arch/MatheosSympathetic ResonanceThorsten Gürntke12.003
Martin ArcherStory TellersAchim Breiling12.001
Martin ArcherSafety Signal From A Target TownAchim Breiling12.001
Martin ArcherEnglish CommonflowersAchim Breiling12.001
Martin ArcherGhost lily cascadeAchim Breiling12.001
Martin Archer & Bo MesonEchoic EnchantmentAchim Breiling12.001
Architeuthis RexUraniaAchim Breiling12.001
ArchiveNoiseChristian Rode9.333
ArchiveControlling CrowdsChristian Rode11.004
ArchiveThe False FoundationChristian Rode9.333
ArcturusArcturianGunnar Claußen12.002
ArcturusLa Masquerade InfernaleThomas Kohlruß11.002
ArcturusArcturianThomas Kohlruß12.002
Neil ArdleyKaleidoscope of RainbowsAchim Breiling12.001
AreaCaution Radiation AreaRalf J. Günther12.002
AreaCaution Radiation AreaJochen Rindfrey12.002
AreaMaledettiSal Pichireddu12.502
Area1978 gli dei se ne vanno, gli arrabbiati restanoRalf J. Günther12.001
AreaAre(A)zioneRalf J. Günther12.001
AreknamésLove Hate Round TripThorsten Gürntke12.504
AreknamésLove Hate Round TripThomas Schüßler12.504
AreknamésLove Hate Round TripThomas Kohlruß12.504
ArenaThe VisitorChristoph Scholtes9.754
ArenaPepper's Ghost (7 Stories Of Mystery And Imagination)Franco Cappelletti11.005
ArgosA Seasonal AffairThomas Kohlruß12.001
ArgosCirclesJürgen Meurer10.502
ArgosArgosWolfram Ehrhardt8.673
ArgosCruel SymmetryThomas Kohlruß12.001
AriesDouble ReignThomas Kohlruß12.001
The AristocratsCulture ClashThomas Kohlruß11.502
The AristocratsTres CaballerosThomas Kohlruß11.502
Arktis/Airen-tranceThomas Kohlruß11.502
Army of BriarsArmy of BriarsAchim Breiling12.001
Horacee ArnoldTales of the Exonerated FleaAchim Breiling12.001
Ars NovaThe Book of the DeadNik Brückner12.001
Ars NovaTransiNik Brückner10.502
ÁrstíðirHVELMichael Büttgen12.001
Art Against AgonyShiva Appreciation SocietyPeter Meyer12.001
Art Against AgonyThree Short StoriesSiggy Zielinski12.001
Art BearsThe world as it is todaySiggy Zielinski11.502
Art FleuryI luoghi del potereJochen Rindfrey12.502
Art ZoydFaustJochen Rindfrey12.001
Art Zoydu.B.I.Q.U.eAchim Breiling11.002
Art ZoydSymphonie pour le Jour où Brûleront les Cités (Originalfassung)Achim Breiling12.001
Art ZoydMarathonnerre I & IIJochen Rindfrey12.001
Art ZoydArmageddonAchim Breiling12.001
ArteriaCuatro VisionesAchim Breiling12.001
Arti & MestieriFirst Live In JapanJürgen Gallitz-Duckar11.333
Arti & MestieriTiltJochen Rindfrey12.673
Arti & MestieriTiltAchim Breiling12.673
ArtsruniThe Live Cuts 2000 / 2001Andreas Pläschke11.502
ArtsruniCruzaidSiggy Zielinski11.502
Ash Ra TempelJoin InnAndreas Pläschke10.333
AshbyFragmentalMarc Colling11.673
AshbyFragmentalNik Brückner11.673
AsiaArenaOliver Mensing7.004
AsiaAriaOliver Mensing4.754
AsiaAquaOliver Mensing4.006
AsiaAuraOliver Mensing5.754
Association P.C.Sun RotationAchim Breiling12.001
Association P.C.Erna MorenaAchim Breiling12.001
AstraThe Black ChordHorst Straske11.002
AstrakhanRetrospectiveGunnar Claußen12.001
At War With SelfActs of GodSiggy Zielinski12.001
atelierThereminatelier ThereminAchim Breiling12.001
atelierThereminEmpfange neue SignaleSiggy Zielinski12.001
atelierThereminpsycho Acoustic ProcessorAchim Breiling12.001
AthanorVos cités sont des tombeauxAchim Breiling12.002
AthanorVos cités sont des tombeauxJochen Rindfrey12.002
AtheistElementsGeorg Heep12.001
AtheistPiece of timeGeorg Heep12.001
AtlanterJewels of CrimeSiggy Zielinski12.001
AtlasBlå VardagHorst Straske11.754
AtlasBlå VardagUdo Gerhards11.754
AtlasBlå VardagJörg Schumann11.754
AtmanTraditionAchim Breiling12.001
AtollL'Araignée-MalJochen Rindfrey12.254
AtollL'Araignée-MalUdo Gerhards12.254
AtollL'Araignée-MalThorsten Gürntke12.254
Atomine ElektrineThe Second MoonAchim Breiling12.001
Atomine ElektrineLaniakeaAchim Breiling12.001
Atomine ElektrineNebulousAchim Breiling12.001
AtroxOrgasmFlorian Dietmaier12.001
Aurora LunareAurora LunareThomas Kohlruß12.001
The Aurora ProjectWorld of GreyMarc Colling9.002
AutorYnoCosmopolitan TrafficJochen Rindfrey12.001
AutorYnoPastrami Bagel Social ClubJochen Rindfrey12.001
AutorYnoFlauros: Book of Angels Volume 29Jochen Rindfrey12.001
AutumnOceanworldHorst Straske11.333
Autumn ChorusThe Village To The ValeJochen Rindfrey11.505
Autumn ChorusThe Village To The ValeChristian Rode11.505
Ava LunaIce LevelAndreas Hofmann12.001
AxisAxis (III)Achim Breiling12.002
AxisAxis (III)Nik Brückner12.002
Kevin AyersShooting at the moonAndreas Pläschke12.001
AyreonInto The Electric CastleChristoph Scholtes9.005
AyreonThe Human EquationMarkus Wierschem10.206
AyreonThe Human EquationGeorg Heep10.206
Aziola CryEllipsisDennis Egbers11.002
BabilsThe Joint BetweenAchim Breiling12.001
BabylonBabylonJörg Schumann10.504
BahtIn My VeinsGunnar Claußen12.001
Dave BainbridgeCelestial FireNik Brückner11.502
Franck BalestracciModified RealityAchim Breiling12.001
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoNo PalcoKristian Selm11.333
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso40 anniJochen Rindfrey12.001
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoSeguendo le TracceKristian Selm12.002
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoCome in un'ultima cenaKristian Selm11.502
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoSeguendo le TracceAchim Breiling12.002
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoBanco Live 1980 (DVD)Nik Brückner12.001
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoBanco del mutuo soccorsoHorst Straske11.502
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoNo PalcoJochen Rindfrey11.333
Banda Do CasacoDos benefícios dum vendido no reino dos bonifáciosAchim Breiling12.001
Banda Do CasacoTambém euSal Pichireddu12.001
BarakaVIIChristian Rode12.001
Barclay James HarvestLegacy - Live at The Shepherd´s Bush Empire (DVD)Horst Straske12.001
Barclay James HarvestAll is safely gathered in - An anthology 1967-1997Kristian Selm11.502
Barclay James HarvestEveryone Is Everybody ElseChristian Rode10.502
Barclay James HarvestLiveKristian Selm12.502
Bardo PondDilateFabian Lutz12.001
Bardo PondLapsedFabian Lutz12.001
Bark Psychosis///CODENAME:dustsuckerJochen Rindfrey12.001
Bark PsychosisIndependencyAchim Breiling12.001
Arrigo BarnabéGigante NegãoNik Brückner12.001
Arrigo BarnabéOrquestra À Base de Sopro de CuritibaNik Brückner12.001
BarnacledCharlesJochen Rindfrey12.001
Barnacled6Jochen Rindfrey12.001
Charlie BarnesMore Stately MansionsChristian Rode12.001
Barock ProjectCoffee in NeuköllnRoland Heil12.002
Barock ProjectCoffee in NeuköllnJürgen Wissing12.002
Barock ProjectVivoThorsten Gürntke12.502
BaronessRed AlbumFederico Chavez11.002
Barracuda TriangleElectro Shock TherapyThomas Kohlruß12.001
BarzinMy life in roomsGeorg Heep12.001
Masaki BatohCollected Works 95-96Achim Breiling12.001
Franco BattiatoPollutionJochen Rindfrey12.502
Franco BattiatoSulle Corde Di AriesHorst Straske11.502
Battiato/Pinaxajoe patti's experimental groupAchim Breiling12.001
Peter BaumannRomance '76Siggy Zielinski11.754
The Beach BoysThe Smile SessionsChristian Rode12.002
BeardfishSleeping In Traffic: Part OneThomas Kohlruß12.001
BeardfishSleeping In Traffic: Part TwoThomas Kohlruß11.405
BeardfishDestined SolitaireUdo Gerhards11.504
BeardfishSleeping In Traffic: Part TwoGünter Schote11.405
BeardfishDestined SolitaireThomas Kohlruß11.504
BeardfishThe Sane DayChristian Rode11.502
BeardfishSleeping In Traffic: Part TwoChristian Rode11.405
BegnagradBegnagradJochen Rindfrey11.673
BegnagradBegnagradAchim Breiling11.673
Behold... The ArctopusHorrorscensionJochen Rindfrey12.673
Behold... The ArctopusSkullgridJochen Rindfrey12.004
Behold... The ArctopusArctopocalypse Now... Warmageddon LaterUdo Gerhards12.001
Behold... The ArctopusNano-Nucleonic Cyborg SummoningUdo Gerhards12.001
Behold... The ArctopusNano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning (extended)Udo Gerhards12.001
Behold... The ArctopusSkullgridJörg Schumann12.004
BeingAnthropoceneThomas Kohlruß12.001
BelieveYesterday is a friendChristian Rode11.002
BelieverDimensionsNik Brückner12.001
Stewart BellThe Antechamber Of Being (Part 2) - Stories From The AntechamberNik Brückner12.001
BelugaArchitecture of the AbsurdSiggy Zielinski12.001
Adrian BenavidesSame Time Next LifeThomas Kohlruß11.002
bensnburnerpatternwirtschaftThomas Kohlruß12.001
Bent KneeBent KneeJörg Schumann13.002
Bent KneeSay SoThorsten Gürntke13.003
Bersarin QuartettBersarin QuartettMichael Büttgen12.001
Alessandro BertoniKeystoneThomas Kohlruß12.001
Besombes - RizetPôleAchim Breiling12.002
Besombes - RizetPôleJochen Rindfrey12.002
Dave BessellBlack Horses Of The SunAchim Breiling12.001
Between the Buried and MeColorsThomas Kohlruß12.001
Between the Buried and MeAutomata IINik Brückner12.001
Between the Buried and MeThe Parallax: Hypersleep DialoguesThomas Kohlruß12.001
Beyond The BridgeThe Old Man & The SpiritGunnar Claußen12.001
Beyond TwilightFor The Love Of Art And The MakingThomas Kohlruß12.001
Big Big TrainThe Difference MachinePiotre Walter12.502
Big Big TrainFar Skies Deep Time (EP)Henning Mangold11.673
Big Big TrainFar Skies Deep Time (EP)Thorsten Gürntke11.673
Big Big TrainA Stone's Throw From The LineThomas Kohlruß12.001
Big Big TrainGrimspoundHarald Schmidt10.004
Big Big TrainEnglish Electric Part OneThomas Kohlruß9.176
Big HoggGargoylesMarc Colling10.502
Big RobotAquafitAchim Breiling12.001
BigelfCloser to DoomHorst Straske10.254
BigelfHexThomas Schüßler11.333
BigelfInto The MaelstromGunnar Claußen12.002
Biglietto per L'InfernoBiglietto per L'InfernoHorst Straske11.673
Biglietto per L'InfernoBiglietto per L'InfernoAchim Breiling11.673
BiotaAlmost NeverAchim Breiling12.001
BiotaFunnel to a threadAchim Breiling12.001
BiotaBellowing Room / TinctAchim Breiling12.001
BiotaTumbleAchim Breiling12.001
BiotaCape FlyawayAchim Breiling12.001
Birds And BuildingsMultipurpose TrapHarald Schmidt11.504
Birds And BuildingsBantam To BehemothJörg Schumann10.605
Birds And BuildingsBantam To BehemothSal Pichireddu10.605
Birds And BuildingsBantam To BehemothThomas Kohlruß10.605
Birdsongs Of The MesozoicDawn of the CycadsAchim Breiling12.001
Birdsongs Of The MesozoicFaultlineJochen Rindfrey12.001
Birth ControlHoodoo ManJürgen Gallitz-Duckar9.673
BjörkVulnicura LiveJörg Schumann12.001
BjörkDebutKristian Selm10.333
BjörkThe Music From Drawing Restraint 9Jörg Schumann12.001
BjörkVoltaNormann Hillesheim11.002
BjörkPost liveAndreas Pläschke12.001
BjörkVulnicura StringsJörg Schumann12.001
BjörkHomogenic liveAndreas Pläschke12.001
BjörkMedullaJörg Schumann12.754
BjörkBiophiliaJörg Schumann12.502
Black BonzoSound of the ApocalypseThorsten Gürntke11.673
Black BonzoSound of the ApocalypseThomas Kohlruß11.673
The Black CodexThe Black Codex BoxThomas Kohlruß11.502
Black Devil Disco ClubThe Strange New World of Bernard FevreAchim Breiling12.001
Black MountainIVMarc Colling12.001
Black Shark Saida(e)ffect structures driftChristian Rode12.001
BlackfieldBlackfieldSal Pichireddu11.605
BlackfieldBlackfieldChristian Rode11.605
BlackfieldBlackfieldKristian Selm11.605
BlackfieldBlackfieldMarc Colling11.605
Tim BlakeCrystal MachineJürgen Gallitz-Duckar11.502
Blast UnicornVan HaloJochen Rindfrey12.004
Blast UnicornVan HaloThomas Kohlruß12.004
Blazing EternityA World To Drown InThomas Kohlruß12.001
The Blessed BeatMiVThomas Kohlruß12.001
[bleu]clara altantsegtsegAchim Breiling12.001
BlimZero / No FrillsAchim Breiling12.001
BlituriBlituriJochen Rindfrey12.001
Blotted ScienceThe Animation Of EntomologyThomas Kohlruß12.001
Blotted ScienceThe Machinations of DementiaKai Lorenz Kruppa12.502
Blue DogWhat Is Anything?Achim Breiling12.001
The Blue ShipThe Executioner's LoverJochen Rindfrey11.502
Blue Touch PaperStand Well BackThomas Kohlruß12.001
BlueneckThe OutpostThomas Kohlruß12.001
Shanir Ezra BlumenkranzAbraxas: Book of Angels Volume 19Jochen Rindfrey12.001
Tomas BodinPin Up GuruRalf J. Günther11.003
Tomas BodinI AMThomas Kohlruß10.502
Boduf SongsBoduf SongsChristian Rode12.001
Carsten Bohns BandstandMother Goose ShoesRalf J. Günther11.002
Bohren & der Club of GoreBlack EarthJochen Rindfrey12.502
Bohren & der Club of GorePiano NightsJochen Rindfrey12.001
BOL&SnahSo? Now?Thomas Kohlruß12.001
Boltzmann BrainSentencesJochen Rindfrey12.001
Boltzmann BrainSind die echtJochen Rindfrey12.001
Bondage FruitIIAchim Breiling12.001
M.L.Bongers ProjectPacific PrisonJörg Schumann12.001
The Book Of KnotsGarden of Fainting StarsJochen Rindfrey11.502
The Book Of KnotsTraineaterJochen Rindfrey12.001
The Book Of KnotsThe Book Of KnotsJochen Rindfrey12.001
Emmanuel BoozDans quel état j'erre.Udo Gerhards13.002
David BordenThe continuing story of Counterpoint 9 - 12Andreas Pläschke12.001
David BordenPlaces, Times & PeopleJochen Rindfrey13.002
David BordenMigrationAndreas Pläschke12.001
David BordenMusic for Amplified Keyboard InstrumentsAchim Breiling12.001
David BordenThe continuing story of Counterpoint 1 - 4 + 8 (complete)Andreas Pläschke12.001
BoredomsVision Creation NewsunFabian Lutz12.001
BorknagarEpicDennis Egbers12.001
BorknagarThe Archaic CourseGunnar Claußen12.001
Lars Boutrup's Music For KeyboardsThe symphonic dreamSiggy Zielinski12.001
David BowieHeathenThomas Kohlruß11.502
David BowieThe Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from MarsAndreas Pläschke12.001
David BowieThe Buddha Of SuburbiaThomas Kohlruß12.001
David BowieStageAndreas Pläschke10.502
David BowieOutside: The Nathan Adler DiariesAndreas Pläschke13.002
Carla BozulichEvangelistaJochen Rindfrey12.001
The Braen's MachineUndergroundAchim Breiling12.001
BrainticketCottonwoodhillJörg Schumann10.504
Bram Stokercold readingJürgen Meurer11.002
Brand XMoroccan RollMichael Weinel11.004
Brand XUnorthodox BehaviourThorsten Gürntke11.254
Tyondai BraxtonCentral MarketAndreas Hofmann12.001
Sean Noonan's Brewed By NoonBoxing DreamsThomas Kohlruß12.001
Sean Noonan's Brewed By NoonStories to TellJochen Rindfrey12.001
Breznev Fun ClubL'Onda Vertebrata: Lost + Found Vol. 1Achim Breiling12.502
Breznev Fun Clubil misantropo feliceAchim Breiling10.502
Brighteye BrisonThe Magician Chronicles Part 1Jürgen Wissing10.003
The Brimstone Solar Radiation BandSolsticeChristian Rode11.002
The Brimstone Solar Radiation BandThe Brimstone Solar Radiation BandChristian Rode11.502
Broadcast and The Focus GroupBroadcast and The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio AgeChristian Rode12.001
Broekhuis, Keller & SchönwälderRedAchim Breiling12.001
Broekhuis, Keller & SchönwälderRed Live @ USAAchim Breiling12.001
Broekhuis, Keller & SchönwälderGreenAchim Breiling12.001
broken.heart.collectorbroken.heart.collectorAndreas Hofmann12.002
broken.heart.collectorbroken.heart.collectorJochen Rindfrey12.002
Jack BruceSongs For A TailorSiggy Zielinski12.502
Jack BruceHarmony RowSiggy Zielinski12.001
Jack BruceThings we likeSiggy Zielinski12.001
Bruce Soord with Jonas RenskeWisdom of CrowdsPiotre Walter11.502
Bruford LevinBLUE NightsUdo Gerhards12.001
BubuAnabelasHeiko Westhagen11.002
BunburyRadical SonoraThomas Kohlruß12.001
Burnin Red IvanhoeW.W.W.Achim Breiling12.001
Burning GhostsReclamationJochen Rindfrey12.001
Burnt BeliefEmergentSiggy Zielinski12.001
Kate BushAerialAndreas Pläschke10.805
Kate BushThis Woman`s Work: Anthology 1978-1990Jörg Schumann12.001
Kate BushBefore The DawnPiotre Walter12.002
Kate BushNever for everPiotre Walter10.502
Kate BushBefore The DawnJörg Schumann12.002
Cabezas De Cera...un segundoAchim Breiling12.001
Cabezas De CeraCabezas De CeraAchim Breiling12.001
Cabezas De CeraHecho En MéxicoAchim Breiling12.001
Cabezas De CeraHermandadAchim Breiling12.001
Cabezas De CeraCDC Live USAAchim Breiling12.001
Chris CafferyPins And NeedlesGunnar Claußen12.001
John Cale5 tracksAndreas Pläschke12.001
John Cale & Terry RileyChurch Of AnthraxAchim Breiling12.502
California Guitar TrioCG3 + 2Thorsten Gürntke11.502
California Guitar TrioRocks The WestSal Pichireddu11.502
Caligula's HorseIn ContactGunnar Claußen11.002
Caligula's HorseBloomGunnar Claußen12.001
Caligula's HorseMoments From Ephemeral CityGunnar Claußen12.001
CalomitoCane di schienaThomas Kohlruß11.502
CalomitoInauditoThomas Kohlruß12.001
Camberwell NowAll's WellAchim Breiling12.002
Camberwell NowAll's WellAndreas Pläschke12.002
CamelOn The Road 1972Jochen Rindfrey12.001
CamelThe Paris CollectionJochen Rindfrey12.001
CamelHarbour of TearsJochen Rindfrey12.001
CamelDust And DreamsJochen Rindfrey11.002
CamembertSchnörgl AttahkJochen Rindfrey10.673
CamembertSchnörgl AttahkAchim Breiling10.673
CamembertNegative ToeGunnar Claußen12.001
Richard CampbellRichard Campbell's FrankensteinGunnar Claußen12.001
Campo di MarteCampo di MarteHorst Straske11.333
Canthe lost tapesAchim Breiling12.001
CanLandedJochen Rindfrey11.002
CanFuture DaysJochen Rindfrey12.502
CanDelay 1968Christian Rode11.002
CanThe Peel SessionsAchim Breiling12.001
CanMonster MovieJochen Rindfrey13.003
CanEge BamyasiUdo Gerhards13.003
CanThe SinglesChristian Rode12.002
CanSoundtracksAchim Breiling11.333
Canvas SolarisPenumbra DiffuseDennis Egbers11.502
Canvas SolarisIrradianceThomas Kohlruß11.502
Capability BrownVoiceHeiko Westhagen12.001
Capillary ActionSo EmbarrassingUdo Gerhards12.001
Capitolo 6Frutti per KaguaNik Brückner10.502
Captain BeefheartSafe As MilkAchim Breiling8.333
Captain CougarÅkerblomrörelsenGunnar Claußen12.001
CaravanCaravan and the New SymphoniaJochen Rindfrey9.673
CaravanAccess All AreasJochen Rindfrey12.001
CaravanIn the Land of Grey and PinkThomas Schüßler13.002
CaravanSongs For Oblivion FishermenJochen Rindfrey12.001
Carpe DiemCueille Le JourHorst Straske12.002
Carpe DiemCueille Le JourJochen Rindfrey12.002
CarptreeMan Made MachineAndreas Kiefer10.754
CarptreeNymfChristian Rode11.333
CarptreeNymfThomas Kohlruß11.333
CarptreeMan Made MachineHenning Mangold10.754
Alfredo CarrionLos Andares Del AlquimistaAchim Breiling12.001
Alan CaseWide AwakeMartin Dambeck12.001
CassiberA Face We All KnowFederico Chavez12.001
CassiberBeauty And The BeastFederico Chavez12.001
CastCom.UnionHorst Straske11.502
CastAl-bandaluzHorst Straske11.003
Castle CanyonCriteria ObsessionAchim Breiling12.001
Gavin CastletonHomeAndreas Hofmann12.001
CathedralThe BridgeHorst Straske11.002
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsMurder BalladsMichael Weinel12.001
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsNo More Shall We PartThomas Thielen13.502
Cavern Of Anti-MatterHormone LemonadeAchim Breiling11.502
Cazuela de CondorPasion, Panico, Locura e MuerteAchim Breiling12.001
CelesteCelesteJochen Rindfrey12.502
Cell15Chapter OneGunnar Claußen12.001
CentipedeSeptober EnergyAchim Breiling12.001
CentrozoonBoner (Marziano Fontana-Version)Andreas Pläschke12.001
CentrozoonThe Scent Of Crash And BurnAndreas Pläschke12.002
CentrozoonThe Scent Of Crash And BurnSal Pichireddu12.002
Cerberus ShoalBastion of Itchy PreevesAchim Breiling12.001
Cerberus ShoalhombAchim Breiling12.001
Cerberus ShoalChaiming the KnoblessoneAchim Breiling12.001
Cerebus EffectActs Of DeceptionThomas Kohlruß11.003
CervelloMelosAchim Breiling12.001
Chainchain.exeHenning Mangold9.003
Chance:RisikoSleep TalkingAchim Breiling11.502
Emmett ChapmanParallel GalaxyRalf J. Günther12.001
Charming HostessPunchMarion Schoger10.502
Charming HostessEatAndreas Pläschke12.001
Chato!So und nicht andersVolkmar Mantei12.001
Cheer-AccidentSever roots, tree diesCharly Heidenreich11.502
Cheer-AccidentFear Draws MisfortuneThomas Kohlruß11.673
Cheer-AccidentBabies Shouldn't SmokeJochen Rindfrey12.001
Cheer-AccidentNo Ifs, Ands or DogsJochen Rindfrey12.001
Cheer-AccidentFear Draws MisfortuneJochen Rindfrey11.673
Mikhail ChekalinThe Symphony - PhonogramAchim Breiling12.001
öOoOoOoOoOo (Chenille)SamenThomas Kohlruß10.333
ChicagoThe Chicago Transit AuthorityGunnar Claußen11.502
Chickencage ExperienceKamasutra BlackbeltSiggy Zielinski12.001
Anthony ChildElectronic Recordings From Maui Jungle Vol. 2Achim Breiling12.001
Anthony ChildElectronic Recordings From Maui Jungle Vol. 1Achim Breiling12.001
ChrisCity Of LightHarald Schmidt9.502
Chroma KeyGraveyard Mountain HomeChristian Rode12.002
Chroma KeyGraveyard Mountain HomeThorsten Gürntke12.002
Chromb!1000Jochen Rindfrey12.002
Chromb!1000Thorsten Gürntke12.002
CiccadaThe Finest of MiraclesAchim Breiling12.003
CiccadaA Child In The MirrorJörg Schumann11.254
CiccadaA Child In The MirrorNik Brückner11.254
CinnamoniaThe Scarlet SeaAndreas Pläschke11.502
CiolkowskaPistolet BudushchegoAchim Breiling12.001
CircleMiljardAchim Breiling12.001
CircleSunriseAchim Breiling10.502
CircleHissiJochen Rindfrey12.002
CircleForestAchim Breiling12.001
CircleInfektioAchim Breiling12.001
CircleAlotusAchim Breiling10.673
CirclePoriAchim Breiling12.001
CircleTOWERAchim Breiling12.001
CircleTAANTUMUSAchim Breiling12.001
CircleRautatieAchim Breiling12.001
CircleHissiAchim Breiling12.002
Circle of IllusionJeremias - Foreshadow of Forgotten RealmsJörg Schumann11.004
Circle of IllusionJeremias - Foreshadow of Forgotten RealmsThomas Kohlruß11.004
Circles EndHang On To That KiteThomas Schüßler11.502
Circus (CH)Movin' OnJörg Schumann12.502
Circus MaximusThe 1st ChapterFranco Cappelletti11.002
Circus MaximusIsolatePeter Meyer12.001
Civil DefianceCircus of fearGeorg Heep12.001
Civil DefianceThe fishers for soulsGeorg Heep12.001
Les Claypool's Frog BrigadeLive Frogs Set 1Achim Breiling11.502
Les Claypool's Frog BrigadePurple OnionJochen Rindfrey12.502
The Claypool Lennon DeliriumMonolith Of PhobosThomas Kohlruß12.001
Les ClaypoolOf Whales And WoeSiggy Zielinski12.001
ClearlightForever Blowing BubblesSiggy Zielinski12.001
ClepsydraAloneHorst Straske12.002
ClepsydraAloneThorsten Gürntke12.002
ClepsydraFearsMichael Hirle7.003
ClogsStick MusicAchim Breiling12.001
ClusterZuckerzeitJochen Rindfrey12.001
ClusterSowiesosoSiggy Zielinski11.502
ClusterApropos ClusterJochen Rindfrey12.001
Cluster1971-1981Jochen Rindfrey12.001
Christiane Maria CohadeA voix basseAchim Breiling12.001
Jean Cohen-SolalCaptain TarthoponAchim Breiling12.001
Jean Cohen-SolalFlutes LibresAchim Breiling12.001
Collector Base EmitterPeach WaterGunnar Claußen9.002
Collegium MusicumMarián Varga & Collegium MusicumJochen Rindfrey12.673
Collegium MusicumMarián Varga & Collegium MusicumMarc Colling12.673
Médéric Collignon & le Jus de Bocseà la recherche du ROI FRIPPÉThomas Kohlruß12.001
Roberto ColomboSfogatevi BestieAchim Breiling11.333
Colonel Petrov's Good JudgementAmong ServantsSiggy Zielinski12.001
Colosseum IIStrange New FleshKristian Selm11.502
Colossus Projects (Finnland)Dante's Paradiso - The Divine Comedy Part IIIJürgen Wissing10.002
Colossus Projects (Finnland)Dante's Purgatorio - The Divine Comedy Part IIJürgen Wissing10.502
Colour HazeShe saidAndreas Pläschke12.001
Combat AstronomySymmetry Through CollapseJochen Rindfrey12.001
Combat AstronomyEarth Divided By ZeroJochen Rindfrey12.001
Combat AstronomyFlak PlanetJochen Rindfrey12.002
Combat AstronomyFlak PlanetAchim Breiling12.002
Combat AstronomyTime Distort NineJochen Rindfrey12.502
Combat AstronomyKundalini ApocalypseJochen Rindfrey11.502
Combo FHVeciAchim Breiling12.001
Comets on FireBlue CathedralFabian Lutz12.001
ConceptionParallel MindsThorsten Gürntke12.001
ConfessorCondemnedNik Brückner12.001
Consider the SourceThat's What's UpJochen Rindfrey12.001
Consider the SourceF**k it! We'll do it live, volume 1Jochen Rindfrey12.001
ContractionLa Bourse ou la VieAchim Breiling12.001
Corey & MapleHome In The UniverseWolfram Ehrhardt12.001
Coronarias DansVisitorAchim Breiling12.001
Corte Dei MiracoliCorte Dei MiracoliHorst Straske11.003
COSPostaeolian Train RobberyAchim Breiling12.001
COSPasionesSiggy Zielinski12.001
Cosa BravaThe LetterAchim Breiling12.001
Cosa BravaRagged AtlasJochen Rindfrey12.001
Saro CosentinoOnes and zeroesKristian Selm12.001
cosmic groundcosmic ground lllAchim Breiling11.504
cosmic groundcosmic groundAchim Breiling11.605
cosmic groundcosmic ground 2Achim Breiling11.754
cosmic groundcosmic ground lllJochen Rindfrey11.504
cosmic groundcosmic ground 2Jochen Rindfrey11.754
cosmic groundcosmic ground IVJochen Rindfrey12.003
cosmic groundcosmic groundAndreas Pläschke11.605
cosmic groundcosmic ground IVAchim Breiling12.003
cosmic groundcosmic groundJochen Rindfrey11.605
cosmic groundcosmic ground 2Christian Rode11.754
cosmic groundliveJochen Rindfrey11.502
Counter-World ExperiencePulsarNik Brückner12.001
Counter-World ExperienceLeaving LotusKai Lorenz Kruppa11.673
Counter-World ExperienceMetronomiconThomas Kohlruß11.254
Counter-World ExperienceFraktalThomas Kohlruß11.003
Counter-World ExperienceLeaving LotusThomas Kohlruß11.673
Cowboys From HellBig FishCharly Heidenreich11.502
Patrick CowleyMuscle UpAchim Breiling12.001
Patrick CowleySchool DazeAchim Breiling12.001
CrackSi todo hicieraKristian Selm11.502
CraftCraftHorst Straske12.001
CrapCrapCharly Heidenreich12.001
The Crazy World of Arthur BrownThe Crazy World of Arthur BrownGunnar Claußen12.001
Crippled Black Phoenix(Mankind) The Crafty ApeThomas Kohlruß10.333
Crippled Black PhoenixBronzeThomas Kohlruß9.002
Crippled Black Phoenix(Mankind) The Crafty ApeMarc Colling10.333
Crippled Black PhoenixLive PoznanThomas Kohlruß12.001
Cro MagnonBrosella SuiteAchim Breiling12.001
Cro MagnonBull?Achim Breiling12.001
Cro MagnonZapp!Achim Breiling12.001
Cro MagnonFloww...Achim Breiling12.001
Crystal BreedThe Place UnknownMichael Hirle12.001
Crystal PalaceScattered ShardsMartin Dambeck11.002
CucamongaAlter HuevoJochen Rindfrey11.502
CulpeperAll dressed up and nowhere to goCharly Heidenreich12.001
Curved AirPhantasmagoriaSiggy Zielinski12.002
Curved AirPhantasmagoriaAchim Breiling12.002
Chris Cutler/Fred FrithLive in Moscow, Prague & WashingtonSiggy Zielinski12.001
CyclobeWounded Galaxies Tap at the WindowAchim Breiling12.001
CydemindErosionGunnar Claußen12.001
CynicKindly Bent To Free UsThomas Kohlruß12.001
Holger CzukayMoving PicturesJochen Rindfrey12.001
The D ProjectShimmering LightsHenning Mangold12.001
DaalDodecahedronThomas Kohlruß11.333
DaalDodecahedronSiggy Zielinski11.333
DaalDestruktive Actions Affect LivingsSiggy Zielinski12.001
Dai KahtDai KahtAchim Breiling12.001
Patricia DallioL´encre des voix secrètesAchim Breiling12.001
Patricia DallioBarbe BleuAchim Breiling12.001
DamenbartImpressionen ´71Achim Breiling12.001
DamenbartKarma & GnadeAchim Breiling12.001
Damn the MachineDamn the MachineThorsten Gürntke12.001
DanteWhen We Were BeautifulThomas Kohlruß9.754
Dark SunsGrave Human GenuineMichael Büttgen12.002
Dark SunsGrave Human GenuineThomas Kohlruß12.002
Dark SunsEverchildThomas Kohlruß10.502
Dark SunsOrangeThomas Kohlruß11.502
Das SimpleIn Girum Imus NocteAndreas Hofmann12.001
DawnLonelinessChristian Rode10.673
DawnDarkerChristian Rode12.001
Dead Can DanceAionPiotre Walter12.001
Dead Can DanceWithin the Realm of a dying SunPiotre Walter12.001
Dead Heroes ClubEverything Is ConnectedHarald Schmidt12.001
Deadly SinSunbornMarkus Wierschem12.001
Deadsoul TribeA murder of crowsThorsten Gürntke12.002
Deadsoul TribeA Lullaby For The DevilMichael Büttgen12.001
Deadsoul TribeA murder of crowsGeorg Heep12.002
The Dear HunterAct III - Life And DeathJürgen Wissing12.001
The Dear HunterAct IV: Rebirth in RepriseThomas Kohlruß12.502
The Dear HunterMigrant RepriseJürgen Wissing12.001
Dear John LetterBetween Leaves | ForestalThomas Kohlruß12.001
DeathThe Sound of PerseveranceNik Brückner12.502
Death AmbientDeath AmbientAchim Breiling12.001
Death & Taxe$The Alaska 12 ExpeditionsChristian Rode10.673
Debile MentholEmile au jardin patrologiqueAchim Breiling12.001
DecibelSecuencias GenéticasAchim Breiling12.001
DecibelFortuna VirilisSiggy Zielinski12.001
Degree AbsoluteDegree AbsoluteThomas Kohlruß11.002
Deluge GranderThe Form of the GoodNik Brückner10.673
Deluge GranderAugust In The UralsJörg Schumann11.254
Deluge GranderOceanariumNik Brückner10.254
Deluge GranderOceanariumMarc Colling10.254
Deluge GranderThe Form of the GoodSiggy Zielinski10.673
Joe Deninzon & StratospheeriusHeadspaceThomas Kohlruß12.001
Destiny PotatoLUNThomas Kohlruß12.001
Deus Ex MachinaimparisSiggy Zielinski11.673
Deus Ex MachinaCinqueThomas Kohlruß11.754
Deus Ex MachinaimparisThomas Kohlruß11.673
Deus Ex MachinaEquilibrismo Da InsofferenzaUdo Gerhards12.001
DeuterAumMichael Hirle10.002
Devil DollThe sacrilege of fatal armsKristian Selm12.001
Devin Townsend ProjectTranscendenceThomas Kohlruß12.002
Devin Townsend ProjectThomas Kohlruß10.502
Devin Townsend ProjectDeconstructionThomas Kohlruß12.001
DeWolffOrchards/ LupineKristian Selm12.001
DFADuty Free AreaKristian Selm12.003
DFADuty Free AreaUdo Gerhards12.003
DFADuty Free AreaRalf J. Günther12.003
DFAWork in Progress - LiveThorsten Gürntke12.502
DGMFrAmeMark Wahl12.001
Diablo Swing OrchestraThe Butcher's BallroomThomas Kohlruß11.002
Different LightThe Burden Of ParadiseJürgen Wissing11.502
The Dillinger Escape PlanIre WorksFlorian Dietmaier12.001
The Dillinger Escape PlanMiss MachineFlorian Dietmaier12.001
Dionne - Brégent... et le troisième jourJochen Rindfrey12.002
Dionne - Brégent... et le troisième jourAchim Breiling12.002
Dionne - BrégentdeuxJochen Rindfrey11.502
DiratzDiratzVolkmar Mantei12.001
Discipline.To Shatter All AccordMarc Colling11.673
Discipline.To Shatter All AccordThomas Kohlruß11.673
Discipline.Live - Into The DreamKristian Selm12.001
Discipline.Push & ProfitMarc Colling12.003
Discus...tot licht!Christian Rode11.605
Disen Gage...the reverse may be trueAchim Breiling12.001
Disen GageLibertageAchim Breiling12.001
DisillusionBack to Times of SplendorGunnar Claußen11.502
DisperseJourney Through The Hidden GardensJürgen Wissing11.002
DisperseLiving MirrorsThomas Kohlruß12.001
DissonaPaleopneumaticThomas Kohlruß12.001
Distorted HarmonyUtopiaThomas Kohlruß11.502
Distorted HarmonyChain ReactionHarald Schmidt11.502
District 97Hybrid ChildThomas Kohlruß11.333
District 97In VaultsThomas Kohlruß12.004
District 97Trouble With MachinesThomas Kohlruß11.504
District 97One More Red Night - Live in Chicago with John WettonNik Brückner11.003
District 97Trouble With MachinesMarc Colling11.504
Dixie DregsBring 'em back aliveThomas Kohlruß12.502
Dizzy Mizz LizzyRotatorJörg Graf12.001
Tod Dockstader & David Lee MyersBijouAchim Breiling12.001
Doctor NerveArmed ObservationAchim Breiling12.001
Domácí KapelaJedné noci snilAchim Breiling11.002
Don Bradshaw-LeatherDistance between usNik Brückner12.001
douBtnever pet a burning dogAchim Breiling12.001
DownloudersArcaAchim Breiling12.001
DragontearsTambourine Freak MachineAndreas Pläschke11.502
Dragontears2000 micrograms from homeAndreas Pläschke12.001
Dream The Electric SleepLost and Gone ForeverGunnar Claußen11.002
Dream TheaterScore - 20th Anniversary World Tour (DVD)Henning Mangold12.001
Dream TheaterA Change Of SeasonsJörg Graf9.502
Dream TheaterA Dramatic Turn of EventsMarc Colling11.805
Dream TheaterA Dramatic Turn of EventsGunnar Claußen11.805
Dream TheaterOctavariumPiotre Walter10.297
Dream TheaterImages and WordsJörg Schumann12.004
Dream TheaterLive at Budokan (DVD)Markus Wierschem12.001
DredgThe Pariah, The Parrot, The DelusionMarkus Peltner12.001
DruckfarbenSecond SoundPiotre Walter12.003
DruckfarbenSecond SoundMarc Colling12.003
DruckfarbenSecond SoundNik Brückner12.003
DruidToward The SunKristian Selm11.004
DruidToward The SunJörg Schumann11.004
DruidToward The SunHorst Straske11.004
DünErosAndreas Pläschke12.673
DünErosUdo Gerhards12.673
DunstArchimedes WaffenSiggy Zielinski12.001
Judy DybleTalking with StrangersDirk Reuter11.002
Dysrhythmiabarriers and passagesFlorian Dietmaier12.001
DysrhythmiaPretestFlorian Dietmaier12.001
DzyanMandalaAchim Breiling12.001
DzyanTime MachineAchim Breiling12.001
EarthsideA Dream in StaticSiggy Zielinski12.254
EarthsideA Dream in StaticThomas Kohlruß12.254
EarthsideA Dream in StaticJörg Schumann12.254
EarthworksFootloose in NYC (DVD)Siggy Zielinski12.001
EatlizViolently DelicateThomas Kohlruß12.502
Echo UsII: XII , A Priori MemoraeSiggy Zielinski12.001
EcholynStars And Gardens (DVD)Andreas Pläschke12.333
EcholynStars And Gardens (DVD)Udo Gerhards12.333
EcholynA Little NonsenseThorsten Gürntke12.002
EcholynI Heard You ListeningThomas Kohlruß11.502
EcholynA Little NonsenseThomas Kohlruß12.002
EcholynThe End Is BeautifulChristian Rode10.754
Echolynecholyn (The Window Album)Thorsten Gürntke12.502
EclatLe cri de la terreSiggy Zielinski11.502
Eclectic Maybe BandThe Blind Night Watchers' Mysterious LandscapesAchim Breiling12.001
Eclipse Sol-AirSchizophiliaThomas Kohlruß10.003
Eclipse Sol-AirBartók's CrisisThomas Kohlruß11.502
Ed BernardPolydactylSiggy Zielinski11.254
Ed Palermo Big BandThe Adventures of Zodd ZundgrenVolkmar Mantei12.001
Eden's TasteMeilensteineHeiko Westhagen11.002
EdgeSarcastic FringeheadsKristian Selm12.002
EdgeSuction 8Günter Schote10.002
EdgeSarcastic FringeheadsJochen Lohr12.002
Edge of RealityVicious CircleThomas Kohlruß12.001
Edge of SanityCrimsonMichael Hirle12.001
Eela CraigOne NiterJochen Rindfrey12.001
L’Effet DéféeAl tropKristian Selm12.001
EffloresceComa GhostsThomas Kohlruß11.333
EfterklangLeaves - The Colour of FallingJochen Rindfrey8.502
EggThe Civil SurfaceNik Brückner9.673
EggThe Polite ForceNik Brückner11.002
Eggs & DogsYou AreThomas Kohlruß11.502
Eider Stellaire1Achim Breiling12.003
Eider Stellaire1Jochen Rindfrey12.003
Eider Stellaire1Udo Gerhards12.003
Ejwuusl WessahqqanEjwuusl WessahqqanJochen Rindfrey10.002
EktroverdeIntegralAchim Breiling12.001
EktroverdeFuturo - A New Stance for TomorrowAchim Breiling12.001
ELElectric LeakThomas Kohlruß12.001
ElbowLeaders of the Free WorldChristian Rode11.004
ElbowBuild a Rocket Boys!Marc Colling11.504
ElbowThe Take Off and Landing of EverythingChristian Rode10.002
ElbowAsleep in the BackChristian Rode10.673
Eleanoora RosenholmHyväile minua pimeä tähtiAchim Breiling12.001
Electric Light OrchestraOn the Third DayGunnar Claußen10.673
Electric Light OrchestraA New World RecordHolger Grützner9.003
Electric Light OrchestraOut Of The BlueChristian Rode8.673
Electric MoonStardust RitualsChristian Rode12.001
Electric OrangePlatteAndreas Pläschke11.333
Electric OrangemisophoniaJochen Rindfrey11.605
Electric OrangeVolume 10Jochen Rindfrey12.505
Electric OrangeEOXXVAchim Breiling9.005
Electric OrangeMorbusAchim Breiling12.333
Electric OrangeEOXXVJochen Rindfrey9.005
Electric OrangefleischwerkChristian Rode12.002
Electric OrangeKrautrock from HellAndreas Pläschke10.003
Electric OrangeMorbusJochen Rindfrey12.333
Electric OrangefleischwerkAchim Breiling12.002
Electric OrangemisophoniaAchim Breiling11.605
Electric OrangeUnterwasser - Live 2002Andreas Pläschke12.001
Electric OrangeWürzburg Cairo 2015Achim Breiling12.001
Electric OrangemisophoniaMarc Colling11.605
Electric OrangeCyberdelicAndreas Pläschke12.001
Electric OrangemisophoniaAndreas Pläschke11.605
Electric OrangeVolume 10Christian Rode12.505
Electric TigerDian HuSiggy Zielinski12.001
ElectromagnetsElectromagnetsAchim Breiling12.001
ElectrumStandard DeviationSiggy Zielinski11.002
elephant9silver mountainSiggy Zielinski12.002
elephant9dodovoodooThomas Kohlruß11.502
elephant9AtlantisThomas Kohlruß12.001
elephant9silver mountainThomas Kohlruß12.002
Brian EllisQuipuGunnar Claußen12.001
Brian EllisYellow Light DistrictGunnar Claußen12.001
EloyPerformanceOliver Mensing8.673
EloyOceanGünter Schote11.676
EloyTime to TurnChristian Rode10.003
EloyLiveJochen Rindfrey12.502
EloyInsideMarkus Peltner10.754
EloySilent Cries & Mighty EchoesHenning Mangold10.605
EloyDawnMarkus Peltner9.005
Emmett ElvinAssault on the Tyranny of ReasonThomas Kohlruß10.333
EmeraldsDoes It Look Like I'm Here?Achim Breiling12.001
Keith EmersonInfernoSiggy Zielinski13.002
Keith EmersonBoys Club - Live From CaliforniaMarc Colling12.002
Keith EmersonBoys Club - Live From CaliforniaWolfram Ehrhardt12.002
Keith EmersonIron Man Vol.1Siggy Zielinski11.502
Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures at an ExhibitionHorst Straske12.006
Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Original Bootleg Series From The Manticore Vaults Vol.TwoSiggy Zielinski12.001
Emerson, Lake & PalmerTarkusMarc Colling11.006
Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Return of the ManticoreNik Brückner12.003
Emerson, Lake & PalmerTarkusNik Brückner11.006
Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures at an Exhibition. Collectors Edition (DVD)Nik Brückner12.673
Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Return of the ManticoreJörg Schumann12.003
Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures at an ExhibitionRalf J. Günther12.006
Emerson, Lake & PalmerBrain Salad SurgeryUdo Gerhards12.506
Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures at an Exhibition. Collectors Edition (DVD)Ralf J. Günther12.673
Emerson, Lake & PalmerLive At The Mar Y Sol Festival '72Achim Breiling12.001
Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Atlantic YearsKristian Selm12.001
EmperorPrometheus (The Discipline Of Fire And Demise)Jan Hamm12.001
Empty DaysEmpty DaysAchim Breiling11.333
EnchantTime LostHeiko Westhagen10.502
EnchantJuggling 9 or dropping 10Oliver Mensing7.673
EnglandGarden ShedJörg Schumann12.005
EnglandLive in Japan "Kikimimi"Nik Brückner12.001
EnglandThe Imperial HotelNik Brückner12.001
EnglandGarden ShedUdo Gerhards12.005
The EnidFirst LightJürgen Wissing12.001
The EnidTouch MeThomas Schüßler12.001
The EnidThe Bridge Show - Live At Union ChapelThomas Schüßler12.001
The EnidSalomeDirk Reuter12.001
Brian EnoThe DropSiggy Zielinski12.001
Brian EnoHere Come The Warm JetsSiggy Zielinski11.502
Ensamble Dentro De La NadaCaceria De BrujasAchim Breiling12.001
L'Ensemble RayéMême en Hiver/Come un pinson dans l'eauAchim Breiling12.001
EnslavedAxioma Ethica OdiniMichael Büttgen12.001
ErblastIJochen Rindfrey12.001
Ère GAu-delà des ombresJürgen Meurer11.003
ESBESBJochen Rindfrey12.002
ESBESBAchim Breiling12.002
Eskaton4 VisionsAchim Breiling12.003
Eskaton4 VisionsUdo Gerhards12.003
Eskaton4 VisionsAndreas Pläschke12.003
Et Cetera (Kan.)Et CeteraNik Brückner10.673
EturiviYlhäisten Kastien Kelvottomat JälkeläisetAchim Breiling12.001
Europa String ChoirThe Starving MoonSiggy Zielinski12.001
EvangelistaPrince of TruthJochen Rindfrey12.001
Guy EvansThe long hello Vol. IVAndreas Pläschke12.001
EveronBridgeThorsten Gürntke10.502
EveronFantasmaMichael Hirle8.754
EveronFloodMichael Hirle9.502
EveronNorthMichael Hirle9.673
Ex EyeEx EyeJochen Rindfrey12.001
Ex-VagusÂmes VagabondesThomas Kohlruß12.001
ExiviousExiviousThomas Kohlruß11.002
ExovexRadio SilenceThomas Kohlruß11.002
Experimental QuintetAtlantisNik Brückner11.002
Extra LifeDream SeedsJochen Rindfrey12.502
Extra LifeMade FleshJochen Rindfrey12.333
Extra LifeSecular WorksJochen Rindfrey12.333
Extra LifeMade FleshAchim Breiling12.333
Extra LifeSecular WorksRalf J. Günther12.333
EYEVision And Ageless LightAchim Breiling12.001
Factor BurzacoIIAchim Breiling12.002
Factor Burzaco3Jochen Rindfrey11.502
Factor BurzacoIIJochen Rindfrey12.002
Factor BurzacoFactor BurzacoAchim Breiling12.001
Faithful BreathFading BeautyHorst Straske10.002
Fake IdyllGenome of terrorAndreas Hofmann12.001
FamilyMusic in a Doll's HouseAchim Breiling12.002
FamilyMusic in a Doll's HouseAndreas Pläschke12.002
Fanger & SchönwälderAnalog overdoseAndreas Pläschke12.001
Fantasy (UK)Paint A PictureHorst Straske11.502
FantômasDelìrivm CòrdiaChristian Rode7.502
Far CornerFar CornerThomas Kohlruß11.333
Far CornerEndangeredThomas Kohlruß12.003
Far CornerEndangeredAchim Breiling12.003
Far CornerEndangeredJochen Rindfrey12.003
Far East Family BandParallel WorldAchim Breiling12.001
FarflungThis CapsuleSiggy Zielinski12.001
Farmhouse OdysseyRise of the WaterfowlThomas Kohlruß12.001
Fatal FusionLand of the SunJürgen Meurer12.001
Fates WarningXThorsten Gürntke10.405
Fates WarningLive In Athens (DVD)Marcus Kästner11.502
Fates WarningXThomas Kohlruß10.405
Fates WarningStill LifeThomas Kohlruß11.333
Fates WarningStill LifeThorsten Gürntke11.333
FaunWondrous EndThomas Kohlruß12.003
FaunWondrous EndHorst Straske12.003
FaunWondrous EndThorsten Gürntke12.003
FaustFaustUdo Gerhards11.003
FaustFaust wakes NosferatuAndreas Pläschke11.002
Faustod serca do duszyAchim Breiling12.001
FaustFaustJochen Rindfrey11.003
FaustFaust IVAchim Breiling11.333
FaustThe Faust TapesJochen Rindfrey10.673
FaustDisconnectedAchim Breiling12.002
FaustRienAchim Breiling11.502
FaustRavvivandoJochen Rindfrey12.334
FaustRavvivandoAndreas Pläschke12.334
FaustFaust is LastAchim Breiling12.002
FaustFaust is LastJochen Rindfrey12.002
Faustfaust ... in autumnAchim Breiling12.001
Faustthe land of ukko & rauniAchim Breiling12.001
FaustC´est com... com... compliquéAchim Breiling11.502
FaustDisconnectedJochen Rindfrey12.002
FeatherWolfFeatherWolfAndreas Hofmann12.001
Lorenzo FeliciatiFrequent FlyerThomas Kohlruß12.001
Feliu i Joan AlbertFeliu i Joan AlbertAchim Breiling12.001
FeormFeormChristian Rode12.001
Stefano FerriandE-NOIZE #01Siggy Zielinski12.001
Festa MobileDiario di Viaggio della Festa MobileHorst Straske11.002
Christian Fiesel & Hagen von BergenSperrgutSiggy Zielinski12.001
Fifty Foot HoseCauldronAchim Breiling12.001
Filter-Kaffee102Achim Breiling12.001
Filter-Kaffee103Achim Breiling12.001
FinchBeyond ExpressionHorst Straske12.001
FinisterreStorybook - Live at Progday '97Sal Pichireddu10.333
Finnegans WakeBlueAchim Breiling12.001
FireballetTwo, Too ...Jörg Schumann8.333
FireballetNight On Bald MountainKristian Selm12.004
FireballetNight On Bald MountainHorst Straske12.004
FireballetNight On Bald MountainJörg Schumann12.004
FireballetNight On Bald MountainNik Brückner12.004
FireclanSunrise to SunsetAchim Breiling12.001
First Band From Outer SpaceWe're Only In It For The SpacerockChristian Rode9.333
FishField of CrowsDirk Reuter10.502
FishSushiHenning Mangold12.001
FishA Feast Of ConsequencesPiotre Walter12.001
FishSunsets on EmpireDirk Reuter11.333
Fission TripVolume OneAndreas Kiefer12.673
Five-Storey EnsembleNight en FaceJochen Rindfrey12.002
Five-Storey EnsembleNight en FaceNik Brückner12.002
Five-Storey EnsembleNot That CityNik Brückner12.003
FjieriEndlessKristian Selm12.002
FjieriEndlessThomas Kohlruß12.002
FjieriWords Are All We HaveThomas Kohlruß10.502
Flame DreamSupervisionJörg Schumann11.002
Flame DreamElementsJörg Schumann12.002
Flame DreamCalateaJörg Schumann12.002
Flame DreamElementsHorst Straske12.002
Flame DreamCalateaHorst Straske12.002
The Flaming LipsOczy MlodyMarc Colling11.002
The Flaming LipsWith A Little Help From My FwendsJochen Rindfrey12.002
Flaming RowElinoireChristian Rode10.504
FleaTopi o uominiHeiko Westhagen10.002
FleshquartetFlowThomas Kohlruß12.001
Lee FletcherFaith in Worthless ThingsThomas Kohlruß12.001
The FlockThe FlockRalf J. Günther12.001
The FlockTruth - The Columbia Recordings 1969-1970Jochen Rindfrey12.001
FlotanteEn la AgitacionAchim Breiling12.001
The Flower KingsMeet the Flower Kings: live recording 2003Thomas Kohlruß11.254
The Flower KingsSpace RevolverSal Pichireddu10.176
The Flower KingsUnfold the FutureRalf J. Günther10.3612
The Flower KingsRetropolisUdo Gerhards11.405
The Flower KingsStardust We AreJörg Schumann12.004
The Flower KingsMeet the Flower Kings: live recording 2003Andreas Pläschke11.254
The Flower KingsUnfold the FutureUdo Gerhards10.3612
The Flower KingsBack in the world of AdventuresKristian Selm10.673
The Flower KingsA Kingdom Of ColoursJörg Schumann12.001
The Flower KingsScanning The GreenhouseThomas Kohlruß11.002
The Flower KingsBack in the world of AdventuresSal Pichireddu10.673
The Flower KingsLive in New York - official bootlegThomas Kohlruß10.002
FLUTTR EFFECTMarking TimeThomas Kohlruß10.502
The Flying LuttenbachersSystems Emerge from Complete DisorderSiggy Zielinski12.001
The Flying Luttenbachers"...The Truth Is A Fucking Lie..."Siggy Zielinski12.001
FocusAt The RainbowMarc Colling11.673
FöllakzoidIIAchim Breiling12.001
FöllakzoidFöllakzoidAchim Breiling12.001
FöllakzoidIIIAchim Breiling12.001
Forgas Band PhenomenaSoleil 12Thorsten Gürntke10.333
FountainheadFear Is The EnemyNik Brückner10.002
FountainheadReverse EngineeringThomas Kohlruß12.001
Fred Frith Guitar QuartetAyaya MosesNormann Hillesheim12.001
FreddeGreddeBrighter SkiesThomas Kohlruß12.001
French TVAmbassadors of Good Health and Clean LivingNik Brückner12.002
French TVAmbassadors of Good Health and Clean LivingSiggy Zielinski12.002
French TVThis is what we doChristian Rode11.502
French TVIntestinal FortitudeChristian Rode12.502
French TVPardon Our FrenchUdo Gerhards12.002
French TVPardon Our FrenchKristian Selm12.002
French TVOperation: MockingbirdNik Brückner11.002
Frequency DriftOverSiggy Zielinski12.002
Frequency DriftOverThomas Kohlruß12.002
Frequency DriftLastThomas Kohlruß11.333
Fright PigOut of the barnyardNik Brückner11.754
Fripp & EnoLive in Paris 28.05.1975Jochen Rindfrey12.001
Fripp & EnoEvening StarSiggy Zielinski11.502
Fripp & EnoNo PussyfootingSiggy Zielinski11.502
Robert FrippExposureJochen Rindfrey12.406
Robert FrippSoundscapes - Zepp Osaka, Osaka, Japan, November 28, 2006Siggy Zielinski12.001
Robert FrippNovember Suite - Soundscapes - Live at Green Park Station 1996Andreas Pläschke11.002
Robert Fripp1999 (Soundscapes - Live in Argentina)Siggy Zielinski9.502
Robert FrippRadiophonics (1995 Soundscapes Vol.1 - Live in Argentina)Siggy Zielinski12.001
Robert FrippSoundscapes - St.Paul's Cathedral, London, UK, June 13, 2006Siggy Zielinski12.001
Robert FrippThat Which Passes (1995 Soundscapes Live, Volume 3)Siggy Zielinski12.001
Fred FrithGravityAchim Breiling12.001
Fred FrithStep Across the BorderSiggy Zielinski12.001
Fred FrithKeep the dog - that house we lived inAchim Breiling12.001
Fred FrithPrintsAchim Breiling12.001
Fred FrithSpeechlessAchim Breiling12.001
Fred FrithEye To Ear IIAchim Breiling12.001
Fred FrithGuitar solosSiggy Zielinski12.001
Edgar FroeseStuntmanSiggy Zielinski12.001
Edgar FroeseEpsilon In Malaysian PaleJochen Rindfrey12.002
Edgar FroeseEpsilon In Malaysian PaleSiggy Zielinski12.002
Frogg CaféBateless EdgeJochen Rindfrey12.805
Frogg CaféCreaturesHorst Straske11.004
Frogg CaféFrogg CaféThomas Kohlruß11.003
Frogg CaféFortunate Observer Of TimeChristian Rode10.754
Frogg CaféThe Safenzee DiariesJürgen Gallitz-Duckar10.333
Frogg CaféBateless EdgeChristian Rode12.805
Peter FrohmaderThrough Time and Mystery-EndingAchim Breiling12.001
Peter Frohmader2001Siggy Zielinski12.001
Peter FrohmaderAnubis DanceSiggy Zielinski12.001
Peter FrohmaderStringed WorksAchim Breiling12.001
Peter FrohmaderGateAchim Breiling12.001
Peter FrohmaderAdvanced Alchemy Of MusicUdo Gerhards12.001
Peter Frohmader & Richard PinhasFossil CultureJochen Rindfrey12.001
From.uzOverlookThomas Kohlruß9.754
frostlakeWhite Moon, Black MoonAchim Breiling12.001
FruuppSeven SecretsHorst Straske10.002
Fun MachineSonnenhuhnRalf J. Günther12.001
FuocoA travelogueKristian Selm12.001
The Future Sound Of LondonPaths 1-7:LifeformsSiggy Zielinski12.001
The Future Sound Of LondonDead CitiesKai Lorenz Kruppa12.001
Ga'anGa'anGunnar Claußen11.003
The Gabriel ConstructInterior CityThomas Kohlruß12.001
Peter GabrielNew BloodPiotre Walter9.002
Peter GabrielGrowing up Live (DVD)Henning Mangold12.002
Peter GabrielSecret World Live (DVD)Michael Weinel12.502
Peter GabrielIIIJörg Schumann12.673
Peter GabrielGrowing up Live (DVD)Thomas Kohlruß12.002
Peter GabrielScratch My BackJörg Schumann11.333
Peter GabrielOvoAndreas Pläschke11.333
Peter GabrielSecret World LiveThomas Kohlruß11.673
Peter GabrielThe Warm Up Tour Summer 2007 - 14.06.2007 GelsenkirchenThomas Kohlruß12.001
Peter GabrielIVChristian Rode12.333
Peter GabrielOvoThomas Thielen11.333
Peter GabrielIIChristian Rode10.504
Peter GabrielSecret World LiveThomas Thielen11.673
Peter GabrielStill Growing Up Live 2004 - 18.05.2004 NürnbergThomas Kohlruß12.001
GalaadPremier FevrierHeiko Westhagen12.001
GalaadVae victisKristian Selm12.001
GalahadBattle ScarsHarald Schmidt10.003
GalahadWhen Worlds CollideThomas Kohlruß12.001
GalahadYear ZeroDennis Egbers11.502
GalahadResonance - Live In Poland (DVD)Henning Mangold12.001
GalahadSeas Of ChangeMartin Dambeck12.001
GalleonFrom land to oceanAndreas Kiefer10.254
GalleryJas GripenHarald Schmidt12.001
Garden Music ProjectInspired by Syd Barrett's ArtworkChristian Rode12.001
Garden WallAssurdoThomas Kohlruß12.001
GargamelWatch For The UmblesChristian Rode10.754
GargamelWatch For The UmblesThomas Kohlruß10.754
GargantuakoteGARDAAchim Breiling12.502
Tony GaroneThe Epic Of GilgameshThorsten Gürntke12.001
Michael GarrisonPrismsJochen Rindfrey12.001
The GatheringDisclosureChristian Rode12.001
The GatheringSouvenirsHorst Straske12.004
The GatheringSouvenirsThorsten Gürntke12.004
The GatheringNighttime BirdsJörg Graf9.333
The GatheringA noise severeKristian Selm12.001
Patrick GauthierLe MorseAndreas Pläschke12.001
GazpachoFirebirdChristian Rode11.003
GazpachoMolokGünter Schote10.754
GazpachoSoyuzChristian Rode10.673
GazpachoFirebirdThomas Schüßler11.003
GazpachoMissa AtroposChristian Rode9.754
GazpachoBravoChristian Rode11.002
GazpachoNightChristian Rode10.676
GazpachoTick TockThomas Schüßler9.405
GazpachoNight of the DemonGünter Schote12.001
GazpachoLondonChristian Rode12.001
GazpachoA Night At Loreley (DVD/CD-Box)Jürgen Wissing12.001
Gecko's TearContradictionThomas Kohlruß12.003
Geinoh YamashirogumiOsorezan - DounokenbaiAchim Breiling12.001
GenesisSeconds OutJörg Schumann11.004
GenesisSeconds OutThomas Thielen11.004
GenesisThree Sides LiveJürgen Gallitz-Duckar9.754
GenesisDukeChristian Rode7.577
GenesisA Trick Of The TailThomas Thielen10.754
GenesisSelling England by the PoundMarc Colling12.717
GenesisThe Genesis Songbook (DVD)Michael Weinel12.001
GenesisNursery CrymeJörg Schumann12.176
GenesisLive Over Europe 2007Nik Brückner11.333
GenesisBox Set 1973-2007 LiveJörg Schumann12.001
GenesisFoxtrotNik Brückner14.138
GenesisArchive I - 1967-1975Thomas Thielen12.505
GenesisBox Set 1976 - 1982Jörg Schumann12.001
Genesis for two grand pianosGenesis for two grand pianosJörg Schumann11.504
Genesis for two grand pianosGenesis for two grand pianosMichael Weinel11.504
Gens de la LuneEpitapheJürgen Wissing12.001
Gentle GiantOctopusAchim Breiling12.673
Gentle GiantLive at the BicentennialAchim Breiling12.001
Gentle GiantFree HandChristian Rode12.002
Gentle GiantThree FriendsSiggy Zielinski11.504
Gentle GiantGiant on the Box (DVD)Ralf J. Günther12.504
Gentle GiantTotally out of the woods-The BBC SessionsSiggy Zielinski12.001
Gentle GiantGentle GiantPiotre Walter10.205
Gentle GiantFree HandUdo Gerhards12.002
Gentle KnifeClock UnwoundSiggy Zielinski12.003
The Gentle StormThe DiaryChristian Rode12.001
GerardLive in Marseille - Battle TriangleKristian Selm12.001
GerardPandora's BoxDennis Egbers10.003
GerardPower of InfinityDennis Egbers12.001
GerardSighs of the WaterDennis Egbers12.001
GerardMeridianDennis Egbers11.502
GestaltGomorrha vs. KhanKristian Selm11.002
GevendeSen Balik Degilsin KiThomas Schüßler12.001
GeysirUrworteRoland Heil12.002
GeysirGeysir (EP)Roland Heil12.002
GeysirGeysir (EP)Siggy Zielinski12.002
GeysirUrworteChristian Rode12.002
Ghostin stormy nightsAchim Breiling12.001
GhostOverture: Live in Nippon Yusen Soko 2006Achim Breiling12.001
GhostLama Rabi RabiAchim Breiling12.001
GhostHypnotic UnderworldChristian Rode12.001
GhostTune in, turn on, free TibetAchim Breiling12.001
GhostTemple StoneAchim Breiling12.001
Ghost ToastOut of This WorldPeter Meyer12.001
Giant HedgehogDie Irrealität der ZeitSiggy Zielinski12.001
Il Giardino OniricoPerigeoThomas Kohlruß12.001
The GiftAwake & DreamingDirk Reuter9.333
GiganFootsteps of GiganNik Brückner12.001
Kevin GilbertLive At The Troubadour (June, 1st 1995)Sal Pichireddu12.001
Giles/Muir/CunninghamGhost DanceSiggy Zielinski12.001
David GilmourLive at Pompeii (DVD)Marc Colling12.001
GiraffeA 20th Anniversary Performance "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"Thomas Kohlruß12.001
GlassIlluminationsHorst Straske11.502
GlassSpectrum PrincipleAchim Breiling12.001
Glass HammerLex RexJörg Schumann11.673
Glass HammerLive at NEARfestThomas Kohlruß11.754
Glass HammerLive at NEARfestHenning Mangold11.754
Glass HammerChronometreeHorst Straske12.004
Glass HammerChronometreeJörg Schumann12.004
Glass HammerChronometreeSal Pichireddu12.004
Glass HammerUntold TalesMarc Colling12.001
Glass HammerLex RexThomas Kohlruß11.673
Glass HammerLive at NEARfestChristian Rode11.754
Glass HammerChronometreeThomas Kohlruß12.004
Glass HammerThe Breaking Of The WorldMarc Colling11.502
GnidrologIn spite of Harry's toenailSiggy Zielinski11.003
GoatWorld MusicFabian Lutz12.001
GoblinSuspiriaAchim Breiling12.001
GoblinNonhosonnoJürgen Meurer11.502
GoblinThe Fantastic Journey Of Goblin - Best Of Vol. 1Horst Straske12.001
GoblinRollerHorst Straske10.502
Goblin RebirthaliveAchim Breiling12.001
God Is An AstronautFar From RefugeThomas Kohlruß12.001
Robert John GodfreyFall of HyperionNik Brückner11.002
Robert John Godfrey70th Birthday Concert with The Enid. Live at Union ChapelNik Brückner12.001
Godley & CremeFreeze FrameChristian Rode12.001
Godspeed You! Black Emperorf#a#ooAchim Breiling12.001
Godspeed You! Black EmperorLuciferian TowersJochen Rindfrey12.001
GodsticksThe Envisage ConundrumSiggy Zielinski10.673
Gösta Berlings SagaSersophaneAchim Breiling12.001
Gösta Berlings SagaGlue WorksAchim Breiling12.502
Goethes ErbenGoethes ErbenJochen Rindfrey12.001
Manuel GöttschingE2-E4Jochen Rindfrey12.001
GojiraThe Way of All FleshDennis Egbers12.001
GojiraThe LinkChristian Rode12.001
GojiraFrom Mars to SiriusChristian Rode12.001
Goma14 de AbrilAchim Breiling12.001
GongFlying TeapotAchim Breiling11.002
GongAcid MotherhoodAndreas Pläschke12.001
GongYouAndreas Pläschke12.254
GongYouJochen Rindfrey12.254
GongYouKristian Selm12.254
GongRejoice! I'm dead!Marc Colling12.001
GongLive in Sherwood Forest '75Achim Breiling12.001
Gordian KnotEmergentSiggy Zielinski11.673
Gordian KnotEmergentThomas Kohlruß11.673
GorgutsColored SandsFlorian Dietmaier12.001
GorgutsFrom Wisdom to HateFlorian Dietmaier12.001
GPSWindow To The SoulMartin Dambeck8.502
The Grand AstoriaThe Mighty FewAchim Breiling12.001
Grand GeneralGrand GeneralThomas Kohlruß12.001
Grand StandIn the middle, On the edgeOliver Mensing8.673
GrattoAnakin TumnusJörg Schumann11.254
Graves And Orchestra PitsGraves And Orchestra PitsAchim Breiling12.001
Gravity Adjusters Expansion BandOneAchim Breiling12.001
green carnationLight Of Day, Day Of DarknessSebastian Mack12.502
green carnationA Blessing In DisguiseSebastian Mack11.003
GreensladeLiveJochen Rindfrey12.001
Grey Lady DownForcesHenning Mangold12.001
Grey Towers Stone TemplesLand Of SaturnAchim Breiling12.001
GRICEAlexandrineThomas Kohlruß12.001
GrobschnittIllegal Tour 1981 CompleteKristian Selm12.002
GrobschnittVolle MollePiotre Walter10.002
GrobschnittDie Grobschnitt Story 6 - Rockpommel's Land And ElsewhereJochen Rindfrey12.002
GrobschnittDie Grobschnitt Story 6 - Rockpommel's Land And ElsewhereKristian Selm12.002
GrobschnittThe History of Solar Music Vol. 3Kristian Selm11.673
GrobschnittThe History of Solar Music Vol. 2Andreas Pläschke12.333
GrobschnittThe History of Solar Music Vol. 3Jochen Rindfrey11.673
GrobschnittRockpommel's LandHorst Straske11.005
GrobschnittThe International StoryHenning Mangold12.001
GrobschnittThe History of Solar Music Vol. 2Kristian Selm12.333
GrobschnittThe History of Solar Music Vol. 1Andreas Pläschke12.003
GrobschnittGrobschnitt Live (1/2008)Kristian Selm12.001
GrobschnittDie Grobschnitt-Story 5Kristian Selm12.002
GrobschnittDie Grobschnitt-Story 5Jochen Rindfrey12.002
GrobschnittIllegal Tour 1981 CompleteJochen Rindfrey12.002
GrobschnittThe History of Solar Music Vol. 4Andreas Pläschke12.673
GrobschnittThe History of Solar Music Vol. 1Sal Pichireddu12.003
GrobschnittRockpommel's LandJochen Rindfrey11.005
GrobschnittThe History of Solar Music Vol. 1Kristian Selm12.003
Grumbling FurFurrierAchim Breiling12.001
Sven GrünbergHingusSiggy Zielinski11.502
GryphonReInventionNik Brückner12.001
GryphonMidnight MushrumpsJochen Rindfrey12.001
GuapoHistory of the VisitationAchim Breiling12.003
GuapoFive SunsRalf J. Günther12.005
GuapoBlack OniJochen Rindfrey11.754
GuapoGreat Sage, Equal Of HeavenAchim Breiling12.002
GuapoObscure KnowledgeJochen Rindfrey11.673
GuapoGreat Sage, Equal Of HeavenJochen Rindfrey12.002
GuapoFive SunsUdo Gerhards12.005
GuapoHistory of the VisitationJochen Rindfrey12.003
GuapoBlack OniAchim Breiling11.754
GuapoElixirsAchim Breiling11.333
GuapoHirohitoAchim Breiling12.001
GuapoBlack OniThorsten Gürntke11.754
GuapoObscure KnowledgeAchim Breiling11.673
GuapoFive SunsJochen Rindfrey12.005
GuapoHistory of the VisitationNik Brückner12.003
Guerilla TossGuerilla TossJochen Rindfrey7.505
Shaun GuerinBy the dark of lightHenning Mangold11.002
Guillaume Perret & the Electric EpicGuillaume Perret & the Electric EpicThomas Kohlruß12.002
Guillaume Perret & the Electric EpicGuillaume Perret & the Electric EpicAchim Breiling12.002
Arjen Lucassen's GUILT MACHINEOn This Perfect DayMarkus Peltner11.003
GungflyOn her Journey to the SunPiotre Walter12.001
Trey GunnModulatorThomas Kohlruß12.001
Trey GunnThe Joy of MolybdenumJochen Rindfrey12.001
GunnelpumpersMontana FixSiggy Zielinski12.001
Guru GuruLive in ConcertJochen Rindfrey12.001
Guru GuruDance of the FlamesThorsten Gürntke10.504
Gustavo JobimDezoitoChristian Rode12.001
Gustavo JobimTrapped in a Day JobChristian Rode12.001
Gustavo Jobim & VisszajáróArrivalChristian Rode12.001
GutbucketA Modest ProposalSal Pichireddu11.502
Gypsy KyssSongs From A Swirling OceanThorsten Gürntke12.001
Bruce HaackThe Electric LuciferAchim Breiling12.001
Steve HackettGuitar NoirThomas Kohlruß11.502
Steve HackettThe Night SirenGunnar Claußen12.002
Steve HackettTo Watch The StormsThorsten Gürntke11.004
Steve HackettPlease Don't TouchSiggy Zielinski10.333
Steve HackettGenesis Revisited IIJörg Schumann13.003
Steve HackettThe Night SirenPiotre Walter12.002
Steve HackettTo Watch The StormsMichael Weinel11.004
Steve HackettOut Of The Tunnel's MouthMichael Büttgen11.502
Hadal SherpaHadal SherpaAchim Breiling12.333
Hadal SherpaHadal SherpaJochen Rindfrey12.333
HaggardEppur Si MuoveThomas Kohlruß12.001
HaikaraHaikaraAchim Breiling12.001
Haino Keiji and Yoshida TatsuyaNew RapAchim Breiling12.001
HakenVisionsThomas Kohlruß13.004
HakenThe MountainNik Brückner12.254
HakenThe MountainMarkus Peltner12.254
HakenAffinityNik Brückner10.004
HakenAquariusPiotre Walter12.002
HakenAquariusThomas Kohlruß12.002
HakenThe MountainMarc Colling12.254
HakenL-1VENik Brückner12.001
Half Past FourLand of the BlindSiggy Zielinski12.001
Half Past FourGood ThingsSiggy Zielinski12.001
Half Past FourRabbit In The VestibuleThomas Kohlruß9.002
HamadryadConservation Of MassOliver Mensing12.254
HamadryadConservation Of MassUdo Gerhards12.254
HamadryadConservation Of MassJörg Schumann12.254
HamadryadThe Black HoleRoland Heil11.673
Peter Michael HamelBardoMichael Hirle12.001
Peter Michael HamelColours Of TimeMichael Hirle12.001
Peter HammillConsequencesJochen Rindfrey10.333
Peter HammillNadir's Big ChanceAndreas Pläschke11.334
Peter HammillFrom the TreesJürgen Wissing11.502
Peter HammillPno, Gtr, Vox BoxJochen Rindfrey12.001
Peter HammillThe Margin+Günter Schote12.504
Peter HammillThe Fall of the house of Usher (deconstructed & rebuilt)Andreas Pläschke9.002
Peter HammillThe Peel SessionsThomas Schüßler12.002
Peter HammillThe Margin+Thomas Kohlruß12.504
Peter HammillIn CameraThomas Schüßler12.503
Peter HammillLoops & reels - Analogue Experiments 1980 - 1983Andreas Pläschke7.502
Peter HammillWhat, Now?Jochen Rindfrey11.502
Peter HammillPno, Gtr, VoxJochen Rindfrey12.002
Peter HammillIncoherenceJochen Rindfrey12.502
Peter HammillEveryone You HoldJürgen Wissing11.502
Peter HammillTypicalThomas Schüßler12.502
Peter HammillThisJochen Rindfrey10.002
Peter HammillA Black BoxThomas Schüßler12.754
Peter HammillOverThomas Schüßler11.673
Peter HammillPno, Gtr, VoxJürgen Wissing12.002
Peter HammillThe Future NowAndreas Pläschke11.673
Peter HammillThe Peel SessionsJochen Rindfrey12.002
Peter HammillThe Future NowJochen Rindfrey11.673
Peter HammillVeraciousThomas Kohlruß11.003
Peter HammillOverAndreas Pläschke11.673
Peter HammillAnd close as thisJochen Rindfrey6.254
Peter HammillSingularityAchim Breiling12.003
Peter HammillConsequencesAndreas Pläschke10.333
Peter Hammill / Gary LucasOther WorldJochen Rindfrey12.001
Hamster TheatreThe Public Execution of Mister Personality / Quasi Day RoomAchim Breiling12.001
HandsTwenty Five WintersJürgen Meurer12.002
HandsTwenty Five WintersThomas Kohlruß12.002
HandsCaviar BobsledAchim Breiling12.001
HandsStrangeletAchim Breiling12.001
HangedupClatter For ControlJochen Rindfrey12.001
Happy FamilyMinimal GodsAchim Breiling12.002
Happy FamilyMinimal GodsThorsten Gürntke12.002
Happy The ManHappy The ManHorst Straske12.754
HarmoniaMusik von HarmoniaJochen Rindfrey12.001
HarmoniaDe LuxeJochen Rindfrey12.001
Roy HarperOnceAndreas Pläschke12.001
Roy HarperThe BBC Tapes Volume II - In Concert 1974Andreas Pläschke12.001
Roy HarperBullinamingvaseAndreas Pläschke12.001
Roy HarperStormcockThomas Schüßler12.502
Roy HarperThe BBC Tapes Volume V (1975 -1978)Andreas Pläschke12.001
Roy HarperValentineAndreas Pläschke12.001
Gavin HarrisonCheating the PolygraphThomas Kohlruß12.674
Gavin HarrisonCheating the PolygraphJörg Schumann12.674
Hasse Fröberg & Musical CompanionPowerplayHarald Schmidt12.001
Hasse Fröberg & Musical CompanionHFMCThorsten Gürntke11.502
Jon HassellFascinomaAndreas Pläschke12.001
Hatfield and the NorthHatwise ChoiceAchim Breiling12.001
Hatfield and the NorthHattitudeAchim Breiling12.001
Hatfield and the NorthThe Rotters' ClubUdo Gerhards11.502
Anna von HausswolffDead MagicMarkus Peltner12.002
Anna von HausswolffDead MagicMarc Colling12.002
HawkwindSpace RitualThomas Kohlruß12.003
HawkwindSpace RitualKristian Selm12.003
HawkwindWarrior on the Edge of TimeGunnar Claußen10.673
HawkwindSpace RitualJochen Rindfrey12.003
HawkwindYule Ritual - London Astoria 29.12.00Jürgen Gallitz-Duckar10.502
HawkwindHall of the Mountain GrillMarkus Peltner11.333
HawkwindQuark, Strangeness And CharmJürgen Gallitz-Duckar11.502
HawkwindCanterbury Fayre 2001Siggy Zielinski12.001
HeadspaceAll That You Fear Is GoneHarald Schmidt10.673
The Healing RoadBackdropThoralf Koss12.001
Heart Of CygnusOver Mountain, Under HillMichael Büttgen11.002
Heart Of CygnusUtopiaThomas Kohlruß12.002
Heart Of CygnusUtopiaMichael Büttgen12.002
Heaven's CryPrimal Power AddictionFranco Cappelletti11.502
Heavy Water ExperimentsHeavy Water ExperimentsChristian Rode12.001
HederslebenDie neuen WeltenChristian Rode11.502
HellaHold Your Horses IsFlorian Dietmaier12.001
Jonas HellborgTemporal Analogues Of ParadiseThomas Kohlruß12.001
Henry CowLegendDirk Reuter12.673
Henry CowWestern CultureUdo Gerhards12.001
Henry CowIn Praise Of LearningUdo Gerhards12.001
Henry CowLegendUdo Gerhards12.673
Henry FoolMen SingingThomas Kohlruß12.001
Henry FoolHenry FoolKristian Selm12.001
Martin C. HerbergEye-D: 29.3 DreamsAchim Breiling12.001
Herd of InstinctHerd of InstinctSiggy Zielinski12.001
Heru AvengerNew AeonJochen Rindfrey12.001
Het PandoRra EnsembleIIIAchim Breiling12.001
Hidden OrchestraNight WalksThomas Kohlruß12.001
Hidria SpacefolkSymbiosisAchim Breiling12.001
Hieronymus BoschArtificial EmotionsNik Brückner12.001
Hieronymus BoschThe Human AbstractNik Brückner12.001
High WheelBack From The VoidAndreas Kiefer12.333
High WheelBack From The VoidThomas Kohlruß12.333
Steve HillageLive at RockpalastAchim Breiling12.001
Steve HillageFish RisingAchim Breiling11.333
Veda HilleHere is a PictureJochen Rindfrey12.001
Hinn Islenski ÞursaflokkurinnÞursarJochen Rindfrey12.001
Hinn Islenski ÞursaflokkurinnSameHorst Straske11.605
Hinn Islenski ÞursaflokkurinnÞursabitJochen Rindfrey13.003
Hinn Islenski ÞursaflokkurinnSameAndreas Pläschke11.605
Hintwu-weiAchim Breiling12.001
Hippie DiktatBlack PeplumJochen Rindfrey12.001
Tim HodgkinsonEach in our own thoughtsMarion Schoger12.001
Roger HodgsonTake the Long Way Home. Live in Montreal (DVD)Christian Rode12.001
Höhlenmusik EnsembleHöhlenmusik EnsembleAchim Breiling12.001
Höhlenmusik EnsembleIIAchim Breiling12.001
Michael HoenigDeparture from the Northern WastelandJochen Rindfrey12.001
Hoenig / GöttschingEarly waterAndreas Pläschke12.001
HokrHokrova VilaAchim Breiling12.001
HokrZahráté Brzdy OptimismuAchim Breiling12.001
HokrKlid V BezčasíAchim Breiling12.001
HoelderlinClowns & CloudsHorst Straske11.003
HoelderlinHoelderlinHorst Straske10.502
Lars HollmerXII Sibiriska cyclarAchim Breiling12.001
Lars HollmerVendeltidAchim Breiling12.001
Lars HollmerLooping Home Orchestra Live 1992-1993Achim Breiling12.001
HolonThe Time is Always NowSiggy Zielinski12.001
HolosudFijnewas AfpompenAchim Breiling12.001
Homunculus ResDella stessa sostanza dei sogniJochen Rindfrey12.001
Homunculus ResLimiti all'eguaglianza della Parte con il TuttoAchim Breiling12.002
Homunculus ResCome si diventa ciò che si eraAchim Breiling11.502
Homunculus ResLimiti all'eguaglianza della Parte con il TuttoNik Brückner12.002
Honduras LibregrupoLa Única Posición Es La OposiciónAchim Breiling12.002
Honduras LibregrupoLa Única Posición Es La OposiciónJochen Rindfrey12.002
Hugh HopperHopper Tunity BoxAchim Breiling12.001
Hugh Hopper1984Siggy Zielinski12.001
Horizontal AscensionHorizontal AscensionChristian Rode11.502
Horse LordsInterventionsJochen Rindfrey12.001
László HortobágyiSongs From Hungisthan (Arqa version)Andreas Pläschke12.001
László HortobágyiFata-OrganaAndreas Pläschke12.002
László HortobágyiFata-OrganaAchim Breiling12.002
Haruomi HosonoCochin MoonAchim Breiling12.001
HöstsonatenAutumnsymphonyThomas Kohlruß12.001
HöstsonatenSymphony N. 1: Cupid & PsycheThomas Kohlruß11.673
HöstsonatenSpringsongThorsten Gürntke11.003
HöstsonatenThe Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, Chapter OneThomas Kohlruß12.001
HöstsonatenSymphony N. 1: Cupid & PsycheThorsten Gürntke11.673
Hot Head ShowPerfectSiggy Zielinski12.001
HourglassOblivious to the ObviousThomas Kohlruß12.002
HourglassOblivious to the ObviousHenning Mangold12.002
Percy Howard, Charles Hayward, Fred Frith, Bill LaswellMeridiemAchim Breiling12.001
HoweverSudden DuskJochen Rindfrey12.002
HoweverSudden DuskAchim Breiling12.002
Höyry-KoneHyönteisiä voi rakastaaRalf J. Günther12.502
Höyry-KoneHuono ParturiUdo Gerhards12.504
Höyry-KoneHuono ParturiMarion Schoger12.504
The HubLight Fuse And Get AwayJochen Rindfrey12.001
HumiDuneAchim Breiling12.001
HumusMalleus CreaseAchim Breiling12.001
Hunka MunkaDedicato a Giovanna G.Heiko Westhagen9.502
Husky RescueGhost Is Not RealThoralf Koss12.001
Hypnos 69The Intrigue of PerceptionChristian Rode12.001
I and thouSpeakJürgen Wissing12.002
I and thouSpeakSiggy Zielinski12.002
iamthemorningLighthouseThomas Kohlruß12.001
iamthemorningfrom the house of artsThomas Kohlruß12.001
iamthemorning~Thomas Kohlruß12.001
IgorrrPoisson SolubleJörg Schumann12.001
IhsahnArktis.Gunnar Claußen12.001
IhsahnEremitaGunnar Claußen12.001
Il Bacio della MedusaDiscesa agl'Inferi d'un Giovane AmanteThomas Kohlruß11.502
Il Ballo delle CastagneKalachakraSiggy Zielinski11.002
Il MonstroBleu nuit et les silhuettes aux chapeauxAchim Breiling12.001
Il Segno del ComandoIl Volto VerdeSiggy Zielinski12.001
IlitchPeriodik MindtroubleAchim Breiling12.001
Ilse LauTosh TogsFlorian Dietmaier12.001
IluvatarFrom The SilenceHarald Schmidt12.001
Imperial GatesThe Sound Of Human FateThomas Kohlruß12.001
In SpeIn SpeKristian Selm11.003
In The Presence Of WolvesThalassasThomas Kohlruß11.502
In The Presence Of WolvesOf Two Minds, Stages 1-2 – The Ape And The CageSiggy Zielinski12.001
In The Woodslive at the caledonien hallThomas Kohlruß12.001
Inclusion PrincipleThird OpeningAchim Breiling12.001
IndacoAmorgósJochen Rindfrey12.001
InduktiIdmenMichael Büttgen12.504
Ingranaggi Della ValleWarm spaced blueMarc Colling12.003
Ingranaggi Della ValleWarm spaced blueAchim Breiling12.003
Ingranaggi Della ValleWarm spaced blueNik Brückner12.003
Ingranaggi Della ValleIn Hoc SignoGunnar Claußen12.003
Inner Ear BrigadeRainbroJochen Rindfrey12.002
Inner Ear BrigadeDromologyJochen Rindfrey12.502
Inner Ear BrigadeRainbroAchim Breiling12.002
InquireThe Neck PillowRalf J. Günther12.502
In The SilenceA Fair Dream Gone MadThomas Kohlruß12.001
Into EternityBuried in OblivionGunnar Claußen12.001
InVertigoVeritasThomas Kohlruß11.673
InVertigoVeritasJürgen Wissing11.673
IonaBeyond these shoresKristian Selm12.001
IonaLive in LondonThomas Kohlruß12.001
IonaAnother RealmThomas Kohlruß12.001
IonaThe river flows - Anthology Volume 1Kristian Selm12.001
IonaWoven cordKristian Selm12.001
IonaJourney Into The MornKristian Selm12.502
IQThe Seventh HouseFranco Cappelletti11.254
IQDark MatterJürgen Gallitz-Duckar10.806
IQLiving ProofJörg Schumann10.002
IQForever Live : Live at the Stadthalle Kleve Germany : June 12 1993 (DVD)Jörg Schumann11.502
IQLive from London (DVD)Jörg Schumann11.002
IQFrequencyDennis Egbers10.005
Irmler/LiebezeitFlutJochen Rindfrey12.001
Irmler/OesterheltFormenJochen Rindfrey12.001
Isildurs BaneMIND Volume 2 - LiveRalf J. Günther13.254
Isildurs BaneMIND Volume 4 - PassJochen Rindfrey11.176
Isildurs Bane & Steve HogarthColours Not Found In NatureChristian Rode10.754
IslandPicturesUdo Gerhards13.205
It's a Beautiful DayIt's a Beautiful DayChristian Rode12.502
IWKCEvil Bear BorisJochen Rindfrey12.001
IWKCBefore We DisappearAchim Breiling12.001
IZZI moveSal Pichireddu12.333
IZZI moveThomas Kohlruß12.333
IZZThe Darkened RoomSal Pichireddu11.673
IZZCrush of NightThomas Kohlruß12.001
IZZThe Darkened RoomThomas Kohlruß11.673
IZZMy River FlowsDirk Reuter11.254
Jack DuponJésus l'aventurierSiggy Zielinski11.502
Jack DuponBascule à vifThorsten Gürntke11.333
Jack O'The ClockRepetitions of the Old City - IJochen Rindfrey12.001
Jack O'The ClockNight LoopsJochen Rindfrey12.001
Jack O'The ClockRepetitions Of The Old City IIMarc Colling12.001
David Jackson & René van CommenéeBatteries includedAndreas Pläschke12.001
David JacksonFractal BridgeAndreas Pläschke12.502
Jade WarriorKitesAchim Breiling12.502
Jade WarriorFloating WorldAchim Breiling12.502
Jade WarriorDistant EchoesJochen Rindfrey12.001
Jade WarriorWavesJochen Rindfrey11.002
JadisMore Than Meets The Eye (Special Edition)Günter Schote11.254
JadisFanaticThorsten Gürntke7.333
Jaga JazzistOne-Armed BanditThomas Kohlruß12.001
Los JaivasAlturas de Macchu PicchuHeiko Westhagen12.001
Jakszyk, Fripp, CollinsA King Crimson ProjeKct - A Scarcity of MiraclesChristian Rode11.004
JambinaiA HermitageThomas Kohlruß12.001
Janelive at home (at home - live)Christian Rode8.673
JaneTogetherChristian Rode10.333
Jane Getter PremonitionONThomas Kohlruß12.001
Steve Jansen - Richard BarbieriStone to FleshAchim Breiling10.333
Steve JansenSlopeDirk Reuter11.502
JapanOil On CanvasAchim Breiling12.001
Jardin de la CroixPomeroyThomas Kohlruß12.002
Jardin de la CroixOcean CosmonautsNik Brückner11.002
Jardin de la CroixPomeroyNik Brückner12.002
Ron JarzombekSolitarily Speaking of Theoretical ConfinementSiggy Zielinski13.502
jayAgeWarp 4Andreas Pläschke12.001
jayAgeADL (Agent des Lichts)Andreas Pläschke12.001
jayAgeGoldland XTThomas Schüßler12.502
jayAgeFirefly / Blunas RevengeAndreas Pläschke12.001
jayAge1st touchAndreas Pläschke11.502
jayAgeChemical CafeAndreas Pläschke12.001
Jean LouisJean LouisChristian Rode12.001
Jean LouisUranusJochen Rindfrey12.001
Jean LouisMorseChristian Rode11.504
JeavestoneSpices, Species And Poetry PetrolThoralf Koss12.001
JeboSinking Without YouChristian Rode12.001
The Jelly JamThe Jelly JamChristoph Scholtes11.002
The Jelly Jam2Thomas Kohlruß12.001
J.E.T.Fede, Speranza, CaritaHeiko Westhagen10.502
Jethro TullMinstrel In The GalleryGünter Schote11.504
Jethro Tull20 Years of Jethro Tull (Box Set)Siggy Zielinski12.001
Jethro TullLiving In The PastJürgen Gallitz-Duckar9.673
Jethro Tull25th Anniversary BoxJochen Rindfrey12.001
Jethro TullLive - Bursting OutUdo Gerhards11.502
Jethro TullMinstrel In The GalleryUdo Gerhards11.504
Jethro TullAqualungJochen Rindfrey11.333
Jethro TullA Little Light MusicJochen Rindfrey10.502
Jethro TullStand UpSiggy Zielinski11.003
Jimmy, Yoko & ShinSei ShonagonAchim Breiling12.001
Joan Silver PinChiaroscuroAchim Breiling12.001
JollyThe Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2)Sebastian Hauck11.673
JollyThe Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2)Gunnar Claußen11.673
Percy Jones, Scott McGill, Ritchie DeCarloPercy Jones, Scott McGill, Ritchie DeCarloAchim Breiling12.001
JonesyMasquerade - The Dawn Years AnthologyKristian Selm12.001
Jono El GrandeNeo DadaNik Brückner12.001
Jono El GrandeMelody of a Muddled MasonSiggy Zielinski12.001
Lach'n JonssonMusic For The Dying ForestAchim Breiling12.001
JordsjøJordsjøAchim Breiling11.502
JordsjøJordNik Brückner11.502
Jorge Arana TrioMapacheNik Brückner12.001
Jorge Arana TrioMammothNik Brückner12.001
JPLMMXIVSiggy Zielinski12.502
SummaSiggy Zielinski12.001
Julian JulienTerre IIAchim Breiling12.001
Julvernea neufNik Brückner12.001
JulverneLe pavillon des passions humainesNik Brückner12.001
Jupiter SocietyFirst Contact // Last WarningThomas Kohlruß7.673
KadaOhoáéAchim Breiling12.001
KaipaSattygHarald Schmidt10.504
KaipaInget Nytt Under SolenJörg Schumann11.754
KaipaKaipaJörg Schumann11.673
KaipaKaipaHorst Straske11.673
KaipaAngling FeelingsThoralf Koss7.004
KalutaliksuakSnow Melts BlackAchim Breiling12.001
KalutaliksuakLast Day of SunAchim Breiling12.001
KalutaliksuakDeath of the AlpinistAchim Breiling12.001
Kammerflimmer KollektiefMäanderAndreas Pläschke11.003
KansasLeftoverture Live & BeyondNik Brückner12.001
KansasBox SetKristian Selm12.001
KansasPoint Of Know ReturnHorst Straske13.003
KansasMasqueHorst Straske10.333
KansasKansasChristian Rode10.673
KarciusEpisodesThomas Kohlruß12.001
Jürgen KargElektronische MythenJochen Rindfrey12.002
Jürgen KargElektronische MythenAchim Breiling12.002
KarmakanicEntering the spectraRalf J. Günther11.004
Karmic JuggernautThe Dreams That Stuff Are Made OfPeter Meyer12.001
Mick KarnThe Tooth MotherJochen Rindfrey12.001
KarnivoolSound AwakeThomas Kohlruß12.001
KarnivoolAsymmetrySiggy Zielinski11.502
Karuna KhyalAlomoni 1985Achim Breiling12.001
Kayo DotGamma KnifeJochen Rindfrey11.502
Kayo DotPlastic House On Base Of SkyAchim Breiling12.002
Kayo DotCoffins on IoAchim Breiling12.002
Kayo DotCoyoteAchim Breiling12.002
Kayo DotCoyoteJochen Rindfrey12.002
Kayo DotCoffins on IoJochen Rindfrey12.002
Kayo DotPlastic House On Base Of SkyJochen Rindfrey12.002
KBBAge of PainRalf J. Günther11.502
KBBProof Of ConceptRalf J. Günther12.001
KebnekajseIdiotenGunnar Claußen11.502
Keller & SchönwälderThe liquid sessionAndreas Pläschke11.002
Mike KeneallyYou Must Be This TallThomas Kohlruß12.502
Mike KeneallyScambot 2Nik Brückner12.003
Mike Keneallybakin' @ the potatoNik Brückner12.001
Mike KeneallyDancing With MyselfNik Brückner12.001
Mike KeneallyGuitar Therapy LiveThomas Kohlruß10.673
Mike Keneally Marco MinnemannEvidence Of HumanityThomas Kohlruß12.001
KennedyKennedy!Heiko Westhagen11.003
KensoLive '92Kristian Selm12.001
KensoUtsuroi Yuku MonoKristian Selm12.001
KensoSpartaKristian Selm12.001
KeuhkotRuskea aikakirjaAchim Breiling12.001
KhanSpace ShantyJochen Rindfrey12.003
Nusrat Fateh Ali KhanNight songAndreas Pläschke12.001
KillflavourForest MirrorSiggy Zielinski12.001
King CrimsonThe Collectable King Crimson Volume 3 - Live at the Shepherds Bush Empire, London, 1996Thomas Kohlruß12.001
King CrimsonLive in Brighton. October 16, 1971Nik Brückner12.001
King CrimsonLarks' Tongues In AspicJörg Schumann12.502
King CrimsonIn The Wake Of PoseidonGünter Schote12.007
King CrimsonDisciplineThorsten Gürntke12.004
King CrimsonLive in Central Park 1974Siggy Zielinski12.001
King CrimsonTHRaKaTTaKMichael Weinel11.002
King CrimsonRehearsals & Blows (May - November 1983)Nik Brückner12.001
King CrimsonLive at the Wiltern 1995Siggy Zielinski12.001
King CrimsonLive in TorontoNik Brückner12.002
King CrimsonIn The Wake Of PoseidonAndreas Pläschke12.007
King CrimsonThe ConstruKction of LightChristian Rode10.606
King CrimsonThe Collectable King Crimson Vol.1Siggy Zielinski12.001
King CrimsonPark West, Chicago, Illinois, August 7, 2008Christian Rode10.502
King Crimson40th Anniversary Tour BoxNik Brückner12.001
King CrimsonRedJörg Schumann12.503
King CrimsonThe ConstruKction of LightJochen Rindfrey10.606
King CrimsonIn The Wake Of PoseidonJochen Rindfrey12.007
King CrimsonIn The Wake Of PoseidonJörg Schumann12.007
King CrimsonLive in Mainz 1974Siggy Zielinski12.001
King CrimsonEpitaphUdo Gerhards12.001
King CrimsonStarless And Bible BlackUdo Gerhards12.503
King CrimsonVrooom VrooomAchim Breiling12.001
King CrimsonLive at Plymouth Guildhall 1971Siggy Zielinski12.001
King CrimsonLive at the OrpheumJochen Rindfrey10.333
King CrimsonLive in TorontoJochen Rindfrey12.002
King CrimsonIn The Wake Of PoseidonNik Brückner12.007
King CrimsonLive at the Marquee 1971Achim Breiling12.001
King Of AgogikFrom A to ASiggy Zielinski11.003
King Of AgogikThe Rhythmic Drawing RoomThomas Kohlruß10.754
King Of AgogikThe Rhythmic Drawing RoomSiggy Zielinski10.754
King Of AgogikMorning StarSiggy Zielinski11.002
Kingdom ComeJourneySiggy Zielinski12.502
Kingdom ComeGalactic Zoo DossierAchim Breiling12.002
Kingdom ComeKingdom ComeSiggy Zielinski12.001
Kingdom ComeGalactic Zoo DossierSiggy Zielinski12.002
Kings of BelgiumTrès fortJochen Rindfrey12.001
Kings of BelgiumUnchained MelodiesJochen Rindfrey12.001
King's XGretchen goes to NebraskaThomas Kohlruß11.502
King's XBlack Like SundayThomas Kohlruß11.502
King's XFaith Hope LoveThomas Kohlruß11.502
Kingston WallTri-logyKristian Selm12.001
KirkbinsinekSis Pus SusChristian Rode11.502
KirunaTarasarusAchim Breiling12.001
Kiss KissReality vs. The OptimistAndreas Hofmann12.001
Osamu KitajimaBenzaitenAchim Breiling12.001
Kjetil Mulelid TrioNot Nearly Enough To Buy A HouseVolkmar Mantei12.001
Klaus WieseEl-Hadra (The Mystic Dance)Michael Hirle12.001
Klaus WieseSecret DoctrineMichael Hirle12.001
KlavikonKlavikonAchim Breiling12.002
KlavikonKlavikonJochen Rindfrey12.002
KlusterKluster Zwei OstereiJochen Rindfrey12.001
The KnellsThe KnellsAndreas Hofmann12.001
KnifeworldThe UnravellingThomas Kohlruß10.333
KnifeworldThe UnravellingThorsten Gürntke10.333
Thomas KönerTiento de las nievesAndreas Pläschke12.001
KoenjihyakkeiNivraymUdo Gerhards12.002
KoenjihyakkeiLive at Star Pine's Cafe (DVD)Udo Gerhards12.001
KoenjihyakkeiAngherr ShisspaJochen Rindfrey12.003
KoenjihyakkeiDHORIMVISKHAJochen Rindfrey12.502
KoenjihyakkeiNivraymRalf J. Günther12.002
Kokonino KountyTrip to Kokonino KountySiggy Zielinski12.001
KoMaRaKoMaRaJochen Rindfrey12.673
KoMaRaKoMaRaThorsten Gürntke12.673
Kombinat MHybrid BeatJochen Rindfrey12.001
KompendiumBeneath The WavesThomas Kohlruß11.502
KongWhat It Seems Is What You GetThomas Kohlruß12.001
Korova Milk BarKorova Milk BarAchim Breiling12.001
Alexander Kostarev GroupKostarev.Works 1978 - 2006Thomas Kohlruß12.001
Takehisa KosugiCatch WaveAchim Breiling12.001
KotebelOmphalosThomas Schüßler11.673
KotebelOmphalosThomas Kohlruß11.673
KotebelOuroborosThomas Kohlruß12.001
KotebelConcerto for Piano and Electric EnsembleJochen Rindfrey12.333
KotebelCosmologySiggy Zielinski12.502
Boris KovacRitual Nova I & IIAchim Breiling12.001
KraanAndy NoggerRalf J. Günther11.502
KraanLive 88Ralf J. Günther11.333
KraanLive 2001Kristian Selm10.673
KraanTourneeKristian Selm12.001
KraanWiederhörenRalf J. Günther11.002
KraanLiveJochen Rindfrey11.333
KraftwerkRadio-AktivitätJörg Schumann12.002
KraftwerkAutobahnJochen Rindfrey12.003
KraftwerkAutobahnJörg Schumann12.003
KraftwerkKraftwerk 1Achim Breiling11.673
KraftwerkKraftwerk 1Jörg Schumann11.673
KraftwerkRadio-AktivitätJochen Rindfrey12.002
KraftwerkThe Man-MachineSiggy Zielinski12.001
KrakatauRitualMarion Schoger12.001
The Ryszard Kramarski ProjectThe Little PrinceMarc Colling12.001
KrautzoneThe Complete WorksAchim Breiling12.001
KreidlerTankAchim Breiling11.502
KrokoRabiaAchim Breiling12.001
KrokofantKrokofantThomas Kohlruß12.001
KTUQuiverKristian Selm11.502
KUHN FUKUHNSPIRACYSiggy Zielinski12.001
Kula ShakerPeasants, Pigs & AstronautsAndreas Pläschke11.504
Kula ShakerPeasants, Pigs & AstronautsMarkus Peltner11.504
Kula ShakerPeasants, Pigs & AstronautsChristian Rode11.504
Kulu/ManoeuvresKulu/ManoeuvresAchim Breiling12.001
Kumina.orgEntropiaThomas Kohlruß12.001
KuraiKuraiAchim Breiling11.334
Kuusumun ProfeettaKukin Kaappiaan Selässään KantaaAchim Breiling12.001
Kuusumun ProfeettaLyhtykujaAchim Breiling12.001
Kuusumun ProfeettaHymyilevien Laivojen SatamaAchim Breiling11.502
KvazarA Giant's LullabyThomas Schüßler12.001
KyrosVox HumanaThomas Kohlruß12.002
KyrosVox HumanaMarc Colling12.002
L A N DNight WithinJochen Rindfrey12.001
La DüsseldorfVivaJochen Rindfrey12.502
La Théorie Des CordesSinges ElectriquesThomas Kohlruß12.001
Laddio BolockoThe Life & Times Of Laddio BolockoFlorian Dietmaier12.001
Lady LakeNo picturesHorst Straske11.002
Lady LakeSupercleandreammachineHorst Straske12.001
Lalle Larsson's WeaveworldNightscapesThomas Kohlruß12.001
LaluAtomic ArkThomas Kohlruß12.002
LaluAtomic ArkGunnar Claußen12.002
LamanaifL'Uomo InfinitoThomas Kohlruß12.001
LandberkOne Man Tell's AnotherKristian Selm11.502
LandberkIndian SummerJochen Rindfrey10.504
LandberkRiktigt ÄktaJochen Rindfrey12.001
LandberkIndian SummerThorsten Gürntke10.504
LandberkLonely landKristian Selm9.673
LandmarqRoadskill - Live In The NetherlandsHarald Schmidt12.001
Larsen RupinContredansesAchim Breiling12.001
Larsen RupinProcès VerbalAchim Breiling12.001
Lalle LarssonSeven Deadly PiecesThomas Kohlruß12.001
Las Orejas Y La LenguaLa eminencia inobjetableThomas Kohlruß10.502
Las Orejas Y La LenguaErrorThomas Kohlruß12.001
Lasting WeepLe spectacle de l´AlbatrosAchim Breiling12.001
LaundryBlacktongueSiggy Zielinski12.001
Lazuli(4603 battements)Wolfram Ehrhardt11.004
LazuliNos Âmes SaoulesJürgen Wissing12.003
LazuliRéponse Incongrue à l'InéluctableThomas Kohlruß12.004
LazuliEn avant doute...Thomas Kohlruß11.502
Le*Silo8.8Jochen Rindfrey12.002
Le*SiloKesaminoJochen Rindfrey12.001
Le*Silo3.27830Ralf J. Günther12.004
Le*Silo3.27830Jörg Schumann12.004
Le*Silo3.27830Nik Brückner12.004
Le*Silo8.8Ralf J. Günther12.002
Le*Silo3.27830Jochen Rindfrey12.004
Le Ton MitéPassé Composé Futur ConditionnelAchim Breiling12.001
LebowskiCinematicJürgen Meurer11.002
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaAl FiloAchim Breiling10.502
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaSol CentralAchim Breiling12.001
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaHibridosAchim Breiling12.001
Jussi LehtisaloThe Complete Solo WorksAchim Breiling12.001
LeprousThe CongregationThomas Kohlruß11.333
LeprousCoalNik Brückner12.001
LeprousTall Poppy SyndromeNik Brückner12.001
LeprousMalinaGunnar Claußen11.502
LesoirLatitudeSiggy Zielinski9.502
Leverton FoxCountry DancesAchim Breiling12.001
Leviathan (US)Scoring the ChaptersSiggy Zielinski12.001
Ben Levin GroupFreak MachineThorsten Gürntke13.002
Ben Levin GroupPeopleThorsten Gürntke9.002
Levin Minnemann RudessFrom The Law Offices Of Levin Minnemann RudessNik Brückner12.002
Levin Minnemann RudessFrom The Law Offices Of Levin Minnemann RudessThomas Kohlruß12.002
Tony LevinWorld DiarySiggy Zielinski12.001
Mingo LewisFlight Never EndingAchim Breiling12.001
LiarsDrum´s Not DeadMalte Krosse12.001
LifesignsCardingtonPeter Meyer10.004
Lift (Dt.)Lift (1)Holger Grützner12.001
Light YearReveal The FantasticAchim Breiling12.001
LigroDictionary 3Siggy Zielinski12.001
Liir Bu Fer3junoAchim Breiling11.502
Liquid ScarletIIChristian Rode10.003
Liquid ScarletLiquid ScarletChristian Rode12.333
Lis Er StilleEmpirical GhostThomas Kohlruß12.002
Lis Er StilleEmpirical GhostGunnar Claußen12.002
Little AtlasHollowThoralf Koss8.333
Little AtlasAutomatic DaySiggy Zielinski12.001
LizardPsychopulsKristian Selm11.673
LizardPsychopulsThomas Kohlruß11.673
Lizard (CH)In concertJörg Schumann11.502
Lobster NewbergVernal EquinoxChristian Rode12.001
Locanda delle FateForse le lucciole non si amano piùGünter Schote12.405
Locanda delle FateForse le lucciole non si amano piùHeiko Westhagen12.405
Loch NessÖxAchim Breiling12.001
Long Distance CallingLong Distance CallingThomas Kohlruß9.673
Long Distance CallingTripsThomas Kohlruß10.003
LoomingsEveryday MythologyJochen Rindfrey11.502
LosaliosThe end of the beautyAchim Breiling12.001
Lost In KievNuit NoireThomas Kohlruß12.001
Lost World BandOf Things and BeingsMartin Dambeck12.502
Louise AvenueLet´s take one moreAchim Breiling12.001
Love Live Life + OneLove Will Make A Better YouAchim Breiling12.001
Love SculptureForms and FeelingsThomas Kohlruß12.001
Lucien Dubuis TrioTovorakJochen Rindfrey12.001
LuciferBlack MassAchim Breiling12.001
LudeHerzFabian Lutz12.001
Lunatic SoulWalking on a Flashlight BeamJürgen Wissing11.673
Lunatic SoulFracturedMartin Dambeck12.003
Lunatic SoulWalking on a Flashlight BeamChristian Rode11.673
Lunatic SoulLunatic Soul IIChristian Rode9.673
LüüpDistress Signal CodeSal Pichireddu12.001
Luz De RiadaCuentos y Fabulas Vol. 3Achim Breiling12.001
Luz De RiadaCuentos y Fabulas Vol. 2Achim Breiling12.001
Luz De RiadaCuentos y FabulasAchim Breiling12.001
Maat LanderSeasons of Space - Book #1Jochen Rindfrey12.001
Maat LanderThe Birth Of Maat's GalaxyAchim Breiling12.001
MachiavelMechanical MoonbeamsHorst Straske12.001
Machine Mass TrioAs Real As ThinkingThomas Kohlruß12.001
Machines DreamBlack ScienceMarc Colling11.502
Made In SwedenMade In EnglandAchim Breiling12.001
MadrugadaIncastroAchim Breiling11.502
Maelstrom (Kanada)MaelstromAchim Breiling12.001
MagellanTest Of WillsJörg Schumann12.001
MagellanImpossible figuresSebastian Mack9.754
MagentaSevenThomas Kohlruß11.002
MagentaMetamorphosisThomas Kohlruß10.502
MagentaThe Singles CompleteThoralf Koss9.002
MagentaRevolutionsThomas Kohlruß11.502
MagentaI'm Alive (Single)Thomas Kohlruß12.001
Magic PieMotions Of DesireNik Brückner11.504
Magic PieThe Suffering JoyHenning Mangold11.333
Magical Power MakoMagical PowerAchim Breiling12.001
Magister DixitCellule de criseNik Brückner12.001
MagmaK.ARalf J. Günther12.836
MagmaFélicité ThöszJörg Schumann11.405
MagmaMagmaJörg Schumann10.754
MagmaËmëhntëhtt-RéJochen Rindfrey13.333
MagmaK.AJochen Rindfrey12.836
MagmaK.AUdo Gerhards12.836
MagmaMythes et légendes - Epok VJörg Schumann11.502
MagmaKöhntarköszChristian Rode11.502
MagmaLive (Hhai)Udo Gerhards12.001
MagmaAttahkAndreas Pläschke9.504
MagmaZühn Wöhl Ünsaï - Live 1974Jochen Rindfrey12.002
MagmaZühn Wöhl Ünsaï - Live 1974Nik Brückner12.002
MagmaFélicité ThöszJochen Rindfrey11.405
MagmaRetrospektïw 1-2Jochen Rindfrey11.502
MagmaConcert 1976 Opéra de ReimsAndreas Pläschke12.001
Magyar PosseKings of TimeAchim Breiling12.001
Magyar PosseRandom AvengerAchim Breiling12.001
Mahavishnu OrchestraBirds Of FireUdo Gerhards12.001
Mahavishnu OrchestraThe Lost Trident SessionsUdo Gerhards12.002
Mahavishnu OrchestraThe Lost Trident SessionsAndreas Pläschke12.002
Mahogany FrogSennaAchim Breiling12.502
Major ParkinsonSongs From A Solitary HomeGunnar Claußen12.001
Make A RisingRip Through the Hawk Black NightAndreas Hofmann11.002
MalicorneLe bestiaireHeiko Westhagen13.502
MalicorneMalicorne (Colin)Andreas Pläschke12.001
Sean MaloneCortlandtKai Lorenz Kruppa12.001
MamifferStatu NascendiAchim Breiling12.001
Mamifferthe world unseenAchim Breiling12.001
MamifferMare DecendriiAchim Breiling12.001
Mamiffer & CircleEnharmonic Intervals (For Paschen Organ)Jochen Rindfrey12.502
Mamma Non PiangereN. 3Nik Brückner11.333
Mamma Non PiangereN. 3Jochen Rindfrey11.333
ManBack into the FutureChristian Rode12.001
Man On FireChrysalisChristian Rode11.003
Mandra Gora Lightshow SocietyBeyond the Mushroam gateAndreas Pläschke12.001
Mandrake ProjectA Miraculous ContainerDirk Reuter11.002
ManeigeNi Vent...Ni NouvelleUdo Gerhards11.003
ManeigeManeigeAchim Breiling11.502
ManeigeNi Vent...Ni NouvelleHorst Straske11.003
Mangala VallisMicrosolcoJürgen Wissing12.001
Geoff MannIn One Era...Dennis Egbers12.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandThe Roaring SilenceChristian Rode11.503
Manfred Mann's Earth BandThe Good EarthAndreas Pläschke12.001
Gérard MansetLa Mort d'OrionAchim Breiling12.001
Many ArmsMany ArmsJochen Rindfrey12.002
Many ArmsSuspended DefinitionJochen Rindfrey12.001
Many ArmsMany ArmsFederico Chavez12.002
Albert MarcoeurArmes & CyclesAchim Breiling12.001
Albert MarcoeurL'ApostropheAchim Breiling12.001
MarginPsychedelic TeatimeChristian Rode11.003
The MarigoldKanavalSiggy Zielinski12.001
MarillionFugaziJörg Schumann11.254
MarillionMisplaced ChildhoodJörg Schumann10.336
MarillionBrave - The Film (DVD)Jörg Schumann11.002
MarillionMarbles In The ParkGünter Schote12.001
MarillionEarly Stages - The Official Bootleg Box Set 1982 - 1987Kristian Selm12.001
MarillionAnorak In The UK LiveThorsten Gürntke12.001
MarillionMarbles on the road (DVD)Andreas Pläschke12.333
MarillionSeasons EndJörg Schumann11.003
MarillionMarblesThomas Thielen8.004
MarillionScript for a jester's tearJörg Schumann10.805
MarillionFugaziHenning Mangold11.254
MarillionBraveFranco Cappelletti11.003
MarillionAnoraknophobiaHenning Mangold11.254
MarillionThis Strange EngineHenning Mangold10.254
MarillionAfraid of sunlightHenning Mangold10.003
MarillionAfraid of sunlightThomas Thielen10.003
Mars HollowMars HollowJürgen Wissing11.002
Mars HollowWorld In Front Of MeMark Wahl11.003
The Mars VoltaThe Bedlam in GoliathAndreas Hofmann12.001
The Mars VoltaDe-loused in the comatoriumThomas Thielen9.504
The Mars VoltaFrances The MuteUdo Gerhards9.506
The Mars VoltaFrances The MuteChristian Rode9.506
The Mars VoltaFrances The MuteAndreas Pläschke9.506
The Mars VoltaAmputechtureThomas Kohlruß11.002
Rhys Marsh & The Autumn GhostThe Blue HourSiggy Zielinski12.001
MartiganVisionHenning Mangold10.333
MartiganDistant MonstersJürgen Wissing11.502
MartiganMan Of The MomentThorsten Gürntke11.502
Martin Maheux CirclePhysics of LightAndreas Pläschke12.001
La Maschera di CeraPetali Di FuocoJürgen Wissing11.502
Le Maschere di ClaraAnamorfosiNik Brückner12.004
Le Maschere di ClaraAnamorfosiThomas Kohlruß12.004
Le Maschere di ClaraAnamorfosiJochen Rindfrey12.004
Le Maschere di ClaraL'alveareJochen Rindfrey12.502
Le Maschere di ClaraAnamorfosiAchim Breiling12.004
Le Maschere di ClaraLynchJochen Rindfrey12.001
MaschineNaturalisGunnar Claußen10.754
MaschineRubidiumThomas Kohlruß10.504
MaseratiRehumanizerThomas Kohlruß12.001
Gigi MasinThe Wind CollectorAchim Breiling12.001
Gigi MasinWindAchim Breiling12.001
Gigi MasinTalk To The SeaAchim Breiling12.001
The MassPerfect Picture of Wisdom & BoldnessGeorg Heep12.001
MassacreKilling TimeJochen Rindfrey13.002
MassacreLonely HeartAchim Breiling12.001
MassacreLove Me TenderAchim Breiling12.001
MassacreMeltdownAchim Breiling12.001
MastermindExcelsior!Kristian Selm12.502
MastodonRemissionSiggy Zielinski10.002
MataAtamSiggy Zielinski12.001
Matching MoleLittle Red RecordAchim Breiling9.003
MatrazGritaréKristian Selm12.002
MatrazGritaréAchim Breiling12.002
Mats / MorganOn Air With GuestsJörg Schumann11.333
Mats / MorganLiveJörg Schumann12.002
Mats / MorganLiveRalf J. Günther12.002
Mats / MorganThanks For Flying With UsKristian Selm11.502
Melanie Mau & Martin SchnellaGray MattersNik Brückner12.001
maudlin of the Wellleaving your body mapFlorian Dietmaier12.001
maudlin of the WellBathSiggy Zielinski12.001
maudlin of the Wellpart the SecondSiggy Zielinski12.001
Maxwell's DemonDiabloAchim Breiling11.754
Maxwell's DemonDiabloRalf J. Günther11.754
Maxwell's DemonDiabloNik Brückner11.754
Maxwell's DemonPrometheusNik Brückner10.004
MayfairFastest Trip To Cyber-TownThorsten Gürntke12.001
McDonald & GilesMcDonald & GilesThoralf Koss9.504
Steve McDonaldSons of SomerledOliver Mensing12.001
McGill/Manring/StevensControlled by RadarSiggy Zielinski12.001
John McLaughlinExtrapolationMalte Krosse12.001
McLuhanAnomalyAchim Breiling12.001
Meandering MineNeanderthal NeinAndreas Hofmann12.002
Meandering MineNeanderthal NeinThomas Kohlruß12.002
Mechanical ButterflyThe Irresistible GravityThomas Kohlruß12.001
MECHANIKEadem Mutata ResurgoAchim Breiling12.001
Mecki Mark MenMecki Mark MenAchim Breiling12.001
Mekong DeltaKaleidoscopeGeorg Heep12.001
Mekong DeltaLurking FearSiggy Zielinski12.001
Mekong DeltaIn A Mirror DarklyChristian Rode12.502
Memento WaltzDivision by ZeroGunnar Claußen12.002
Memento WaltzDivision by ZeroThomas Kohlruß12.002
Merzbow / Keiji Haino / Balázs PándiAn Untroublesome DefencelessnessJochen Rindfrey12.001
MeshuggahKolossNik Brückner11.333
MeshuggahChaosphereSiggy Zielinski11.002
Meson5C4L3Achim Breiling12.001
MetaconcienciaBestiarioThomas Kohlruß12.001
Metallic Taste Of BloodMetallic Taste Of BloodThomas Kohlruß12.001
Metallic Taste Of BloodDoctoring The DeadThomas Kohlruß11.002
MetamorfosiInfernoHeiko Westhagen9.805
MetamorfosiInfernoHorst Straske9.805
Metamorphosis (CZ)DIPAchim Breiling12.001
MetaphorThe SparrowNik Brückner7.333
Pat MethenyOne Quiet NightThomas Thielen12.001
MethexisSuicietyJörg Schumann11.673
MezquitaRecuerdos de mi TierraAchim Breiling11.333
MIACornonstipicumUdo Gerhards12.002
MIACornonstipicumAchim Breiling12.002
Michael MantlerLiveAchim Breiling12.001
Michael's StatementSilent CreaturesChristian Rode12.001
Michael's StatementBeauty of SadnessChristian Rode11.502
David Maxim MicicBilo 3.0Thomas Kohlruß12.001
David Maxim MicicEGOThomas Kohlruß12.001
Minami DeutschMinami DeutschChristian Rode11.502
MindflowersNuancesThomas Kohlruß12.001
M!NDGAMESParadox Of ChoiceHarald Schmidt12.002
M!NDGAMESParadox Of ChoiceJürgen Wissing12.002
MinikuiFaites donc le pigeonNik Brückner12.001
Minimum VitalCapitainesThomas Kohlruß11.002
Marco MinnemannAbove the RosesThomas Kohlruß12.001
Marco MinnemannSchattenspielThomas Kohlruß12.001
Marco MinnemannEepsSiggy Zielinski12.001
MiriodorParadeAchim Breiling11.502
MiriodorSignal 9Achim Breiling13.002
MiriodorCobra FakirAchim Breiling12.502
MiriodorMekanoRalf J. Günther12.001
Miriodoravanti!Siggy Zielinski12.333
Miriodoravanti!Achim Breiling12.333
MiriodorJongleries ElastiquesAchim Breiling12.001
miRthkonSnack(s)Jochen Rindfrey12.004
miRthkonSnack(s)Siggy Zielinski12.004
miRthkonVehicleThomas Kohlruß11.502
MiseriuMReturn To GraceThomas Kohlruß12.001
Mkwaju EnsembleKI-MotionAchim Breiling12.001
MnemonistsHordeAchim Breiling12.001
MnemonistsGyromancyAchim Breiling12.001
Modry EfektSvet HledacuKristian Selm10.673
Moebius/Neumeier/EnglerAnother Other PlacesAchim Breiling12.001
Moebius + TietchensMoebius + TietchensJochen Rindfrey12.001
MoeTarFrom These Small SeedsSiggy Zielinski12.003
MoeTarFrom These Small SeedsThomas Kohlruß12.003
MoeTarFrom These Small SeedsJochen Rindfrey12.003
MogwaiHappy Songs for Happy PeopleThomas Thielen10.003
MolesomeDialAchim Breiling12.001
Mona LisaLe Petit Violon De Mr. GrégoireHorst Straske9.002
Mona LisaAvant Qu´Il Ne Soit Trop TardHorst Straske8.502
Francis Monkman21st Century BluesDirk Reuter11.002
MonophonistÜber die Freiheit der praktischen UnvernunftGunnar Claußen12.001
Moon SafariA Doorway To SummerJürgen Meurer11.502
Moon SafariHimlabacken - Vol.1Nik Brückner12.002
Moon SafariLover's EndJürgen Wissing8.673
Moon SafariLover's End Pt.III: Skelleftea SerenadeJürgen Wissing12.001
Moon SafariHimlabacken - Vol.1Jürgen Wissing12.002
MoongardenSongs From The LighthouseThomas Kohlruß10.333
MoongardenA Vulgar Display Of ProgThomas Kohlruß11.673
MoongardenRound MidnightThomas Kohlruß11.004
MoongardenBrainstorm of EmptynessJörg Schumann11.003
MoongardenRound MidnightAndreas Kiefer11.004
MoonriseThe Lights of a distant BayThoralf Koss9.003
The MoorFluxChristian Rode12.001
Steve MooreThe Mind's EyeAchim Breiling12.001
Moraz/BrufordMusic for Piano and Drums: Live in MarylandNik Brückner12.001
Moraz/BrufordMusic for piano and drumsSiggy Zielinski12.001
Moraz & FriendsRandom KingdomNik Brückner12.001
Yuri MorozovStrange Angels: Experimental & Electronic MusicAchim Breiling12.001
MorpheliaWaken the NightmareHenning Mangold10.003
Morse CodeLa Marche des HommesHorst Straske11.333
Neal MorseOneJan Hamm10.806
Neal MorseLifelineJürgen Gallitz-Duckar7.405
Neal Morse?Marc Colling10.754
Neal MorseSola Scriptura And Beyond (2DVD)Jörg Schumann12.502
Neal MorseThe Similitude Of A Dream Live In Tilburg 2017Nik Brückner11.502
Neal MorseTestimony twoMichael Hirle10.333
Neal MorseThe Similitude Of A DreamNik Brückner10.754
Steve MorseCruise Control (DVD)Ralf J. Günther12.001
Tim MorseFaithscienceSiggy Zielinski12.001
Mosaïc (Fra.)UltimatumAchim Breiling12.001
MøsterEdvard Lygre MøsterHarald Schmidt12.001
Mostly AutumnThe Spirit Of Autumn PastThomas Kohlruß12.001
Mostly AutumnThe Last Bright LightThomas Kohlruß12.001
Mostly AutumnPink Floyd Revisited (DVD)Henning Mangold12.001
Moth VellumMoth VellumJürgen Meurer10.205
Moth VellumMoth VellumKristian Selm10.205
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.Achim Breiling12.001
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.1970-1973Andreas Pläschke11.003
MothertongueWhere The Moonlight SnowsGunnar Claußen12.001
MothertongueUnsongsChristian Rode12.001
MothliteThe Flax of ReverieAchim Breiling12.001
Motor Totemist GuildArchive TwoAchim Breiling12.001
Motor Totemist GuildArchive OneAchim Breiling12.001
MotorpsychoStill Life With EggplantMarkus Peltner12.001
MotorpsychoHeavy Metal FruitThomas Kohlruß12.001
MotorpsychoHere Be MonstersThomas Kohlruß12.001
MotorpsychoThe TowerRoland Heil11.673
Motorpsycho and Ståle StorløkkenThe Death Defying UnicornAndreas Pläschke12.805
Mr AverellGridlockAndreas Pläschke9.333
Mr BrownMellan tre ögonHolger Grützner10.003
Mr. BungleDisco VolanteAndreas Hofmann12.002
Mr. Quimby's BeardThe Definitive Unsolved Mysteries Of...Kristian Selm12.502
The MuffinsManna/MirageAchim Breiling12.001
The MuffinsPalindromeAchim Breiling12.001
MultitudesOntogenySiggy Zielinski12.001
MumpbeakMumpbeakThomas Kohlruß12.001
Roberto Musci & Giovanni VenostaVampyr And Other StoriesAchim Breiling12.001
Roberto Musci & Giovanni VenostaA Noise, A SoundAchim Breiling12.001
Museo RosenbachZarathustraJochen Rindfrey11.504
Museo RosenbachBarbaricaHarald Schmidt12.001
Musica FictaA Child & A WellGunnar Claußen11.333
The Mute GodsDo Nothing Till You Hear From MeThomas Kohlruß9.333
MutyumuMutyumuDennis Egbers10.502
MuzakIn case of loss, please return to:Achim Breiling12.001
My SoliloquyEngines of GravitySiggy Zielinski12.001
MyrbeinMyrornas KrigAchim Breiling12.002
MyrbeinMyrornas KrigRalf J. Günther12.002
MyriadFloating on ascending plainsHenning Mangold12.001
MysteryDestiny?Heiko Westhagen11.002
NadjaAutopergameneAchim Breiling12.001
Naked CityRadioFlorian Dietmaier12.001
Naked CityNaked CityFlorian Dietmaier9.673
Naked elfYiGeorg Heep12.001
Naked SunNaked SunThomas Kohlruß13.502
Naked TruthOuroborosThomas Kohlruß12.001
Naked TruthAvian ThugThomas Kohlruß11.502
NarajamaConcurrereAchim Breiling12.001
NarajamaV tom vínì je nalhánoAchim Breiling12.001
Narajama3'MejAchim Breiling12.001
NarajamaConvergereAchim Breiling12.001
Nathan MahlHeretik Volume III - The sentenceKristian Selm12.001
Nathan MahlLive at NEARfest 1999Thomas Kohlruß12.001
National HealthNational HealthJörg Schumann10.676
National HealthMissing PiecesAchim Breiling10.502
National HealthPlaytimeJochen Rindfrey11.002
NazcaNazcaJochen Rindfrey11.502
NazcaEstacion De SombraUdo Gerhards12.001
NeBeLNeSTZePTOJochen Rindfrey11.502
NeBeLNeSTNova ExpressJochen Rindfrey11.003
NecromonkeyShow Me Where It HertzAchim Breiling12.001
NecromonkeyNecroplexAchim Breiling12.001
NecromonkeyA Glimpse of Possible EndingsAchim Breiling11.502
NecrophagistEpitaphGeorg Heep12.001
Neil On ImpressionL'oceano delle onde che restano onde per sempreThomas Kohlruß12.001
NektarJourney to the Centre of the EyeMarkus Peltner10.805
Nell JamesTempusChristian Rode12.001
nema nikoNo Zeit 7905Achim Breiling12.001
NemoLe ver dans le fruitMarc Colling12.002
NemoLe ver dans le fruitThomas Kohlruß12.002
NemoR€volu$ionThomas Kohlruß10.502
NemoLa Machine à Remonter les TempsThomas Kohlruß11.502
NemoBarbaresWolfram Ehrhardt11.002
NeomArkana TemporisChristian Rode10.254
NetherworldIn the following Half-LightChristian Rode10.254
Neu!Neu! 2Udo Gerhards11.205
Neu!Neu!Andreas Pläschke11.673
Neue AeraAerabianThomas Kohlruß12.001
Mani Neumeier & Kawabata MakotoSamurai BluesJochen Rindfrey12.001
NeurosenblüteDisplizin AKUTJochen Rindfrey12.001
The New Grove ProjectBrillChristian Rode10.333
The New Grove ProjectBrillHenning Mangold10.333
New TrollsTempi DispariAchim Breiling12.001
News From BabelLetters HomeSiggy Zielinski11.502
NiLes Insurgés de RomillyJochen Rindfrey12.001
NiacinOrganikJörg Schumann11.254
NiacinOrganikNik Brückner11.254
The NiceArs Longa Vita BrevisAndreas Pläschke10.002
The NiceFive BridgesJürgen Wissing9.502
NichelodeonCinemanemicoSal Pichireddu11.502
NichelodeonIl gioco del silenzioSal Pichireddu12.002
NichelodeonIl gioco del silenzioJochen Rindfrey12.002
NichelodeonNo (at Bloom 2011)Nik Brückner12.001
Czeslaw NiemenMarionetkiAchim Breiling12.001
Czeslaw NiemenAerolitAchim Breiling12.001
Czeslaw NiemenEnigmaticHorst Straske11.506
Night TerrorNight TerrorsGunnar Claußen12.001
The Night TerrorsBack To ZeroAchim Breiling12.001
The Night Watch (CAN)BoundariesThomas Kohlruß12.001
NightingaleRetributionHarald Schmidt12.001
NilQuarante Jours Sur Le SinaïJürgen Meurer10.333
NimalVoix De SurfaceAchim Breiling12.001
Nine Inch NailsThe fragileGeorg Heep12.001
Nine Stones CloseLeavesThomas Kohlruß12.002
Nine Stones CloseLeavesMarc Colling12.002
no-man((speak))Andreas Pläschke10.002
no-manRadio sessions 1992-96Andreas Pläschke12.001
no-manReturning JesusHenning Mangold12.002
no-manReturning JesusAndreas Pläschke12.002
No More PainThe Post Human ConditionThomas Kohlruß12.001
No Secrets in the FamilyIn a certain Light we all appear greenHeiko Westhagen12.001
NoaNoaJochen Rindfrey11.502
NOA (Jp.)Tri-LogicJörg Schumann12.001
NodeNodeAchim Breiling12.001
Non CredoImproperaJochen Rindfrey12.001
Non CredoHappy Wretched FamilyJochen Rindfrey12.001
Sean NoonanA Gambler's HandJochen Rindfrey12.001
Stina NordenstamThe world is savedThomas Thielen12.001
Stina NordenstamAnd She Closed Her EyesThomas Thielen12.001
Normal LoveSurvival TricksFlorian Dietmaier12.001
Not A Good SignFrom A DistanceThomas Kohlruß11.502
Not A Good SignNot A GOOD SignThomas Kohlruß11.003
Not Otherwise SpecifiedProjective InstrumentsThomas Kohlruß10.002
Notturno ConcertanteCanzoni allo specchioGunnar Claußen11.502
NovalisVielleicht bist du ein Clown?Holger Grützner12.001
NovalisNovalisJochen Rindfrey8.754
NovalisNovalisHorst Straske8.754
NovalisBanished BridgeGünter Schote9.004
NowSpheresJürgen Meurer12.001
ÑuA Golpe de LatigoHeiko Westhagen12.001
NU & Apa NeagraDescantecul Apei Negre (Black Water Incantation)Christian Rode12.001
NucleusElastic RockAchim Breiling12.002
NucleusElastic RockThorsten Gürntke12.002
Nucleus TornStreet Lights FailThomas Kohlruß12.001
Nucleus TornKnellThomas Kohlruß12.001
Nucleus TornNihilThomas Kohlruß12.001
Nucleus TornGolden AgeThomas Kohlruß12.001
Nucleus TornNeon Light EternalThomas Kohlruß12.001
Nuova IdeaClownsAchim Breiling11.002
OaksenhamConquest Of The PacificThomas Kohlruß11.002
ObakeObakeThomas Kohlruß12.001
ObakeMutationsThomas Kohlruß12.001
ObakeDraugrThomas Kohlruß12.001
Obscura (Dt.)CosmogenesisDennis Egbers12.002
Obscura (Dt.)CosmogenesisMichael Büttgen12.002
Obsidian KingdomA Year With No SummerThomas Kohlruß12.001
Obsidian KingdomMantiisGunnar Claußen12.001
Ocean MachineBiomechJörg Graf12.001
The OceanPrecambrianGunnar Claußen12.001
OceansizeFramesThomas Kohlruß10.673
OceansizeFeed To FeedThomas Kohlruß12.001
Octo WallaceFast Women Slow HorsesChristian Rode12.001
October EquusOctober EquusJochen Rindfrey11.673
October EquusOctober EquusThomas Kohlruß11.673
October EquusSaturnalAchim Breiling11.333
OHMphreyPosthasteThomas Kohlruß11.502
Oiseaux-TempêteOiseaux-TempêteAchim Breiling12.001
Oiseaux-TempêteAL​-​'AN ! الآن (And your night is your shadow - a fairy​-​tale piece of land to make our dreams)Jochen Rindfrey12.502
Oiseaux-TempêteTarab طربJochen Rindfrey12.001
OktopusWorlds ApartThomas Kohlruß12.001
Mike OldfieldOmmadawnUdo Gerhards12.676
Mike OldfieldExposed (DVD)Udo Gerhards12.502
Mike OldfieldMusic of the SpheresDirk Reuter8.333
Mike OldfieldHergest RidgeMarkus Peltner12.506
Mike OldfieldTubular Bells 2003Nik Brückner11.506
Mike OldfieldTubular BellsAndreas Pläschke13.007
Mike OldfieldHergest RidgeMarc Colling12.506
Mike OldfieldFive Miles OutJörg Graf9.836
Ole LukkøyeDoo-Doo-Doo (or Remedy for a dwarf)Sal Pichireddu11.502
OmbSwineSongThomas Kohlruß12.001
OmegaElö Omega - Kisstadion '79Holger Grützner12.001
Omnia OperaNothing Is OrdinaryAchim Breiling12.001
Omnia OperaOmnia OperaAchim Breiling12.001
One ShotEwaz VaderThomas Kohlruß10.754
One Starving DayAtlas CoelestisAchim Breiling12.001
Ángel Ontalva & VesperoCarta MarinaJochen Rindfrey12.001
Ángel Ontalva & VesperoSea Orm LiventureAchim Breiling12.001
OpethHeritageMarc Colling10.006
OpethBlackwater ParkChristian Rode12.502
OpethSorceressMarc Colling10.405
OpethWatershedMichael Büttgen13.333
OpethPale CommunionMarc Colling11.176
OpethPale CommunionThomas Kohlruß11.176
OpethOrchidMichael Hirle12.001
Opus 5Contre-CourantAchim Breiling11.673
Opus 5Contre-CourantJochen Rindfrey11.673
Opus AvantraIntrospezioneJochen Rindfrey12.002
Opus AvantraIntrospezioneAchim Breiling12.002
Opus of a MachineSimulacraThomas Kohlruß12.001
O.RangHerd Of InstinctJochen Rindfrey11.003
Orchestra of the Upper AtmosphereΘ4Achim Breiling12.002
Orchestra of the Upper AtmosphereΘ4Jochen Rindfrey12.002
Order of the LivingHeartwardsAchim Breiling12.001
OrigamibiroCollectionAchim Breiling12.001
O.R.kInflamed RidesThomas Kohlruß12.002
O.R.kInflamed RidesThorsten Gürntke12.002
Le OrmeContrappuntiHorst Straske12.001
Le OrmeElementiKristian Selm11.502
Le OrmeUomo di PezzaJochen Rindfrey12.001
Le OrmeLive In Pennsylvania (CD/DVD-Box)Thomas Kohlruß12.001
Ornah-MentalTestimonyChristian Rode12.001
Ornah-MentalExcursionsChristian Rode12.001
Ornah-MentalThe Maya IncidentChristian Rode12.001
Orphan ProjectOrphan FoundMartin Dambeck11.502
Orphaned LandAll Is OneChristian Rode12.502
The OrvaliansThe Great FilterJochen Rindfrey12.002
The OrvaliansThe Great FilterAchim Breiling12.002
OsannaPalepoliUdo Gerhards11.502
OSIOffice Of Strategic InfluenceChristian Rode12.003
Osta LoveThe Isle Of DogsGunnar Claußen11.502
OTEME (Osservatorio delle Terre Emerse)L’agguato, l’abbandono, il mutamentoJochen Rindfrey11.502
OverheadMetaepitomeThomas Kohlruß11.502
Overheadof sun and moonThomas Kohlruß12.001
Ozric TentaclesSpice doubt - Streaming a gig in the etherKristian Selm12.001
Ozric TentaclesLive At The Pongmasters BallKristian Selm10.333
Ozric TentaclesWaterfall CitiesJürgen Gallitz-Duckar12.002
Ozric TentaclesErplandKristian Selm6.502
Ozric TentaclesWaterfall CitiesKristian Selm12.002
Ozric TentaclesLive underslunkyKristian Selm12.001
Ozric TentaclesSpirals in HyperspaceKristian Selm12.502
PaatosTimelossSebastian Mack11.205
PaatosTimelossJochen Rindfrey11.205
PaatosSensorsKristian Selm11.002
PaatosTimelossHorst Straske11.205
PaavoharjuYhä hämärääAchim Breiling12.001
Pablo El EnterradorPablo El EnterradorHorst Straske11.002
Jimmy Page & Robert PlantNo QuarterPiotre Walter10.333
PageantThe Pay For Dreamer's SinDennis Egbers11.002
Pain of SalvationRoad Salt OneChristian Rode12.334
Pain of SalvationBE (Chinassiah) DVD/CDMarkus Wierschem12.001
Pain of SalvationScarsickGunnar Claußen12.003
Pain of SalvationEntropiaJörg Schumann10.333
Pain of SalvationScarsickThomas Kohlruß12.003
Pain of SalvationFalling HomePiotre Walter11.502
Pain of SalvationScarsickMarkus Wierschem12.003
Pain of SalvationRoad Salt OneGunnar Claußen12.334
Pain of SalvationIn The Passing Light Of DayGunnar Claußen12.254
PAKSecret CurveJochen Rindfrey12.001
PalindromeBundle these last scattered synapsesThomas Kohlruß12.001
PallaswearewhoweareChristian Rode11.502
PallasBeat the DrumThorsten Gürntke9.003
PallasThe SentinelGünter Schote10.605
Carl PalmerWorking Live - Volume 1Jochen Rindfrey12.502
Carl Palmer's ELP LegacyLiveNik Brückner11.002
PangéeHymnemondeHorst Straske10.502
Panta Rhei (Dt.)Das PorträtHolger Grützner12.001
Panther & C.Il Giusto EquilibrioHarald Schmidt10.502
Stefano Panunzia RoseThomas Kohlruß12.001
PanzerballettStarke StückeKai Lorenz Kruppa12.002
PanzerballettPanzerballettChristian Rode10.504
PanzerballettBreaking BrainThomas Kohlruß11.333
PanzerballettHart Genossen von Abba bis ZappaNik Brückner11.333
PanzerballettStarke StückeJochen Rindfrey12.002
PanzerballettTank GoodnessJochen Rindfrey12.001
PanzerpappaPestrottedansAchim Breiling11.502
PaRaLLaXeSoundtrackThomas Kohlruß12.001
Parallel or 90 DegreesJittersThomas Kohlruß11.502
Parallel or 90 DegreesMore Exotic Ways To DieKristian Selm12.502
Parallel or 90 DegreesThe Time CapsuleJochen Rindfrey12.002
Parallel or 90 DegreesA Can Of WormsThomas Kohlruß11.673
Parallel or 90 DegreesAfterlifecycleJochen Rindfrey12.001
Parallel or 90 DegreesThe Time CapsuleKristian Selm12.002
Parallel or 90 DegreesA Can Of WormsSiggy Zielinski11.673
Bernard ParmegianiChants MagnetiquesAchim Breiling12.001
Matthew ParmenterHorror ExpressThomas Schüßler12.001
The Alan Parsons ProjectTales of Mystery and ImaginationAndreas Pläschke11.255
The Alan Parsons ProjectTales of Mystery and ImaginationJörg Schumann11.255
Pattern Is MovementAll TogetherAndreas Hofmann12.001
Pavlov3Curvature​-​Induced Symmetry​.​.​. BreakingThomas Kohlruß12.001
Pavlov's DogPampered MenialGünter Schote10.605
Payne's GrayKadath decodedKristian Selm13.333
PazopPsychillis of a Lunatic GeniusAchim Breiling12.001
Pell MellRhapsodyHorst Straske11.502
PentangleBasket of LightAndreas Pläschke11.333
PentanglePentangleJochen Rindfrey12.001
PentangleSweet ChildSiggy Zielinski12.001
PentangleThe Albums 1968-1972Jochen Rindfrey12.001
PentwaterOut Of The AbyssHorst Straske11.002
Pere UbuThe Art of WalkingJochen Rindfrey12.001
Pere UbuSong Of The Bailing ManJochen Rindfrey12.001
Pere UbuLady From ShanghaiJochen Rindfrey12.001
Pere UbuCarnival of SoulsJochen Rindfrey12.001
Pere UbuDatapanik in the Year ZeroJochen Rindfrey12.001
Luis PerezEl Ombligo de la LunaAchim Breiling12.001
Perfect beingsPerfect beingsJürgen Meurer12.001
Periferia Del MondoUn milione di vociKristian Selm12.001
PerigeoAzimutAchim Breiling11.502
PeripheryPeripheryThomas Kohlruß11.002
PeripheryJuggernaut: AlphaThomas Kohlruß12.502
PeripheryClearNik Brückner11.673
PeripheryJuggernaut: OmegaJörg Schumann12.502
PeripheryPeriphery II: This Time It's PersonalThomas Kohlruß11.502
PeripheryClearJörg Schumann11.673
PetrelsHaeligewielleSiggy Zielinski12.001
John Petrucci & Jordan RudessAn Evening with John Petrucci & Jordan RudessMarkus Wierschem12.001
Der Petunienmann von Metaluna VierWeisser AlarmGunnar Claußen11.502
PhaseMidnight MadnessAchim Breiling12.001
PhideauxDoomsday AfternoonThomas Kohlruß12.333
PhideauxDoomsday AfternoonJürgen Gallitz-Duckar12.333
PhilharmonieLes Éléphants CarillonneursJochen Rindfrey12.001
Anthony PhillipsField DayHenning Mangold12.001
Anthony Phillips & Andrew SkeetSeventh HeavenHenning Mangold12.001
PhloxRebimine + VoltimineJochen Rindfrey12.001
PhoenixTranssylvania-PhoenixGunnar Claußen12.001
PhoenixCantafabuleHorst Straske11.002
Pholas DactylusConcerto Delle MentiHorst Straske12.805
Piano meets VibesTraumgängerVolkmar Mantei12.001
Picchio Dal PozzoCamere Zimmer RoomsJochen Rindfrey12.502
Picchio Dal PozzoAbbiamo Tutti I Suoi ProblemiJochen Rindfrey12.502
Picchio Dal PozzoPic_nic@ValdapozzoAchim Breiling12.001
Picchio Dal PozzoPicchio Dal PozzoJochen Rindfrey12.003
Pienza EthnorkestraIndiens d'EuropeAchim Breiling12.002
Pienza EthnorkestraIndiens d'EuropeJochen Rindfrey12.002
Pikapika TeartMoonberryJochen Rindfrey12.003
Pikapika TeartMoonberryAchim Breiling12.003
Pikapika TeartMoonberryThorsten Gürntke12.003
Pin-Up Went Down342Thomas Kohlruß12.001
The Pineapple ThiefLittle ManChristian Rode12.002
The Pineapple ThiefMagnoliaPiotre Walter10.502
The Pineapple ThiefAbducting the unicornMarkus Peltner12.333
The Pineapple ThiefTightly UnwoundJürgen Gallitz-Duckar9.754
The Pineapple ThiefTightly UnwoundChristian Rode9.754
The Pineapple ThiefVariations on a DreamKristian Selm12.333
The Pineapple ThiefSomeone here is missingSebastian Hauck11.002
The Pineapple ThiefVariations on a DreamPiotre Walter12.333
The Pineapple ThiefWhat we have sownJürgen Gallitz-Duckar11.502
The Pineapple ThiefLittle ManJürgen Gallitz-Duckar12.002
PingvinorkesternPushGunnar Claußen12.001
Richard Pinhas & Oren AmbarchiTikkunJochen Rindfrey11.502
Richard Pinhas & John LivengoodCyborg SallySiggy Zielinski12.001
Richard PinhasDesolation RowJochen Rindfrey11.502
Richard PinhasSchizotropeJochen Rindfrey12.001
Richard PinhasReverseJochen Rindfrey12.001
Richard Pinhas & Barry ClevelandMuJochen Rindfrey10.002
Richard Pinhas & Yoshida TatsuyaWelcome in the VoidAchim Breiling12.002
Richard Pinhas & Yoshida TatsuyaWelcome in the VoidJochen Rindfrey12.002
Richard Pinhas / Tatsuya Yoshida / Masami AkitaProcess and RealityJochen Rindfrey12.001
Pink FloydA Saucerful Of SecretsAchim Breiling10.006
Pink FloydMoreChristian Rode9.754
Pink FloydA Saucerful Of SecretsChristian Rode10.006
Pink FloydAnimalsJochen Rindfrey13.006
PirateLeft of MindSiggy Zielinski12.001
Pixie NinjaUltrasoundAchim Breiling12.001
PlackbandAfter the battleHenning Mangold12.001
Planet XMoonbabiesKristian Selm10.805
Planet XQuantumKai Lorenz Kruppa10.003
PlutoTriAchim Breiling12.001
PlutoPavel Fajt & PlutoAchim Breiling12.001
The Pneumatic TransitConcerto for Double MoonThomas Kohlruß12.001
Pocket OrchestraPhoenixAchim Breiling12.001
Poco LocoSulcu PorceAchim Breiling12.001
Pekka PohjolaPihkasilmä KaarnakorvaAchim Breiling12.001
PoiLBrossaklittAchim Breiling12.333
PoiLDins o CuolJochen Rindfrey11.002
PoiLBrossaklittAndreas Hofmann12.333
PolyphiaMuseNik Brückner12.001
PolyphonyWithout IntroductionHorst Straske11.002
Pomegranate TigerEntitiesThomas Kohlruß12.001
Guido PonziniTwilight TownThomas Kohlruß12.001
Poor Genetic MaterialAbsenceMarc Colling12.502
Poor Genetic MaterialA Day In JuneThomas Kohlruß12.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Einsjäger & SiebenjägerMichael Hirle11.003
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Sei still, wisse ICH BINMichael Hirle12.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Messa di OrfeoMichael Hirle12.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)For you and meMichael Hirle12.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Agape-Agape, Love-LoveMichael Hirle12.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Letzte Tage - letzte NächteMichael Hirle10.673
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Coer De Verre (Herz aus Glas) - SoundtrackMichael Hirle12.001
Porcupine TreeDeadwingThomas Kohlruß9.8910
Porcupine TreeIn AbsentiaJochen Rindfrey13.605
Porcupine TreeDeadwingChristoph Scholtes9.8910
Porcupine TreeUp The DownstairKristian Selm11.003
Porcupine TreeNil Recurring EPJan Hamm11.504
Porcupine TreeNil Recurring EPChristian Rode11.504
Porcupine TreeComa DivineJörg Schumann12.003
Porcupine TreeOctane TwistedThomas Kohlruß12.001
Porcupine TreeThe Sky Moves SidewaysJochen Rindfrey11.004
Porcupine TreeDeadwingSiggy Zielinski9.8910
Porcupine TreeDeadwingPiotre Walter9.8910
Porcupine TreeUp The DownstairJochen Rindfrey11.003
Porcupine TreeThe Sky Moves SidewaysThomas Kohlruß11.004
Porcupine TreeArriving Somewhere... (DVD)Jörg Schumann12.673
Porcupine TreeFear of a Blank PlanetMichael Büttgen9.717
Porcupine TreeThe IncidentThomas Kohlruß10.254
Porcupine TreeArriving Somewhere... (DVD)Markus Wierschem12.673
Porcupine TreeXMKristian Selm12.001
Porcupine TreeStars dieChristian Rode11.002
Porcupine TreeAnesthetize (DVD)Christian Rode11.502
Porcupine TreeStupid DreamChristoph Scholtes11.254
PraxisTransmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)Achim Breiling12.001
PraxisMetatronAchim Breiling12.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiThe world became the worldNik Brückner12.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiStati di immaginazioneKristian Selm11.002
Premiata Forneria MarconiUn'IsolaJochen Rindfrey12.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiPiazza del CampoNik Brückner12.002
Premiata Forneria MarconiCookAchim Breiling12.002
Premiata Forneria MarconiLive in U.S.A.Horst Straske12.002
Premiata Forneria MarconiCookNik Brückner12.002
Premiata Forneria MarconiPiazza del CampoKristian Selm12.002
Premiata Forneria MarconiLive in U.S.A.Kristian Selm12.002
Premiata Forneria MarconiCelebration 1972-2012Jochen Rindfrey12.001
Premiata Forneria Marconi10 Anni Live - 1971-1981Nik Brückner11.003
Premiata Forneria MarconiRiver of life / The Manticore years anthology 1973-1977Kristian Selm12.001
PresenceThe Sleeper Awakes + LiveHeiko Westhagen12.001
PresenceBlack OperaHeiko Westhagen9.502
PresenceMakumbaHeiko Westhagen12.001
PresentBarbaro (ma non troppo)Jochen Rindfrey12.502
PresentNo.6Thomas Kohlruß13.002
PresentLive!Achim Breiling12.001
Prime MoverImperfektChristian Rode12.001
PrimusHallucino-Genetics Live 2004 (DVD)Siggy Zielinski12.001
PrimusFrizzle FrySiggy Zielinski12.001
PrimusSailing The Seas Of CheeseSiggy Zielinski12.001
PrimusPork SodaAndreas Hofmann11.502
David PritchardNocturnal Earthworm StewAchim Breiling12.001
ProductAetherChristian Rode12.001
ProgenesiUlisse: L'Alfiere NeroPiotre Walter12.001
ProjeKctsProjeKct X: Heaven And EarthUdo Gerhards12.001
ProjeKctsProjeKct One: Jazz Cafe SuiteSiggy Zielinski12.001
Nick Prol & The ProletariansLoon AtticSiggy Zielinski12.001
Protest the HeroKeziaNik Brückner12.001
Protest the HeroPacific MythNik Brückner12.001
Protest the HeroScurrilousNik Brückner12.002
Protest the HeroVolitionNik Brückner12.001
Protest the HeroFortressNik Brückner11.502
Protest the HeroScurrilousJörg Schumann12.002
Proto-KawBefore Became AfterThomas Kohlruß10.003
ProvidenceThere Once was a Night of "Choko-Muro" the ParadiseDennis Egbers12.001
ProvidenceAnd I'll recite and old myth from...Kristian Selm12.002
ProvidenceAnd I'll recite and old myth from...Dennis Egbers12.002
PryapismeFuturologieGunnar Claußen12.001
PryapismeDiabolicus Felinae PandemoniumGunnar Claußen12.001
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe dream of the magic jongleurJörg Schumann13.002
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe Tale of The Golden KingNik Brückner12.003
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe Art of MadnessJürgen Meurer9.333
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe Tale of The Golden KingSiggy Zielinski12.003
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe Tale of The Golden KingJörg Schumann12.003
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe Myth of DyingJörg Schumann12.673
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe SunstoneSiggy Zielinski12.003
The Psychedelic AvengersThe Psychedelic Avengers and the Decterian Blood EmpireAndreas Pläschke11.002
The Psychedelic Avengers...and the curse of the universeAndreas Pläschke11.502
Psychotic WaltzA social graceGeorg Heep13.502
PsyopusOdd SensesFlorian Dietmaier12.001
PsyopusOur puzzling encounters consideredFlorian Dietmaier12.002
PulsarHalloweenThomas Schüßler12.673
PulsarHalloweenJörg Schumann12.673
pulsoptionalpulsoptionalAchim Breiling12.001
Puppet ShowTraumatizedJörg Schumann10.003
Puppet ShowThe Tale of WoeJürgen Gallitz-Duckar9.605
Pure Reason RevolutionThe Dark ThirdRoland Heil11.002
Purple TrapDecided...Already The Motionless Heart Of Tranquility, Tangling The Prayer Called "I"Achim Breiling12.001
Purpose effectPFX (EP)Siggy Zielinski12.001
PymlicoMeeting PointJürgen Wissing12.502
QlusterFragenJochen Rindfrey12.001
QlusterRufenJochen Rindfrey12.001
Quaeschning & SchnaussSynthwavesChristian Rode12.001
QuidamLive in Mexico '99Kristian Selm12.001
QuidamThe Time Beneath The Sky/Pod Niebem CzasKristian Selm11.502
QuidamAlone TogetherHorst Straske11.673
QuidamSaikoThomas Kohlruß9.502
Rachel'sThe Sea and the BellsAchim Breiling12.001
Rachel'sSystems/LayersAchim Breiling10.002
radio massacre internationalthe god of electricityAchim Breiling12.001
RadioheadThe BendsPiotre Walter10.333
RadioheadOK ComputerThomas Thielen10.676
RadioheadOK ComputerMichael Büttgen10.676
RadioheadIn RainbowsThomas Thielen10.254
Rättö ja LehtisaloKovaa Kamaa - Rättö Ja Lehtisalon Parhaat 2003-2018Achim Breiling12.001
RagnarökFjärilar I MaganAchim Breiling12.001
RainCerulean BlueSal Pichireddu8.754
Rainbow TheatreFantasy Of HorsesAchim Breiling12.001
RAKLepidoptera II - The Book of FlightJörg Schumann9.605
RAKLepidopteraJörg Schumann12.002
RAKLepidopteraThomas Kohlruß12.002
RAKLepidoptera II - The Book of FlightThomas Kohlruß9.605
['ramp]steel and steamAchim Breiling12.001
['ramp]synchronize or dieAchim Breiling12.001
['ramp]no sleep 'till wilmersdorfAchim Breiling12.001
['ramp]nodularAchim Breiling12.001
Random TouchFlockSiggy Zielinski12.001
Random TouchTributarySiggy Zielinski12.001
RashomonThe Ruined Map (Film Music Volume 1)Achim Breiling12.001
RashomonAshcan Copy (Film Music Volume 3)Achim Breiling11.502
RashomonThe Finishing Line (Film Music Volume 2)Achim Breiling12.001
Rational DietRational DietSal Pichireddu12.673
Rational DietOn Phenomena And ExistencesAchim Breiling12.002
Rational DietOn Phenomena And ExistencesJochen Rindfrey12.002
Dennis ReaViews from Chicheng PrecipiceSiggy Zielinski12.001
The Rebel WheeldiagrammaThomas Kohlruß9.502
Pekka "Rekku" RechardtSnakecharmWolfram Ehrhardt12.001
RecreationMusic Or Not MusicAchim Breiling12.001