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17 Pygmies - CIII: Even Celestina Gets The Blues (A Tale of Love and Quantum Physics)
25 Yard Screamer - Cassandra
2KX - Sussuration (EP)
3RDegree - Live At Progday 2009 (DVD)
3RDegree - Narrow-Caster
3RDegree - The Long Division
5bridgeS - The Thomas Tracks
7 Ocean - Diapause
A Prison Called Earth - Rise of the Octopus (Realistic tale of a sprawling city)
A Silent Sound - Compass
Abacab - Mal de terre
Abacus - Destiny
Abarax - Blue Room
Abel Ganz - Gratuitous Flash
Abel Ganz - Gullibles Travels
Abel Ganz - Shooting Albatross
Abel Ganz - The Dangers Of Strangers
Abel Ganz - The Deafening Silence
Lee Abraham - Black & White
Lee Abraham - Distant Days
Lee Abraham - The Seasons Turn
Abraxas - 99
Abraxas - Abraxas
Abraxas - Centurie
Abraxas - Live In Memoriam
Accept (Jap.) - Silver Moon
Aching Beauty - L'Ultima Ora
Acidente - Gloomland
Acidente - Technolorgy
A.C.T - Circus Pandemonium
A.C.T - Last Epic
A.C.T - Silence
Active Heed - Higher Dimensions
Acute Mind - Acute Mind
Ad Infinitum - Ad Infinitum
ADN - Prelude
Aeneas - New Renaissance
Aeolus - Dust on the mirror
Aeon Zen - Enigma
Aereogramme - Sleep And Release
Æther - Inner Voyages Between Our Shadows
Æther - Visions
Ageness - Imageness
Ageness - Rituals
Ageness - Showing paces
Ageness - Songs from the Liar's Lair
Agent Cooper - Agent Cooper
Ainur - From Ancient Times
Airbag - Sounds That I Hear
Airbridge - Paradise Moves
Airlord - Clockwork Revenge
Airs - Airs - A Rock Opera
Aisles - 4:45 AM
Aisles - Hawaii
Aisles - In Sudden Walks
Aisles - The Yearning
Ajalon - On The Threshold Of Eternity
Ajalon - This good place
Akacia - An Other Life
AKP - Breaking Free Tour Live
Albion - Albion
Albion - Broken hopes
Albion - Survival games
Albion - Wabiac cienie
Alhena - Alhena (EP)
Alias Eye - A Different Point Of You
Alias Eye - Beyond The Mirror
Alias Eye - Field Of Names
Alias Eye - In Focus
Alias Eye - In-Between
Alien Gun - Tales from unbroken souls
Also Eden - About time
Also Eden - Differences as light (EP)
Also Eden - It's Kind of You to Ask
Also Eden - Redacted
Also Eden - Think of the children!
AltaVia - Girt Dog
Michael Altenberger - Dark Matter
AmAndA - La Maison de Flore
Amenophis - You and I
Amon Ra - Precarious Balance
Amon Ra - We Never Said Good-Bye.
Amyris - Desire for justice
The Anabasis - Back From Being Gone
Anabis - Theatre
Ancient Vision - Lost at Sea
Andrea Orlando - Dalla vita autentica
Ange - ?
Ange - le tour de la question
Anima - Singularities
Anima - Tempus Stetisse
Anima Dominum - The book of comedy
Anima Mundi - Jagannath Orbit
Anima Mundi - Septentrion
Animator - Gallery
Ansur - Warring Factions
Anubis - 230503
Anubis - A Tower of Silence
Anubis - Hitchhiking to Byzantium
Anubis - The Second Hand
Apocalypse - Live USA
Apocalypse - Perto Do Amanhecer
Apocalypse - The 25th Anniversary Box Set
Apple Pie - Crossroad
Aragon - Don't Bring The Rain
Aragon - Mouse
Aragon - Mr. Angel
Aragon - Rocking Horse (and Other Short Stories from the Past)
Aragon - The Angels Tear
Aragon - The Meeting
Arcansiel - Four Daisies
Arcansiel - Normality of Perversion
Arcansiel - Still Searching
Arcansiel - Swimming In The Sand
Arena - Breakfast In Biarritz
Arena - Caught in the act (DVD)
Arena - Contagion
Arena - Contagious
Arena - Contagium
Arena - Edits
Arena - Immortal?
Arena - Live & Life (The Contagion Tour 2003)
Arena - Pepper's Ghost (7 Stories Of Mystery And Imagination)
Arena - Pride (Let Your Conscience Decide)
Arena - Radiance
Arena - Rapture (DVD)
Arena - Smoke & Mirrors (DVD)
Arena - Songs From the Lions Cage
Arena - The Cry
Arena - The Seventh Degree Of Separation
Arena - The Unquiet Sky
Arena - The Visitor
Arena - The visitor - revisited
Arena - Unlocking The Cage
Arena - Welcome Back! To The Stage
Arena - Welcome to the stage
Arena - XX
Aries - Aries
Finn Arild - Testament
Arilyn - Alter Ego
Arilyn - Shadows Of The Past
Arilyn - Virtual Reality
Ark - Cover Me With Rain
Ark - New Scientist
Ark - The Dreams Of Mr. Jones
Ark - Wild Untamed Imaginings
Arkus - 1914
Arlekin - Disguise Serenades
Armed Cloud - Obsidian Desert
Arrakeen - Mosaïque
Arrakeen - Patchwork
Asgaart - Travelling 3 Decades
Asgard - Arkana
Asgard - Drachenblut
Asgard - Esoteric Poem
Asgard - Götterdämmerung
Asgard - Imago Mundi
Ashby - Fragmental
Astrakhan - Retrospective
Atlantis (USA) - Atlantis
Atlantis (USA) - Pray For Rain
Atlantropa - Project
Atmosphera (BRA) - Fogo e Ar
Atoll - L'Océan
Atomo Permanente - Projeção
Atria - Hide
Audiocracy - Revolution´s Son
AudioPlastik - In The Head Of A Maniac
The Aurora Project - ...Unspoken Words
The Aurora Project - Selling It Live
The Aurora Project - Shadow Border
The Aurora Project - World of Grey
Aviary - Ambition
Awacks - The Third Way
Ayreon - 01011001
Ayreon - Day eleven: Love (Single)
Ayreon - Loser (Single)
Ayreon - The Human Equation
Ayreon - The Theory Of Everything
Ayreon - Timeline
Ayreon - Universal migrator Part I: The dream sequencer
Azureth - The Promethean Syndrome
Baba Jaga - Memorial Ceremony
Bad Dreams - Deja Vu
Ken Baird - Further Out
Balloon - Motivation
Balloon Astronomy - Balloon Astronomy
Banda Do Sol - Tempo
Barock Project - Vivo
The Barstool Philosophers - Crossing Over
The Barstool Philosophers - Sparrows
bArtMan - bArtMan³
bArtMan - Journey into the Dark
bArtMan - Los Gigantes
Bel Air - The Sleeping Beauty
Bel Air - Welcome Home
Believe - Hope To See Another Day
Believe - Hope To See Another Day - live (DVD)
Believe - The Warmest Sun In Winter
Believe - This Bread Is Mine
Believe - World Is Round
Believe - Yesterday is a friend
Stewart Bell - The Antechamber Of Being (Part 2) - Stories From The Antechamber
Stewart Bell - The Antechamber Of Being Part I
Robert Beriau - Falling back to where I began
Big Big Train - Bard
Big Big Train - English boy wonders
Big Big Train - Gathering Speed
Big Big Train - Goodbye to the Age of Steam
Bittertown - Scenes From The Box
The Black Codex - The Black Codex Box
The Black Noodle Project - Ghosts & Memories
Blezqi Zatsaz - The tide turns
Blind Ego - Liquid Live
Blind Ego - Mirror
Blind Owl - Debut at dusk
Blue Mammoth - Blue Mammoth
Blue Mammoth - Stories of a King
La Bocca della Verità - Avenoth
Bolus - Delayed Reaction
Bolus - Watch your step
The Box - Black Dog There
Braggpeak - The Shoot
Breathing Space - Below The Radar
Paul Bremner - The Witness
Brother Ape - III
Brother Ape - Turbulence
BunChakeze - Whose Dream?
Tim Burness - Vision On
Tim Burness - Whose Dream are you living?
Caamora - She
Caamora - She (DVD)
Cafeïne - La citadelle
Cage - 87/94
Cairo - Time of legends
Calliope - Citta´di frontiera
Calliope - La terra dei grandi occhi
Alex Carpani - Waterline
Carpe Nota - carpe nota
Carptree - Carptree
Carptree - Insekt
Carptree - Man Made Machine
Carptree - Nymf
Carptree - Superhero
Alan Case - Wide Awake
Casino - Casino
Cast - A live experience
Cast - Al-bandaluz
Cast - Angels and demons
Cast - Com.Union
Cast - Imaginary Window
Cast - Laguna de volcanes
Cast - Legacy
Cast - Mosaique
Castanarc - Journey To The East
Castanarc - Little gods
Il Castello di Atlante - Arx Atlantis
Il Castello di Atlante - Come il seguitare delle stagioni
Il Castello di Atlante - Sono Io Il Signore Delle Terre A Nord
Casual Silence - Lost In Life
Cell15 - Chapter One
Central Park - reflected
Central Park - Unexpected
Il Cerchio d'Oro - Dedalo e Icaro
Il Cerchio d'Oro - Il Fuoco sotto la Cenere
Chance - Dunes
Chance - Escape to horizon
Chandelier - Facing Gravity
Chandelier - Pure
Chandelier - Timecode
Chaneton - Questions inside the picture
Chaneton - The First Lights Of The Century
Chemical Alice - Curiouser & Curiouser
Chris - A Glimpse Inside
Chris - City Of Light
Chris - Making Sense
Cinderella Search - Cinderella Search
Cinderella Search - Stories of luminous garden
Cinema (JP) - Mindscape
Cinema - UpsideDownsideUp
Cinema Show - Dança dos ventos
Circa: - And So On
Circa: - Valley of the Windmill
Circuline - Return
Citizen Cain - Ghost Dance
Citizen Cain - Raising the stones
Citizen Cain - Serpents in camouflage
Citizen Cain - Somewhere But Yesterday
Paul Clark - Shredz At An Exhibition
Clepsydra - Alone
Clepsydra - Fears
Clepsydra - Fly man EP
Clepsydra - Hologram
Clepsydra - More Grains Of Sand
Cliffhanger - Cold Steel
Cliffhanger - Not To Be or Not To Be!
Coda - Sounds Of Passion
Collage - Basnie
Collage - Changes
Collage - Living in the moonlight (DVD)
Collage - Moonshine
Collage - Nine songs of John Lennon
Collage - Safe
Uwe Colleneck - Uwe Colleneck
Colossus Projects (Finnland) - Kalevala - A Finnish Progressive Rock Epic
Coltsfoot - A Winter Harvest
Combination Head - Progress?
Comedy Of Errors - Comedy Of Errors
Comedy Of Errors - Disobey
Comedy Of Errors - Fanfare & Fantasy
Comedy Of Errors - House Of The Mind
Comedy Of Errors - Spirit
Conqueror - Storie fuori dal tempo
Contraluz - Ramos Generales
Contrarian - Minor Complexities
conXious - Between arrival and departure
Cosmics - The Cosmic Year
Cosmograf - The Hay​-​Man Dreams
Cosmograf - The Man Left in Space
Cosmograf - The Unreasonable Silence
Cosmograf - When Age Has Done Its Duty
Ben Craven - Great & Terrible Potions
Ben Craven - Last Chance To Hear
Ben Craven - Two False Idols
Crayon Phase - Within My Recollection
Credo - Against reason
Credo - Rhetoric
Credo - This Is What We Do
Crépuscule - L' hymne à la vie
Crépuscule - Virr
Crescent Moon - The Lidless Room
Cromwell - Black Chapter Red
Cromwell - Burning Banners
Cross - Cross III: Changing poison into medicine
Cross - Da Capo
Cross - Gaze
Cross - Playgrounds
Cross - Second Movement
Cross - Secrets
Cross - Uncovered Heart
Cross - Visionary Fools
Cruz de Hierro - Cruz de Hierro
Crystal Lake - Safe
Crystal Palace - The System Of Events
Crystal Palace - Through The Years (1995 - 2005)
Cyan - Echoes
Cyan - Remastered
Cyan - The Creeping Vine
István Cziglán - Seven Gates Of Alhambra
The D Project - Big Face
The D Project - Making Sense
The D Project - Shimmering Lights
The D Project - The Sagarmatha Project
Damanek - On Track
Dante - The Inner Circle
Martin Darvill & Friends - The Greatest Show On Earth
Darwin's Radio - Eyes of the world
Darwin's Radio - Template For A Generation
Daymoon - Cruz Quebrada
Daymoon - Fabric Of Space Divine
Days before tomorrow - The sky is falling
Days Between Stations - Days Between Stations
Days Between Stations - In Extremis
Dead Heroes Club - A Time Of Shadow
Dead Heroes Club - Dead Heroes Club
Dead Heroes Club - Everything Is Connected
DeeExpus - Far From Home (DVD)
DeeExpus - King Of Number 33
Deep Thought - Somewhere In The Dark
Deep Thought - The Tunnel
Delta Cyphei Project - Virtual World
Deluge Grander - Oceanarium
Delusion Squared - Anthropocene
Delusion Squared - Delusion Squared
Delusion Squared - II
Deyss - At King
Deyss - For Your Eyes Only
Deyss - The Dragonfly From The Sun
Deyss - Vision In The Dark
Dice (Dt) - A Long Cosmic Trip
Dice (Dt) - Eternity's Ocean
Dice (Dt) - If The Beatles Were From Another Galaxy
Dice (Dt) - Newborn
Dice (Dt) - Time in eleven Pictures
Dice (Dt) - Waterworld
Different Light - All About Yourself
Different Light - Icons That Weep
Different Light - The Burden Of Paradise
Different Strings -'s only the beginning
Different Strings - Dead Man Walking
Different Strings - The Sounds of Silence Part 1
Different Strings - The Sounds of Silence Pt.II - The Counterfeits
Different Trains - On The Right Track
Digitalis - Season Of The Reason
Direction - Est
Direction - VA
Dirtbox - Uneasy listening
Discipline. - Push & Profit
Discipline. - Unfolded Like Staircase
Discordia - Season Changes
Discus - ...tot licht!
Disperse - Journey Through The Hidden Gardens
Dogma - Album
Dol'Ammad - Ocean dynamics
Doracor - Evanescenze
Dorian Opera - Crusade 1212
Douze Alfonso - Charles Darwin
Downes Braide Association - Skyscraper Souls
Dracma - A fine stormy weather
Dracma - Limits
Drama (Fra) - Stigmata Of Change
Drama (Uru) - Inspiracion
Dreamship - Ancestral Voyage
Drifting Sun - Trip the Life Fantastic
Drifting Sun - Twilight
Dropshard - Silk
Dynamo Bliss - 21st Century Junk
Earthlimb - Origin
Echo Us - Tomorrow Will Tell the Story
Echolyn - A Little Nonsense
Echolyn - Echolyn
Echolyn - echolyn (The Window Album)
Eclat - Eclat de vers
Eclat - En concert
Eclat - II
Eclat - Volume 3
Eclipse Sol-Air - Bartók's Crisis
Eclipse Sol-Air - Schizophilia
Edera - And mouth disappears
Edge - Suction 8
Edison's Children - The Final Breath Before November
Egdon Heath - Live at Last
Egdon Heath - The Killing Silence
Elegant Simplicity - Anhedonia
Elegant Simplicity - Moments of clarity
Elegant Simplicity - Palindrome
Elegant Simplicity - Too many goodbyes
Elephant And Castle - The Green One
Elephants Of Scotland - Execute and Breathe
Elephants Of Scotland - Good Morning, Gettysburg - Live At RoSFest 2014
Elephants Of Scotland - Home Away From Home
Elephants Of Scotland - The Perfect Map
ELF Project - Mirage
Elleven - Transfiction
Emerald - Crown of Creation
Emerald Lies - Different View Pt. 2 - Green Turns Blue
Enchant - A Blueprint Of The World
Enchant - Break
Enchant - Live at last
Enchant - Tug Of War
Enchant - Wounded
The Enid - Something Wicked This Way Comes
The Enid - Tripping The Light Fantastic
Enneade - Remembrance
Epilogue - Hide
Lothar-Michael Ernst & The Full Moon Band - Stranded on Inner Shores
Esperanto (Dt.) - Thwart & Thwack
Esquire - III - No Spare Planet
Esthetic Pale - Long Forgotten Words
Esthetic Pale - Shelter from the storm
Esthetic Pale - Tales From An Ancient Realm
Eureka - Shackleton's Voyage
Eureka - Silverware - The Best of EUREKA 1997 - 2010
Even Horses - Even Horses
Ex-Vagus - Âmes Vagabondes
Ex-Vagus - Dream Object 5
Exhibit A - Make Mine A Lobster
Exodus - The Most Beautiful Day
Eyesberg - Blue
Eyesberg - Masquerade
Eyestrings - Burdened Hands
Eyevory - The True Bequest
Ezra - Songs From Pennsylvania
Fancyfluid - King's Journey
Fancyfluid - The Sheltering Sea
Farpoint - Kindred
Fatal Fusion - Land of the Sun
Faun - Wondrous End
Fear Of Flying - Fear Of Flying
The Fifth Season - Stronger, Perfect
Sean Filkins - War and Peace & other short stories
Final Conflict - Another Moment In Time (DVD)
Final Conflict - Redress The Balance
Final Conflict - Return Of The Artisan
Final Conflict - Simple
Final Conflict - Stand Up
Finisterre - Harmony of Spheres
Finisterre - In Ogni Luogo
Fish - A Feast Of Consequences
Fish - Farewell To Childhood
Fish - Fellini Days
Fish - Fool's Company - Live in Holland (DVD)
Fish - Internal Exile
Fish - Return To Childhood
Fish - Scattering Crows - Live in Europe 2004 (DVD)
Fish - Sunsets on Empire
Fish - Sushi
Fish - The Moveable Feast
Fish - Uncle Fish & The crypt creepers (Live at the Düsseldorf Philipshalle 7.12.1991)
Fish - Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors
Fish On Friday - Shoot The Moon
Flamborough Head - Defining the legacy
Flamborough Head - Live In Budapest
Flamborough Head - Looking for John Maddock
Flamborough Head - One for the crow
Flamborough Head - Tales of imperfection
Flamborough Head - Unspoken Whisper
Flaming Bess - Wächter des Lichts
Flaming Row - Mirage - A Portrayal of Figures
Flammärion - Ignition
For Absent Friends - Both Worlds
For Absent Friends - Illusions
Forgotten Suns - Fiction Edge 1 (Ascent)
Forgotten Suns - Snooze
Forgotten Suns - When Worlds Collide
Formula - Signals
Fossil Evolution - World In Motion
The Foundation - Departure
Fountain Of Youth - Blind Faith (EP)
Foxtrot - A Shadow of the Past
Frágil - Avenida Larco
FreddeGredde - Brighter Skies
FreddeGredde - Thirteen Eight
Freedom To Glide - Rain
Frequency Drift - ...laid to rest
Frequency Drift - Personal Effects (part one)
Frequency Drift - Personal Effects (part two)
Frost - Experiments In Mass Appeal
Frost - Milliontown
Frost - The Rockfield Files
Fruitcake - A battle a day...
Fruitcake - Man Overboard
Fruitcake - One more slice
Fruitcake - Power structure
Fruitcake - Room for surprise
Fuchs - Leaving Home
Fuchs - The Unity of Two
Fugato Orchestra - Neander Variations
Fugato Orchestra - Noé
The Fyreworks - The Fyreworks
Peter Gabriel - Up
Galaad - Vae victis
Galadriel - Calibrated Collision Course
Galadriel - Chasing the dragonfly
Galadriel - Mindscapers
Galahad - Battle Scars
Galahad - Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria
Galahad - Empires Never Last
Galahad - In A Moment Of Complete Madness
Galahad - Mein Herz brennt (EP)
Galahad - Nothing Is Written
Galahad - Other crimes & misdemenaours III
Galahad - Other Crimes And Misdemeanours II
Galahad - Resonance - Live In Poland (DVD)
Galahad - Seas Of Change
Galahad - Seize the Day (EP)
Galahad - Sleepers
Galahad - Sleepless in Phoenixville - RoSfest Live 2007
Galahad - When Worlds Collide
Galahad - Year Zero
Galleon - Beyond dreams
Galleon - Engines of Creation
Galleon - Heritage & Visions
Galleon - In the Wake of the Moon
Galleon - King of Aragon
Galleon - Lynx
Galleon - Mind over matter
Galleon - The all European hero
Marco Galletti - La luce che illumina i sogni
Gandalf's Fist - A Forest Of Fey
Gandalf's Fist - The Clockwork Fable
Garden Wall - Principium
Gazpacho - A Night At Loreley (DVD/CD-Box)
Peter Gee - A Spiritual World
Peter Gee - A vision of angels
Gerard - Save knight by the night
Ghiribizzi - Pan'ta Rhei
Ghost Circus - Cycles
The Gift - Awake & Dreaming
The Gift - Land of Shadows
The Gift - Why The Sea Is Salt
Jim Gilmour - Great Escape
Glacier - Ashes For The Monarch
Glass Hammer - Journey of the Dunadan
Glass Hammer - Lex Live (DVD)
Glass Hammer - Lex Rex
Glass Hammer - Live And Revived
Glass Hammer - Live At Belmont (DVD)
Glass Hammer - Live At The Tivoli (DVD)
Glass Hammer - On To Evermore - The Story Of Ariana And The Sculptor
Glass Hammer - Perelandra
Glass Hammer - Shadowlands
Glass Hammer - The Compilations 1996 - 2004
Glass Hammer - The Inconsolable Secret
Glass Hammer - Three Cheers For The Broken Hearted
Glass Hammer - Untold Tales
Glass Hammer - Valkyrie
Globalys - 03.02.01
Golden Caves - Bring Me To The Water
Golgotha - Unmaker of Worlds
Grand Stand - Tricks of time
Grand Tour - Heavy On the Beach
Gratto - Anakin Tumnus
Jeff Green - Jessica
The Green Violinist - More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings
Greenwall - From The Treasure Box
Grey Lady Down - Fear
Grey Lady Down - Star-Crossed
Grey Lady Down - The Crime
Shaun Guerin - Archives
Shaun Guerin - The Epic Quality of Life
Arjen Lucassen's GUILT MACHINE - On This Perfect Day
Guitar Garden - Secret Space
John Hackett - Checking out of London
Haddad - Ars longa Vita brevis
Haken - Visions
HannaH - A Life In Rock Minor
Harvest - Chasing Time
Harvest - Northern Wind
Haze - 30th Anniversary Shows
Haze - C'est la vie/The Ember
Haze - Cellar Replayed
Haze - Stoat & Bottle
The Healing Road - Tímanfaya
Heliopolis - City of the Sun
Heliopolis - Live at RoSFest
Herba D'Hameli - Girafes a Sibèria
High Wheel - Back From The Void
High Wheel - There
Tracy Hitchings - From ignorance to ecstasy
Hoggwash - Spellbound
Holy Lamb - Salt of the earth
Sebas Honing - Songs Of Seas And Oceans
Hope To Find - Still Constant (EP)
House of not - The Walkabout - Part III On The Madness Of Crowds
Steve Hughes - Once We Were - Part One
Steve Hughes - Once We Were - Part Two
Steve Hughes - Tales From The Silent Ocean
Huis - Despite Guardian Angels
Huis - Neither In Heaven
Hune - De l'Autre Côté du Monde
Hyacintus - Elydian
Hyacintus - Fantasia en concerto
Hÿdra - This famous unknown
I Am The Manic Whale - Everything Beautiful In Time
Ice Blue Orchestra - Awake
Ice Blue Orchestra - Between Destinations
Ice (NL) - The Saga
ICU - Live 95-96
ICU - Moonlight flit
ICU - Now and here
ICU - Now and here (3 CD Collector's Edition)
ICU - Now and Here - Live im Pavillon 1995
ICU - Now And Here - Live in Sonnenberg 1995
Idle Hours - Headlong
Ie Rai Shan - Ie Rai Shan
Illumion - Hunting For Significance
Iluvatar - A story two days wide...
Iluvatar - Children
Iluvatar - From The Silence
Iluvatar - Iluvatar
Iluvatar - Sideshow
Ilvcia - In the Nature of Reason
Ines - Eastern Dawning
Ines - Hunting the fox
Ines - Slipping into the Unknown
Inkább Holnap - Tomorrow Instead
Inner Odyssey - Ascension
Inquire - Inquire Within
Inquire - The Neck Pillow
Intelligent Music Project - Touching The Divine
Introitus - Anima
Introitus - Elements
Introitus - Fantasy
Inventions - Meta
InVertigo - Next Stop Vertigo
iO - Strange Tales from the Urban Circle
IOEarth - 'Moments'
IOEarth - IOEarth
IOEarth - Live In The USA
IOEarth - New World
IQ - Are you sitting comfortably?
IQ - Dark Matter
IQ - Ever
IQ - Forever Live
IQ - Forever Live : Live at the Stadthalle Kleve Germany : June 12 1993 (DVD)
IQ - Frequency
IQ - Frequency Tour CD
IQ - IQ30 - Live In Zoetermeer
IQ - J'ai Pollette D'arnu
IQ - Live from London (DVD)
IQ - Live On The Road Of Bones
IQ - Living Proof
IQ - Nine in a pond is here
IQ - Nomzamo
IQ - Scrape Across The Sky
IQ - Seven stories into '98
IQ - Stage - Dark Matter Live In America And Germany 2005 (DVD)
IQ - Subterranea
IQ - Tales From A Dark Christmas
IQ - Tales From The Lush Attic
IQ - The lost attic (a collection of rarities 1983-1999)
IQ - The Road of Bones
IQ - The Seventh House
IQ - The twentieth anniversary show (DVD)
IQ - The Wake
Iris - Crossing The Desert
Isildurs Bane - Sagan Om Den Irländska Älgen
Isildurs Bane - Sagan Om Ringen
IT - We're all in this together
It Bites - Eat me in St Louis
It Bites - It Happened One Night
It Bites - Live In Montreux
It Bites - Map Of The Past
It Bites - Once Around The World
It Bites - The Big Lad In The Windmill
It Bites - The Tall Ships
It Bites - When The Lights Go Down
Ixion - Cryogenesis
Ixion - Garden of Eden
Ixion - Talisman
IZZ - I move
IZZ - Live at NEARfest
IZZ - My River Flows
Jack Foster III - Evolution Of JazzRaptor
Jack Foster III - Jazzraptor's Secret
Jack Yello - Thorns of anger
Jack Yello - Xeric
Jadis - Across The Water
Jadis - Alive outside
Jadis - As daylight fades
Jadis - Fanatic
Jadis - Medium Rare
Jadis - More Than Meets The Eye (Special Edition)
Jadis - No Fear Of Looking Down
Jadis - Once or twice
Jadis - Once upon a time...
Jadis - Photoplay
Jadis - See Right Through You
Jadis - Somersault
Jadis - Understand
Jadis - View from above (DVD)
Janison Edge - The Services Of Mary Goode
Iain Jennings - The House
Jeronimo Project - Tales from Eloi and Morlocks
Nicolas John - The Irrevocable Need To Have Dreams
John Young Band - Live at The Classic Rock Society
Jolly - The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 1)
Jump - ...and all the King's men
Jump - On Impulse
Jump - The myth of independence
K² - Book Of The Dead
Kalo - Spiral Dream
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild) - As Far As The Eye Can See
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild) - Isolation
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild) - Synesthesia
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild) - The Gnomon
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild) - The Invisible Line
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild) - The Wrap
Kaos Moon - After the storm
Kaos Moon - The Circle Of Madness
Karfagen - 7
Karfagen - Aleatorica
Karfagen - Continium
Karfagen - Lost Symphony
Karfagen - Magician's Theater
Karfagen - Solitary Sandpiper Journey
Karfagen - Spektra
Karfagen - The Space Between Us
Karibow - Addicted
Karnataka - Secrets Of Angels
Karnataka - The Gathering Light
Kayak - Seventeen
Kennedy - Kennedy!
Ken's Novel - The guide
Dave Kerzner - New World
Dave Kerzner - New World Live
Khatsaturjan - Aramed Forces of Simantipak
Khatsaturjan - Disconcerto Grosso
Kinetic Element - Travelog
King Eider - Somateria Spectabilis
Kino - Cutting Room Floor
Kino - Picture
Kino - Radio Voltaire
Knight Area - Between Two Steps
Knight Area - Hyperlive
Knight Area - Nine paths
Knight Area - Realm of Shadows
Knight Area - The sun also rises
Knight Area - Under a New Sign
Kompendium - Beneath The Waves - Elements
Konchordat - English Ghosts
Konchordat - Rise To Order
Konchordat - The New Crusade
Kramer - Life Cycle
La Tulipe Noire - Faded Leaves
La Tulipe Noire - Nostimon Hemar
La Tulipe Noire - Shattered image
LaHost - Erotic Antiques
Landmarq - Entertaining Angels
Landmarq - Infinity Parade
Landmarq - Origins
Landmarq - Roadskill - Live In The Netherlands
Landmarq - Science of coincidence
Landmarq - Solitary Witness
Landmarq - The vision pit
Lands End - Drainage
Lands End - Natural Selection
Lands End - The Lower Depths
Udo Lang - no effect
Last Knight - Talking To The Moon
The Last Placid Days Of Plenty - Headphone Gallery
League of Lights - League of Lights
Leap Day - Awaking The Muse
Leap Day - Skylge's Lair
Lebowski - Cinematic
José Luis Fernándes Ledesma - Designios
José Luis Fernándes Ledesma - Dicen que somos dioses y nos sonamos hombres
José Luis Fernándes Ledesma - Extractos
José Luis Fernándes Ledesma - Motivos para perderse
Legend - Second Sight
Legend - Spirit
Legend - Triple Aspect
The Lens - A word in your eye
The Lens - Regeneration
Leviathan (IT) - Bee Yourself
Leviathan (IT) - Heartquake
Leviathan (IT) - Volume
Lifesigns - Cardington
Lifesigns - Lifesigns
Light Damage - Light Damage
Like Wendy - Endgame
Like Wendy - Homeland
Like Wendy - Rainchild
Like Wendy - Summer in Eden
Like Wendy - Tales From Moonlit Bay
Like Wendy - The Storm Inside
A Liquid Landscape - Nightingale Express
Little Atlas - Automatic Day
Little Atlas - Surface Serene
Little Atlas - Wanderlust
Little Tragedies - Porcelain Pavilion
Little Tragedies - Return
Little Tragedies - The Magic Shop
Lo-Fi Resistance - Chalk Lines
Lobate Scarp - Time and space
Local 7 - Substrat
Locanda delle Fate - Homo homini lupus
Logic Mess - Element Of The Grid
Logos - L'enigma della vita
Lonely Robot - Please Come Home
Long Earth - The Source
Loonypark - Egoist
Loonypark - Unbroken Spirit lives in us
Lord Of Mushrooms - Lord Of Mushrooms
Lorian - Virginal Mind
Loving The Sun - Behind The Rainbow
Lu7 - L'esprit de l'exil
Mad Puppet - Masque
Mad Tea Party - Mad Tea Party (EP)
Mad Tea Party - The Marionette
Magellan - Hour Of Restoration
Magellan - Hundred Year Flood
Magellan - Impending Ascension
Magellan - Innocent God
Magellan - Test Of Wills
Magenta - Another Time... Another Place...
Magenta - Broken (Single)
Magenta - Chameleon
Magenta - Chaos From The Stage
Magenta - Home / The New York Suite: Special Edition
Magenta - I'm Alive (Single)
Magenta - Live At The Point 2007 (DVD)
Magenta - Live: On Our Way To Who Knows Where
Magenta - Metamorphosis
Magenta - Night And Day (Single)
Magenta - Revolutions
Magenta - Seven
Magenta - The Gathering (DVD)
Magenta - The singles
Magenta - The Singles Complete
Magenta - The Twenty Seven Club
Magenta - We are legend
Magic Pie - Illusion & Reality (Demo-CD)
Magic Pie - The Suffering Joy
Maglev - Overwrite the Sin
Magnolia - La Zona D'Ombra
Magrathea - Legends
Majestic - V.O.Z.
Maldoror - L'Arbre-Cimetiere
Malibran - La citta sul lago
Mangala Vallis - The book of dreams
Mangrove - Beyond Reality
Mangrove - Coming Back To (Live)
Mangrove - Live Beyond Reality (DVD)
Mangrove - Touch Wood
EH! Geoff Mann Band - Loud Symbols
Manning - A Matter Of Life & Death (The Journal Of Abel Mann)
Manning - Anser´s Tree
Manning - The View From My Window
Phil Manzanera - 6pm
Marathon - Norm
Marathon (IT) - Sublime Dreams
Marathon - The First Run
Marge Litch - Fantasien 1998
Marillion - Anorak In The UK Live
Marillion - Anorak In The UK Live (2CD Set)
Marillion - B-Sides Themselves
Marillion - Best of
Marillion - Best of both worlds
Marillion - Brave
Marillion - Brave - The Film (DVD)
Marillion - Brief encounter
Marillion - Clutching at Straws
Marillion - Early Stages - The Official Bootleg Box Set 1982 - 1987
Marillion - F*** Everyone And Run (F E A R)
Marillion - Fugazi
Marillion - Holidays in Eden
Marillion - Live At The Borderline
Marillion - Live From Loreley (DVD)
Marillion - Live In Caracas
Marillion - Living in F E A R
Marillion - Marbles
Marillion - Marbles In The Park
Marillion - Market Square Heroes
Marillion - Misplaced Childhood
Marillion - Real To Reel
Marillion - Recital Of The Script (DVD)
Marillion - Script for a jester's tear
Marillion - Seasons End
Marillion - Singles Box Vol.2 '89-'95
Marillion - Size Matters
Marillion - Sounds That Can't Be Made
Marillion - the official bootleg box set vol 2
Marillion - The singles '82-88'
Marillion - The Thieving Magpie
Marillion - This Strange Engine
Mars Hollow - Mars Hollow
Martigan - Ciel Ouvert
Martigan - Distant Monsters
Martigan - Man Of The Moment
Martigan - Official bootleg (DVD)
Martigan - Vision
Maryson - Master Magician I
Maryson - On Goes the Quest (Master Magician II)
Maschine - Naturalis
Niall Mathewson - Eclectic Electric Volume I
Matter of Taste - Chateau Obscure
Matter of Taste - Jack of Spades
Maury e i Pronomi - (Ec)citazioni Neoclassiche
Mavara - Season of Salvation
Maze of Sound - Sunray
Maze Of Time - Masquerade Show
Merchants Vice - Amber
Mermaid Kiss - Etarlis
Metamorphosis (CH) - Dark
Metamorphosis (CH) - Nobody Cares
Metamorphosis (CH) - The turning point
Metamorphosis (CH) - Then All Was Silent
Flavio Mezzodi - Elements
Midas - 25th Anniversary Concert & Early Rare Tracks
Midas - Beyond The Clear Air
Millenium - 44 Minutes
Millenium - deja vu
Millenium - Ego
Millenium - Exist
Millenium - Numbers and the big dream of Mr. Sunders
Millenium - Puzzles
Millenium - Reincarnations
Millenium - Three brothers' epilogue
Millenium - Vocanda
David Minasian - Random Acts Of Beauty
Mind Furniture - The End of Days
Mind Sky - Timewise
Mindfields - One
M!NDGAMES - Actors In A Play
M!NDGAMES - International Daylight
M!NDGAMES - Paradox Of Choice
Mindspeak - Pictures
Minimum Vital - Atlas
Minimum Vital - Au cercle de pierre
Minimum Vital - Capitaines
Minimum Vital - Esprit d'amor
Minimum Vital - La source
Minimum Vital - Sarabandes
Minor Giant - On The Road
The Minstrel's Ghost - The Road To Avalon
Mirage (Fra) - A secret place
The Missing Piece - Dream Rider
Mizukagami - Yugake
Mogador - Absinthé Tales Of Romantic Visions
Mogador - All I Am Is Of My Own MaKing
Monarch Trail - Sand
Monjoie - Affetto e Attrazione
Moon Safari - Lover's End
Moon Safari - The Gettysburg Address
Moongarden - A Vulgar Display Of Prog
Moongarden - Brainstorm of Emptyness
Moongarden - Moonsadness
Moongarden - Round Midnight
Moongarden - Songs From The Lighthouse
Moongarden - The Gates of Omega
Moonrise - Soul's inner Pendulum
Moonrise - Stopover - Life
Moonrise - The Lights of a distant Bay
Moria Falls - Embrace
Morphelia - Prognocircus
Morphelia - Waken the Nightmare
Neal Morse - One
Tim Morse - Transformation
Scott Mosher - Inferno
Scott Mosher - Virtuality
Mostly Autumn - At the Grand Opera House (DVD)
Mostly Autumn - Heart Full Of Sky
Mostly Autumn - Storms Over London Town
Mostly Autumn - The Last Bright Light
Mostly Autumn - The next chapter (DVD)
Mostly Autumn - The Spirit Of Autumn Past
Mostly Autumn - The story so far (DVD)
Mostly Autumn - The V-Shows (DVD)
Mr. So & So - Truths, Lies & Half Lies
Mugen - Léda et le cygne
Mugen - The princess of kingdom gone
Multi-Story - Crimson Stone
Multi-Story - East/West
Multi-Story - Live at Acapela
Multi-Story - Through Your Eyes (LP)
Murder She Wrote - Diva (EP)
Murder She Wrote - Past Incomplete
Museo Rosenbach - Live in Tokyo
Mynd - Awake
Mystery - Delusion Rain
Mystery - Destiny?
Mystery - One among the Living
Mystery - Second Home - Live at the ProgDreams V (DVD)
Mystery - Tales From The Netherlands
Nangyala - Eyes Open Wide
Narrow Pass - A Room Of Fairy Queen's
Nathan - Nebulosa
The National Orchestra Of The United Kingdom Of Goats - The Chronicles Of Sillyphus
The National Orchestra Of The United Kingdom Of Goats - The Three Walls Of Kolepta
Nemezis - Nemezis
Nemo - Barbares
Nemo - Coma
Nemo - Eve Et Le Génie Du Mal (Single)
Nemo - Immersion Publique - Live
Nemo - La Machine à Remonter les Temps
Nemo - Le ver dans le fruit
Nemo - Les Enfants Rois (Single)
Nemo - Les nouveaux mondes
Nemo - Prélude à la Ruine
Nemo - Présages
Nemo - R€volu$ion
Nemo - Si Partie I
Nemo - Si Partie II - L'Homme Idéal
NEO (GB) - Broadcast
Neo-Prophet - Monsters
Neo Prophet - T.I.M.E.
Giorgio C. Neri - Logos
Neronia - Blue Circles
Neronia - Limnotapes
Neronia - Nerotica
Netherworld - In the following Half-Light
New Eden Orchestra - anyMAN
The New Grove Project - The Demos
Nexus - Detrás del Umbral
Nexus - La Divina Comedia
Nexus - Live at Nearfest 2000
Nexus - Metanoia
Nexus Erratic - Inverse
Nice Beaver - On dry land
Nice Beaver - Oregon
Nine Stones Close - Leaves
Nine Stones Close - One Eye On The Sunrise
Nine Stones Close - Traces
Nirgal Vallis - Y Murió la Tarde
No Name - 20 Candles
No Name - 4
No Name - The Other Side
No Name - The Secret Garden
Clive Nolan - Skeletons in the cupboard
Erik Norlander - Music Machine
North Star - Power
North Star - Triskellion
Not Otherwise Specified - Projective Instruments
Novela - Brain of Balance
Novela - Harmagedon Story
Novela - Harmagedon Story Part II
Novela - Sanctuary
Novela - The Words
Now - Complaint of the wind
Now - Deep
Now - Now (Mini EP)
Now - Spheres
Nth Ascension - Ascension of Kings
Nth Ascension - In Fine Initium
Oblivion Sun - Oblivion Sun
Obscura - le città invisibili
Odyssice - Impression
Odyssice - Moon Drive
Odyssice - Moondrive Plus
Odyssice - Secret Showcase. Live in Amsterdam 2006
Odyssice - Silence
Gavin O´Loghlen - The Poet And The Priest
Omega (UK) - The Prophet
Omnia - Hormonal
Ontofield - Sleeping With Fractals
Openspace - Elementary Loss
Openspace - Openspace
Opram - Live
Opram - Mon Temps Mon Espace
Opus Est - Opus I
Opus Est - Opus II
Martin Orford - The Old Road
Orpheo - Echoes
Orpheus Nine - Transcendental Circus
Osada Vida - The After-Effect
Osada Vida - The Body Parts Party
Osada Vida - Three Seats Behind A Triangle
Osada Vida - Uninvited Dreams
Osada Vida - Where The Devils Live (DVD)
Osiris - Beyond Control - Live
Osiris - Myths & Legends
Osiris - Osiris
Osiris - Reflections
Osiris - Tales of the Divers
Osiris - Visions from the past
Osta Love - Good Morning Dystopia
Osta Love - The Isle Of Dogs
The Other Side - In The Shadows
Outer Limits - A Boy Playing The Magical Bugle Horn
Outside - Freedom
Ozone - Première couche
Padre - From Faraway Island
Pageant - Abysmal masquerade
Pageant - The Pay For Dreamer's Sin
Pallas - Arrive Alive
Pallas - Beat the Drum
Pallas - Knightmoves to Wedge
Pallas - Live our lives
Pallas - Mythopoeia
Pallas - Official Bootleg 27.01.06
Pallas - The Blinding Darkness
Pallas - The Blinding Darkness (DVD)
Pallas - The Cross And The Crucible
Pallas - The Dreams Of Men
Pallas - The River Sessions 1
Pallas - The River Sessions 2
Pallas - The Sentinel
Pallas - wearewhoweare
Pallas - XXV
Pandora - Dramma Di Un Poeta Ubriaco
Pangaea - A time & a place
Pangaea - The Rite of Passage
Pangaea - Welcome to the theatre...
Panic Room - Satellite
Panopticum - Reflection
Panther & C. - Il Giusto Equilibrio
PaRaLLaXe - Soundtrack
Parzivals Eye - Fragments
Rog Patterson - Flightless
Henning Pauly - Babysteps
PB II - 1000 Wishes
PB II - Plastic Soup
Pendelirium - Atlas
Pendragon - "Once Upon A Time In England" Volume 1
Pendragon - "Once Upon A Time In England" Volume 2
Pendragon - 9:15 Live
Pendragon - Acoustically challenged
Pendragon - And Now Everybody To The Stage... (DVD)
Pendragon - As Good As Gold
Pendragon - Believe
Pendragon - Concerto Maximo (DVD)
Pendragon - Fallen Dreams and Angels
Pendragon - Kowtow
Pendragon - Live in Krakow 1996
Pendragon - Masquerade 20 (DVD)
Pendragon - Men Who Climb Mountains
Pendragon - Not of this world
Pendragon - Out of Order Comes Chaos
Pendragon - Out Of Order Comes Chaos (DVD)
Pendragon - Passion
Pendragon - Past And Presence (DVD)
Pendragon - Pure
Pendragon - The History: 1984-2000
Pendragon - The Jewel
Pendragon - The Masquerade Overture
Pendragon - The rest of
Pendragon - The very very bootleg
Pendragon - The Window Of Life
Pendragon - The World
Pendragon - Utrecht...The final frontier
Perennial Quest - Persistence
The Phase - Reviews
Phideaux - Snowtorch
Phoenix Eye - The Adventures of the King
The Pineapple Thief - Magnolia
Mick Pointer Band - Marillion's "Script" Revisited
Poor Genetic Material - A Day In June
Poor Genetic Material - Absence
Poor Genetic Material - Island Noises
Poor Genetic Material - Paradise Out Of Time
Poor Genetic Material - Spring Tidings
Poor Genetic Material - Winter's Edge
Preacher - Aftermath
Presence - Masters and Following
Primitive Instinct - Belief
Primitive Instinct - Floating Tangibility
Pris'n Style - Wait For Colours
Product - Aire
Product - On Water
Product - The fire
Profusion - RewoToweR
Project Creation - Dawn on Pyther
Project: Patchwork - Re/Flection
Project: Patchwork - Tales From A Hidden Dream
Projection - A Brief History 1999 - 2005
Projection (NL) - Relativity
Proteo - REPUBLIKFLUCHT!...facing east
Providence - There Once was a Night of "Choko-Muro" the Paradise
Proximal Distance - Proximal Distance
PTS - Tides
Pulsar - Görlitz
Puppet Show - The Tale of Woe
Puppet Show - Traumatized
Puzzle King - Anna's Revolution
Pymlico - Guiding Light
Qantum - Les Temps Oubliés
Quadra - L'Archiviste
Quasar - Fire In The Sky
Quasar - The Loreli
Quasar Lux Symphoniae - Abraham
Quidam - Alone Together
Quidam - Live in Mexico '99
Quidam - Quidam
Quidam - Saiko
Quidam - Sny Aniolów
Quidam - Strong Together
Quidam - The Fifth Season (DVD)
Quidam - The Time Beneath The Sky/Pod Niebem Czas
Qwaarn - Aberrations
Qwaarn - My Achievements
Qwaarn - The Word of Qwaarn
Rachel's Birthday - An Invitation To...
Rain - Cerulean Blue
Raison de Plus - Au bout du couloir
Raison de Plus - Ici est ailleurs
RanestRane - Nosferatu Il Vampiro
RanestRane - Shining
Razorking - Somewhere
RC 2 - Future Awaits
RC 2 - rc 2
The Reasoning - Adverse Camber
The Reasoning - Awakening
The Reasoning - Dark Angel
Red Bazar - Tales From The Bookcase
Red Jasper - A Midsummer Night's Dream
Red Jasper - Anagramary
Red Jasper - The Winter's Tale
Red Orchid - Sky is Falling
Red Sand - Gentry
Red Sand - Human Trafficking
Red Sand - Live au Cabaret du Liquor Store
Red Sand - Mirror of insanity
Alan Reed - Dancing with Ghosts
Alan Reed - First In A Field Of One
Retroheads - Introspective
Retrospective - Stolen Thoughts
Rhythmische Beobachter - Krautrock
Ricocher - Cathedral of emotions
Ricocher - Chains
Ricocher - Quest for the heartland (E.P.)
Ritual - Think Like A Mountain
Rivendel - Manifesto
Riversea - Out Of An Ancient World
Riverside - Conceiving You (Single)
Riverside - Out Of Myself
Riveryman - Magic World
Rocket Scientists - Brutal Architecture
Rocket Scientists - Earthbound
Anton Roolaart - Dreamer
The Room - Beyond The Gates Of Bedlam
The Room - Open Fire
Rosalia - Zillion Tears
Roswell Six - Terra Incognita: Beyond the horizon
Steve Rothery - The Ghosts Of Pripyat
Andrew Roussak - No Trespassing
RPWL - The RPWL Experience (DVD)
RTFACT - Life Is Good
The Rube Goldberg Machine - Fragile Times
Sabracadabra - Demo 2001
Saens - Escaping from the Hands of God
Saens - Prophet in a statistical World (plus Bonus: Dodecamania)
Saga (Kan.) - All Areas - Live In Bonn 2002 (Limited Edition) (DVD)
Saga (Kan.) - Behaviour
Saga (Kan.) - Heads Or Tales
Saga (Kan.) - In Transit
Saga (Kan.) - The Polydor Legacy
Sagrado - Flecha
Sagrado - Grande espírito
Sagrado - Sagrado coração da terra
Motoi Sakuraba - Gikyokuonsou
Salem Hill - Not Everybody's Gold
Salem Hill - Pennies In The Karma Jar
Salva - A handful of earth
Salva - Left to burn
Sandstone - Looking For Myself
Sanity - Sanity
Sanity - The demo
Saris - Curse Of Time
Saris - Until we have Faces
Satellite - A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset
Satellite - Evening dreams (DVD)
Satellite - Evening Games
Satellite - Into The Night
Satellite - Nostalgia
ScapeLand Wish - Reason
ScapeLand Wish - The Ghost Of Autumn
Scheherazade - Scheherazade
Luca Scherani - Everyday's Life
Schizophonia - Quaternaire
Seasons Of Time - Closed Doors to Open Plains
Sensitive To Light - Almost Human
Sensitive To Light - From The Ancient World
Seti - Bold Travels
Seti - Discoveries
Seti - Life Signs
Seven Day Hunt - File This Dream
Seven Reizh - Strinkadenn Ys
Seven Steps To The Green Door - Fetish
Seven Steps To The Green Door - Step in 2 my world
Sfumato - Demo 1999
Shades Of Dawn - From Dusk Till Dawn
Shades Of Dawn - Graffity's Rainbow
Shadowland - Cautionary Tales
Shadowland - Dreams Of The Ferryman
Shadowland - Edge of Night
Shadowland - Edge of Night (DVD)
Shadowland - Mad as a hatter
Shadowland - Ring Of Roses
Shadowland - Through the looking glass
Shakary - Alya
Shakary - Shakary 2006
Shakary - The Last Summer
Shelterworks - Coloured thoughts
Billy Sherwood - The big peace
Sideways - ...And There Is Light
Signs Of One - Innerlands
Silhouette - Across the Rubicon
Silhouette - Beyond The Seventh Wave
Silhouette - Moods
Silver Lining - The Inner Dragon
Alan Simon - Excalibur IV - The Dark Age of the Dragon
Simon Says - Ceinwen
Simon Says - Paradise Square
Simon Says - Tardigrade
Sinestesia - Sinestesia
Single Celled Organism - Splinter in the Eye
Sinister Street - The Eve of Innocence
Sinister Street - Trust
Skeem - Skeem
Sky Architect - Excavation of The Mind
Slychosis - Slychedelia
Slychosis - Slychosis
Social Tension - It reminds me of Macbethia
Social Tension - MacBethia
Solar Project - Time
Solar Project - Aquarmada
Solar Project - Chromagnitude
Solar Project - Five
Solar Project - The House Of S.Phrenia
Solaris - Marsbéli Krónikák
Solaris - Nostradamus Book of Prophecies
Solstice - Circles
Solstice - Kindred Spirits (DVD/CD)
Solstice - Prophecy
Solstice - Silent Dance
Solstice - Spirit
Solstice Coil - A Prescription For Paper Cuts
Soma - Dreamtime
Sonic Music - The prisoner
Soniq Circus - Soniq Circus
Soniq Theater - Overnight Sensation
Sonus Umbra - Digging for Zeros
Sonus Umbra - Winter Soulstice
Sophistree - Seed
Soul Cages - Moments
Soul Cages - Soul Cages
Space Avenue - Voices From The Other Worlds
Spiraling - Time Travel Made Easy
Spiraling - Transmitter
Splinter - Devil's Jigsaw
State Urge - White Rock Experience
Step Ahead - Step Ahead
Strangefish - Fortune Telling
Strangefish - Full Scale
Strattman - Lie of the Beholder
Strawberry Fields - Live
Subterra - Sombras de invierno
Superdrama - The Promise
Supper's Ready - Listen to the pictures
Sus Dungo - Down The River
Agnieszka Swita - Sleepless
Sylvan - Artificial Paradise
Sylvan - Deliverance
Sylvan - Encounters
Sylvan - Force Of Gravity
Sylvan - Leaving Backstage
Sylvan - Posthumous Silence
Sylvan - Posthumous Silence - The Show (DVD)
Sylvan - Sceneries
Sylvan - X-Rayed
Sylvium - The Gift Of Anxiety
Sylvium - Waiting For The Noise
Synaesthesia - Synaesthesia
t - psychoanorexia
Tale Cue - Voices Beyond My Curtain
Talis - Cities
Tamarisk - Frozen in Time
Tangata Manu - Seasons' Journey
Tantalus - Jubal
Tantalus - Lumen et Caligo I
Tantalus - Lumen Et Caligo II
Taurus (Chi.) - Opus 1 - Dimensions
T-Bo - We Stay Together
TCP - The Way
Tea For Two - 101
Tea For Two - Dream Or Reality
Tea For Two - Twisted
Tea in the Sahara - Behind the Door
Tea in the Sahara - Boomerang
Il Tempio delle Clessidre - Il-Lūdĕre
Tempus Fugit - Chessboard
Tempus Fugit - Live official bootleg
Tempus Fugit - The dawn after the storm
Ten Jinn - Wildman
TenMidnight - TenMidnight
Ter'Azur - Falling Asleep
Teru's Symphonia - Clockworked Earth
Teru's Symphonia - Do androids dream of electric camel?
Teru's Symphonia - Egg the Universe
Teru's Symphonia - The Gate
The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman - Ages
The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman - Lavender
Theatre - No More Rhymes but Mr. Brainstorm
Thieves' Kitchen - Argot
Thieves' Kitchen - Head
Thieves' Kitchen - The Water Road
The Third Ending - The Third Ending
Thirteen - A Shot In The Dark
This Winter Machine - The Man who never was
Thork - We Ila
Steve Thorne - Crimes & Reasons
Steve Thorne - Emotional Creatures: Part One
Steve Thorne - Into The Ether
Steve Thorne - part two: emotional creatures
Ticket to the Moon - Dilemma on Earth
Tiger Moth Tales - Cocoon
Tiger Moth Tales - Storytellers - Part One
Tiger Moth Tales - The Depths of Winter
Tilt - Hinterland
Tilt - Million Dollar Wound E.P.
Timelock - Louise Brooks
Timelock - The Dawn
Timeout - 7
Tinyfish - One Night On Fire
Tinyfish - The Big Red Spark
Tired Tree - Changing Sides
TNNE - The Clock That Went Backwards
TNNE - Wonderland
Toehider - To Hide Her
Touchstone - Discordant Dreams
Touchstone - The City Sleeps
Touchstone - Wintercoast
Toxic Smile - Overdue Visit (EP)
Tr3nity - Precious seconds
Tr3nity - The cold light of darkness
Traumhaus - Ausgeliefert
Traumhaus - Das Geheimnis
Traumhaus - Die andere Seite
Traumhaus - Hinaus EP
Traumhaus - Traumhaus
Triangle - Alert & Alive
Triangle - Square The Circle
Tribute - Breaking Barriers
Tribute - Live! The Melody The Beat The Heart
Trinity - Harmadkor
Tumbletown - Done With The Coldness
Turquoise - Po drugiej stronie
Turquoise - Turquoise
Twelfth Night - A Midsummer Night's Dream
Twelfth Night - Art & Illusion
Twelfth Night - Collectors Item (Cyclops Edition)
Twelfth Night - Corner of the World
Twelfth Night - Entropy
Twelfth Night - Fact and Fiction
Twelfth Night - Flashbacks
Twelfth Night - Live and Let Live
Twelfth Night - Live at the Target
Twelfth Night - Live From London
Twelfth Night - MMX
Twelfth Night - Night Vision
Twelfth Night - Reading Festival 1983
Twelfth Night - Smiling at Grief
Twelfth Night - Voices in the Night
Twice Bitten - Last Cut
Twin Age - Lialim High
Twin Age - Month of the year
Twin Age - Moving the deckchairs
Ulixes - Ulixes
Ulysses - Neronia
The Underground Railroad - Through And Through
United Progressive Fraternity - Fall In Love With The World
Unitopia - Artificial
Unitopia - More Than A Dream
Unitopia - More Than a Dream - The Dream Complete
Unitopia - One Night in Europe
Unitopia - One Night in Europe (DVD)
Unoma - Croma
Unto Us - The Human Landscape
Unwritten Pages - Pt.1: Noah
The Urbane - Neon
US - Everything Changes
US - The ghost of human kindness
V2 - Showdown
Various Artists - assorted [progrock-dt] music vol. 1
Various Artists - Baja Prog 98
Various Artists - Fire in Harmony
Various Artists - Kinections: The Progday Support CD
Various Artists - Mannerisms - a celebration of the music of Geoff Mann
Various Artists - ProgAID - All Around The World (Single)
Various Artists - Progfest '97
Various Artists - Revenge Of The Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive Rock
Various Artists - Signs of life - A tribute to Pink Floyd
Various Artists - The Alien Killer Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive Rock
Various Artists - The Bearded's Project - Hope | Omid
Various Artists - The Good, The Bad And The Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive Rock
Various Artists - The Reading Room
Various Artists - This Is An Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive Rock
Vecteur K - La Peur Du Désert
Vermillion Sands - Water Blue
Vermillion Skye - Security Theater
Vienna - Overture
Vienna - Progress
Vienna - Step Into...
Vienna Circle - Silhouette Moon
Vienna Circle - White Clouds
Violet District - Terminal Breath
Visible Wind - A moment beyond time
Visible Wind - Catharsis
Visible Wind - Emergence
Votum - Metafiction
The Vow - Devil in disguise
The Vow - Trojan
Vulgar Unicorn - Jet Set Radio
Vulgar Unicorn - Sleep with the fishes
Oliver Wakeman - Coming to Town. Live in Katowice (DVD)
Wappa Gappa - A Myth
Wappa Gappa - Gappa
Wappa Gappa - Yamatai
We Are Kin - Pandora
The Windmill - The Continuation
The Windmill - To be continued...
World Trade - Unify
World Turtle - Wilderness of Eden
Xang - Destiny of a Dream
Xang - The Last Of The Lasts
Xinema - Basic Communication
Xinema - Different ways
XNA - When we changed you
Yak - Journey of the Yak
Yes - 9012 Live - The Solos
Yesterdays - Colours Caffè
The Yleclipse - Opus
Yosemite Rain - Journey
You And I - Exit
You And I - Go
Yuka & Chronoship - Dino Rocket Oxygen
Yuka & Chronoship - The 3rd Planetary Chronicles
Ywis - Leonardo's Dream
Ywis - Ywis
Zen Carnival - Bardo
Zen Carnival - Inheritance
Zen Rock and Roll - End of the Age
Zenit - Pravritti
Zenit - Surrender
Zenit - The Chandrasekhar Limit
Zenobia - Delayed
Zenobia - October
Ziff - Sanctuary
24635 Rezensionen zu 16856 Alben von 6563 Bands.

Alben aus dem Jahr 2009

Auswahl mit dem Alben-Filter einschränken

Band  Album Ø-Wertung # Rezis
3rd World ElectricKilimanjaro Secret Brew10.333
5bridgeSThe Thomas Tracks9.502
AavikkoNovo Atlantis10.001
AbacabMal de terre8.001
Abigail's GhostLive Rosfest 2009 (DVD)11.001
Lee AbrahamBlack & White7.001
AcantheSomeone Somewhere13.001
Acid Mothers TempleAre We Experimental?11.001
Acid RainThe descending line9.001
AdventureBeacon of Light6.001
AgenessSongs from the Liar's Lair8.502
Agents Of MercyThe Fading Ghosts Of Twilight7.254
AirpeopleThe Golden City9.001
AislesIn Sudden Walks8.001
AjalonThis good place7.001
Alamaailman VasaratHaudasta Lomilla (DVD)-1
Alamaailman VasaratHuuro Kolkko11.002
Alright the Captain123.EP11.001
ALT F4Urmuusig11.001
Amon Sethisthe Legend of the Seventh Dynasty2.001
Tori AmosAbnormally Attracted To Sin10.002
Tori AmosMidwinter Graces6.001
An Endless SporadicAn Endless Sporadic10.002
AndeavorThe Darkest Tear10.001
AndromedaThe Immunity Zone9.001
AngeSouffleurs de vers Tour11.001
Animals As LeadersAnimals As Leaders11.003
AnimationsReset Your Soul10.002
ApogeeMystery Remains8.502
AquasergeUn & Deux11.001
AranisAranis III - Songs From Mirage12.673
ArcaneChronicles of the Waking Dream11.001
ArchangelThe Akallabeth8.502
ArchiveControlling Crowds11.004
ArchiveControlling Crowds Part IV8.502
Armenian Space StationArmenian Space Station9.001
Armiader Prozess11.001
Ars NovaSeventh Hell Live10.001
Ars NovaSeventh Hell - La Venus Endormie12.002
AstraThe Weirding7.405
At War With SelfA Familiar Path10.001
atelierThereminMorgen im Garten des Neokrautrock13.001
AthemThe Extended Mind10.001
The Aurora ProjectShadow Border10.001
Sophya BacciniAradia11.001
Barclay James HarvestSea of Tranquility. The Polydor Years 1974-199711.001
Bardo PondPeri / Game Five And A Half9.001
Barock ProjectRebus11.001
BaronessBlue Record10.502
BeardfishDestined Solitaire11.504
Beat CircusBoy From Black Mountain10.001
Being & TimeBeing & Time7.001
Adrian Belewe11.003
Michael Clay & Adrian Belewa cup of coffee and a slice of time10.001
BelieveThis Bread Is Mine9.333
Between the Buried and MeThe Great Misdirect13.001
Big Big TrainThe Underfall Yard12.004
Big RobotAquafit12.001
Black BonzoGuillotine Drama9.002
Black Devil Disco ClubThe Strange New World of Bernard Fevre12.001
[bleu]Sincère autopsie de la Finesse11.001
Blind EgoNumb10.502
BlueneckThe Fallen Host8.001
Carsten Bohns BandstandBrandnew Oldies Vol.3-1
Chad Smith's Bombastic MeatbatsMeet the Meatbats10.001
Mike BotelloRule of Law5.001
The BoxLe horla14.003
Tyondai BraxtonCentral Market12.001
Breathing SpaceBelow The Radar6.001
Sean Noonan's Brewed By NoonTime at the End of the Day10.001
The Brimstone Solar Radiation BandSmorgasbord11.001
Broadcast and The Focus GroupBroadcast and The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age12.001
Broekhuis, Keller & SchönwälderBlue10.001
Brother ApeTurbulence11.001
Burnin Red IvanhoeLive 1970-749.001
Bushman's Revengeyou lost me at hello11.001
Chris CafferyHouse Of Insanity6.001
CamembertClacosmique EP11.001
Cannabis IndiaSWF Session 19739.001
CannataMy Back Pages (Volume 1)-1
Carol Of HarvestTy i Ja10.001
The Carpet KnightsAccording To Life8.001
Il Castello di AtlanteCapitolo 7 - Tra le antiche mura9.001
Castle CanyonGods of 197310.502
Gavin CastletonCovers-1
Gavin CastletonHome12.001
Cazuela de CondorPasion, Panico, Locura e Muerte12.001
Centaurus-ASide Effects Expected10.001
CentenaireII - The Enemy11.001
Chance:RisikoSleep Talking11.502
Cheer-AccidentFear Draws Misfortune11.673
ChrisA Glimpse Inside6.001
CirculusThought Becomes Reality9.001
Cirrha NivaFor moments never done8.001
ClandestineThe Invalid11.001
Les ClaypoolOf Fungi And Foe11.001
Coheed And CambriaNeverender: Children Of The Fence Edition11.001
Collapse Under The EmpireFind A Place To Be Safe10.001
ColosseumMorituri Te Salutant11.001
Colossus Projects (Finnland)Dante's Purgatorio - The Divine Comedy Part II10.502
Colossus Projects (Finnland)The Spaghetti Epic 2: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly10.001
Continuum (F)Lifeless Ocean6.001
ContractionLive 197410.001
Counter-World ExperienceMetronomicon11.254
Patrick CowleyCatholic11.001
CredoThis Is What We Do9.001
Crime in ChoirGift Givers8.001
The Crimson Jazz TrioKing Crimson Songbook volume 213.001
Crippled Black Phoenix200 tons of bad luck11.001
CrossThe Thrill of Nothingness9.502
The Crystal CaravanThe Crystal Caravan9.001
Crystal LakeSafe10.001
Paul CusickFocal Point11.001
Daddy Antogna y los de HelioViva Belice11.001
DaedalousParts of a dream6.001
The Daedalus Spirit OrchestraAmpulla Magnifying10.001
Darwin's RadioTemplate For A Generation8.673
Days before tomorrowThe sky is falling9.001
Dead Heroes ClubA Time Of Shadow11.001
The Dear HunterAct III - Life And Death12.001
The Declining WinterHaunt the Upper Hallways9.001
DeeExpusFar From Home (DVD)10.001
DeliriumIl Nome Del Vento9.001
Deluge GranderThe Form of the Good10.673
Deviated PresenceFractured Mind10.001
Devin Townsend ProjectAddicted7.001
Devin Townsend ProjectKi7.001
Diablo Swing OrchestraSing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious10.502
Dice (Dt)Versus without versus - End Part9.001
Dieter Bihlmaier SelectionThe SWF-Sessions 197311.001
Different LightIcons That Weep9.001
DoubleYouSee a.k.a. Warren Cuccurullo featuring Terry BozzioPlaying In Tongues10.001
Dream TheaterUncovered 2003-2005 (Official bootleg)8.001
Dream TheaterBlack Clouds & Silver Linings10.002
DredgThe Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion12.001
droga del espirituluces y sombras11.001
Judy DybleTalking with Strangers11.002
DysrhythmiaPsychic Maps11.001
Echo UsThe Tide Decides9.001
EdgendA New Identity9.001
EffloresceShades of Fate9.001
EfterklangPerforming Parades11.001
Eggs & DogsYou Are11.502
El Sledge plusFletcher's last night (EP)11.001
Elder StatesmenHail Cannon8.001
ELF ProjectMirage8.001
Brian EllisYellow Light District12.001
EmeraldsWhat Happened11.001
Keith EmersonBoys Club - Live From California12.002
Emerson, Lake & PalmerWorks Deluxe Edition-1
Roland EndersAbout Angst | Daydreamer10.001
Enochian TheoryEvolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio10.502
Ephemeral SunHarvest Aorta10.001
ErgoMultitude, Solitude9.001
EurekaShackleton's Voyage8.001
EvangelistaPrince of Truth12.001
Ex-VagusDream Object 510.001
Expo '70Sonic Messenger10.001
The FacelessPlanetary Duality11.001
FantasmagoriaDay And Night10.001
FaustC´est com... com... compliqué11.502
Final ConflictAnother Moment In Time (DVD)9.001
Fire!you liked me five minutes ago10.001
First Band From Outer SpaceThe Guitar is Mightier than the Gun10.001
Flamborough HeadLooking for John Maddock8.001
The Flaming LipsThe Flaming Lips and Stardeath and White Dwarfs with Henry Rollins and Peaches Doing The Dark Side of the Moon9.673
Flat Earth SocietyCheer Me, Perverts!11.001
Flor De LotoMundos bizarros10.001
Fond of MusicMind's Labyrinth6.003
Forgas Band PhenomenaL´Axe du Fou10.001
Forgotten SunsInnergy10.002
Fragment of SymmetryBeyond The Dreams7.001
John Orr FranklinTransformation7.001
Tim Friese-Greene10 Sketches For Piano Trio10.001
From Monument To MassesOn Little Known Frequencies8.502
The Future Kings of EnglandThe Viewing Point9.001
GalahadSleepless in Phoenixville - RoSfest Live 200710.001
The GatheringThe West Pole10.001
GazpachoTick Tock9.405
GenesisBox Set 1973-2007 Live12.001
Ax GenrichAxymoron-1
Gentle GiantKing Alfred's College Winchester 197110.001
Gentle GiantLive in Stockholm '7511.001
Giardini di MiròIl Fuoco11.001
The Michael Giles Mad BandThe Adventures of The Michael Giles Mad Band11.001
Glass HammerThree Cheers For The Broken Hearted4.002
Glass SpiresGlass Spires11.001
GnosticEngineering the Rule11.001
GodsticksGodsticks (EP)11.001
Gösta Berlings SagaDetta Har Hänt11.001
GoveaDanca Urbana11.001
Gugu FluxSatellitenavigation9.001
Arjen Lucassen's GUILT MACHINEOn This Perfect Day11.003
GungflyPlease Be Quiet10.001
Steve HackettOut Of The Tunnel's Mouth11.502
Hagen von BergenJetzt9.001
Peter HammillIn the Passionskirche Berlin MCMXCII10.001
Peter HammillThin Air11.002
Yoshi HamplWater Dealer10.001
Gavin Harrison & Ø5RicCircles9.001
HarvestUnderground Community9.002
Annie HaslamSnowball8.001
Heart Of CygnusTales From Outer Space!11.001
Heart Of CygnusOver Mountain, Under Hill11.002
HeartscoreTouch Me9.001
Klaus Hess' Mother JaneIn Dreams6.502
Steve HillageLive at the Gong Family Unconvention 20069.502
The Hirsch EffektThe Hirsch Effekt-1
Honduras LibregrupoHonduras 311.001
HourglassOblivious to the Obvious12.002
HuneDe l'Autre Côté du Monde10.001
Ice Blue OrchestraAwake4.001
Idle HoursHeadlong10.001
iH8 CameraiH8 Camera9.001
Illáchime QuartetI'm Normal, My Heart Still Works11.001
IllumionHunting For Significance6.001
In Morpheus' ArmsDistrust The Mantra9.502
In Search ForFaith10.001
The Inner SpaceAgilok & Blubbo10.001
IraVisions of a Landscape10.001
IsisWavering Radiant11.001
It's the EndIt´s the End11.001
IxionGarden of Eden8.001
IZZThe Darkened Room11.673
Jack YelloXeric9.001
Jackie-O MotherfuckerBallads of the Revolution10.001
Ron JarzombekPHHHP! Plus-1
Jethro TullLive At Madison Square Garden 1978 (DVD)11.001
Jono El GrandeNeo Dada12.001
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild)The Invisible Line10.002
KansasThere's Know Place Like Home11.001
KansasOriginal Album Classics-1
Marten Kantusairframe10.001
KayakLetters from Utopia8.001
Mike KeneallyScambot 114.001
Kevin HufnagelSongs for the Disappeared11.001
Carla Kihlstedt, Matthias Bossi, Dan RathbunRavish - And Other Tales For The Stage (Music written for Dance and Theater)13.001
Kinetic ElementPowered by Light11.001
King CrimsonThe Collectable King Crimson Volume Four - Live at Roma, Warsaw, Poland 200011.001
King Of AgogikThe Rhythmic Drawing Room10.754
Kings of BelgiumUnchained Melodies12.001
Kiss KissThe Meek Shall Inherit What's Left13.001
KlusterCMO 2009 bla bla bla Three Voices (germany-usa-japan)10.001
Knight AreaRealm of Shadows9.001
KonchordatEnglish Ghosts5.502
KongWhat It Seems Is What You Get12.001
Kosmos (FI)Vieraan Taivaan Alla10.001
KraftwerkDer Katalog13.002
KreidlerMosaik 201411.001
LampshadeStop Pause Play (EP)10.001
Udo Langno effect10.001
Lalle LarssonWeaveworld11.001
LazuliRéponse Incongrue à l'Inéluctable12.004
LazuliSix Frenchmen in Amsterdam : live at Paradiso (DVD)12.002
Leap DayAwaking The Muse5.333
Led BibSensible Shoes10.001
LeprousTall Poppy Syndrome12.001
Level PiElectronic Sheep11.502
Leverton FoxCountry Dances12.001
Tony LevinStick Man11.001
Liquid Trio Experiment 2When the Keyboard Breaks: Live in Chicago-1
Little TragediesThe Magic Shop4.001
Living RoomTimes Like Lakes2.001
Lobster NewbergActress11.001
Loch VostokReveal No Secrets9.001
Long Distance CallingAvoid The Light7.502
Love de ViceDreamland7.001
Loving The SunBehind The Rainbow6.001
The Low Frequency In StereoFuturo10.502
Lye By MistakeFea Jur13.001
MagentaLive At The Point 2007 (DVD)10.001
MagmaLive in Tokyo13.001
Magnus Fra GaardenMagnus Fra Gaarden11.001
MandalabandBC - Ancestors9.001
Mandrake ProjectA Miraculous Container11.002
MangroveBeyond Reality9.502
ManningNumber Ten9.002
MarillionLess Is More8.001
The Mars VoltaOctahedron11.002
MastodonCrack the Skye11.502
maudlin of the Wellpart the Second12.001
Maxwell's DemonDiablo11.754
Flavio MezzodiElements10.001
MindmovieAn Ocean of Dreams9.673
MiosisAlbedo Adaption9.001
MiriodorLive 899.001
Dieter MoebiusKram10.502
MörglblJäzz For The Deaf10.001
MoongardenA Vulgar Display Of Prog11.673
MoonriseSoul's inner Pendulum8.001
Steve MooreGutterballs: Original Motion Picture Score9.001
Morainemanifest deNsity10.001
Moraz/BrufordIn Tokyo10.001
Patrick MorazChange of Space2.502
MorpheliaWaken the Nightmare10.003
Neal MorseSo Many Roads (Live In Europe)10.002
Mouse on the KeysAn Anxious Object10.001
The MovementsFor Sardines Space is no Problem11.001
MuseThe Resistance9.001
NarrOxymore Dans La Chrysalide Des Rêves3.001
Natural BreakdownAll the Paths10.001
NeomArkana Temporis10.254
Giorgio C. NeriLogos9.001
NevernessIII: The Measure Of Time10.001
The NiceLive at the Fillmore East December 196911.001
Czeslaw NiemenKattorna / Pamflet na Ludzkosc11.001
The Night TerrorsBack To Zero12.001
No Name20 Candles7.001
Nodo GordianoFlektogon9.001
NoreahInvertebrate Semblance (EP)8.001
NosoundA Sense of Loss8.502
NovalisLetztes Konzert 19846.001
N.y.XDown In Shadows10.001
Obscura (Dt.)Cosmogenesis12.002
ObstaclesDecomposition of Movement7.001
OceansizeFeed To Feed12.001
OceansizeHome & Minor (EP)8.502
OctafishDoktor Fleisch11.001
Odd LogicLegends Of Monta - Part II10.001
The OdysseysVoyagers11.001
Oozing GooEP 200911.002
Opus AvantraViaggio immaginario10.001
Orchestre National de JazzAround Robert Wyatt13.001
Ordinary BrainwashDisorder In My Head9.001
Øresund Space CollectiveGood Planets are Hard to Find6.001
Le OrmeThe Universal Music Collection-1
Osada VidaUninvited Dreams8.002
Osanna and David JacksonProg Family10.001
OverheadLive After All9.001
Ozric TentaclesThe Yumyum Tree10.001
Pain of SalvationLinoleum E.P.11.001
Pain of SalvationEnding Themes - On The Two Deaths Of (2DVD)11.001
PanzerballettHart Genossen von Abba bis Zappa11.333
Parallel or 90 DegreesJitters11.502
Parzivals EyeFragments10.003
PathosraySunless Skies11.001
Pax RomanaAnd The Dance Begins Again4.001
PendragonConcerto Maximo (DVD)9.001
Pere Ubu"Long Live Père Ubu!"11.001
Pere UbuDatapanik in the Year Zero12.001
Peter Pankas JaneTraces7.002
PhideauxNumber Seven11.002
Anthony PhillipsMissing Links Volume IV: Pathways & Promenades5.001
Pi2Silent Running10.001
PondGemälde einer Vernissage7.001
Porcupine TreeThe Incident10.254
PresentBarbaro (ma non troppo)12.502
PsyopusOdd Senses12.001
PuppenhausJazz macht Spazz10.001
Pure Reason RevolutionAmor Vincit Omnia6.673
Purpose effectPFX (EP)12.001
QantumLes Temps Oubliés11.001
Quantum FantayKaleidothrope9.001
QuirinusThe decision tree7.001
Qumma ConnectionUnique11.001
Random TouchTurbulent Flesh-1
Random TouchA Way from the Heard11.001
Rare BlendSessions10.001
Doug RauschRausch10.001
Red SandMusic for Sharks5.001
RedemptionSnowfall On Judgment Day10.001
The Redundant RockerHeart9.001
RhùnFanfare du Chaos11.001
RiversideReality Dream Live (DVD)11.001
RiversideAnno Domini High Definition11.388
RiverymanMagic World3.001
Omar Rodriguez-LopezLos Sueños De Un Higado8.001
Omar Rodriguez-LopezXenophanes11.001
El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez-LopezCryptomnesia9.001
Rosa LuxemburgRosa Luxemburg I & II11.001
Roswell SixTerra Incognita: Beyond the horizon3.673
Row BoatRomance11.001
Roz VitalisLive at Mezzo Forte Moscow September '0910.001
RPWLThe RPWL Experience (DVD)10.502
Runaway TotemManu Menes - L'intelligenza Cosmica10.001
Russian CirclesGeneva8.001
SacrumDays of Quarantine10.001
Jason SaditesWEVE10.001
Saga (Kan.)Contact (DVD)7.502
Saga (Kan.)The Human Condition10.001
Saga (Kan.)Contact11.001
SajjanuPechiku!!12.001 one flies around the sun10.001
SarisCurse Of Time10.502
Boris Savoldelli & Elliot SharpProtoplasmic-1
Savoy GrandAccident Book11.001
SBBLive in Köln 1979. In the shadow of the Dom9.001
SBBIron Curtain8.502
Scale the summitCarving Desert Canyons9.001
Scarlet UtopiaAdventures Under Black Light10.001
Irmin SchmidtKamasutra - Vollendung der Liebe10.001
Detlev SchmidtchenThe Last Planet - Chapter III 'Reversion'10.001
SchnAAkwomen on ships are bad luck e.p.12.001
Conrad SchnitzlerSilver11.001
Klaus SchulzeLa Vie Electronique 111.001
Klaus SchulzeLa Vie Electronique 411.001
Klaus SchulzeLa Vie Electronique 311.001
Klaus Schulze & Lisa GerrardDziekuje Bardzo (DVD)9.001
Klaus SchulzeLa Vie Electronique 211.001
sciaradathe addiction11.001
Secret Chiefs 3Live at the Great American Music Hall11.001
Secret Chiefs 3Le Mani Destre Recise degli Ultimi Uomini10.001
Secret GreenTo Wake The King11.002
Secret SaucerTri-Angular Waves9.001
SenogulConcierto De Evocación Sonora Para Conjunto Instrumental12.001
The Setting SonSpring of Hate7.001
sgt.Capital of Gravity11.001
Shaa KhanLive 2009!10.001
Shadow CircusWhispers and Screams9.001
Shadow GalleryDigital Ghosts10.002
ShadowlandEdge of Night8.001
ShadowlandEdge of Night (DVD)6.001
ShadowlandCautionary Tales9.001
ShamallIs this human behavior8.001
Derek SherinianMolecular Heinosity6.002
shield your eyesSHIELD EM9.001
Shub NiggurathIntroduction12.001
Siddhartha (90er)Trip to Innerself10.001
Side CStati d'Alienazione11.001
simakDIALOGDemi Masa10.001
SkeletonbreathEagle's Nest, Devil's Cave11.001
Józef Skrzek East WindKoncert zywiolow / The concert of the elements11.001
Sky Cries MarySpace between the drops11.001
Judge SmithThe Climber11.001
Soft MachineLive at Henie Onstad Art Centre 197113.001
Soniq TheaterVision Quest9.001
The SourcePrickly Pear7.502
Southern CrossDown Below6.002
Space DebrisLive Ghosts10.502
Spaltklangen Suite12.004
Spheric Universe ExperienceUnreal10.001
Spleen ArcanaThe Field Were She Died7.001
Stabat AkishStabat Akish10.001
Steamboat SwitzerlandGet Out Of My Room13.001
Simon SteenslandFat Again11.001
Felix StefanoffLodging a Dream10.001
Steve Morse BandOut Standing In Their Field10.002
Strawberry FieldsRivers Gone Dry-1
SubsignalBeautiful & Monstrous12.502
Sula BassanaSilent Music11.001
Sula BassanaThe Night12.002
Sun DomingoLive In Montreal - Marillion Weekend 0910.001
SunpathNight Dream Call10.001
SylvanForce Of Gravity9.002
David SylvianManafon11.502
The SynBig Sky (a chance to get it right)4.001
SyzygyRealms of Eternity11.502
Tabula SmaragdinaA szavakon tul10.001
Taipuva LuotisuoraIV11.001
tale of diffusionAdventures Of Mandorius (The Bird)12.001
The TangentDown And Out In Paris And London10.002
Tangerine DreamWinter in Hiroshima (Part Four from the Five Atomic Seasons)9.001
Tapetto TraciNeurula11.001
Taras BulbaThe Best Of Now & Zen9.001
Taylor's UniverseArtificial Joy11.001
Taylor's UniverseReturn to Whatever10.001
TCPThe Way5.001
TEEThe Earth Explorer11.001
TeTsuoCousu Main12.001
David Thomas & The Pale OrchestraMirror Man - Act 2: Bay City9.001
Steve ThorneInto The Ether8.001
THTXThe Flickering Sky10.001
TiltMillion Dollar Wound E.P.11.002
TinyfishOne Night On Fire9.001
Toxic SmileOverdue Visit (EP)10.002
Träd, Gras och StenarHemlösa katter11.001
Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese?Play Zappa Live In Waremme 0811.002
TransatlanticThe Whirlwind9.002
Travis Larson BandRate Of Change live10.001
Uli TreptePortrait-1
TrustiesHuman Wheel9.001
TwinkranesSpektrum Theatre Snakes12.001
Ubi MaiorSenza Tempo10.001
UKZRadiation (EP)11.002
Umphrey's McGeeMantis11.001
UnicaZürnTemporal Bends12.001
Univers ZeroRelaps - Archives 1984 - 198611.254
The UniverzalsOcean of Light9.001
Upsilon Acrux / Honey Ride Me A GoatWhite LP10.001
Upsilon AcruxRadian Futura11.002
USEverything Changes2.002
VagusNerveLo Pan13.001
Steve VaiWhere the Wild Things Are10.001
Steve VaiWhere The Wild Things Are (2 DVDs)11.001
Van der Graaf (Generator)Live At The Paradiso, 14.04.0710.001
VangoughManikin Parade12.001
Various ArtistsKrautschock11.001
Various ArtistsUndercover9.001
Various ArtistsBrand NEU!-1
Various ArtistsHur! Hommage à la musique de Christian Vander10.001
Various ArtistsSÄBELtanz11.001
Various ArtistsDie Extralangen XXL Rock Klassiker. Volume I - III10.002
Various ArtistsKrautrock - Music For Your Brain Vol. 414.001
Vecteur KLa Peur Du Désert12.001
VesperoSurpassing All Kings12.001
ViimaKahden Kuun Sirpit9.502
The Vital MightRed Planet8.502
The Void's last StandA Sun by Rising Set9.002
Volcano the Bear / La Société des Timides à la Parade des OiseauxThe Shy Volcanic Society at the Bear and Bird Parade13.001
von HaulshovenKiko And The Ancient Astronaut11.001
Rick WakemanThe Six Wives Of Henry VIII - Live At Hampton Court Palace12.001
We Insist!The Babel inside was terrible11.001
Werner Nadolnys JaneProceed with Memories-1
While Heaven WeptVast Ocean Lacrymose11.502
Steven WilsonInsurgentes10.205
Steven WilsonNSRGNTS RMXS-1
The Wishing TreeOstara8.001
World Sanguine ReportThird One Rises12.001
The Wrong ObjectLive At Zappanale 200810.002
Robert Wyattradio experiment rome, february 198111.001
Xhol (Caravan)Essen 19709.001
YesRock Of The 70's7.001
YesThe Lost Broadcasts7.001
Yosemite RainJourney9.002
YurtEGE Artemis Yurtum5.001
Za!Macumba o Muerte11.001
ZeviousAfter the Air Raid11.002
ZingaleThe Bright Side9.001
Zita EnsembleVolume 211.001
ZombiSpirit Animal8.002
Zoppo TrumpZoppo Trump9.001
ZsMusic Of The Modern White11.001
Fabio ZuffantiFabio Zuffanti9.001
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