Erweiterte Suche
Andromeda (60s) - See into the Stars
Aphrodite's Child - End of the world
Aphrodite's Child - It's five o'clock
Brian Auger - Auger Rhythms
Barrett Elmore - Woodlands
The Beach Boys - Classics: Selected By Brian Wilson
The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
The Beatles - Revolver
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Beatles - Yellow Submarine Songtrack
Bigelf - Into The Maelstrom
Birdeatsbaby - Tanta Furia
Black Mountain - In The Future
Pete Brown & Piblokto! - Things May Come And Things May Go, But The Art School Dance Goes On Forever
Pete Brown & Piblokto! - Thousands On A Raft
Robert Calvert - Lucky Leif and the Longships
Captain Beefheart - Safe As Milk
Chicago - Chicago II
Chicago - The Chicago Transit Authority
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Monolith Of Phobos
Coheed And Cambria - In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Salvador Dali & Igor Wakhevitch - Être Dieu
Wolfgang Dauner Quintet - The Oimels
The Dear Hunter - Act I: The Lake South The River North
Diagonal - The Second Mechanism
William D. Drake - Revere Reach
Epidermis - June 1975
Genesis - The Genesis of Genesis
Giles, Giles & Fripp - The cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles & Fripp
Gomorrha - Trauma
Grobschnitt - Die Grobschnitt Story 2
Steve Howe - Mothballs - Groups & Sessions 1964 - 1969
Steve Howe with Bodast - The Early Years
Ihre Kinder - 2375 004 (Jeanscover)
Ihre Kinder - Werdohl
Instant Flight - Endless Journey
Ion Quest - Ion Quest
Jeavestone - 1 + 1 = OK
Lobster Newberg - Vernal Equinox
London Underground - London Underground
Love Sculpture - Forms and Feelings
Mabel Greer's Toyshop - New Way of Life
Madame Blavatsky Overdrive - Idiot Jones Will Have His Day
Man - Christmas at the Patti
Man - Revelation
Misty Range - Misty Range
Modest Midget - The Great Prophecy of a Small Man
The Narcotic Slave Orchestra - Love, Art, Intoxication / Musick For Flies
Obskuria - Discovery of Obskuria
Phideaux - The Great Leap
The Psychedelic Avengers - ...and the curse of the universe
The Psychedelic Avengers - The Psychedelic Avengers and the Decterian Blood Empire
Rare Bird - Rare Bird
Saint Steven - Over the hills / The Bastich
Salamander - The Ten Commandments
The Setting Son - Spring of Hate
Skaldowie - Cisza krzyczy - Leningrad 1972
Skyron Orchestra - Situations
Judge Smith - Zoot Suit
Soft Machine - Jet Propelled Photographs
Stackridge - Extravaganza
The Strawbs - Burning For You
The Strawbs - Deep Cuts
Sweatin' Like Nixon - Fishing In Political Sewers
Sweatin' Like Nixon - Tunes For Young People To Enjoy
The Syn - Syndestructible
Umphrey's McGee - Anchor Drops
The Urbane - Glitter
The Urbane - Neon
Vanilla Fudge - The Return - Live in Germany 2003
Various Artists - The Essence of Swedish Progressive Music 1967 - 1979. Pregnant Rainbows for colourblind Dreamers
Violeta De Outono - Ilhas
The Void's last Stand - A Sun by Rising Set
The Who - Tommy
The Wilde Flowers - The Wilde Flowers
Yellow Sunshine Explosion - Yellow Sunshine Explosion
Yolk (SUI) - Die Dritte
Frank Zappa - Absolutely Free
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Alben aus dem Jahr 2013

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Band  Album Ø-Wertung # Rezis
17 PygmiesIsabel9.001
25 Yard ScreamerSomething that serves to warn or remind9.001
3rd Ear ExperiencePeacock Black10.001
65daysofstaticWild Light10.001
A Prison Called EarthThe Ivory Miracle11.001
Active HeedVisions from Realities8.333
Administration Shock HimZabriskie10.001
Aeon ZenEnigma9.001
After CryingXXV11.001
AgentKingdom of Fear10.001
AirbagThe Greatest Show on Earth11.003
Aisles4:45 AM9.001
AKSUThe Way to Destroy and Create Things / Screenplay and Outline for an Unexpected Space12.001
L'Albero Del VelenoLe Radici Del Male10.001
Alien NatureThe Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius10.001
Alpha OmegaDown the Gravity Well10.001
AlquinThe Marks Sessions11.001
Alright the CaptainConversational skills for the socially anxious11.001
Also EdenRedacted10.001
Altare ThotemicoSogno Errando12.002
AlyeusForty Days At Sea10.001
Amaze KnightThe Key10.001
AmphetaminAt the Dawn of Twilight9.001
AmpledeedA is for Ampledeed11.001
AmplifierLive in Berlin11.001
AmplifierEcho Street12.002
AmplifierSunriders EP11.001
Anima MundiThe Lamplighter8.502
AntethicGorod Solnca8.001
Antony Kalugins Kinematics OrchestraAKKO I8.001
ApocalypticaWagner reloaded10.001
Arabs in AspicPictures In A Dream11.001
Martin ArcherBlue Meat, Black Diesel & Engine Room Favourites-1
The ArchestraArches11.502
ArenaRapture (DVD)9.001
ArilynShadows Of The Past11.001
The AristocratsCulture Clash11.502
Art ZoydArmageddon12.001
AshbyA Question Never Heard9.502
AthanorVos cités sont des tombeaux12.002
ATRINAIn Planetary Sugar11.001
Aurora LunareAurora Lunare12.001
The Aurora ProjectSelling It Live11.002
AutorYnoCosmopolitan Traffic12.001
Autumn WhispersCry of Dereliction Vol. II9.001
Autumnal BlossomAgainst the fear of death11.001
AvelionLiquid Breathing9.001
AyreonThe Theory Of Everything10.002
Sophya Baccini's AradiaBig Red Dragon10.001
Frank BakerNoctilucent11.001
Martin BarreAway With Words9.001
David Barrett TrioDavid Barrett Trio10.001
bArtManJourney into the Dark9.001
Karl BartosOff the record8.502
BelieveThe Warmest Sun In Winter8.502
BelugaArchitecture of the Absurd12.001
Alessandro BertoniKeystone12.001
Beyond-O-MaticRelations at the Borders Between6.001
Big Big TrainEnglish Electric Part Two8.754
Big Big TrainEnglish Electric: Full Power13.001
Birds And BuildingsMultipurpose Trap11.504
The Black Noodle ProjectGhosts & Memories10.502
BlacklandsA New Dawn9.001
Tristan BlaskowitzWinter9.502
BlimZero / No Frills12.001
Blue Touch PaperDrawing Breath13.001
David BowieThe Next Day10.002
Bram Stokercold reading11.002
Brother ApeForce Majeure8.002
Bruce Soord with Jonas RenskeWisdom of Crowds11.502
Michael BrücknerKings of the Earth9.001
Michael BrücknerNaura7.001
Michael BrücknerIn letzter Konsequenz9.001
Buddha SentenzaSouth Western Lower Valley Rock10.001
Cabezas De CeraHermandad12.001
Caligula's HorseThe Tide, The Thief & River's End11.002
Call U.S LegionUpon The Ashes Of The Data Princess10.001
Camelias GardenYou Have a Chance9.002
CanvasLong Way To Mars8.001
CarpetElysian pleasures11.002
Causa SuiEuporie Tide10.002
Cavern Of Anti-MatterBlood-Drums11.001
Il Cerchio d'OroDedalo e Icaro10.002
Chaos Venture1.011.001
ChrisDays Of Summer Gone11.001
Chrome HoofChrome Black Gold11.001
ChronosepticYour Story - Tales from within9.001
Circa:Live from Here There & Everywhere8.333
Circle of IllusionJeremias - Foreshadow of Forgotten Realms11.004
CoarbeghThe Colour Of Happiness10.001
CocoRosieTales Of A GrassWidow10.001
Collapse Under The EmpireThe Silent Cry11.001
Colossus of DestinyIn Lesser Brightness8.001
Combat AstronomyKundalini Apocalypse11.502
Comedy Of ErrorsFanfare & Fantasy11.001
ConspiracyConspiracy Live6.001
La Coscienza di ZenoSensitività9.502
Cosmic Circus MusicWiesbaden 19738.001
The Cosmic RemedyThe Cosmic Remedy11.001
CosmografThe Man Left in Space9.001
Cotton PoniesZwist11.001
Patrick CowleySchool Daze12.001
Crayon PhaseWithin My Recollection4.001
CrematorAlpha Ralpha Boulevard10.001
The Crimson ProjeKCtOfficial Bootleg Live 201211.001
Crimson RainMankind is Obsolete10.001
Crippled Black PhoenixLive Poznan12.001
Crystal PalaceThe System Of Events8.502
The CustodianNecessary Wasted Time7.002
DadaCastle wall / The House In The Mirror9.001
DaemoniaDawn Of The Dead / Zombi8.001
DanteNovember Red11.001
Das SimpleIn Girum Imus Nocte12.001
DaymoonFabric Of Space Divine10.673
Days Between StationsIn Extremis9.002
Marco De AngelisThe River - Both sides of the story8.001
Dead Heroes ClubEverything Is Connected12.001
Deadburger FactoryPuro Nylon (100%)11.001
Deadburger FactoryMicroonde/Vibroplettri9.001
Deadburger FactoryLa Fisica delle Nuvole11.001
Deafening OperaBlueprint11.002
The Dear HunterMigrant Reprise12.001
Ritchie DeCarloWeek13.001
Deep ThoughtThe Tunnel10.001
DeformicaEn Vivo - Auditorio Oeste - 31/5/201310.001
Desert WizardsRavens9.001
Devin Townsend ProjectThe Retinal Circus14.001
Difícil EquilibrioLa Pèrdua10.001
Klaus Dinger & JapandorfJapandorf10.001
DisperseLiving Mirrors12.001
Distillerie di MaltoSuono!11.001
Djam KaretThe Trip11.001
DreadnaughtHave a Drink with Dreadnaught11.001
Dream TheaterLive at Luna Park13.001
Dream TheaterDream Theater8.673
Krzysztof DudaAltus9.001
Francis DunneryFrankenstein Monster-1
Judy DybleFlow and Change8.001
Eclipse Sol-AirSchizophilia10.003
Edison's ChildrenThe Final Breath Before November6.502
EkosLuz Interna9.001
ElaraSoundtrack for a quiet place7.002
Elephants Of ScotlandHome Away From Home11.001
Elysium TheoryEvent Horizon8.002
Emerald WebThe Stargate Tapes11.001
Emerson, Lake & PalmerLive in Montreal 19778.001
Empty DaysEmpty Days11.333
EntityIl Falso Centro11.001
Ephel DuathHemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness9.001
Esthetic PaleShelter from the storm11.001
Chris Evans & David HanselmannStonehenge - From Then Till Now8.001
EYESecond Sight11.001
Eyes Of A Blue DogRise11.003
Fates WarningDarkness In A Different Light10.673
Felipe Arcazas & Vintage CucumberSplit11.001
Field RotationFatalist: The Repetition of History11.001
The Fierce and The DeadSpooky Action11.001
Christian FieselAfter the Flood10.001
Christian FieselSignal For Fire10.001
Christian FieselSmile With An Ambience10.001
Fire! Orchestraexit!14.001
FishA Feast Of Consequences12.001
Five-Storey EnsembleNot That City12.003
Flaming BessDer gefallene Stern12.002
The Flaming LipsThe Terror11.001
FlashFlash Featuring Ray Bennett & Colin Carter10.001
FlickerHow Much Are You Willing To Forget?6.001
The Flower KingsDesolation Rose7.205
Flying CircusOnes and Zeros - The EP10.001
Flying ColorsLive in Europe (DVD-Video,DoCD)11.001
FountainheadFear Is The Enemy10.002
Foyn Trio!Joy Visible10.001
Fractal MirrorStrange Attractors9.001
Fright PigOut of the barnyard11.754
From.uzSodom and Gomorrah11.001
FrostThe Rockfield Files10.001
FughuHuman (The Tales)11.001
FughuHuman (The Facts)8.001
FungusThe Face Of Evil10.001
The Gabriel ConstructInterior City12.001
The GatheringAfterwords13.001
Kristoffer GildenlöwRust9.001
GiöbiaIntroducing Night Sound10.001
GleemenOltre...Lontano, Lontano8.001
God Is An AstronautOrigins11.001
Robert John GodfreyThe Art of Melody-1
GodsticksThe Envisage Conundrum10.673
GongSheffield City Hall 197610.001
GorgutsColored Sands12.001
Grand GeneralGrand General12.001
The Green ViolinistMore Thrill & Never Ending Blessings9.001
GreensladeLive in Stockholm10.001
Grey LotusOur little World of Glass10.001
Grey MouseTrip10.001
GrobschnittSymphony Live 201210.001
GuapoHistory of the Visitation12.003
Guerilla TossGuerilla Toss7.505
Guerilla TossGay Disco9.002
GunnelpumpersMontana Fix12.001
Guru GuruElectric Cats11.001
Steve HackettGenesis Revisited: Live At Hammersmith15.001
Steve HackettThe Bremen Broadcast - Musikladen 8th November 197813.001
HakenThe Mountain12.254
Half Past FourGood Things12.001
Martin HallPhasewide, Exit Signs11.001
HammerforceAccess Denied10.001
The Hausfrauen of DeathFegefeuer der Eitelkeiten10.001
Henry FoolMen Singing12.001
Herd of InstinctConjure11.001
Hidden TimbreTriangulation11.001
Steve HillageLive in England 19797.001
Homunculus ResLimiti all'eguaglianza della Parte con il Tutto12.002
HöstsonatenThe Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Chapter One - Alive in Theatre-1
Hot Head ShowPerfect12.001
Steve HoweHomebrew 5-1
Humble GrumbleGuzzle It Up!10.673
I Am Waiting For You Last SummerIn Eternal Lines10.001
ICULive 95-969.001
ICUNow and here (3 CD Collector's Edition)10.502
IhsahnDas Seelenbrechen7.001
Il Rumore BiancoMediocrazia11.003
Il Segno del ComandoIl Volto Verde12.001
IlvciaIn the Nature of Reason7.001
Imperial GatesThe Sound Of Human Fate12.001
Influence XExistence10.001
Ingranaggi Della ValleIn Hoc Signo12.003
The Inner RoadAscension8.001
InSonarL'Enfant et le Ménure14.001
In The SilenceA Fair Dream Gone Mad12.001
IOEarthLive In The USA-1
IWKCBefore We Disappear12.001
Jack DuponJésus l'aventurier11.502
Jack O'The ClockAll My Friends10.001
Jardin de la Croix187 Steps To Cross The Universe10.001
Jean LouisUranus12.001
Iain JenningsMy Dark Surprise7.001
Jeronimo ProjectThe Doors of Perception7.002
Jet Black SeaThe Path of Least Existence10.001
JollyThe Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2)11.673
Troy JonesNew Peace10.001
Robert JürjendalSource of Joy10.001
Jupiter SocietyFrom Endangered To Extinct8.502
JuxtavoicesJuxtanother antichoir from Sheffield-1
Marten KantusApostle9.001
KarmamoiOdd Trip9.502
Kayo DotHubardo11.001
KBBAge of Pain11.502
Keen WitThe Streets Of No Return5.001
Kellerkind BerlinDreams11.001
Mike KeneallyYou Must Be This Tall12.502
Key Of The MomentThe Switch11.001
King FridayLet the Song Begin9.001
KingBathmatOvercoming The Monster9.001
KingBathmatTruth Button9.502
The KnellsThe Knells12.001
Knight AreaBetween Two Steps11.001
KompendiumBeneath The Waves - Elements-1
KrautzoneKosmische Rituale11.001
Juha KujanpääKivenpyörittäjä / Tales and Travels11.001
La Théorie Des CordesSinges Electriques12.001
James LaBrieImpermanent Resonance8.001
Greg LakeSongs of a Lifetime-1
LaluAtomic Ark12.002
LazuliLive @ l'Abeille rôde (DVD)10.001
Le MurSilentia Nova8.502
LeafbladeThe Kiss of Spirit and Flesh6.001
Jussi LehtisaloThe Complete Solo Works12.001
Selim Lemouchi & His EnemiesEarth Air Spirit Water Fire10.001
Levin Minnemann RudessL M R11.001
Lingua Mortis OrchestraLMO5.001
Lis Er StilleFlight of Belljár10.673
Little AtlasAutomatic Day12.001
Lobate ScarpTime and space11.001
Long Distance CallingThe Flood Inside10.673
The Low Frequency In StereoPop Obskura10.001
Lucid DreamThe Eleventh Illusion10.001
Johannes LuleyTales from the Sheepfather's Grove10.504
LumeriansThe High Frontier11.001
MagentaThe Twenty Seven Club8.001
MagmaMythes et légendes - Epok V11.502
Magna ViceSerpent Of Wisdom6.001
Magnetic Sound MachineInspired By... Magnetic Sound Machine Plays The Snow Goose8.001
Majesty Of RevivalIron Gods6.001
Mamiffer & CircleEnharmonic Intervals (For Paschen Organ)12.502
Manifold ConceptionsPt. 19.001
ManningThe Root, The Leaf & The Bone10.001
Marco Manzella e Antonella ScaliaOltre...9.001
Rhys Marsh & The Autumn GhostTrio9.001
La Maschera di CeraLe Porte Del Domani11.001
Le Maschere di ClaraL'alveare12.502
MassacreLove Me Tender12.001
Scott McGill, Ritchie DeCarlo, Dave KlossMcGill DeCarlo Kloss11.001
Simon McKechnieClocks And Dark Clouds10.001
Mechanical BirdBitter Herbs11.001
MECHANIKVelut Stella Splendida11.001
Memento WaltzDivision by Zero12.002
Pat MethenyTap: Book of Angels Volume 2011.001
David Maxim MicicBilo 3.012.001
Midnight MoodswingsThe Surrogate Piano10.001
MindcageOur Own Devices9.001
MiriodorCobra Fakir12.502
MiseriuMReturn To Grace12.001
Monkey3The 5th Sun11.001
Mono (D)The Shorts10.001
MonochromieEnlighten Yourself While You Sleep9.001
MonochromieColors In The Dark8.001
Moon SafariHimlabacken - Vol.112.002
MooncryA Mirror's Diary7.001
MoonwoodTrans Venus Express9.001
Steve MoorePangaea Ultima10.001
Neal MorseLIVE Momentum11.001
Moss ProjectWhat Do You See When You Close Your Eyes?11.001
MøsterEdvard Lygre Møster12.001
MotorpsychoStill Life With Eggplant12.001
Mr AverellGridlock9.333
Mr. So & SoTruths, Lies & Half Lies10.001
Mrs. KiteA Closer Inspection11.002
Museo RosenbachBarbarica12.001
NamiThe Eternal Light of the Unconscious Mind11.001
Nathan FrostSynecron10.001
NektarTime Machine7.002
NemoLe ver dans le fruit12.002
Sarah NeufeldHero Brother11.001
New Keepers of the Water TowersCosmic Child10.001
NheapFlying And The Silence10.001
NichelodeonBath Salts13.001
Night TerrorNight Terrors12.001
No Brain CellNo Brain Cell10.002
Clive NolanAlchemy10.002
Clive NolanAlchemy Live-1
Not A Good SignNot A GOOD Sign11.003
The OceanPelagial13.001
October EquusPermafrost11.001
October Equus QuartetIsla Purgatorio9.502
OdetosunGods forgotten Orbit9.504
OdyssiceSecret Showcase. Live in Amsterdam 200610.001
Okta LogueTales of Transit City10.001
The Omega ExperimentThe Omega Experiment10.001
OntofieldSleeping With Fractals6.001
The Opium CartelArdor10.502
Opus SymbiosisMonster8.001
Øresund Space CollectiveEntering Into The Space Country/Phaze Your Fears10.001
Orphaned LandAll Is One12.502
Osada VidaParticles10.002
Osta LoveGood Morning Dystopia11.001
OTEME (Osservatorio delle Terre Emerse)Il Giardino Disincantato10.502
PandoraAlibi Filosofico10.002
PanzerballettLive at Theatron Munich 2013 (DVD)11.001
Papir meets Electric MoonThe Papermoon Sessions10.002
Stefan PaulusSalt Sea Island9.001
Harry PayutaBetween A Rock and Hard Place9.001
PB II1000 Wishes10.002
PeffPleasing the Neighbourhood with Electrifying Dadaism9.001
Pelagic ZonePelagic Zone10.002
Pell MellThe Entire Collection9.001
PendragonOut of Order Comes Chaos9.001
Pere UbuLady From Shanghai12.001
PersefoneSpiritual Migration9.001
Persona GrataReaching Places High Above10.002
Pet Bottle NingenNon-Recyclable11.001
PhiYears of Breathing10.001
Lars Bech Pilgaards SlowburnFreiheit10.001
The Pineapple ThiefBuild a World11.001
Richard PinhasDesolation Row11.502
Pinkish BlackRazed To The Ground11.001
Pomegranate TigerEntities12.001
Poor Genetic MaterialA Day In June12.001
Le Porte Non AperteGolem10.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiIn Classic - Da Mozart a Celebration10.001
The Prog CollectiveEpilogue7.502
ProgenesiUlisse: L'Alfiere Nero12.001
Progenie Terrestre PuraU.M.A.10.001
ProteoREPUBLIKFLUCHT!...facing east11.001
Protest the HeroVolition12.001
PryapismeHyperblast Supercollider10.001
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe Tale of The Golden King12.003
Queen ElephantineScarab6.001
Regal WormDissecting The Worm (A Taste)12.001
Regal WormUse And Ornament13.001
RenaissanceGrandine il Vento10.333
R-Evolution BandThe Dark Side of the Wall 1979-201311.001
Les RhinocérosII11.502
Rhythmische BeobachterKrautrock12.001
Rigna FolkSol8.001
RiversideShrine Of New Generation Slaves9.437
Rodion G.A.The Lost Tapes11.001
Roedelius SchneiderTiden11.001
Rovo and System 7Phoenix Rising9.001
RPWLA Show Beyond Man And Time11.001
RushClockwork Angels Tour (2 DVDs)12.001
RushThe Studio Albums 1989-2007-1
Saga (Kan.)Spin It Again! Live in Munich (DVD)11.001
SaltlandI Thought It Was Us But It Was All Of Us10.001
Vincenzo SalviaAuto Radio9.001
SAM - Slick Alexius MennigmannAnother Life12.001
Samsara Blues ExperimentWaiting for the Flood10.001
Sankt OttenMessias Maschine10.001
São Paulo UndergroundBeija Flors Velho e Sujo11.001
Sarastro BlakeNew Progmantics9.001
SBBlive jazz nad odra 197511.001
Scale the summitThe Migration12.002
SchizofrantikThe Knight On the Shark11.333
Detlev SchmidtchenVanthasia8.001
SchnAAk and the Rundu ChoirNo Security through Numbers-1
Klaus SchulzeShadowlands10.001
Klaus Schulze & Lisa GerrardBig in Europe Vol.1 Warsaw (2DVD+CD)11.001
Klaus Schulze & Günter SchickertThe Schulze-Schickert Session10.001
Sea VineSea Vine10.001
SEAGALLHidden Ego11.001
Secret Chiefs 3Book of Souls: Folio A12.001
Semantic SaturationSolipsistic8.001
SendelicaThe Kaleidoscopic Kat and it's Autoscopic Ego10.001
Sense Vs SanityOut Of The Void7.001
SensiferCenter Of Oceans11.001
ShabdaThe Electric Bodhisattva11.001
ShamallTurn Off10.001
William ShatnerPonder the Mystery2.001
ShiningOne One One8.003
Sigur RósKveikur8.502
Skeem... just suggesting10.001
Skewed SkiesA Seaman's Journey11.502
Alan Skidmore, Mike Osborne, John SurmanLooking For The Next One12.001
Sky ArchitectA Billion Years of Solitude12.001
Judge SmithZoot Suit12.001
The Soft Machine LegacyBurden of Proof11.001
Sol ObscuraRising12.001
Soma WhiteSoma White11.001
Sonata IslandsMeets Mahler11.002
Soniq TheaterStardust Memories8.001
Sons of HippiesGriffons at the Gates of Heaven8.001
Sonus UmbraWinter Soulstice10.001
Sophie’s EarthquakeSophie’s Earthquake (EP)10.001
Soul CagesMoon8.001
Sound of ContactDimensionaut11.001
SoupThe Beauty Of Our Youth12.001
Space DebrisShe's a Temple10.333
Spaltklangin between11.254
Sparkle in GreyThursday Evening12.001
Sphincter EnsembleHarrodian Event #19.001
SpinifexHipsters Gone Ballistic12.001
Spock's BeardBrief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep10.333
State UrgeWhite Rock Experience11.001
Steamboat SwitzerlandZeitschrei13.002
Tom StoppardDarkside-1
Submarine SilenceThere's Something Very Strange In Her Little Room9.003
SunpathUnder Ice10.001
Suns of ThymeFortune, Shelter, Love and Cure10.001
SupersisterLong Live Supersister!11.001
Survival (US)Survival12.001
SvinSecretly we are gay11.001
SylviumThe Gift Of Anxiety9.002
Symphonic Theater of DreamsA Symphonic Tribute To Dream Theater7.001
Taipuva Luotisuora811.001
The TangentL'Étagère Du Travail10.002
The TangentLe Sacre Du Travail13.001
Tangerine DreamOne Night in Africa-1
TatvamasiParts of the Entirety10.001
Taylor's UniverseWorn Out10.502
Taylor's UniverseEvidence11.002
TelergyThe Legend Of Goody Cole11.001
Il Tempio delle ClessidreAlienatura12.001
TesseracTAltered State12.001
The Hadron Big BangersStrange Beauty Decays9.001
The Safety FireMouth Of Swords11.001
Theater Of The AbsurdThe Myth of Sisyphus11.001
Thieves' KitchenOne For Sorrow, Two For Joy10.003
ThisquietarmyHex Mountains11.001
Thought ChamberPsykerion7.001
Three MonksThe Legend of the Holy Circle10.003
TonbruketNubium Swimtrip12.001
Toxic Smile711.502
TranscendThe Mind11.001
Transport AerianBleeding9.002
TraumhausDas Geheimnis12.002
TrionFunfair Fantasy8.001
TugsEuropa Minor9.002
TumbletownDone With The Coldness8.502
Turbine StollpronaTurbine Stollprona10.001
Nik TurnerSpace Gypsy11.001
UKReunion - Live in Tokyo (2CD)12.001
UlverMesse I.X-VI.X12.001
Unearth NoiseSacred Excavations11.001
Unified PastSpots9.001
Unit WailRetort12.002
Unreal CityLa Crudeltà di Aprile6.001
Adrian Utley's Guitar OrchestraIn C11.001
VangelisVangelis and the Journey to Ithaka (DVD)-1
VangoughBetween the Madness10.502
Various Artistsgot RIO?-1
Various ArtistsLive Kraut-1
VHK (Vágtázó HalottKémek)Veled Haraptat Csillagot! (Bite the Stars!)9.001
Vienna CircleSilhouette Moon12.001
Vintage CucumberJup's Chillout Lounge Style11.001
Vintage CucumberYoki Style11.001
Vintage CucumberTagesgestirn & Nachtgestirn EP11.001
Violent SilenceA Broken Truce10.333
VoivodTarget Earth10.001
VoleThe Hillside Mechanisms12.001
Vom Fetisch der UnbeirrtheitVertilger10.002
Wailing of the WindsII10.001
Wassermanns FiebertraumTauche die Welt in Farben11.001
Darryl WayUltra Violins3.001
WillowglassThe Dream Harbour10.001
Steven WilsonThe Raven That Refused To Sing And Other Stories11.4410
Steven WilsonDrive Home13.002
The WindmillThe Continuation8.001
Gary WindoSteam Radio Tapes9.001
WitherscapeThe Inheritance13.001
WolfspringWho's Gonna Save The World?9.502
WorldService ProjectFire in a Pet Shop11.001
The Worm OuroborosOf Things That Never Were10.003
The Wrong ObjectAfter The Exhibition12.001
Robert Wyatt'689.001
XNAWhen we changed you10.001
YesThe Studio Albums 1969-1987-1
YsmaCarrots and Candles9.001
Yuka & ChronoshipDino Rocket Oxygen9.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffPlanet Luvos11.001
ZenitThe Chandrasekhar Limit11.001
ZeviousPassing Through The Wall11.502
Zip TangDas Reboot11.002
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