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ALBEN 1990
After Crying - Overground music
Animator - Gallery
Arcansiel - Still Searching
Arrakeen - Patchwork
Asia - Then & Now
Asia - [Classic Rock Legends] (DVD)
Atheist - Piece of time
Il Balletto Di Bronzo - Il Re Del Castello
Barrock - L'Alchimista
Adrian Belew - Young Lions
Believer - Sanity Obscure
Biota - Bellowing Room / Tinct
Björk Guðmundsdóttir & Tríó Guðmundar Ingólfssonar - Gling-Glo
David Borden - The continuing story of Counterpoint 5 - 8
Kate Bush - This Woman`s Work: Anthology 1978-1990
Cassiber - A Face We All Know
Chandelier - Pure
Cluster - Apropos Cluster
Codeine - Frigid Stars
Cross - Second Movement
Curved Air - Lovechild
Chris Cutler/Fred Frith - Live in Moscow, Prague & Washington
Damien Steele - Damien Steele
Dead Can Dance - Aion
Christian Décamps et fils - Juste une ligne bleue
Devil Doll - Eliogabalus
Doctor Nerve - Did Sprinting Die?
Eneide - Uomini umili popoli liberi
Brian Eno & John Cale - Wrong Way Up
Faust - The Faust Concerts Vol. 1
Frank Fischer - Tales Of Mullumbimby
Fish - Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors
For Absent Friends - Illusions
Patrick Forgas - L´Oeil
Formula - Signals
Foxtrot - A Shadow of the Past
French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson - Invisible Means
Fred Frith - Step Across the Border
Peter Frohmader - 3rd Millennium´s Choice - Vol. 1
Peter Frohmader - Macrocosm
Peter Gabriel - Shaking The Tree - 16 Golden Greats
Gandalf - Symphonic Landscapes
Genet - Plouvier - Plaisirs et Pénitences
Ghost - Ghost
Golgotha - Unmaker of Worlds
Gong - Live at Sheffield 74
Gong - Live au Bataclan - 1973
Grobschnitt - Last Party - Live
Gypsy Kyss - When Passion Murdered Innocence
Peter Hammill - Out Of Water
Peter Hammill - Room Temperature Live
Happy The Man - Beginnings
Roy Harper - Burn the world
Roy Harper - Once
Hawkwind - Space Bandits
Jonas Hellborg - Jonas Hellborg Group
Steve Howe with Bodast - The Early Years
Idiot Flesh - Tales Of Instant Knowledge And Sure Death
Illusion - Enchanted Caress
Iona - Iona
Jean Michel Jarre - Waiting for Cousteau
Jethro Tull - Live at Hammersmith '84
Percy Jones - Cape Catastrophe
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Mustt Mustt
King Of Kings - King Of Kings
King's X - Faith Hope Love
The Last Detail - At Last...The Tale
Leviathan (IT) - Bee Yourself
Loch Ness - Öx
Mahoujin - "Babylonia" Suite
EH! Geoff Mann Band - Loud Symbols
Mastermind - Volume One
Mekong Delta - Dances of death (and other walking shadows)
Minimum Vital - Sarabandes
Mr. Sirius - Dirge
Roberto Musci & Giovanni Venosta - Messages & Portraits
Nimal - Voix De Surface
Now - Now (Mini EP)
Offering - Offering Part 3 + 4
Mike Oldfield - Amarok
Omoide Hatoba - Dai-ongaku
Le Orme - Orme
Ozric Tentacles - Erpland
The Alan Parsons Project - Freudiana
Pavlov's Dog - Lost in America
PFS - 279
Nic Potter - The Blue Zone
Primus - Frizzle Fry
Primus - Suck on this
Providence - And I'll recite and old myth from...
Psychotic Waltz - A social grace
Quaterna Réquiem - Velha gravura
Queensrÿche - Empire
Rivendel - Manifesto
Rosalia - Zillion Tears
Roxy Music - Heart Still Beating
Ruins - Stonehenge
Motoi Sakuraba - Gikyokuonsou
Johannes Schmoelling - White out (Original version)
Robert Schroeder - Pegasus
Klaus Schulze - Miditerranean Pads
Klaus Schulze - The Dresden Performance
Secrecy - Art In Motion
Shadowfax - The odd get even
Sieges Even - Steps
Social Tension - It remainds me of those days
Solaris - 1990
Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin - The Big Idea
Strangers on a train - The key part 1: the prophecy
Styx - Edge Of The Century
Tale Cue - Voices Beyond My Curtain
Talk Talk - It`s my life (single)
Talk Talk - Natural History
Talk Talk - Such a shame (single)
Tangerine Dream - Melrose
Taurus - Works 1976-1981
The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman - The Fruits of Sin & Labor
Third Ear Band - Magic Music
Tiemko - Océan
David Torn - door X
Tribute - Live! The Melody The Beat The Heart
U Totem - U Totem
Ulterior Lux - The Dancing Man
Uz Jsme Doma - Uprostred slov
Vangelis - The City
Vezhlivy Otkaz - Ethnic Experiences
Rick Wakeman - In the beginning
Rick Wakeman - Night Airs
Roger Waters - The Wall - Live in Berlin (DVD)
Kit Watkins - SunStruck
Michael White & Michael Lambert with David Torn & Mick Karn - Lonely Universe
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Band  Album Rezensent Ø-Wertung # Rezis
Lee Abraham Steve Kingmanidle NoiseThomas Kohlruß8.002
Accept (Jap.)Silver MoonMarcus Kästner5.002
Accept (Jap.)Silver MoonKristian Selm5.002
Ad InfinitumAd InfinitumJochen Lohr5.673
After the FallEarly LightPeter Meyer5.001
AjalonOn The Threshold Of EternityHenning Mangold3.673
AkaciaThe brass serpentJörg Schumann6.002
AlarionWaves Of DestructionHarald Schmidt5.001
AlbatrosGarden Of EdenKristian Selm4.502
Älgarnas TrädgårdFramtiden Är Ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat I ForntidenJörg Schumann6.002
Also EdenDifferences as light (EP)Günter Schote7.502
AltaViaKreosoteThorsten Gürntke7.502
Altered SymmetryPrologueGunnar Claußen5.001
Always AlmostGod Pounds His NailsKristian Selm5.001
The Amber LightPlaySal Pichireddu5.673
Amon Düül IIPyragony XChristian Rode5.001
AmplifierTrippin' with Dr. FaustusNik Brückner8.502
The Anagram PrincipleInventorGunnar Claußen5.001
AnathemaThe OptimistNik Brückner7.673
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & HoweAnderson, Bruford, Wakeman, HoweUdo Gerhards8.504
Ian AndersonWalk Into LightSiggy Zielinski7.003
Jon AndersonThe More You KnowAndreas Pläschke5.001
Jon AndersonThe Promise RingSiggy Zielinski5.001
AngeCaricaturesJörg Schumann8.003
AnkhAnkhKristian Selm5.001
Anyone's DaughterLast tracksKristian Selm7.002
ArchiveLondiniumMarkus Peltner5.001
ArchiveTake My HeadMarkus Peltner5.001
ArenaImmortal?Jörg Schumann6.254
ArgosArgosDennis Egbers8.673
Arti & MestieriQuinto statoAchim Breiling5.001
AsiaAquaChristian Rode4.006
AsiaAsiaJochen Rindfrey7.405
Asia[Classic Rock Legends] (DVD)Ralf J. Günther5.002
Asia[Classic Rock Legends] (DVD)Nik Brückner5.002
AsiaAsiaAndreas Pläschke7.405
AtollL'OcéanWolfram Ehrhardt5.001
Ausiakasa kasaKristian Selm5.001
AyreonUniversal migrator Part I: The dream sequencerJochen Lohr5.405
AyreonUniversal migrator Part I: The dream sequencerChristoph Scholtes5.405
AzurethThe Promethean SyndromeJürgen Gallitz-Duckar6.673
Il Balletto Di BronzoSirio 2222Kristian Selm5.001
Barclay James HarvestTurn of the TideFranco Cappelletti5.001
Peter BardensHeart To HeartJochen Rindfrey5.001
Syd BarrettOpelThomas Schüßler5.673
Beggar's OperaGet Your Dog Off Me!Jochen Rindfrey4.002
Bel AirWelcome HomeGünter Schote6.502
Beyond the LabyrinthSignsMarcus Kästner5.003
Bi Kyo RanRan - Live Vol.3Kristian Selm5.001
Black JesterDiary of a blind angelJochen Lohr3.002
BlackfieldWelcome to my DNAPiotre Walter7.004
BlackfieldBlackfield IIJan Hamm8.504
Mike BotelloRule of LawJochen Rindfrey5.001
David BowieNever let me downAndreas Pläschke3.003
David BowieBlack Tie White NoiseThomas Thielen5.001
Paul BremnerWombsongSal Pichireddu4.502
Brother ApeKarmaMarc Colling7.002
Michael BrücknerMousicMarc Colling5.001
Kate BushThe Red ShoesMarkus Peltner6.673
Cactus PeyoteCactus PeyoteJürgen Meurer5.001
CamelOn The Road 1982Jochen Rindfrey5.001
CamelI Can See Your House From HereJochen Rindfrey7.003
CanFlow MotionJochen Rindfrey7.002
Capsicum RedAppunti per un'idea fissaHorst Straske6.002
CatapillaCatapillaHorst Straske5.502
CatharsisVolume 6 "et s'aimer ... et mourir ..."Achim Breiling5.001
CelesteSecond PlusNik Brückner5.001
Chainchain.exeDennis Egbers9.003
ChanetonQuestions inside the pictureHenning Mangold5.001
Cinema (JP)MindscapeKristian Selm5.001
Cinema by PöngseThe MagiX BoxChristian Rode5.001
Circa:Circa: 2007Nik Brückner5.001
Cirrus BayWhimsical WeatherGunnar Claußen5.502
Citizen CainSerpents in camouflageGünter Schote5.333
ClepsydraFearsThomas Schüßler7.003
Continuum (GB)Continuum 2Christian Rode6.502
Cosmic JokersPlaneten Sit-InAchim Breiling5.001
CrossPlaygroundsAndreas Kiefer7.003
Curved AirMidnight wireMarkus Peltner6.502
CynicTraced In AirAndreas Hofmann10.003
István CziglánSeven Gates Of AlhambraThomas Kohlruß5.002
István CziglánSeven Gates Of AlhambraKristian Selm5.002
Demon ThorWritten in the SkyAchim Breiling5.001
DeyssThe Dragonfly From The SunGünter Schote5.333
DeyssThe Dragonfly From The SunKristian Selm5.333
DeyssFor Your Eyes OnlyGünter Schote5.001
Dice (Dt)NewbornJürgen Wissing5.502
Different StringsVictims of LoveJürgen Wissing5.001
Dream TheaterFalling Into InfinityJörg Schumann6.002
Dream TheaterSix degrees of inner turbulenceKai Lorenz Kruppa6.003
DreamlostOuter RealityRalf J. Günther5.001
Drowning In RealMind GalleryRalf J. Günther5.001
Earth & FireGate To InfinityHorst Straske5.001
Easter IslandMotherSunKristian Selm8.002
Edison's ChildrenSomewhere Between Here And ThereGünter Schote4.502
Edison's ChildrenThe Final Breath Before NovemberHarald Schmidt6.502
EfterklangLeaves - The Colour of FallingMarkus Peltner8.502
ElectraDie Sixtinische MadonnaHolger Grützner5.673
Electric Light OrchestraDiscoveryChristian Rode5.333
Elegant SimplicityArchitect of lightJörg Schumann6.502
EloyDawnAchim Breiling9.005
EloyDestinationJochen Rindfrey6.002
Keith EmersonHarmagedonNik Brückner5.002
Keith EmersonThe Christmas AlbumKristian Selm6.002
Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Original Bootleg Series From The Manticore Vaults Vol.FourSiggy Zielinski5.001
EnchantTug Of WarHenning Mangold9.205
EnchantJuggling 9 or dropping 10Thorsten Gürntke7.673
EnchantBlink of an eyeJörg Schumann7.003
EnchantThe Great DivideNik Brückner7.002
EquisetiIl RitoThorsten Gürntke5.001
EverflowDifferent ViewsThorsten Gürntke5.001
EvergreyIn Search of TruthRalf Damaschke6.333
La Famiglia Degli OrtegaLa Famiglia Degli OrtegaKristian Selm6.502
Fates WarningNight on BröckenJörg Schumann7.002
Fayman & FrippA temple in the cloudsAndreas Pläschke8.002
Finnegans WakeYellowAchim Breiling5.001
FishSongs From The MirrorJochen Rindfrey4.502
Fish On FridayShoot The MoonWolfram Ehrhardt5.001
Flamborough HeadLive In BudapestThorsten Gürntke5.001
Flame Dream8 on 6Jörg Schumann5.001
Flamen DialisSymptome - DeiUdo Gerhards8.254
FlammärionIgnitionGunnar Claußen5.001
Hugo FloresAtlantisThorsten Gürntke7.002
The Flower KingsThe Road Back HomeNik Brückner7.674
The Flower KingsDesolation RoseJörg Schumann7.205
The Flower KingsFan Club CD 2000Jörg Schumann7.002
Patrick ForgasL´OeilRalf J. Günther5.001
FruitcakeMan OverboardAndreas Kiefer6.002
GäaAlraunes AlptraumAchim Breiling5.001
GaladrielCalibrated Collision CourseGünter Schote6.502
GaladrielMindscapersGünter Schote7.002
Galadriel (Aus.)GaladrielKristian Selm5.001
GalleonFrom land to oceanFranco Cappelletti10.254
GandalfErdenklang und SternentanzJochen Rindfrey5.001
GenesisFrom Genesis to RevelationSiggy Zielinski3.754
GenesisGenesis Live (DVD)Nik Brückner5.001
GenesisAbacabHolger Grützner6.676
GenesisCalling All StationsJörg Schumann6.504
GenesisInvisible TouchThomas Thielen7.673
GenesisAbacabJörg Schumann6.676
GerardSave knight by the nightKristian Selm5.001
Glass HammerLive At Belmont (DVD)Henning Mangold7.002
Glass HammerLive And RevivedJörg Schumann5.502
GoadIn the house of the dark shining dreamsThomas Kohlruß5.001
GolgothaUnmaker of WorldsGünter Schote5.001
GPSWindow To The SoulDennis Egbers8.502
GreensladeTime And TideNik Brückner5.673
Dave GreensladeCactus ChoirNik Brückner5.001
GrobschnittRazziaGünter Schote5.754
GrobschnittLast Party - LiveJochen Rindfrey5.001
GrobschnittRazziaMarkus Peltner5.754
Guru GuruDon't Call Us (We Call You)Achim Breiling6.002
Guru GuruShake wellAndreas Pläschke5.001
Guru GuruHey DuJochen Rindfrey4.502
Steve HackettCuredJochen Rindfrey6.002
Peter HammillAnd close as thisThomas Schüßler6.254
Harrison, Panka & NadolnySkin DeepJochen Rindfrey5.001
HawkwindChoose Your MasquesJürgen Gallitz-Duckar5.001
HeadlineVoices of presenceGeorg Heep5.001
HeligolandPitcher, Flask & Foxy MoxieJörg Schumann5.001
Tracy HitchingsFrom ignorance to ecstasyGünter Schote5.003
HoelderlinFata MorganaHorst Straske3.002
Holding PatternBreaking The SilenceThoralf Koss8.333
Holy LambSalt of the earthKristian Selm5.001
HoneyelkStoys Vi DozévéloyAchim Breiling4.502
Hour of the ShipwreckThe Hour is upon usNik Brückner8.002
Gary HughesOnce & Future King part IMarkus Wierschem5.001
IconIcon II RubiconNik Brückner5.001
IluvatarSideshowJörg Schumann6.502
IluvatarChildrenNik Brückner9.333
The Incredible String BandThe Hangman's Beautiful DaughterSiggy Zielinski5.001
Intergalactic Touring BandIntergalactic Touring BandHenning Mangold5.001
Irmin´s WayOpus; DestroyAchim Breiling8.002
It BitesThe Big Lad In The WindmillGünter Schote5.334
Jack L.PassportRalf J. Günther5.001
Jackson HeightsThe Fifth Avenue BusAndreas Pläschke5.001
JadisFanaticJörg Schumann7.333
JadisFanaticHenning Mangold7.333
JaneIIIAchim Breiling5.001
JaneBetween Heaven And HellAchim Breiling5.001
Jean Michel JarreZoolookJörg Schumann7.673
Jean Michel JarreMetamorphosesJörg Schumann7.502
Jean Michel JarreGeometry of LoveJörg Schumann6.502
Jaugernaut (a.d.)Contra-MantraDennis Egbers5.001
Jeff Wayne, Rick Wakeman, Kevin PeekBeyond The PlanetsNik Brückner5.001
Jon and VangelisShort StoriesJochen Rindfrey6.333
Jump...and all the King's menHenning Mangold5.001
KaipaMindrevolutionsJörg Schumann6.504
KalevalaBoogie JungleAchim Breiling5.001
KansasAudio VisionsGunnar Claußen6.002
KarfagenThe Space Between UsDennis Egbers6.002
Keen WitThe Streets Of No ReturnGunnar Claußen5.001
Kekal8Thomas Kohlruß8.002
KlaatuMagentalaneJochen Rindfrey5.001
KonchordatThe New CrusadeJörg Schumann8.673
KonchordatEnglish GhostsAndreas Kiefer5.502
KraanSoul Of StoneThomas Kohlruß5.001
KraanBerliner RingKristian Selm5.001
KrabatWaiting for the next big ThingWolfram Ehrhardt6.673
KreidlerWeekendNormann Hillesheim7.002
Kurgan´s BaneCamouflaged In StaticHorst Straske4.502
Greg LakeFrom The Underground Vol. 2 - Deeper Into The MineNik Brückner5.001
LandberkIndian SummerUdo Gerhards10.504
Lingua Mortis OrchestraLMONik Brückner5.001
Kerry LivgrenOne of several possible musiksKristian Selm5.001
Locanda delle FateHomo homini lupusThomas Kohlruß5.001
Stavros LogaridisStavros LogaridisKristian Selm5.001
Alan LooMemoriesSiggy Zielinski5.001
Jon LordConcerto for Group and OrchestraRalf J. Günther8.002
Lu7EfflorescenceDennis Egbers5.502
LWELucas, White & EdseyAchim Breiling5.502
Mabel Greer's ToyshopNew Way of LifeNik Brückner7.502
Mad Tea PartyThe MarionetteJörg Schumann5.605
MagellanInnocent GodJörg Schumann5.502
MagmaConcert Bobino 1981 (DVD)Udo Gerhards5.001
Magnitude 9Decoding the soulHenning Mangold5.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandSoft VengeanceThomas Schüßler5.502
Manfred Mann's Earth BandCriminal TangoJochen Rindfrey5.001
ManningA Matter Of Life & Death (The Journal Of Abel Mann)Henning Mangold7.254
ManningA Matter Of Life & Death (The Journal Of Abel Mann)Dennis Egbers7.254
MarillionTales From The Engine RoomGünter Schote4.505
MarillionMarblesJörg Schumann8.004
MarillionHolidays in EdenJörg Schumann5.005
MarillionMarillion.comThorsten Gürntke7.003
MarillionMarblesThorsten Gürntke8.004
MarygoldThe Guns of MarygoldAndreas Kiefer6.002
Matching MoleLittle Red RecordUdo Gerhards9.003
Matter of TasteJack of SpadesThomas Schüßler5.001
Paul Menel and the EssentialsSpare Parts for Broken HeartsMarc Colling5.001
MeshuggahCatch 33Christian Rode8.002
MessageFrom Books & DreamsAchim Breiling5.001
Metamorphosis (CH)DarkAchim Breiling7.004
Metamorphosis (CH)DarkNik Brückner7.004
Mike & The MechanicsLiving YearsJörg Schumann7.502
Mike VisaggioStarship UniverseRalf J. Günther5.001
MilleniumExistNik Brückner7.254
MizukagamiYugakeDennis Egbers5.001
MogwaiEvery Country's SunNik Brückner5.001
MolcaSuper Ethnic FlavorHenning Mangold5.001
Mona LisaAvant Qu´Il Ne Soit Trop TardAchim Breiling8.502
Mono (D)Little Mary Chapter I-V. Tales of Hope and MiseryNik Brückner5.001
The Moody BluesOctaveMichael Weinel3.333
The Moody BluesSeventh SojournJochen Rindfrey7.502
Moraz Alban ProjectMAPNik Brückner5.502
Neal MorseLifelineJochen Rindfrey7.405
Mostly AutumnThe next chapter (DVD)Henning Mangold5.001
Mostly AutumnGlass ShadowsThomas Kohlruß7.002
Mostly AutumnThe Ghost Moon OrchestraMarc Colling5.001
Mr AverellGridlockThomas Kohlruß9.333
NektarA Spoonful of TimeJochen Rindfrey4.502
NektarTime MachinePeter Meyer7.002
NemoSi Partie II - L'Homme IdéalJürgen Gallitz-Duckar8.673
NeroniaLimnotapesHarald Schmidt5.001
Next To NoneA Light In The DarkGunnar Claußen8.333
NiacinBlood, sweat and beersNik Brückner8.673
Erik NorlanderSurrealMarc Colling5.502
NovalisBanished BridgeJochen Lohr9.004
NovalisBumerangJochen Rindfrey5.001
Nth AscensionIn Fine InitiumGunnar Claußen5.001
OctopusAn Ocean of RocksAchim Breiling7.002
Odin's CourtHuman Life In MotionGunnar Claußen5.001
Odin's CourtDeathanityGunnar Claußen6.002
Odin's CourtDeathanity (R3)Harald Schmidt5.001
Mike OldfieldCrisesJörg Schumann6.176
Mike OldfieldDiscoveryJörg Graf6.754
Mike OldfieldThe Songs Of Distant EarthJochen Rindfrey7.254
Mike OldfieldPlatinumAndreas Pläschke7.605
OrneThe Tree of LifeGunnar Claußen6.673
Osada VidaThree Seats Behind A TriangleMarcus Kästner6.002
OSIFreeAndreas Hofmann8.805
PallasKnightmoves to WedgeJörg Schumann8.003
PangaeaWelcome to the theatre...Dennis Egbers6.002
Alan ParsonsEye 2 Eye - Live in MadridThomas Kohlruß5.001
The Alan Parsons ProjectAmmonia AvenueChristian Rode3.003
The Alan Parsons ProjectOn AirJörg Schumann7.002
The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Time MachineChristian Rode5.001
The Alan Parsons ProjectVulture CultureChristian Rode2.754
PendragonThe WorldJörg Schumann7.502
Peter Pankas JaneTracesAchim Breiling7.002
Anthony PhillipsPrivate Parts & Pieces IV - A Catch At The TablesSiggy Zielinski5.001
Anthony Phillips1984Markus Peltner6.673
Anthony PhillipsMissing Links Volume IV: Pathways & PromenadesMarkus Peltner5.001
The Anthony Phillips BandInvisible MenSiggy Zielinski5.001
The Pineapple ThiefYour WildernessNik Brückner8.002
Pink FloydThe Piper at the Gates of DawnJürgen Gallitz-Duckar9.505
Pink FloydDelicate Sound of ThunderHenning Mangold9.333
Pink FloydThe WallAndreas Pläschke8.407
Michael PinnellaEnter Through The Twelfth GateSebastian Mack5.001
Portugal. The ManAmerican GhettoGunnar Claußen5.001
Jean-Paul PratMasalAchim Breiling6.502
Premiata Forneria MarconiEmotional TattoosNik Brückner7.002
Premiata Forneria MarconiPasspartùKristian Selm5.001
PrimusGreen NaugahydeAndreas Hofmann5.001
Procol HarumThe Prodigal StrangerFranco Cappelletti4.502
The Prog CollectiveEpilogueNik Brückner7.502
Project CreationDawn on PytherDennis Egbers5.001
Pure Reason RevolutionAmor Vincit OmniaSal Pichireddu6.673
QangoLive in the HoodSal Pichireddu5.002
QangoLive in the HoodNik Brückner5.002
QueensrÿcheThe Art of Live (DVD)Dennis Egbers5.001
QwaarnThe Word of QwaarnJürgen Meurer5.001
QwestionyThorsten Gürntke5.002
QwestionyGeorg Heep5.002
RadioheadHail To The ThiefPiotre Walter6.754
Rare BirdAs your mind flies byJürgen Gallitz-Duckar8.002
Red SandMusic for SharksHenning Mangold5.001
Robert ReedTheme From Dr.WhoPeter Meyer5.001
Renaissance IllusionThrough The FireNik Brückner5.001
Rise Above DeadStellar FilthGunnar Claußen5.001
RiversideAnno Domini High DefinitionJürgen Gallitz-Duckar11.388
Roswell SixTerra Incognita: Beyond the horizonAndreas Kiefer3.673
Roswell SixTerra Incognita: Beyond the horizonSal Pichireddu3.673
Roxy MusicFlesh + BloodChristian Rode5.001
Barbara RubinUnder The IceWolfram Ehrhardt5.001
Runaway TotemZEDKristian Selm3.333
RushRushGünter Schote5.004
RushFly By NightSiggy Zielinski6.754
RushRoll the bonesSiggy Zielinski6.002
RushRushJörg Schumann5.004
Yossi SassiDesert ButterfliesMarc Colling8.754
Luca ScheraniEveryday's LifeThomas Kohlruß5.001
Schicke Führs FröhlingTicket To EverywhereUdo Gerhards7.004
Shades Of DawnFrom Dusk Till DawnAndreas Kiefer6.502
Shadow GalleryLegacyThorsten Gürntke8.673
Shadow GalleryShadow GalleryJochen Lohr8.002
ShadowfaxShadowfaxJörg Schumann5.001
ShadowfaxShadowfax liveJörg Schumann5.001
Derek SherinianPlanet XUdo Gerhards4.502
Billy SherwoodThe big peaceKristian Selm5.001
ShiningOne One OneAndreas Pläschke8.003
Soft MachineThe Story Of Soft MachineAchim Breiling5.001
SoftwareModesty Blaze Vol. IIGunnar Claußen5.001
SolarisNostradamus Book of PropheciesHolger Grützner6.502
SolutionDivergenceAchim Breiling5.001
SoupRemediesNik Brückner7.673
SoupRemediesRoland Heil7.673
Southern CrossRise AboveGunnar Claußen5.001
Spock's BeardSkin (Single)Kristian Selm3.002
Spock's BeardFeel Euphoria Ltd. EditionMartin Dambeck7.205
StereoscopeStereoscopeDennis Egbers5.001
Strawberry GirlsItalian GhostsPeter Meyer5.001
The StrawbsBurning For YouGunnar Claußen5.001
Daryl StuermerGoSal Pichireddu5.002
Daryl StuermerRewired - The Electric CollectionSal Pichireddu6.002
Daryl StuermerGoMichael Büttgen5.002
StyxMan of miraclesKristian Selm6.502
StyxBrave New WorldMarkus Peltner6.502
Sula BassanaKosmonautsWolfram Ehrhardt7.002
Andy Summers, Robert FrippBewitchedRalf J. Günther5.502
Supertramp...Famous Last WordsJochen Rindfrey5.001
SurvivalCrusaderMichael Büttgen5.001
Symphony XIconoclastMichael Hirle4.502
TakaraInvitation to ForeverWolfram Ehrhardt5.001
Tale CueVoices Beyond My CurtainThoralf Koss7.502
Tangerine DreamLive MilesJochen Rindfrey6.504
Tangerine DreamShy PeopleSiggy Zielinski5.001
Tangerine DreamFlashpointSiggy Zielinski5.001
Tangerine DreamDream EncoresSiggy Zielinski4.502
Tangerine DreamLive MilesSiggy Zielinski6.504
Tangerine DreamTurn of the tidesSiggy Zielinski5.001
TCPThe WayDennis Egbers5.001
TheatreNo More Rhymes but Mr. BrainstormHeiko Westhagen5.001
TherionA'arab Zaraq - Lucid dreamingKristian Selm5.001
Thieves' KitchenThe Water RoadJürgen Gallitz-Duckar8.255
Third VoiceMoments like theseThorsten Gürntke6.002
Thought ChamberAngular PerceptionsRalf J. Günther5.502
ThresholdReplicaGeorg Heep5.001
ThresholdPsychedelicatessenJörg Schumann6.502
Devin TownsendInfinityGunnar Claußen6.502
TrianaTrianaHorst Straske5.001
TributeBreaking BarriersGünter Schote6.502
TroyaPoint of EruptionAchim Breiling5.502
UistitiUistitiThomas Kohlruß5.001
UZEBFast EmotionThomas Kohlruß5.001
Various ArtistsSupper's ReadyJörg Schumann5.002
Various ArtistsTales From YesterdayJörg Schumann6.674
Various ArtistsHigher And Higher - A Tribute to the Moody BluesJochen Rindfrey5.001
Vitamin String QuartetTribute to Pink Floyd´s Dark Side of the MoonChristian Rode7.502
Il VoloIl VoloRalf J. Günther5.001
Oliver Wakeman with Steve HoweThe 3 ages of magickHenning Mangold5.001
Rick WakemanGreatest HitsAndreas Pläschke5.001
Rick WakemanNight AirsSiggy Zielinski5.001
Rick WakemanCrimes of PassionSiggy Zielinski5.001
Rick WakemanAspirant SunriseSiggy Zielinski5.001
Rick Wakeman1984Jochen Rindfrey7.504
Rick WakemanZodiaqueSiggy Zielinski5.001
Rick WakemanRick Wakeman. Classic Rock Legends (DVD)Nik Brückner5.001
Rick WakemanPrayersSiggy Zielinski5.001
Rick WakemanThe Family AlbumSiggy Zielinski5.001
Rick WakemanA Suite of GodsSiggy Zielinski5.001
Rick Wakeman & Adam WakemanVignettesSiggy Zielinski5.001
WatchtowerControl And ResistanceThorsten Gürntke12.004
Darryl WayChildren of the CosmosAchim Breiling5.001
John WettonAmataUdo Gerhards4.502
John Wetton & Geoffrey DownesWetton/DownesSiggy Zielinski4.502
Wheatstone BridgeWheatstone Bridge (Demo)Georg Heep6.502
WigwamThe Lucky Golden Stripes And StarposeAchim Breiling5.001
Without WarningMaking TimeChristian Rode5.001
Witthüser & WestruppDer Jesuspilz / Musik vom EvangeliumUdo Gerhards7.002
WludCarrycrochHorst Straske5.001
Eric WoolfsonPoe - More tales of mystery and imaginationHenning Mangold5.001
Rick WrightBroken ChinaSiggy Zielinski5.001
Robert WyattNothing can stop usAchim Breiling5.001
Stomu YamashtaSea & SkyAchim Breiling5.001
YesThe LadderRalf J. Günther6.007
YesMagnificationRalf J. Günther8.4010
YesTormatoJochen Rindfrey7.718
YesBig GeneratorJochen Rindfrey6.676
Yes9012 Live - The SolosNik Brückner5.003
YesTalkJörg Schumann6.176
YesSymphonic Live (DVD)Sal Pichireddu10.003
YesBig GeneratorJörg Schumann6.676
YesYes, Friends and RelativesSiggy Zielinski3.002
YurtEGE Artemis YurtumGunnar Claußen5.001
Zen Rock and RollThe Birthright CircleChristian Rode7.002
ZinklCircus MaximusSal Pichireddu8.673
ZsMagnetFlorian Dietmaier5.001
ZugzwangFuture VisionsMarc Colling5.001
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