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ALBEN 1993
Ain Soph - 5 or 9 - Five Evolved From Nine
Alpes - Patrice Moullet - Rock Sous La Dalle
Anacrusis - Screams and Whispers
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe - An Evening Of Yes Music Plus...
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe - An Evening Of Yes Music Plus... (Video/DVD)
Anekdoten - Vemod
Anima - Tempus Stetisse
Aragon - Rocking Horse (and Other Short Stories from the Past)
Ark - Spiritual Physics
Art Zoyd - Marathonnerre I & II
Asgard - Imago Mundi
Ash Ra Tempel - Le Berceau de Cristal
Atheist - Elements
Atomo Permanente - Projeção
Peter Banks - Instinct
Barclay James Harvest - Caught In The Light
Peter Bardens - Further Than You Know
Adrian Belew - The acoustic Adrian Belew
Believer - Dimensions
Robert Berry - Pilgrimage To A Point
Bi Kyo Ran - Ran - Live Vol.3
Bi Kyo Ran - Who Ma - Live Vol.2
Björk - Debut
Carsten Bohn - New York Times
David Borden - Cayuga Night Music
David Bowie - Black Tie White Noise
David Bowie - The Buddha Of Suburbia
Kate Bush - The Red Shoes
Buzzard - Churp!!!
California Guitar Trio - Yamanashi Blues
Calliope - Citta´di frontiera
Camel - Never Let Go
Caravan - Caravan Live
Carbonized - Disharmonization
Chance - Dunes
Cheer-Accident - Babies Shouldn't Smoke
Mikhail Chekalin - Night Pulsation
Cinderella Search - Cinderella Search
Clepsydra - Fly man EP
Christiane Maria Cohade - A voix basse
Collage - Nine songs of John Lennon
Conception - Parallel Minds
Conception - The Last Sunset
Consorzio Acqua Potabile (CAP) - Sala Borsa Live ´77
Court - And you'll Follow the Winds' Rush 'till their Breath Dwells
Cross - Cross III: Changing poison into medicine
David Cross - The Big Picture
Cynic - Focus
Holger Czukay - Moving Pictures
Patricia Dallio - Champs de Mars
Damn the Machine - Damn the Machine
Dead Can Dance - Into the Labyrinth
Death - Individual Thought Patterns
Delta Cyphei Project - Virtual World
Daniel Denis - Les Eaux Troubles
Discipline. - Push & Profit
Djam Karet - The Ritual Continues
Don Caballero - For Respect
Dream Theater - Live at the Marquee
Eloy - Chronicles I
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - The Return of the Manticore
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Works Live
Enchant - A Blueprint Of The World
Brian Eno - Neroli
L'Ensemble Rayé - Quelques pièces détachées
Epidermis - Feel Me II
Everon - Paradoxes
Fish - Songs From The Mirror
Fish - Uncle Fish & The crypt creepers (Live at the Düsseldorf Philipshalle 7.12.1991)
Fleshquartet - Flow
Fonya - Soul Travels
Francesco Bruno - El lugar
The Robert Fripp String Quintet - The Bridge Between
Fushitsusha - Allegorical Misunderstanding
Peter Gabriel - Plus From Us (Compilation)
Galahad - In A Moment Of Complete Madness
Garden Wall - Principium
Genesis - The Way We Walk Vol.2 - The Longs (Live)
Glass Hammer - Journey of the Dunadan
Golgotha - Symphony in Extremis
Gong - Live on TV 1990
Grits - As The World Grits
Gulââb - Veils of Mystery
Trey Gunn - One Thousand Years
Guru Guru - Shake well
Steve Hackett - Guitar Noir
Steve Hackett - There Are Many Sides To The Night
Peter Hammill - Loops & reels - Analogue Experiments 1980 - 1983
Peter Hammill - Offensichtlich Goldfisch
Peter Hammill - The Noise
Peter Hammill - There Goes The Daylight
Hatfield and the North - Live 1990
Hawkwind - It Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous
High Wheel - 1910
Lars Hollmer - Looping Home Orchestra Live 1992-1993
Horus - Stelle di battaglia
Steve Howe - The Grand Scheme of Things
ICU - Moonlight flit
Iluvatar - Iluvatar
Iona - Beyond these shores
IQ - Ever
Jade Warrior - Distant Echoes
Jadis - Once upon a time...
Jansen Barbieri Karn - Beginning to Melt - Medium Series Vol. 1
Jean Michel Jarre - Chronologie
Jethro Tull - 25th Anniversary Box
Jethro Tull - Nightcap
Kansas - Live at the Whisky
Mick Karn - Bestial Cluster
Kenso - Live '92
Kiss of Reality - Kiss of Reality
Kombinat M - Hybrid Beat
Boris Kovac - Ritual Nova I & II
Labradford - Prazision LP
Landmarq - Infinity Parade
José Luis Fernándes Ledesma - Dicen que somos dioses y nos sonamos hombres
Legend - Second Sight
Locanda delle Fate - Live
Louise Avenue - Let´s take one more
M. Walking on the Water - Pictures of an Exhibitionist
Manticore - Time To Fly
Marillion - Live In Caracas
Mekong Delta - Classics
Mekong Delta - Live at an exhibition
André Mergenthaler - Musik für einen Engel
Minimum Vital - La source
Motorpsycho - Demon Box
The Muffins - Chronometers
Naked City - Absinthe
Naked City - Radio
no-man - Loveblows & Lovecries - A Confession
no-man - Sweetheart Raw (Single)
No Safety - Live at the Knitting Factory
Novalis - Novalis lebt!
Offering - A fiïèh
Mike Oldfield - Elements
Mike Oldfield - The Best of Mike Oldfield Elements
Omnia Opera - Omnia Opera
Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic shift
Pabst - Bowdlerized Music
Paga - Gnosis
The Alan Parsons Project - Try Anything once
Pendragon - The very very bootleg
Pendragon - The Window Of Life
Pere Ubu - Story Of My Life
Pestilence - Spheres
Phenomena - Phenomena III - Innervision
Philharmonie - Les Éléphants Carillonneurs
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Sing, for Song Drives Away the Wolves
Porcupine Tree - Up The Downstair
Present - C.O.D. Performance
Primus - Pork Soda
Radiohead - Pablo Honey
Recordando O Vale Das Macas - As Criancas Da Nova Floresta II
Red Jasper - A Midsummer Night's Dream
Happy Rhodes - Equipoise
Ritual (USA) - Trials Of Torment
Rocket Scientists - Earthbound
Ruins - Graviyaunosch
Ruins - II & 19 Numbers
Rush - Counterparts
Saga (Kan.) - The Security of Illusion
Savatage - Edge of Thorns
Saviour Machine - I
Eberhard Schoener - Harmonia mundi
Klaus Schulze - The Dome Event
Ship Of Fools - Close Your Eyes (Forget The World)
Peter Sinfield - Stillusion
Soft Machine - BBC In Concert 1971
Simon Steensland - The Simon Lonesome Combat Ensemble
Strangers on a train - The key part 2: the labyrinth
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Jean the Birdman (2 CD-Singles)
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - The first day
Tangerine Dream - 220 Volt Live
Tea For Two - Dream Or Reality
Teru's Symphonia - Clockworked Earth
The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman - Ages
Theatre - No More Rhymes but Mr. Brainstorm
Third Ear Band - Brain Waves
This Heat - Repeat
Thought Industry - Mods carve the pig: assassins, toads and god's flesh
Threshold - Wounded land
Thule - Frostbrent
Treatment - Cipher Caput
Tribal Tech - Face First
Ulysses - Neronia
Uz Jsme Doma - Hollywood
Van der Graaf (Generator) - 'I Prophesy Disaster'
Chuck Van Zyl - Celestial Mechanics
Voivod - The Outer Limits
Rick Wakeman - Classic tracks
Rick Wakeman - Heritage Suite
Rick Wakeman - Prayers
Rick Wakeman - The Classical Connection 2
Rick Wakeman & Adam Wakeman - Wakeman with Wakeman
Witsend - Cosmos and Chaos
X-Legged Sally - Killed By Charity
Yes - Highlights - The Very Best of Yes
Yes - Symphonic Music of Yes
Frank Zappa - The Yellow Shark
Zappa´s Universe - A Celebration of 25 Years of Frank Zappa´s Music
Zappa´s Universe - A Celebration of 25 Years of Frank Zappa´s Music (VHS)
Zauber - Phoenix
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24971 Rezensionen zu 17122 Alben von 6671 Bands.

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Band  Album Rezensent Ø-Wertung # Rezis
17 PygmiesCIII: Even Celestina Gets The Blues (A Tale of Love and Quantum Physics)Siggy Zielinski9.001
17 PygmiesIsabel II: Abaddon RisingMichael Hirle5.003
17 PygmiesIsabelSiggy Zielinski9.001
17 PygmiesCelestinaSiggy Zielinski9.001
19A.D.D.Dead RiverAndreas Hofmann9.502
21st Century Schizoid BandPictures of a City - Live in New YorkAndreas Pläschke9.001
25 Yard ScreamerSomething that serves to warn or remindSiggy Zielinski9.001
25 Yard ScreamerUntil All Are OneSiggy Zielinski9.001
3epkanoAt LandJochen Rindfrey9.001
3epkano3epkanoJochen Rindfrey9.001
3rd Ear ExperienceIncredible Good FortuneJochen Rindfrey9.333
3rd Ear ExperienceStones Of A FeatherAchim Breiling9.001
3rd World ElectricKilimanjaro Secret BrewKai Lorenz Kruppa10.333
3RDegreeLive At Progday 2009 (DVD)Thomas Kohlruß9.001
42DEFall of the MoonJochen Rindfrey9.001
42DEEPJochen Rindfrey9.001
5 UU'sBel Marduk & TiamatAchim Breiling9.001
7 OceanDiapauseThomas Kohlruß9.001
7for4TimeRalf J. Günther10.002
7for4SplashSiggy Zielinski9.001
A Chinese Firedrill"Circles"Thomas Kohlruß9.502
A Day's WorkA Home in the RainJürgen Wissing9.001
A KEW’S TAGSilence of the SirensSiggy Zielinski9.502
A.R. & MachinesAutovisionAchim Breiling9.001
A Silent SoundCompassSiggy Zielinski9.001
A. ArmadaAnam CaraThomas Kohlruß9.001
The Aaron Clift ExperimentOuter Light, Inner DarknessJörg Schumann10.002
AavikkoOriental BabyAchim Breiling9.001
AbaraxBlue RoomWolfram Ehrhardt9.001
Abel GanzThe Dangers Of StrangersGünter Schote9.002
Abel GanzThe Dangers Of StrangersKristian Selm9.002
Abel GanzGratuitous FlashGünter Schote9.001
Abel GanzShooting AlbatrossAndreas Kiefer7.502
Abigail's GhostBlack Plastic SunMarc Colling9.001
AbiogenesiIl giocoscuroKristian Selm9.001
Lee AbrahamDistant DaysSiggy Zielinski9.001
Lee AbrahamColoursMarc Colling9.502
AbraxasAbraxasKristian Selm9.001
Absolute ElsewhereIn Search Of Ancient GodsAchim Breiling9.002
Absolute ElsewhereIn Search Of Ancient GodsJochen Rindfrey9.002
Absolute ZeroCrashing IconsThorsten Gürntke11.002
Accordo dei ContrariKinesisAchim Breiling11.254
AcheDe Homine UrbanoAchim Breiling9.001
Acid Mothers TempleIn CAchim Breiling8.502
Acid Mothers TempleTroubadours from another heavenly worldAchim Breiling9.001
Acid Mothers TempleAcid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.Achim Breiling9.001
Acid Mothers TempleA thousand shades of greyKristian Selm9.001
Acid Mothers TempleStarless And Bible Black SabbathAchim Breiling9.001
Acid RainThe descending lineSiggy Zielinski9.001
Acid RainShallow ParadiseSiggy Zielinski9.001
AcidenteTechnolorgyJürgen Meurer9.001
AcintyaLa cité des dieux oubliésAchim Breiling9.001
Acqua FragileAcqua FragileGünter Schote10.003
Acqua FragileA New ChantJochen Rindfrey9.001
Acqua FragileMass-media starsKristian Selm10.333
Active HeedHigher DimensionsHarald Schmidt10.002
AcuitySkywardJürgen Meurer9.001
Adachi KyodaiXianshiUdo Gerhards8.333
AdamantraAct II: Silent NarrativesGunnar Claußen9.001
Addison ProjectMood SwingsThorsten Gürntke9.003
ADNPreludeJürgen Meurer9.001
AdventAdventKristian Selm9.001
AdventCantus FirmusUdo Gerhards9.001
ÆON SPOKEAbove The Buried CryKristian Selm10.503
Aeon ZenEnigmaGunnar Claußen9.001
AeraHumanum EstAchim Breiling9.001
AffectorHarmagedonJörg Schumann8.002
AffinityAffinityAchim Breiling9.001
A.F.T.Automatic Fine TuningUdo Gerhards9.001
After CryingOpus 1Thomas Schüßler9.502
After CryingOverground musicJörg Schumann9.502
After CryingFöld És ÉgThomas Kohlruß10.005
After Crying6Thomas Kohlruß10.673
After CryingFöld És ÉgUdo Gerhards10.005
After ForeverDecipherThorsten Gürntke9.002
After ForeverDecipherKristian Selm9.002
Age Of NemesisPsychogeistKristian Selm9.002
Age Of NemesisPsychogeistThorsten Gürntke9.002
Agent CooperFrom The AshesSiggy Zielinski8.002
Agent CooperAgent CooperSal Pichireddu9.502
Agents Of MercyThe Fading Ghosts Of TwilightHenning Mangold7.254
Agitation FreeFragmentsAchim Breiling9.001
Ildefonso AguilarErosiónJochen Rindfrey9.502
Ain SophA Story of Mysterious ForestAchim Breiling9.001
Ain SophMarine MenagerieMarcus Kästner9.001
Ain SophRide On A CamelAchim Breiling9.001
AirbagSafetreeThomas Schüßler9.001
AirbagIdentityGünter Schote9.502
AirbagCome On InThomas Schüßler9.001
AirpeopleThe Golden CityAchim Breiling9.001
AirsAirs - A Rock OperaGunnar Claußen9.001
Aisles4:45 AMSiggy Zielinski9.001
AkaciaAn Other LifeHorst Straske9.003
AkashaAkashaAchim Breiling9.001
Jan AkkermanProfileUdo Gerhards9.001
Ako DomaAliens Are Good For SaleThomas Kohlruß9.001
AKPBreaking Free Tour LiveSiggy Zielinski9.001
AkphaezyaAnthology IIAchim Breiling9.001
Aksak MaboulOnze danses pour combattre la migraineUdo Gerhards9.001
Al-BirdSodom & Gomorra XXIKristian Selm9.001
Alamaailman VasaratKäärmelautakuntaAchim Breiling10.673
Alamaailman VasaratValtaAchim Breiling11.002
AlasAlasRalf J. Günther9.502
AlbatrossAlbatrossUdo Gerhards9.001
AlbionAlbionKristian Selm9.001
AlbionBroken hopesKristian Selm9.001
Alchemy X11:59:59Thomas Kohlruß9.001
Rodolfo AlchourronTalismánWolfram Ehrhardt9.001
Alias EyeIn-BetweenMarc Colling10.254
AliceAliceAchim Breiling9.001
AliceArretez le mondeAchim Breiling9.001
AlkemyDa 63 ProjektRalf J. Günther9.002
AlkemyDa 63 ProjektKristian Selm9.002
Daevid AllenGood MorningAchim Breiling9.001
Daevid AllenNow is the happiest time of your lifeAndreas Pläschke9.001
Allen - LandeThe BattleDirk Reuter9.001
Gli AlluminogeniScolopendraHeiko Westhagen9.001
Alpes - Patrice MoulletRock Sous La DalleAchim Breiling9.001
Alpha NordLive at PsyKa FestivalSiggy Zielinski9.001
Alpha RalphaAlpha RalphaPeter Meyer9.001
AlphataurusAlphataurusAchim Breiling10.003
AlquinMarksAchim Breiling9.001
Alrune RodSpredt For VindenAchim Breiling9.001
Also EdenThink of the children!Kristian Selm9.001
AltairLa Esencia del TiempoAchim Breiling9.001
AltaViaGirt DogWolfram Ehrhardt8.502
Michael AltenbergerElf Entdecker/Eleven ExplorersHorst Straske8.502
Sergio AlvarezPasaje a la revelaciónJürgen Meurer9.001
AmasefferExodus - Slaves for LifeDennis Egbers9.502
Amazing BlondelFantasia LindumJochen Rindfrey9.001
The Amber LightGoodbye to Dusk Farewell to DawnJörg Schumann10.003
The Amber LightAs they came they slightly disappearedKristian Selm8.502
Amber RouteSnail Headed VictrolasAchim Breiling9.001
AmenophisAmenophisJochen Rindfrey10.002
Amin BhatiaThe Interstellar SuiteJochen Rindfrey9.001
Amity in FameThroughGunnar Claußen9.502
Amon Düül IIPhallus DeiAchim Breiling10.673
Amon Düül IIWolf CityAchim Breiling10.002
Amon Düül IIVive la TranceAndreas Pläschke9.002
Amon Düül IIVive la TranceChristian Rode9.002
Amon Düül IIMananaAchim Breiling9.001
Amon Düül IINada Moonshine #Christian Rode9.001
Amon Düül IIVortexAndreas Pläschke8.333
Amon RaPrecarious BalanceThomas Schüßler10.002
Emil AmosFilmmusikJochen Rindfrey8.502
Amos KeyFirst KeyAchim Breiling9.001
Amos KeyKeynotesAchim Breiling9.001
Tori AmosUnrepentant GeraldinesMarkus Peltner9.001
Tori AmosStrange little girlsPiotre Walter9.001
Tori AmosTo Venus And BackPiotre Walter9.001
AmphetaminAt the Dawn of TwilightJochen Rindfrey9.001
AmplifierThe Astronaut Dismantles HALThomas Kohlruß9.001
Amygdalacomplex combatAchim Breiling9.001
Ana NeverAna Never (EP)Siggy Zielinski9.001
AnathemaAlternative 4Michael Hirle10.502
AnathemaWeather SystemsMarc Colling9.673
AnathemaJudgementPiotre Walter9.502
AncestorsIn Dreams And TimeChristian Rode9.001
AncestorsInvisible White (EP)Wolfram Ehrhardt9.001
Ancient Oak consortThe Acoustic Resonance of SoulThomas Kohlruß9.001
Ancient VisionFocus or BlindersHeiko Westhagen7.502
Ancient VisionThe VisionHeiko Westhagen9.001
AndeavorOnce Upon TimeDennis Egbers9.001
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & HoweBrother Of MineNik Brückner9.002
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & HoweAn Evening Of Yes Music Plus...Jörg Schumann9.503
Ian AndersonWalk Into LightJochen Rindfrey7.003
Ian AndersonPlays The Orchestral Jethro TullSiggy Zielinski9.001
Ian AndersonRupi's danceHenning Mangold10.003
Ian AndersonThick as a Brick 2Gunnar Claußen10.805
Jon AndersonAnimationHenning Mangold9.001
Jon AndersonOpenRalf J. Günther9.502
Jon AndersonChange We MustAndreas Pläschke9.001
Laurie AndersonHome of the braveAndreas Pläschke9.001
Jurriaan AndriessenThe Awakening DreamAchim Breiling9.001
Andromeda (60s)See into the StarsThomas Kohlruß9.001
AndromedaThe Immunity ZoneDennis Egbers9.001
Andy SummersTriboluminescenceSiggy Zielinski9.001
AnekdotenFrom WithinUdo Gerhards10.333
AnekdotenA Time Of DayJochen Rindfrey8.673
AnekdotenWaking The Dead - Live In Japan 2005Udo Gerhards8.502
AngeSouffleurs de versThomas Kohlruß9.001
AngePar les Fils de MandrinChristian Rode10.502
AnguishSymmetryThomas Kohlruß9.001
Ani Lo. ProjektMiracleSiggy Zielinski9.001
Anima DominumThe book of comedyJürgen Meurer9.001
Anima MundiSeptentrionThomas Kohlruß9.001
Animals As LeadersAnimals As LeadersKai Lorenz Kruppa11.003
AnimationsReset Your SoulThomas Kohlruß10.002
Anja GarbarekSmiling & WavingJörg Schumann9.001
AnkhExpect UnexpectedKristian Selm9.502
Annot RhülThe Annot Rhül Surf ExperienceAndreas Pläschke9.001
Ant-BeeElectronic Church MuzikAchim Breiling9.001
AntaresChoking The StoneKristian Selm9.502
Anthurus d'ArcherPhallus ImpudicusRalf J. Günther11.673
Anti-Depressive DeliveryThe Best Of Antidepressive DeliveryGunnar Claußen9.001
AntiherøeEntretejido cosmicoKristian Selm10.502
AntimatterLeaving EdenMarc Colling9.001
Antonius RexSwitched On DarkThomas Kohlruß9.001
Anubis230503Michael Büttgen9.001
AnubisHitchhiking to ByzantiumSiggy Zielinski9.502
Anubis GateHorizonsSiggy Zielinski10.002
Anyone's DaughterAnyone's DaughterJochen Rindfrey10.004
Anyone's DaughterLast tracksJörg Schumann7.002
Anyone's DaughterDanger WorldKristian Selm10.002
Aphrodite's Child666Jörg Schumann13.004
ApocalypseLive USAKristian Selm9.001
ApogeeConspiracy Of FoolsMarc Colling9.001
ApogeeOn The AftertasteThorsten Gürntke8.002
ApogeeWaiting For The ChallengeThomas Schüßler9.001
Apostolis AnthimosBack to the NorthChristian Rode9.502
April FishesCarpe d'OrSiggy Zielinski9.001
April RainOne Is Glad To Be Of ServiceJochen Rindfrey9.001
AragonThe Angels TearKristian Selm9.502
AragonRocking Horse (and Other Short Stories from the Past)Günter Schote9.001
AranisAranis IIChristian Rode10.673
ArchaïaArchaïaJochen Rindfrey10.003
ArchangelThe AkallabethThomas Kohlruß8.502
Architectural MetaphorGalactus InterruptumAchim Breiling9.001
Architectural MetaphorOdysseum GalactiAchim Breiling9.001
ArchiveLive at the ZenithJochen Rindfrey9.001
ArchiveControlling Crowds Part IVJochen Rindfrey8.502
ArchiveLightsMarkus Peltner8.502
ArchiveNoiseJochen Rindfrey9.333
Neil ArdleyHarmony of the SpheresJochen Rindfrey9.502
Ardo DombecArdo DombecAchim Breiling9.001
Areatic & tacNik Brückner9.001
AreaChernobyl 7991Nik Brückner9.001
Areaevent '76Achim Breiling9.001
AreaConcerto Teatro UomoAchim Breiling9.001
ArenaThe VisitorJörg Schumann9.754
ArenaThe Seventh Degree Of SeparationJürgen Wissing8.002
ArenaLive & Life (The Contagion Tour 2003)Kristian Selm9.001
ArenaRapture (DVD)Thomas Kohlruß9.001
ArenaCaught in the act (DVD)Henning Mangold9.001
ArenaContagionChristian Rode8.003
ArgosArgosChristian Rode8.673
ArgosCirclesJochen Rindfrey10.502
Ark (Norw.)Burn the sunGeorg Heep8.002
ArkhéArkhéFlorian Dietmaier9.001
ArmadaBeyond the MorningAchim Breiling9.001
Armenian Space StationArmenian Space StationGunnar Claußen9.001
Arms of TripoliDream in TonguesThomas Kohlruß9.002
Arms of TripoliDream in TonguesGunnar Claußen9.002
Arms of TripoliDaughtersJochen Rindfrey9.001
ArpiaTerraMareThomas Kohlruß9.001
ArrakeenPatchworkThorsten Gürntke8.502
Ars NovaFear & anxietyJörg Schumann9.002
Ars NovaFear & anxietyKristian Selm9.002
Ars NovaChrysalis - Force For The FourthChristian Rode10.002
Ars NovaBiogenesis ProjectJörg Schumann10.002
Ars NovaTransiJörg Schumann10.502
Art of InfinityRaumwerkSiggy Zielinski9.001
Art of InfinityEndless FutureSiggy Zielinski9.001
AsgardDrachenblutSal Pichireddu5.502
Ash Ra TempelSeven upAndreas Pläschke8.333
Ash Ra TempelAsh Ra TempelJürgen Gallitz-Duckar9.673
Ash Ra TempelSeven upJochen Rindfrey8.333
Ash Ra TempelAsh Ra TempelAchim Breiling9.673
AshadaCirculationDennis Egbers9.001
AshbyA Question Never HeardNik Brückner9.502
AshlandYin & YangThorsten Gürntke9.001
AshraCorrelationsAndreas Pläschke9.001
AshraNew Age of EarthMarkus Peltner10.333
Ashra@shraAndreas Pläschke10.003
AsiaSpirit of the Night - Live in Cambridge 09Thomas Kohlruß9.001
AsiaSilent NationSebastian Mack6.004
AsiaFantasia. Live in Tokyo (DVD)Nik Brückner9.001
AsiaFantasia. Live in TokyoNik Brückner9.002
AsiaEnso Kai - Live At The Budokan Tokyo 1983Nik Brückner9.001
AsiaFantasia. Live in TokyoThomas Kohlruß9.002
Association P.C.Mama KukuAchim Breiling9.001
AsturcónAsturcónJochen Rindfrey9.001
AsturiasIn Search Of The Soul TreesSal Pichireddu11.502
AsturiasBird Eyes ViewMartin Dambeck9.502
At War With SelfTorn Between DimensionsThomas Kohlruß9.673
AtempoAbismos del TiempoKristian Selm8.502
AtilaIntencionAchim Breiling9.001
Atlantide (ITA)Francesco ti ricordiHorst Straske9.001
Atlantis (USA)Pray For RainKristian Selm10.002
Atlantis PhilharmonicAtlantis PhilharmonicAchim Breiling9.001
AtlantycaTo Nowhere And BeyondGunnar Claußen9.001
AtmOsfearInside The AtmosphereKristian Selm9.502
AtollMusiciens-MagiciensAchim Breiling8.002
AtollRock PuzzleHorst Straske9.001
Attention DeficitThe Idiot KingKristian Selm9.502
Attention DeficitAttention DeficitSiggy Zielinski8.502
Auburn LullBegin Civil TwilightJochen Rindfrey9.001
Auburn LullHyphaJochen Rindfrey9.001
AudienceThe House On The HillAchim Breiling8.502
Brian AugerBefourAchim Breiling9.001
AunPhantom GhostSiggy Zielinski9.001
The Aurora Project...Unspoken WordsThomas Kohlruß9.001
Autumn ChorusThe Village To The ValeJörg Schumann11.505
Autumn WhispersCry of Dereliction Vol. IISiggy Zielinski9.001
Ave RockAve RockJürgen Meurer9.001
AvelionLiquid BreathingGunnar Claußen9.001
Axess/MaxxessContactSiggy Zielinski9.001
AxiomA Moment Of InsanitySebastian Mack9.001
Axon-NeuronBrainsongsNik Brückner10.002
Kevin AyersWhatevershebringswesingJochen Rindfrey9.001
Kevin AyersToo Old To Die YoungAchim Breiling9.001
Kevin AyersThe Confessions Of Dr Dream And Other StoriesAchim Breiling9.001
Ayreon01011001Thomas Kohlruß7.502
AyreonUniversal Migrator Part II: Flight of the MigratorJochen Lohr8.405
AyreonInto The Electric CastleJochen Lohr9.005
AyreonInto The Electric CastleMarkus Peltner9.005
AyreonAyreonauts onlyKristian Selm9.001
AyreonInto The Electric CastleJörg Schumann9.005
AyreonUniversal Migrator Part II: Flight of the MigratorHolger Grützner8.405
AyreonThe Theory Of EverythingGunnar Claußen10.002
AyreonThe final experimentHenning Mangold8.255
AzabacheDias de lunaAchim Breiling9.001
AzaharElixirKristian Selm10.002
AzaharAzaharKristian Selm9.001
Aztec JadeParadise LostDennis Egbers9.002
Aztec JadeParadise LostKristian Selm9.002
Baba JagaMemorial CeremonyHeiko Westhagen9.001
Baby GuruPiecesJochen Rindfrey9.001
Baby WoodroseThird Eye SurgeryJochen Rindfrey9.001
BabylonBabylonUdo Gerhards10.504
Back DoorAnother Fine MessAchim Breiling9.001
Bad DreamsChrysalisPiotre Walter9.001
BadgerOne live BadgerHorst Straske8.003
BalboaScale in FeetJochen Rindfrey9.001
Boguslaw Balcerak's CrylordGates Of ValhallaGunnar Claußen9.001
Balloon AstronomyBalloon AstronomySiggy Zielinski8.003
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoGarofano RossoKristian Selm9.502
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoPapagayo Club 1972Nik Brückner8.002
Baffo BanfiThe Sound Of Southern SunsetsAchim Breiling9.001
Peter BanksThe Self-Contained TrilogySiggy Zielinski9.001
Peter BanksTwo sides of Peter BanksAndreas Pläschke10.002
Peter BanksBe Well, Be Safe, Be Lucky...The AnthologySiggy Zielinski9.001
Tony BanksA Curious FeelingJochen Rindfrey9.502
BarakaShade of EvolutionWolfram Ehrhardt9.001
BarakaInner ResonanceSiggy Zielinski9.001
Richard BarbieriStranger InsideMichael Büttgen8.502
Barclay James HarvestBarclay James Harvest & Other Short StoriesThomas Schüßler9.502
Barclay James HarvestEveryone Is Everybody ElseThomas Schüßler10.502
Barclay James HarvestOctoberonAndreas Pläschke10.333
Barclay James HarvestOctoberonMarkus Peltner10.333
Barclay James HarvestRevivalAndreas Pläschke9.001
Barclay James HarvestXIIChristian Rode8.754
Peter BardensThe AnswerJochen Rindfrey9.001
Bardo PondPeri / Game Five And A HalfFabian Lutz9.001
Il BaricentroSconcertoAchim Breiling10.002
Barock ProjectDetachmentNik Brückner11.502
Barock ProjectMisteriosevociRoland Heil10.333
Martin BarreOrder of PlayJochen Rindfrey9.001
Martin BarreAway With WordsJochen Rindfrey9.001
Martin BarreBack to SteelJochen Rindfrey9.001
Martin BarreStage LeftSiggy Zielinski9.001
Syd BarrettBarrettChristian Rode8.502
bArtManJourney into the DarkSiggy Zielinski9.001
Karl BartosOff the recordMarc Colling8.502
Bass CommunionIISiggy Zielinski9.001
Luciano BassoVociAchim Breiling9.001
Franco BattiatoLa ConvenzioneAchim Breiling9.001
BattlesGloss DropFlorian Dietmaier7.502
BauhausStairway to EscherAchim Breiling9.001
BEAK>Couple in a HoleJochen Rindfrey9.001
David BedfordThe OdysseyAchim Breiling9.001
David BedfordThe Odyssey LiveAchim Breiling9.001
David BedfordInstructions For AngelsAchim Breiling9.001
Beggar's OperaAct OneJochen Rindfrey9.502
Behind Closed DoorsNo ExitMarc Colling9.333
Behind The CurtainTill Birth Do Us PartKristian Selm10.002
Adrian BelewInner RevolutionJochen Rindfrey9.001
Adrian BelewTwang Bar KingJochen Rindfrey9.001
Adrian BelewSide OneJörg Schumann9.754
BelieveThe Warmest Sun In WinterAndreas Kiefer8.502
BelieveHope To See Another DayKristian Selm8.003
BelieveThis Bread Is MineThomas Kohlruß9.333
BelieveHope To See Another DaySiggy Zielinski8.003
BelieveWorld Is RoundAndreas Kiefer9.673
Bella BandBella BandAchim Breiling9.001
BenBenAchim Breiling9.001
Tim BerneSanctified DreamsNik Brückner9.001
BetweenContemplationAchim Breiling9.002
BetweenContemplationJochen Rindfrey9.002
Bi Kyo RanA Violent MusicUdo Gerhards9.502
Bi Kyo RanBi Kyo RanKristian Selm9.001
Big Big TrainEnglish Electric Part OneThorsten Gürntke9.176
Big Big TrainGathering SpeedKristian Selm9.001
Big Big TrainGrimspoundNik Brückner10.004
Big Big TrainGoodbye to the Age of SteamSiggy Zielinski8.004
Big Big TrainThe Second Brightest StarPiotre Walter9.001
Big HoggGargoylesGunnar Claußen10.502
Big SleepBluebell WoodHorst Straske9.001
BigelfMoney MachineGunnar Claußen10.003
Bionautbig causeway to goneAchim Breiling9.001
BiotaInvisible MapAchim Breiling9.001
Birds of PassageWinter LadySiggy Zielinski9.001
Bird on the WireOur Hands Meet on the MoonJochen Rindfrey9.001
Birdsongs Of The MesozoicBirdsongs Of The Mesozoic (EP)Siggy Zielinski9.001
Birth ControlOperationMarkus Peltner9.502
Birth ControlLiveThomas Kohlruß10.003
Birth ControlIncreaseThomas Kohlruß9.001
Birth ControlPlastic PeopleAchim Breiling9.502
Bise de buseJoue sa musiqueAchim Breiling9.001
BjörkPostJörg Schumann8.502
BjörkDebutThomas Thielen10.333
Black BonzoGuillotine DramaThomas Kohlruß9.002
Black BonzoGuillotine DramaKristian Selm9.002
The Black FallThe Time TravelerGunnar Claußen9.001
Black Lung vs. NAPSplit 12″ EPSiggy Zielinski9.001
Black MountainWilderness heartKristian Selm8.002
Black WidowSacrificeAchim Breiling10.003
Blackbirdstouch of musicAchim Breiling9.001
BlackfieldWelcome to my DNAChristian Rode7.004
BlackfieldBlackfield IISal Pichireddu8.504
BlacklandsA New DawnSiggy Zielinski9.001
Tim BlakeBlake's New JerusalemAchim Breiling9.502
Blank ManuskriptThe Waiting SoldierSiggy Zielinski9.001
Tristan BlaskowitzWinterSiggy Zielinski9.502
Blazing EternityTimes And Unknown WatersThomas Kohlruß9.001
Blind EgoLiquidHarald Schmidt10.002
Blind EgoMirrorThomas Kohlruß9.502
Blind FaithBlind FaithMarc Colling9.502
BloqueHombre, Tierra y AlmaHeiko Westhagen9.001
Blue MammothStories of a KingPeter Meyer9.001
BlueneckRepetitionsSiggy Zielinski9.001
Blurred VisionOrganized InsanitySiggy Zielinski9.001
The Bob Lazar Story(sic)Nik Brückner9.001
Tomas BodinCinematograafHenning Mangold9.001
Tomas BodinI AMChristian Rode10.502
Jean Pascal BoffoRituelJürgen Meurer9.001
Jean Pascal BoffoLa Boîte à MusiqueThomas Kohlruß9.001
Carsten BohnNew York TimesJörg Schumann8.502
Carsten Bohns BandstandC.B. RadioJörg Schumann10.002
Carsten Bohns BandstandHumor RumorRalf J. Günther9.002
Bojanek & MichalowskiSolidSiggy Zielinski9.001
BolineBolineGunnar Claußen9.001
BoltMovement and DetailChristian Rode9.001
BolusWatch your stepSiggy Zielinski9.001
Bondage FruitIII - RécitUdo Gerhards9.001
BonebagNoli Me TangereThomas Schüßler9.001
BoomOne Hour TalismanJochen Rindfrey9.001
David BowieDiamond DogsHolger Grützner8.333
David BowieLodgerThomas Kohlruß9.001
David BowieDiamond DogsAndreas Pläschke8.333
David BowieThe Next DayMarkus Peltner10.002
David BowieScary MonstersMarkus Peltner10.002
David BowieAladdin SaneSiggy Zielinski9.502
David BowieThe Man Who Sold The WorldSiggy Zielinski9.001
David BowieRealityJochen Rindfrey9.254
David BowieStageAndreas Pläschke10.502
Tim Bowness/Peter ChilversCalifornia, NorfolkGünter Schote9.001
Tim Bowness/Samuel SmilesWorld of Bright FuturesGünter Schote9.001
Boys´n WitchesSun And MoonHorst Straske9.001
Victor BradyBrown RainAchim Breiling9.001
BrainchildHealing of the lunatic owlAchim Breiling9.001
BraindanceMaster Of DisguiseGunnar Claußen9.001
BrainticketCelestial OceanAchim Breiling9.502
BrainticketLive in Rome 1973Achim Breiling9.001
Brand XMissing PeriodSiggy Zielinski9.001
Brand XThe X Files - A 20 Years RetrospectiveAndreas Pläschke9.001
Brand XMasquesSiggy Zielinski9.001
Brand XDo they hurt?Siggy Zielinski9.001
Francois BréantVoyeur Extra-LucideAchim Breiling9.001
BreezeThe King of the ForestSiggy Zielinski9.001
Paul BremnerThe WitnessSiggy Zielinski9.001
Breznev Fun Clubil misantropo feliceNik Brückner10.502
Brian StormingThe Extraordinaires Voyages Of Brian StormingThomas Kohlruß9.001
Brighteye BrisonThe Magician Chronicles Part 1Thomas Kohlruß10.003
Brighteye BrisonThe Magician Chronicles Part 1Siggy Zielinski10.003
Brighteye BrisonBrighteye BrisonHenning Mangold9.001
Brighteye BrisonBelievers & DeceiversHenning Mangold9.002
Brighteye BrisonBelievers & DeceiversSiggy Zielinski9.002
Danny BrillBetter late than neverHenning Mangold10.002
BröselmaschineIndian CamelJochen Rindfrey10.002
Brother ApeKarmaSiggy Zielinski7.002
Brother ApeIIIThomas Kohlruß9.502
Charles BrownStorm RisingThomas Kohlruß9.001
Charles BrownJourney in a New LandThomas Kohlruß9.001
Brown vs BrownTwitch and ShoutJochen Rindfrey9.001
Jack BruceHow's TricksThomas Kohlruß9.001
Michael BrücknerIncarnation GeneratorSiggy Zielinski9.001
Michael BrücknerMuzikhalaJochen Rindfrey9.001
Michael BrücknerEndless Mind PortalJochen Rindfrey9.001
Michael BrücknerMovies Moving In My HeadGunnar Claußen9.001
Michael BrücknerIn letzter KonsequenzJochen Rindfrey9.001
Michael BrücknerAll The Pieces Fit ForeverJörg Schumann9.001
Michael BrücknerKings of the EarthSiggy Zielinski9.001
Franceso BuccheriJourneyAchim Breiling9.001
BulbsOnSiggy Zielinski9.001
Michael BundtJust Landed Cosmic KidJochen Rindfrey9.001
Dec BurkeBook of SecretsMarc Colling9.001
Tim BurnessWhose Dream are you living?Siggy Zielinski9.001
Burnin Red IvanhoeRight onAchim Breiling9.001
Burnin Red Ivanhoe6 ElefantskovcikadeviserAchim Breiling9.001
Burnin Red IvanhoeLive 1970-74Achim Breiling9.001
Kate BushLionheartJörg Schumann11.002
Kate BushKing of the Mountain (Single)Jochen Rindfrey9.001
Kate BushNever for everJörg Schumann10.502
C-SidesDevitrificationSiggy Zielinski9.001
C-SidesWe Are NowSiggy Zielinski9.001
CABCAB 4Kai Lorenz Kruppa10.002
J.A. Caesar & Tenjo SajikiShintokumaruNik Brückner11.502
Cage87/94Dennis Egbers9.002
Cage87/94Jürgen Meurer9.002
Dan CaineCascadesGunnar Claußen9.001
California Guitar TrioA Christmas AlbumThorsten Gürntke9.001
CálixCanções de BeurinKristian Selm9.001
CalliopeGenerazioniJürgen Meurer9.001
CamelA Nod And A WinkThomas Schüßler10.003
CamelRain DancesJochen Rindfrey8.503
CamelOn The Road 1981Jochen Rindfrey9.001
CamelCamelJochen Rindfrey8.502
CamelThe Snow GooseAchim Breiling11.673
CamelRajazAndreas Pläschke9.673
CamelI Can See Your House From HereHenning Mangold7.003
CamelMirageMarkus Peltner11.673
Camp HansenKeep Music ProgressiveJochen Rindfrey9.001
Campo di MarteConcerto Zero - Live 1972/2003Kristian Selm9.002
Campo di MarteConcerto Zero - Live 1972/2003Achim Breiling9.002
CanFlow MotionAchim Breiling7.002
CanOut Of ReachChristian Rode8.002
CanThe Legendary CanAndreas Pläschke8.502
CanamiiConceptAchim Breiling9.001
Los CanariosCiclosHorst Straske11.502
Cannabis IndiaSWF Session 1973Achim Breiling9.001
CANOTous dans l´meme bateauAchim Breiling9.001
CANOEclipseAchim Breiling9.001
Capillary ActionFragmentsChristian Rode9.502
Capitolo 6Frutti per KaguaAchim Breiling10.502
Captain BeefheartThe Lost BroadcastsAchim Breiling9.001
Captain BeefheartLive from Paris 1977Achim Breiling9.001
Captain BeefheartThe Spotlight KidSiggy Zielinski9.001
Captain BeyondCaptain BeyondRalf J. Günther9.001
Captain ObviousLive@Bar227-24.02.07Thomas Kohlruß9.001
CaravanParadise FilterChristian Rode8.002
CaravanCaravan and the New SymphoniaAchim Breiling9.673
CaravanAll Over YouJochen Rindfrey9.001
CaravanGreen Bottles For Marjorie - The Lost BBC SessionsAchim Breiling9.001
Franck CarducciOddityJürgen Wissing9.673
Alex CarpaniSo Close, So FarThomas Kohlruß9.001
Alex CarpaniWaterlineThomas Kohlruß9.002
Alex CarpaniWaterlineKristian Selm9.002
The Carpet KnightsLost and so strange is my mindKristian Selm8.002
CarptreeInsektSiggy Zielinski9.333
CarptreeMan Made MachineSiggy Zielinski10.754
CarptreeCarptreeKristian Selm10.002
CarptreeInsektHenning Mangold9.333
CastImaginary WindowKristian Selm9.502
CastAngels and demonsKristian Selm9.001
Il Castello di AtlanteCapitolo 7 - Tra le antiche muraKristian Selm9.001
Il Castello di AtlanteSono Io Il Signore Delle Terre A NordNik Brückner9.001
Casual SilenceLost In LifeMarcus Kästner6.502
CatacombeQuidamJochen Rindfrey9.002
CatacombeQuidamThomas Kohlruß9.002
CatapillaChangesHorst Straske10.002
CatharsisVolume 5 "Le Bolero du Veau des Dames"Achim Breiling9.502
CatharsisVolume III 32 marsAchim Breiling9.001
CatharsisVolume II Les "Chevrons"Achim Breiling9.001
Cats on the RoofPros and Cons of SolitudeGunnar Claußen8.502
Causa SuiReturn To SkyAchim Breiling9.502
Causa SuiCausa SuiAchim Breiling9.001
Cea SerinWhere memories combineThomas Kohlruß8.333
CentenaireCentenaireAndreas Hofmann9.001
Central ParkUnexpectedUdo Gerhards9.502
CentrozoonBlastAndreas Pläschke8.502
Cerberus ShoalAn Ongoing DINGAchim Breiling9.001
Il Cerchio d'OroIl Fuoco sotto la CenereJochen Rindfrey9.001
Il Cerchio d'OroDedalo e IcaroAchim Breiling10.002
Chac MoolEn Vivo 1980Achim Breiling9.001
ChameleonRisingAchim Breiling9.001
ChandelierTimecodeHorst Straske9.502
Chaos VentureOut (CD-Single)Siggy Zielinski9.001
Charming HostessPunchAchim Breiling10.502
Cheer-AccidentDumb AskJochen Rindfrey9.001
Cheer-AccidentEnduring the American DreamJochen Rindfrey9.001
Cheer-AccidentPutting Off DeathVolkmar Mantei10.002
Mikhail ChekalinAvoiding the desire for cutting and piercing objectsAchim Breiling9.001
Mikhail ChekalinA Pagan SuiteAchim Breiling9.001
Mikhail ChekalinGreen Symphony - Borderline StateAchim Breiling9.001
Chemical AliceCuriouser & CuriouserGünter Schote9.001
Chico Magnetic BandChico Magnetic BandAchim Breiling9.001
ChillumChillumAchim Breiling9.001
ChocoBubbles in Your Brain?Achim Breiling9.001
ChrisMaking SenseSiggy Zielinski9.001
Chroma KeyYou go nowThorsten Gürntke9.254
Chroma KeyYou go nowChristian Rode9.254
ChronosepticYour Story - Tales from withinSiggy Zielinski9.001
Suzanne CianiSeven WavesAchim Breiling9.001
José Cid10.000 Anos Depois Entre Vénus e MarteUdo Gerhards10.002
CincinnatoCincinnatoAchim Breiling9.001
Cinderella SearchCinderella SearchKristian Selm9.001
Cinema by PöngseLoopingsGunnar Claußen9.001
Cinema (DE)The Discovering of TimeJochen Rindfrey9.001
Circa:Live from Here There & EverywhereSiggy Zielinski8.333
Circa:HQNik Brückner9.001
Circa:Valley of the WindmillNik Brückner10.002
Circa:Live from Here There & EverywhereAndreas Pläschke8.333
CircleMannerJochen Rindfrey10.002
CircleAlotusMarkus Peltner10.673
CircleRakennusJochen Rindfrey9.001
CircleSunriseJochen Rindfrey10.502
Circu5Circu5Marc Colling8.502
CirculusClocks Are Like PeopleJochen Rindfrey9.502
CirculusThought Becomes RealityJochen Rindfrey9.001
Circus (GB)CircusAchim Breiling9.001
Circus (CH)CircusHeiko Westhagen10.002
Circus BrimstoneLive - BrimStoned In EuropeJörg Schumann10.002
Cirrus BayThe Search For JoySiggy Zielinski9.001
Città FrontaleEl TorAchim Breiling8.502
Clark-HutchinsonA=MH2Achim Breiling9.001
Clay Green's Polysorbate Masquerade BandChronicles of BubbledroidThomas Kohlruß9.001
Les Claypool and the Holy MackerelHighball with the DevilJochen Rindfrey9.502
Barry ClevelandMemory & ImaginationJochen Rindfrey9.002
Barry ClevelandMemory & ImaginationUdo Gerhards9.002
CliffhangerCircleKristian Selm9.001
CliffhangerMirror siteKristian Selm9.001
CliffhangerCold SteelGunnar Claußen9.502
CliffhangerNot To Be or Not To Be!Kristian Selm9.502
CloudkickerHelloGunnar Claußen9.001
Cloudkicker]]][[[Gunnar Claußen9.001
CloudkickerLoopGunnar Claußen9.001
CloudkickerLet Yourself Be HugeGunnar Claußen9.001
CloudscapeGlobal DramaGunnar Claußen9.001
ClusterGrosses WasserSiggy Zielinski9.001
ClusterCluster 71Achim Breiling9.001
CMUSpace CabaretAchim Breiling9.001
CodeineFrigid StarsJochen Rindfrey9.001
Nadav CohenLacunaJochen Rindfrey9.001
Collapse.Rebuild.Fail Again, Fail BetterJochen Rindfrey8.002
Roberto ColomboBotte da OrbiJochen Lohr10.002
ColorStarVia la MusicaKristian Selm8.002
ColosseumBread & CircusesSiggy Zielinski9.001
ColosseumThe Reunion Concerts 1994Ralf J. Günther9.001
Colossus Projects (Finnland)The Spaghetti Epic - Six Modern Prog Bands For Six ´70 Prog SuitesThomas Kohlruß9.001
Colossus Projects (Finnland)Dante's Purgatorio - The Divine Comedy Part IINik Brückner10.502
Colossus Projects (Finnland)Odyssey - The Greatest TaleHenning Mangold9.001
Combination HeadCombination HeadJochen Rindfrey9.001
Combo FHSituace na streseAchim Breiling9.001
CommunicConspiracy in MindKai Lorenz Kruppa9.001
Companyia Elèctrica DharmaL'OucomballaJochen Rindfrey9.001
Compáshalb nachts 3Jochen Rindfrey9.001
Conqueror74 GiorniThomas Kohlruß9.001
ContractionContractionAchim Breiling9.001
ContrarianMinor ComplexitiesThorsten Gürntke9.001
Julian CopeRite2Andreas Pläschke9.001
CorimaCorimaUdo Gerhards9.001
CorimaQuetzalcoatlGunnar Claußen9.502
CornucopiaFull HornJochen Rindfrey8.002
La Coscienza di ZenoSensitivitàNik Brückner9.502
Cosmic FallIn Search of Outer SpaceSiggy Zielinski9.001
cosmic groundcosmic groundGunnar Claußen11.605
CosmografThe Hay​-​Man DreamsSiggy Zielinski11.002
CosmografThe Man Left in SpaceSiggy Zielinski9.001
CosmografWhen Age Has Done Its DutyMarc Colling8.003
CosmografWhen Age Has Done Its DutyChristian Rode8.003
CosmosMind GamesGünter Schote9.001
Cosmos FactoryCosmos FactoryAchim Breiling9.001
CosmosquadSqadropheniaKai Lorenz Kruppa9.001
Mario CottarelliUna strana commediaSiggy Zielinski9.001
Mario Cottarelliprodigiosa macchinaThomas Kohlruß9.001
Coupla ProgEdmundo LopezAchim Breiling9.001
CourtFrost of watermelonKristian Selm9.001
Cracked MachineI, CosmonautSiggy Zielinski9.001
CredoThis Is What We DoDennis Egbers9.001
CredoAgainst reasonSiggy Zielinski9.002
CredoAgainst reasonAndreas Kiefer9.002
CredoRhetoricDennis Egbers9.001
CrematorPhase ÉlectroniqueGunnar Claußen10.002
Crippled Black PhoenixNew Dark AgeThomas Kohlruß9.001
CrossCross III: Changing poison into medicineHenning Mangold9.001
CrossDa CapoThomas Kohlruß9.001
David CrossMemos From PurgatoryJochen Rindfrey9.001
David CrossCloser Than SkinThomas Kohlruß9.502
David CrossAlive in the UnderworldKristian Selm9.001
Cryptic VisionIn a worldHenning Mangold9.002
Cryptic VisionIn a worldKristian Selm9.002
The Crystal CaravanThe Crystal CaravanThomas Kohlruß9.001
Crystal PalaceThrough The Years (1995 - 2005)Thomas Kohlruß9.001
Warren CuccurulloMachine LanguageSiggy Zielinski9.001
Culpeper's OrchardCulpeper's OrchardAchim Breiling9.001
Cure for GravityCure for GravitySiggy Zielinski9.001
Curved AirAir CutMarkus Peltner8.003
Curved AirLovechildAndreas Pläschke8.502
cut_MillionairheadThomas Kohlruß9.001
CyanRemasteredAndreas Kiefer9.001
CynicFocusNik Brückner9.504
Holger CzukayLinear CityJochen Rindfrey9.001
Holger CzukayRome Remains RomeRalf J. Günther9.001
The D ProjectThe Sagarmatha ProjectChristian Rode9.502
DadaCastle wall / The House In The MirrorAchim Breiling9.001
DadaCastle WallAchim Breiling9.001
DaedalusMotherlandGunnar Claußen9.001
Patricia DallioProcessionAchim Breiling9.001
Daltonriflessioni: idea d'infinitoAchim Breiling9.001
DanteWhen We Were BeautifulGunnar Claußen9.754
D'ArcanaPremonitionsHenning Mangold9.001
Dark SunsEverchildMarc Colling10.502
Darwin's RadioEyes of the worldHenning Mangold9.001
DarXtarTombolaKristian Selm8.502
DarXtarWe came too lateKristian Selm9.001
Days before tomorrowThe sky is fallingSiggy Zielinski9.001
Days Between StationsIn ExtremisHarald Schmidt9.002
Days Between StationsIn ExtremisJochen Rindfrey9.002
Marco De AngelisNext StationMarc Colling9.001
Dead Air RadioStrange FrequenciesChristian Rode9.001
Deadburger FactoryMicroonde/VibroplettriSiggy Zielinski9.001
Deadsoul TribeDeadsoul TribeThorsten Gürntke9.001
Deadsoul TribeThe January TreeGeorg Heep9.001
Deadwood ForestMellodramaticUdo Gerhards9.502
The Declining WinterHaunt the Upper HallwaysJochen Rindfrey9.001
Deer Park RangerBottom of the OceanJochen Rindfrey9.001
DefectoExcludedGunnar Claußen9.001
Dein SchattenEwiges EisJochen Rindfrey9.001
Déjà-Vu (Nor)Between The LeavesKristian Selm9.502
Del ReyImmemorialJochen Rindfrey9.001
DeliriumIl Nome Del VentoWolfram Ehrhardt9.001
DeliriumIII (Viaggio negli Arcipelaghi del Tempo)Jochen Lohr8.002
DeliriumIl Viaggio Continua: la Storia 1970-2010Achim Breiling9.001
DeliriumDolce AcquaJochen Lohr9.001
DeliveryFools MeetingKristian Selm9.002
DeliveryFools MeetingAchim Breiling9.002
Delusion SquaredThe Final DelusionGunnar Claußen10.002
Delusion SquaredAnthropoceneMarc Colling8.502
Joe Deninzon & StratospheeriusThe Adventures Of StratospheeriusThomas Kohlruß9.001
Derby DerbyLove DanceSiggy Zielinski9.001
Desert Mountain TribeOm Parvat MysterySiggy Zielinski9.001
Desert WizardsRavensSiggy Zielinski9.001
DestraJoe's RhapsodyDennis Egbers9.001
Devin Townsend ProjectGunnar Claußen10.502
DFA4THAchim Breiling9.502
Diamond GlossBearsSiggy Zielinski9.001
Dice (Dt)Eternity's OceanSiggy Zielinski8.502
Dice (Dt)Time in eleven PicturesAndreas Kiefer9.502
Dice (Dt)WaterworldChristian Rode9.001
Dice (Swe)DiceUdo Gerhards9.502
Dice (Dt)Versus without versus - End PartAndreas Pläschke9.001
Dice (Swe)The Four Riders of the ApocalypseUdo Gerhards9.502
DiefenbachRun Trip FallJochen Rindfrey9.001
Different LightIcons That WeepJürgen Wissing9.001
DillingerDillingerAchim Breiling9.001
DillingerDon´t lie to the bandAchim Breiling9.001
Dimension XImplications of a Genetic DefenceMichael Büttgen8.002
Din WithinAwaken the ManRalf J. Günther9.001
Klaus Dinger + Pre-Japandorf2000!Jochen Rindfrey9.001
Dirty Sound MagnetWestern LiesSiggy Zielinski9.001
DisasterpeaceLevelJochen Rindfrey9.001
Discipline.Live DaysMartin Dambeck9.502 1995 (DVD)Martin Dambeck9.001
Discipline.Unfolded Like StaircaseUdo Gerhards11.002
DissonatiReductio Ad AbsurdumSiggy Zielinski9.001
District 97Trouble With MachinesGunnar Claußen11.504
The Divine Baze OrchestraOnce we were born...Thomas Kohlruß9.001
Divine RealmTectum ArgentiGunnar Claußen9.001
Division By ZeroTyranny of TherapyMark Wahl9.001
Dixie DregsNight of the Living DregsRalf J. Günther9.001
Djam KaretThe Ritual ContinuesThomas Kohlruß9.001
Djam KaretBurning the hard cityKristian Selm9.001
Djam KaretSuspension & displacementKristian Selm9.001
Djam KaretAscensionThomas Kohlruß9.001
Djam KaretNew Dark AgeSiggy Zielinski8.673
DjamraKamihitoeHorst Straske9.502
Do Make Say ThinkDo Make Say ThinkAchim Breiling9.001
Do Make Say Thinkgoodbye enemy airship the landlord is deadAchim Breiling9.001
Dol TheetaThe Universe ExpandsSiggy Zielinski9.001
Troy Donockley & Dave BainbridgeWhen worlds collideKristian Selm9.001
Dorian OperaCrusade 1212Michael Büttgen8.502
Double NelsonUn Sentiment EtrangeSiggy Zielinski9.001
Douze AlfonsoCharles DarwinJörg Schumann9.503
Douze AlfonsoThe lost frontierJörg Schumann8.002
Downes Braide AssociationSkyscraper SoulsSiggy Zielinski9.001
Dr. Dopo JamEntreeAchim Breiling9.001
Dragon (NZ)Universal RadioHorst Straske9.001
DragonflyDragonflyHorst Straske9.001
Bob DrakeWhat Day Is It?Achim Breiling9.001
Dramatic IronyPoem without rhymeThorsten Gürntke8.502
Dream The Electric SleepHereticsSiggy Zielinski9.502
Dream TheaterOctavariumMarc Colling10.297
Dream TheaterWhen Dream And Day UniteDaniel Bosen11.003
Dream TheaterDream TheaterGunnar Claußen8.673
Dream TheaterMajesty - the official 1986 DemoJörg Schumann9.001
Dream TheaterSix degrees of inner turbulenceThorsten Gürntke6.003
Dream TheaterWhen Dream And Day UniteJörg Schumann11.003
Dream TheaterBlack Clouds & Silver LiningsChristian Rode10.002
DreamscapeEnd Of SilenceThomas Kohlruß9.001
DredgLeitmotifMarkus Peltner9.001
Glen DroverMetalusionThomas Kohlruß9.502
DruidFluid DruidHorst Straske10.002
Drum CircusMagic TheatreAchim Breiling9.001
Krzysztof DudaAltusAchim Breiling9.001
Dura MaterDura MaterUdo Gerhards9.001
Dustin BehmThe BeyondPeter Meyer9.001
E. A. PoeGenerazioni (Storia di sempre)Horst Straske9.001
E MotiveE MotiveUdo Gerhards8.502
Earth & FireSong Of The Marching ChildrenAchim Breiling8.002
Earth & FireAtlantisHorst Straske8.502
EarthworksEarthworksUdo Gerhards9.001
EarthworksThe Sound Of SurpriseSal Pichireddu9.001
East Wind PotEast Wind PotMarcus Kästner9.002
East Wind PotEast Wind PotRalf J. Günther9.002
EatlizHey/Big FishNik Brückner9.001
Ebu GogoChase Scenes 1-14Andreas Hofmann9.001
Echo CityLoss of the church (with Siren Project)Jochen Rindfrey10.002
Echo UsThe Tide DecidesThomas Kohlruß9.001
EcholynJersey Tomato Vol.2Andreas Pläschke10.003
EclatEclat de versKristian Selm9.001
EdenErwartungHorst Straske9.001
Eden ShadowMelodies for MaladiesThorsten Gürntke8.502
EdgendA New IdentitySiggy Zielinski9.001
EFGive Me Beauty...Or Give Me Death!Jochen Rindfrey9.001
EffloresceShades of FateMarkus Wierschem9.001
EfterklangPiramidaMarc Colling9.502
EggThe Civil SurfaceAchim Breiling9.673
Ego EimiTranscendental DiseasesChristian Rode9.001
Ego EimiThe Door of HeartChristian Rode9.001
Alf Emil EikJoy and Breath of EternityJürgen Meurer9.001
EiliffEiliffAchim Breiling10.002
EiliffGirlrlsJochen Lohr9.502
EiliffClose Encounter With Their Third OneUdo Gerhards9.002
EiliffClose Encounter With Their Third OneKristian Selm9.002
EkosLuz InternaChristian Rode9.001
ElbowThe Seldom Seen KidJochen Rindfrey10.004
Electric Light OrchestraEldoradoMarkus Peltner9.673
Electric Light OrchestraLive: The Early YearsJochen Rindfrey9.001
Electric Light OrchestraFace the MusicKristian Selm8.502
Electric Light OrchestraLive at Winterland '76Jochen Rindfrey9.001
Electric Light OrchestraNo Answer (a.k.a The Electric Light Orchestra)Udo Gerhards10.002
Electric Light OrchestraDiscoveryPeter Meyer5.333
Electric Light OrchestraThe Night the Light Went on in Long BeachJochen Rindfrey9.502
Electric LitanyEnduring Days you will overcomeSiggy Zielinski9.001
Electric Orange & Sula BassanaElectric Orange & Sula BassanaChristian Rode9.001
Elfferich FourEccentricityJochen Rindfrey9.001
EllevenTransfictionThomas Kohlruß9.001
Brian EllisCosmic PerspectiveGunnar Claußen9.001
EloyMetromaniaJochen Rindfrey8.673
EloyRaAndreas Pläschke6.504
EloyOcean 2 - The AnswerThorsten Gürntke10.504
EloyThe Tides Return ForeverAndreas Pläschke9.205
EloyMetromaniaChristian Rode8.673
EloyTime to TurnJochen Rindfrey10.003
EloyTime to TurnSiggy Zielinski10.003
EloySilent Cries & Mighty EchoesThomas Schüßler10.605
EloyDawnChristian Rode9.005
EloyThe Tides Return ForeverSiggy Zielinski9.205
EmeraldCrown of CreationHenning Mangold9.001
Keith EmersonAt The MoviesNik Brückner9.502
Keith EmersonBest RevengeNik Brückner8.002
Keith EmersonLa ChiesaSiggy Zielinski9.001
Keith EmersonChanging StatesNik Brückner9.003
Keith Emerson and The NiceVivacitas - Live at Glasgow 2002Kristian Selm9.502
Emerson, Lake & PalmerWorks, Volume 2Jürgen Gallitz-Duckar5.119
Emerson, Lake & PalmerWelcome Back (DVD)Nik Brückner9.001
Emerson, Lake & PalmerWorks, Volume 2Jörg Schumann5.119
Emerson, Lake & PalmerBest of the BootlegsAchim Breiling9.001
Emerson, Lake & PalmerWorks, Volume 1Nik Brückner8.005
Emerson, Lake & Palmer...welcome back my friends High Voltage Festival 2010 40th AnniversaryRoland Heil9.001
EmmeleyaOpium VisionGunnar Claußen9.001
EmpireEmpire Mark IAndreas Pläschke9.001
Empty TremorEros and ThanatosDennis Egbers9.001
Empty TremorIridiumThomas Kohlruß9.001
EnborKatebegiakJochen Rindfrey9.001
EnchantThe Great DivideJörg Schumann7.002
EnchantBlink of an eyeHenning Mangold7.003
EnchantTime LostJörg Schumann10.502
The EndElementaryThorsten Gürntke9.001
EnergitPiknikAchim Breiling9.001
Die Engel des HerrnDie Engel des HerrnJochen Rindfrey9.001
Die Engel des HerrnLive! As: Hippie-PunksJochen Rindfrey9.001
L'EngouleventL'île où vivent les loupsJochen Rindfrey9.001
The EnidIn The Region Of The Summer StarsAchim Breiling10.002
The EnidSomething Wicked This Way ComesThomas Schüßler9.001
The EnidWhite GoddessThomas Schüßler9.001
The EnidThe Music Of William Arkle and Other RecordingsNik Brückner9.001
Ensemble NimbusScapegoatUdo Gerhards9.001
L'Ensemble RayéLes contrepoints cardinauxAchim Breiling9.001
Ephel DuathHemmed By Light, Shaped By DarknessFlorian Dietmaier9.001
EpidaurusEarthly ParadiseAchim Breiling10.333
EpidaurusEarthly ParadiseJochen Rindfrey10.333
EpidermisJune 1975Nik Brückner9.001
ErgoMultitude, SolitudeMichael Büttgen9.001
Erna SchmidtLive 69-71Kristian Selm8.502
Lothar-Michael Ernst & The Full Moon BandStranded on Inner ShoresSiggy Zielinski9.002
Eroc & Urs FuchsEurosonic ExperiencesJochen Rindfrey9.001
ErrobiBizi-BizianJochen Rindfrey9.001
EsagonoVicoloAchim Breiling9.001
EscharElementsGunnar Claußen9.001
EskatonFictionAndreas Pläschke9.003
Esmarkmāra IAchim Breiling9.001
Esmarkmāra IIAchim Breiling9.001
EspersIIJochen Rindfrey9.001
EspirituCrisalidaHorst Straske9.001
Esthetic PaleTales From An Ancient RealmThorsten Gürntke9.001
EstradasphereIts understoodAchim Breiling9.001
Eternity's EndThe Fire WithinGunnar Claußen9.001
EtnaEtnaAchim Breiling10.002
EtoxDeepwater RisingSiggy Zielinski8.502
Etron Fou LeloublanLes Sillons De La TerreAchim Breiling9.001
Etron Fou LeloublanBatelangesAchim Breiling9.001
Eulenspygel2Kristian Selm9.001
EurasiailmondorovescioAchim Breiling9.001
EvergreyA Night To Remember - Live 2004Kristian Selm8.502
EvergreyThe Dark DiscoverySiggy Zielinski9.001
EveronParadoxesGünter Schote8.002
EveronFantasmaMarkus Peltner8.754
EveronBridgeHenning Mangold10.502
EveronNorthHenning Mangold9.673
Exmagma3Achim Breiling9.001
Expired UtopiaExpired UtopiaGunnar Claußen9.001
Explorers ClubAge of ImpactJörg Schumann7.673
ExponentUpside DownAchim Breiling9.001
ExxasensEleven MilesSiggy Zielinski9.001
EyestringsConsumptionThomas Schüßler9.001
EyevoryEuphobiaSiggy Zielinski11.002
EyevoryThe True BequestThomas Kohlruß9.001
Fall Of EchoesRed TreeKristian Selm6.502
Fallen FowlDo They Love You Now ?Nik Brückner9.001
FamilyBBC Radio 1 Live in concertAndreas Pläschke9.001
FamilyAnywayAndreas Pläschke10.002
FamilyFrom past archivesAndreas Pläschke9.001
Fantasy (US)FantasyAchim Breiling9.001
Fashion PinkencoreAchim Breiling9.001
Fates WarningThe spectre withinGeorg Heep7.502
Fates WarningNight on BröckenGeorg Heep7.002
Fates WarningDisconnectedJörg Schumann10.004
Fates WarningA Pleasant Shade of GrayJörg Graf11.676
Fates WarningXGeorg Heep10.405
Fates WarningXMarc Colling10.405
Faun FablesBorn of the SunJochen Rindfrey9.001
FaustFaustimpressionsAchim Breiling9.001
Faust71 Minutes Of...Andreas Pläschke10.002
FaustFaustAchim Breiling11.003
FaustEdinburgh 1997Achim Breiling9.002
FaustThe Faust Concerts Vol. 2Andreas Pläschke9.001
FaustEdinburgh 1997Andreas Pläschke9.002
Fear Of FlyingFear Of FlyingWolfram Ehrhardt9.001
Ferdinand & les philosophesEnsableur de PortugaisesAchim Breiling9.001
FermataSimile...Kristian Selm9.001
F.G. Experimental LaboratoryJourney into a dreamAchim Breiling9.001
Fibonacci SequenceNumerologySiggy Zielinski10.002
FicciónSobre La Cresta De La OlaHorst Straske8.002
Final ConflictAnother Moment In Time (DVD)Dennis Egbers9.001
The Final SeasonThe Final Season (EP)Markus Wierschem9.001
Finally GeorgeLife is a KillerSiggy Zielinski9.001
FinisterreIn Ogni LuogoJochen Rindfrey8.673
FinisterreLive...Ai margini della terra fertileKristian Selm9.502
Finneus GaugeOne Inch Of The FallUdo Gerhards9.001
FireballetTwo, Too ...Nik Brückner8.333
First Band From Outer SpaceWe're Only In It For The SpacerockKristian Selm9.333
FishRaingods With ZipposGünter Schote9.003
FishFellini DaysGünter Schote8.003
FishField of CrowsGünter Schote10.502
FishFellini DaysThorsten Gürntke8.003
FishSunsets on EmpireGünter Schote11.333
Gregory Allan FitzPatrickSnorungarnas SymphoniAchim Breiling9.001
Five FifteenDeath Of A ClownKristian Selm9.502
Five FifteenPsychedelic singalongs for stadiumsKristian Selm9.001
FjieriWords Are All We HaveHarald Schmidt10.502
Flamen DialisSymptome - DeiAchim Breiling8.254
Flamen DialisSymptome - DeiAndreas Pläschke8.254
The Flaming LipsThe Flaming Lips and Stardeath and White Dwarfs with Henry Rollins and Peaches Doing The Dark Side of the MoonRalf J. Günther9.673
The Flaming LipsAt War With The MysticsJochen Rindfrey9.001
The Flaming LipsThe Flaming Lips and Stardeath and White Dwarfs with Henry Rollins and Peaches Doing The Dark Side of the MoonChristian Rode9.673
FlashIn the canAndreas Pläschke8.002
FlashOut of our handsAndreas Pläschke9.001
Fläsket BrinnerFläsket BrinnerAchim Breiling9.001
Fläsket BrinnerFläsketAchim Breiling9.001
FloraSeiThomas Kohlruß9.502
FloraTraiettorie di VolanoJochen Rindfrey9.001
Hugo FloresAtlantisChristian Rode7.002
The Flower KingsInstant Delivery (DVD)Thomas Kohlruß10.002
The Flower KingsThe RainmakerThorsten Gürntke8.405
The Flower KingsThe Sum of no EvilChristian Rode9.205
The Flower KingsThe Sum of no EvilRalf J. Günther9.205
The Flower KingsMeet the Flower Kings: live recording 2003 (DVD)Thomas Kohlruß8.333
The Flower KingsFan Club CD 2000Kristian Selm7.002
The Flower KingsFlowerpowerThorsten Gürntke8.206
The Flower KingsAdam & EveThomas Kohlruß8.258
The Flower KingsFlowerpowerAndreas Pläschke8.206
The Flower KingsSpace RevolverJörg Schumann10.176
The Flower KingsMeet the Flower Kings: live recording 2003 (DVD)Nik Brückner8.333
The Flower KingsDesolation RoseThomas Kohlruß7.205
The Flower KingsThe Sum of no EvilJörg Schumann9.205
The Flower KingsSpace RevolverUdo Gerhards10.176
Flower Travellin' BandAnywhereAchim Breiling9.001
Flute & VoiceImaginations of LightAchim Breiling9.001
FLUTTR EFFECTMarking TimeThorsten Gürntke10.502
Flying CircusSeasonsKristian Selm9.001
Flying ColorsFlying ColorsJürgen Wissing9.504
Flying ColorsSecond NaturePiotre Walter9.502
FlyteDawn DancerHorst Straske9.001
FMBlack NoiseAchim Breiling11.002
FocusThe Focus Family AlbumSiggy Zielinski9.001
FocusShip of MemoriesRalf J. Günther9.001
FocusFocus 8.5 / Beyond the HorizonMarc Colling9.001
FonyaIn FluxJochen Rindfrey9.001
For Absent FriendsIllusionsGünter Schote9.001
The For CarnationPromised WorksJochen Rindfrey9.001
Foreign SpacesSpheresAndreas Pläschke9.001
Forgas Band PhenomenaSoleil 12Achim Breiling10.333
Forgas Band PhenomenaExtra-LucideAchim Breiling9.001
Forgas Band PhenomenaRoue LibreAchim Breiling9.001
Forgotten SunsFiction Edge 1 (Ascent)Thorsten Gürntke9.333
Forgotten SunsFiction Edge 1 (Ascent)Martin Dambeck9.333
Formula TreSognando e risognandoAchim Breiling9.001
La Forza Elettro MotriceSulla Bolla di SaponeGunnar Claußen9.673
The FoundationDepartureHorst Straske9.502
Fountain Of YouthBlind Faith (EP)Marcus Kästner9.001
FractalSequiturJochen Rindfrey9.001
Fractal MirrorStrange AttractorsSiggy Zielinski9.001
FraktalAsk The RabbitThomas Kohlruß9.001
frames124EPThomas Kohlruß9.001
FrameshiftUnweaving The RainbowChristian Rode10.002
Chris(topher) FrankeBabylon 5 (Volume 2:Messages from Earth)Siggy Zielinski9.001
Franz K.Rock in DeutschAchim Breiling9.001
Free LoveApocalypseThomas Kohlruß9.002
Free LoveApocalypseHorst Straske9.002
French, Frith, Kaiser, ThompsonInvisible MeansJochen Rindfrey9.001
French TVYoo-Hoo!!!Udo Gerhards9.001
Frequency DriftPersonal Effects (part one)Thomas Kohlruß9.502
Frequency DriftLetters To MaroJochen Rindfrey10.004
Frequency DriftLetters To MaroMarc Colling10.004
Frequency DriftPersonal Effects (part two)Jochen Rindfrey9.673
Friends of Dean MartinezAtardecerJochen Rindfrey9.001
Friends of Dean MartinezLost HorizonJochen Rindfrey9.001
Friends of Dean MartinezWichita LinemanJochen Rindfrey9.001
Robert FrippExposureChristian Rode12.406
Fabio FrizziManhattan BabyGunnar Claußen9.001
FrobFrobAchim Breiling9.001
Edgar FroeseMacula transferSiggy Zielinski9.001
Edgar FroeseAmbient Highway Vol.4Siggy Zielinski9.001
Edgar FroeseAmbient Highway Vol.2Siggy Zielinski9.001
Frogg CaféThe Safenzee DiariesMartin Dambeck10.333
Frogg CaféOn The LillypaddThomas Kohlruß9.502
Frogg CaféFortunate Observer Of TimeRalf J. Günther10.754
Peter FrohmaderNekropolis 2Achim Breiling9.001
Peter FrohmaderMusik aus dem SchattenreichAchim Breiling9.001
Peter FrohmaderThe Awakening - Nekropolis Live ´79Achim Breiling9.001
Peter FrohmaderCycle Of EternityAchim Breiling9.001
From Monument To MassesOn Little Known FrequenciesThomas Kohlruß8.502
FrostMilliontownRalf J. Günther8.673
FrostMilliontownThomas Kohlruß8.673
FruuppModern MasqueradesAchim Breiling10.002
FuchsiaFuchsiaJochen Rindfrey9.001
Führs & FröhlingAmmerlandJochen Rindfrey9.502
Führs & FröhlingDiaryJochen Rindfrey9.001
FungusCareful!Jochen Rindfrey9.001
FushitsushaAllegorical MisunderstandingAchim Breiling9.001
FusionFusionAndreas Pläschke9.002
FusionFusionUdo Gerhards9.002
The Future Kings of EnglandThe Viewing PointWolfram Ehrhardt9.001
The Future Kings of EnglandThe Fate of Old Mother OrvisJürgen Gallitz-Duckar10.002
The Future Kings of EnglandWho is This Who is Coming?Siggy Zielinski10.002
FuturopacoFuturopacoAchim Breiling9.001
Claudio GabbianiNightnursingThomas Kohlruß9.001
Gabriel BondageAngel DustAchim Breiling9.001
Peter GabrielSoChristian Rode9.502
Peter GabrielIIJochen Rindfrey10.504
Peter GabrielPlays LiveThomas Thielen9.333
Peter GabrielUsJörg Schumann10.205
Peter GabrielPassion (Soundtrack: The Last Temptation of Christ)Thomas Thielen11.002
Peter GabrielLong Walk Home - Music from The Rabbit-Proof FenceDirk Reuter9.001
GäaAuf der Bahn zum UranusJochen Rindfrey8.003
GaladrielMindscapersKristian Selm7.002
GalahadMein Herz brennt (EP)Günter Schote9.001
GalahadBattle ScarsJürgen Wissing10.003
GalahadSleepersDennis Egbers9.001
GalahadBattle ScarsGünter Schote10.003
GalahadNothing Is WrittenDennis Egbers9.001
GalahadSeize the Day (EP)Günter Schote9.001
GalahadFollowing GhostsKristian Selm9.001
Galaxy-LinGalaxy-LinAchim Breiling9.001
GandalfFrom Source To SeaSiggy Zielinski8.002
GandalfTale From A Long Forgotten KingdomJochen Rindfrey9.001
GandalfTo Another HorizonJochen Rindfrey9.001
GandalfMagic TheatreJochen Rindfrey9.001
GandalfVisions 2001Henning Mangold9.001
GandalfEchoes from ancient dreamsSiggy Zielinski9.001
Haxel GarbiniUriSiggy Zielinski9.001
GarfieldStrange StreetsAchim Breiling9.001
GargamelDescendingGünter Schote9.333
GargamelWatch For The UmblesHenning Mangold10.754
GargamelDescendingThomas Schüßler9.333
Michael GarrisonImagesJochen Rindfrey9.001
Michael GarrisonAurora DawnJochen Rindfrey9.001
Brett GarsedDark MatterSiggy Zielinski9.001
The GatheringSuperheatThorsten Gürntke10.002
Gatto MarteMarte Sulla LunaThomas Kohlruß9.001
GaudiMagneticSiggy Zielinski9.001
GazpachoFirebirdGünter Schote11.003
GazpachoMissa AtroposGünter Schote9.754
GazpachoDemonPiotre Walter12.605
GazpachoMissa AtroposJürgen Wissing9.754
GazpachoMarch of GhostsGünter Schote11.004
GazpachoMissa AtroposMarc Colling9.754
GazpachoNightThomas Schüßler10.676
Peter GeeThe BibleMarc Colling9.001
GenesisThe Way We Walk Vol.1 - The Shorts (Live)Christian Rode5.673
GenesisGenesisChristian Rode7.504
GenesisDukeJörg Schumann7.577
GenesisSeconds OutMichael Weinel11.004
GenesisThe Lamb lies down on BroadwayJörg Schumann11.504
GenesisA Trick Of The TailJörg Schumann10.754
GenesisTrespassRalf J. Günther11.205
GenesisThree Sides LiveAndreas Pläschke9.754
GenesisSelling England by the PoundNik Brückner12.717
GenesisLive - Helsinki, Fi, 11-06-07Siggy Zielinski9.001
GenesisGenesis LiveNik Brückner10.003
GenesisThe Lamb lies down on BroadwayNik Brückner11.504
GenesisDukeNik Brückner7.577
GenesisAnd Then There Were ThreeSiggy Zielinski8.258
GenesisAbacabAndreas Hofmann6.676
GenfuocoDentro l'invisibleAchim Breiling10.002
Ax GenrichSpontaneous CombustionJochen Rindfrey9.001
Gentle GiantCivilianHorst Straske7.254
Gentle GiantIn ConcertJochen Rindfrey9.001
Gentle GiantThe Last StepsSiggy Zielinski9.001
Gentle GiantEndless LifeSiggy Zielinski9.001
GhostSecond Time AroundAchim Breiling9.001
Ghost CircusCyclesGünter Schote9.001
Ghost IslandAssimilationGunnar Claußen9.502
Ghost MedicineDiscontinuanceHarald Schmidt9.001
Giant HedgehogGiant HedgehogAchim Breiling9.001
Giardini di MiròPunk... Not Diet!Jochen Rindfrey9.001
The GiftAwake & DreamingThomas Kohlruß9.333
GilaNight worksKristian Selm8.002
Kristoffer GildenlöwRustSiggy Zielinski9.001
Giles, Giles & FrippThe Brondesbury TapesSiggy Zielinski9.001
GilgameshGilgameshUdo Gerhards10.002
David GilmourRattle that LockMarc Colling8.002
David GilmourDavid GilmourSiggy Zielinski7.003
David GilmourDavid GilmourPiotre Walter7.003
Gordon GiltrapFear of the DarkAchim Breiling8.502
GingerFrom the RoadSiggy Zielinski9.001
GingerSeahorseGunnar Claußen9.502
Marcello GiombiniComputer DiscoGunnar Claußen9.001
Michael GiraDrainlandJochen Rindfrey9.001
Glass HammerThe Inconsolable SecretThomas Kohlruß8.504
Glass HammerOn To Evermore - The Story Of Ariana And The SculptorThomas Kohlruß8.333
Glass HammerThe Inconsolable SecretHenning Mangold8.504
Glass HammerLive At Belmont (DVD)Thomas Kohlruß7.002
Glass HammerThe Inconsolable SecretJörg Schumann8.504
Glass HammerIFMarc Colling8.336
Glass HammerOn To Evermore - The Story Of Ariana And The SculptorKristian Selm8.333
Glass HammerCulture of AscentRalf J. Günther8.805
Glass HammerIFThomas Kohlruß8.336
Globalys03.02.01Jörg Schumann9.002
Globalys03.02.01Ralf J. Günther9.002
Thomas GlönklerAuszeitJürgen Meurer11.002
Thomas GlönklerGoldstadtHorst Straske9.836
GoadMasqueradeChristian Rode9.001
GoadThe WoodThomas Kohlruß9.001
GoblinZombiAchim Breiling9.001
GoblinRollerAchim Breiling10.502
GoblinTenebreAchim Breiling9.001
GoblinPatrickAchim Breiling9.001
GoblinPhenomenaAchim Breiling9.001
Godspeed You! Black Emperor'Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress'Jochen Rindfrey9.001
GodsticksThe Envisage ConundrumMarc Colling10.673
GojiraMagmaGunnar Claußen9.001
Golden CavesCollisionSiggy Zielinski9.001
GolemOrion AwakesAchim Breiling9.001
GongParagong Live ´73Achim Breiling9.001
GongLive on TV 1990Heiko Westhagen9.002
GongContinental CircusAchim Breiling9.001
Gong2032Achim Breiling9.001
GongLive au Bataclan - 1973Achim Breiling9.001
GongShamalAchim Breiling10.002
GongLive on TV 1990Andreas Pläschke9.002
GongAngel's EggJochen Rindfrey11.673
Pierre Moerlen's GongDownwindSiggy Zielinski9.001
Pierre Moerlen's GongPentanineSiggy Zielinski9.001
GongzillaLiveThomas Kohlruß9.001
Jerry Goodman & Jan HammerLike ChildrenAchim Breiling9.001
GoticEscénesHorst Straske9.502
The GourishankarClose GripJochen Rindfrey9.001
Grace Cathedral ParkIn The Evenings of RegretJochen Rindfrey9.001
Gracious!Gracious!Horst Straske9.002
Gracious!Gracious!Jochen Rindfrey9.002
Harald GrambergGravitationSiggy Zielinski9.001
Gran Turismo VeloceDi Carne, Di AnimaMarc Colling10.002
GranadaHablo de una tierraAchim Breiling9.502
GranadaValle del pasHorst Straske9.502
The Grand SheepThe Grand SheepThomas Kohlruß9.001
Minne GrawAusgeträumtJochen Rindfrey6.502
The Green ViolinistMore Thrill & Never Ending BlessingsHarald Schmidt9.001
GreensladeThe Birthday Album - Live in Switzerland 1974Jochen Rindfrey9.001
GreensladeSpyglass GuestNik Brückner9.673
Dave GreensladeThe Pentateuch Of The CosmogonyThomas Kohlruß9.002
Dave GreensladeThe Pentateuch Of The CosmogonyNik Brückner9.002
Grey Lady DownThe Time of our LivesJürgen Wissing9.001
GreyhavensameDennis Egbers9.001
GreylevelOpus OneJürgen Gallitz-Duckar9.001
GritsAs The World GritsJochen Rindfrey9.502
GrobschnittGrobschnittJochen Rindfrey10.333
GrobschnittThe History of Solar Music Vol. 5Andreas Pläschke9.502
GrobschnittMerry-Go-RoundPiotre Walter8.333
Grobschnitt2008 LiveKristian Selm9.001
GrobschnittMerry-Go-RoundJochen Rindfrey8.333
GroovectorDarklubing at TavastiaAndreas Pläschke9.001
The Group (Fin.)The GroupAchim Breiling9.001
Group 1850Paradise NowAchim Breiling9.001
Sven GrünbergOMAchim Breiling9.001
Piotrek GruszkaCosmogenesisGunnar Claußen9.001
GryphonTreasonNik Brückner9.502
GuadalquivirGuadalquivirAchim Breiling9.001
GuadalquivirCamino Del ConciertoAchim Breiling9.001
GuapoDeath SeedAchim Breiling9.001
GuapoTwisted StemsAchim Breiling9.001
Guerilla TossGay DiscoNik Brückner9.002
Gugu FluxSatellitenavigationJochen Rindfrey9.001
GuildensternGuildensternJochen Rindfrey9.001
Guru GuruUfoAchim Breiling9.502
Guru GuruGuru GuruUdo Gerhards9.001
Guru GuruMani und seine FreundeJochen Rindfrey8.002
Guru GuruThe Birth of Krautrock 1969Achim Breiling9.001
Guru Guru2000 GurusAchim Breiling9.001
Gypsy KyssGroovy SoupThorsten Gürntke9.001
h (Steve Hogarth)Naked in the ChapelGünter Schote9.001
h (Steve Hogarth)Live Spirit Live BodyGünter Schote9.001
Steve HackettMetamorpheusSal Pichireddu9.502
Steve HackettPlease Don't TouchJörg Schumann10.333
Steve HackettVoyage Of The AcolyteMarkus Peltner9.805
Steve HackettTimeless (MCD)Michael Weinel9.001
Steve HackettLive Archive 05Siggy Zielinski9.001
Steve HackettLive Archive 70's NewcastleAndreas Pläschke9.001
Steve HackettVoyage Of The AcolyteThomas Thielen9.805
Steve HackettThe Tokyo Tapes (DVD)Nik Brückner9.001
Hagen von BergenJetztSiggy Zielinski9.001
HakenAffinityThorsten Gürntke10.004
HakenAffinityMarc Colling10.004
HakenEnter The 5th DimensionThomas Kohlruß9.001
Hal & RingAlchemyRalf J. Günther9.502
HällasExcerpts From A Future PastPeter Meyer10.002
HalloweenLazHorst Straske9.001
HamadryadSafe In ConformityThorsten Gürntke9.003
HamadryadLive in France 2006Thomas Kohlruß9.254
Peter HammillTidesAndreas Pläschke9.002
Peter HammillFool's MateJochen Rindfrey9.605
Peter HammillOut Of WaterJochen Rindfrey9.002
Peter HammillOffensichtlich GoldfischJochen Rindfrey9.002
Peter HammillIn A Foreign TownAndreas Pläschke8.502
Peter HammillTidesJochen Rindfrey9.002
Peter HammillThere Goes The DaylightJochen Rindfrey9.002
Peter HammillSitting TargetsJochen Rindfrey9.003
Peter HammillThe Fall of the House of UsherJochen Rindfrey7.502
Peter HammillThere Goes The DaylightAndreas Pläschke9.002
Peter HammillFool's MateThomas Schüßler9.605
Peter HammillSpur of the Moment (Peter Hammill & Guy Evans)Jochen Rindfrey8.502
Peter HammillFool's MateAndreas Pläschke9.605
Peter HammillOffensichtlich GoldfischAndreas Pläschke9.002
Peter HammillOut Of WaterAndreas Pläschke9.002
HandsHandsRalf Damaschke10.002
Bo HanssonLord Of The RingsAndreas Pläschke6.577
Bo HanssonAttic ThoughtsJochen Rindfrey9.002
Bo HanssonAttic ThoughtsMichael Weinel9.002
Bo HanssonMusic Inspired By Watership DownJochen Rindfrey8.502
Hansson & KarlssonHansson & KarlssonAchim Breiling9.001
Happy The ManThe Muse AwakensThomas Schüßler9.502
Happy The ManCrafty HandsRalf Damaschke11.754
Happy The ManBeginningsNik Brückner9.502
HarantWordlessChristian Rode9.001
Roy HarperThe BBC Tapes Volume IIIAndreas Pläschke9.001
Roy HarperThe BBC Tapes Volume IAndreas Pläschke9.001
Roy HarperUnknown soldierAndreas Pläschke9.001
Gavin Harrison & Ø5RicCirclesNik Brückner9.001
HarvestUnderground CommunityAndreas Kiefer9.002
Annie HaslamThe Dawn of AnandaNik Brückner9.001
Paul HaslingerFuture PrimitiveSiggy Zielinski9.001
HawkwindLove in SpaceHeiko Westhagen9.001
HawkwindYule Ritual - London Astoria 29.12.00Heiko Westhagen10.502
HawkwindAstounding Sounds, Amazing MusicGunnar Claußen9.002
HawkwindAstounding Sounds, Amazing MusicSiggy Zielinski9.002
HeadspaceAll That You Fear Is GoneGunnar Claußen10.673
Heart Of SunHeart Of SunThomas Kohlruß9.001
HeartfieldFollowSiggy Zielinski9.001
HeartscoreTouch MeThomas Kohlruß9.001
HeartscoreStraight to the BrainDennis Egbers9.502
HeldonWell And Live In France - Live In Nancy 1979Achim Breiling9.001
HeldonElectronique GuerillaJochen Rindfrey9.673
HeligolandHeligolandJörg Schumann9.001
Jonas HellborgJonas Hellborg GroupThomas Kohlruß9.001
HelleboreIl y a des joursAchim Breiling9.001
Hello MadnessLight and Life after DuskWolfram Ehrhardt9.001
HeminaVenusGunnar Claußen9.001
HeonElectro-acoustic RequiemChristian Rode9.001
Her Name Is CallaThe HeritageThomas Schüßler9.001
Here & NowGive And TakeAchim Breiling9.001
Ed Macan's Hermetic ScienceCrash course: a Hermetic Science primerKristian Selm9.001
HeronYou Are Here NowJochen Rindfrey8.502
Herr Geisha & The BoobsBook of MutationsJochen Rindfrey9.001
Jack HertzRed PlanetAchim Breiling9.001
Hess & Franzen{CLOSEDLOCKEDSEALED}Siggy Zielinski9.001
Klaus HessSternentanzJochen Rindfrey9.001
Klaus Hess' Mother JaneIn DreamsChristian Rode6.502
Klaus Hess' Mother JaneTurn The PageChristian Rode9.001
Hidden LandsLycksalighetens ÖThomas Kohlruß9.001
Hidden LandsHalcyonSiggy Zielinski9.001
Hidden LandsIn Our NatureSiggy Zielinski9.001
Hidden TimbreHidden TimbreChristian Rode9.003
Hidria SpacefolkLive eleven amAndreas Pläschke9.001
Hidria SpacefolkHDRSF-1Jörg Schumann9.754
High TideSea ShantiesUdo Gerhards10.002
Steve HillageMotivation RadioThomas Schüßler8.002
Steve HillageLThomas Schüßler9.003
Steve HillageLUdo Gerhards9.003
Steve HillageLive at the Gong Family Unconvention 2006Achim Breiling9.502
Steve HillageLJochen Rindfrey9.003
HillmenThe Whiskey Mountain SessionsSiggy Zielinski9.001
HillsMaster SleepsSiggy Zielinski9.001
HillsHillsThomas Schüßler9.502
Rupert HineThe wildest wish to flyHenning Mangold9.001
Roger HodgsonRites Of PassageThomas Kohlruß9.001
Roger HodgsonIn the Eye of the StormJochen Rindfrey9.001
Joel HoekstraUndefinedSiggy Zielinski9.502
HoelderlinNew FacesHorst Straske7.502
HoelderlinHoelderlinJochen Rindfrey10.502
HoelderlinHölderlins TraumJochen Rindfrey9.002
HoelderlinHölderlins TraumHorst Straske9.002
Allan HoldsworthMetal FatigueSiggy Zielinski9.001
Allan HoldsworthVelvet DarknessSiggy Zielinski9.001
Lars HollmerAndetagAchim Breiling9.001
Lars HollmerVendelmässaAchim Breiling9.001
Hollow WaterRainbow's EndGünter Schote9.001
Bill HoltDreamiesAchim Breiling9.001
Hope To FindStill Constant (EP)Siggy Zielinski9.002
Hope To FindStill Constant (EP)Andreas Pläschke9.002
Hugh Hopper & Alan GowenImprovisationsAchim Breiling9.001
Hopper, Dean, Gowen, Sheen (Soft Head)Rogue ElementAchim Breiling9.001
Hugh HopperMonster BandAchim Breiling9.001
HorizonteSeñales sin EdadAchim Breiling9.001
HorizonteHorizonteAchim Breiling9.001
Horrific ChildL'Etrange Monsieur WhinsterAchim Breiling9.001
László HortobágyiTerra DeiAndreas Pläschke9.001
HorusStelle di battagliaAchim Breiling9.001
HöstsonatenHöstsonatenJochen Rindfrey9.002
HöstsonatenMirrorgamesKristian Selm9.001
HöstsonatenHöstsonatenHorst Straske9.002
House of notThe Walkabout Of A.Nexter Niode * Part 2 SexusAndreas Pläschke8.002
House of notThe Walkabout Of A.Nexter Niode * Part 1 Off The PathChristian Rode9.001
Steve HoweThe Grand Scheme of ThingsSiggy Zielinski9.001
Steve HoweHomebrew 2Andreas Pläschke9.001
Steve HoweQuantum GuitarSiggy Zielinski9.001
Steve HoweHomebrewAndreas Pläschke9.001
Steve Howe/Paul SutinVoyagersSiggy Zielinski9.001
Steve Howe's RemedyLive (DVD)Andreas Pläschke8.002
HumusAchim Breiling9.001
Huxley Would ApproveGrave New World - Part OneThomas Kohlruß9.001
I Am Waiting For You Last SummerCome Full CircleJochen Rindfrey9.001
I Am Waiting For You Last SummerEdge PartyJochen Rindfrey9.001
I Am Waiting For You Last SummerI Am Waiting For You Last SummerJochen Rindfrey9.001
IasosInter-Dimensional MusicAchim Breiling9.001
IbioCuevas de AltamiraAchim Breiling9.001
IbisSun supremeAchim Breiling11.002
Ice AgeThe Great DivideThorsten Gürntke8.502
ICUMoonlight flitKristian Selm9.001
ICULive 95-96Jürgen Meurer9.001
IfFibonacci´s Number - More Live IfAchim Breiling9.001
Igra Staklenih PerliInner FlowAchim Breiling9.001
iH8 CameraiH8 CameraMichael Büttgen9.001
Ihre Kinder2375 004 (Jeanscover)Thomas Kohlruß9.002
Ihre Kinder2375 004 (Jeanscover)Jochen Rindfrey9.002
IhsahnÀmrGunnar Claußen9.001
Il Rumore BiancoAntropoceneAchim Breiling10.002
Djordje IlijinZabranjeno prisluskivanje!Achim Breiling9.001
Ilse LauTjeempie. de KatFlorian Dietmaier9.001
IluvatarChildrenJörg Schumann9.333
IluvatarIluvatarHenning Mangold8.003
IluvatarA story two days wide...Kristian Selm8.003
IlydaenMazeSiggy Zielinski9.001
Imagin'AriaLa tempestaKristian Selm9.001
ImanCamino Del AguilaAchim Breiling10.002
Phil Miller - In CahootsConspiracy TheoriesAchim Breiling9.001
In Morpheus' ArmsDistrust The MantraThomas Kohlruß9.502
In The LabyrinthWalking on CloudsGünter Schote9.001
In The NameIn The NameThorsten Gürntke9.001
IndacoVento del DesertoJochen Rindfrey9.001
IndexiModra RijekaAchim Breiling9.001
Indian SummerIndian SummerAchim Breiling9.001
InesHunting the foxSiggy Zielinski9.502
InesSlipping into the UnknownChristian Rode10.002
InnerspaceRiseSiggy Zielinski9.001
InquireDas Auge ist der erste KreisThomas Schüßler9.001
InterStaticAriseAchim Breiling9.001
Into EternityInto EternityDaniel Bosen9.001
IntraIntraAchim Breiling9.001
IntroitusElementsJürgen Wissing9.502
iOStrange Tales from the Urban CircleSal Pichireddu9.502
Ion QuestIon QuestChristian Rode9.001
IonaHeaven's Bright SunThomas Kohlruß11.002
IQSubterraneaJörg Schumann12.254
IQNomzamoJörg Schumann8.002
IQSeven stories into '98Thorsten Gürntke8.502
IQFrequencyRalf J. Günther10.005
IQThe archive collection - IQ20Jörg Schumann10.002
IQSubterranea - The ConcertJörg Schumann10.002
IQForever LiveJürgen Gallitz-Duckar11.003
IQJ'ai Pollette D'arnuAndreas Pläschke8.502
Isildurs BaneLost EggsThomas Kohlruß9.001
Isildurs BaneSongs from the ObservatoryThomas Kohlruß6.673
Isildurs BaneMIND Volume 5 - The Observatory (DVD)Nik Brückner8.805
Isildurs BaneCheval - Volonté De RocherRalf Damaschke8.673
Isildurs BaneMIND Volume 5 - The Observatory (DVD)Jochen Rindfrey8.805
Isildurs BaneCheval - Volonté De RocherUdo Gerhards8.673
IslandPyrrhoAchim Breiling11.002
IsotopeLive at the BBCAchim Breiling9.001
IsprojectThe ArchinautsSiggy Zielinski9.001
It BitesMap Of The PastMarc Colling9.002
It BitesOnce Around The WorldChristian Rode9.502
It BitesThe Big Lad In The WindmillPeter Meyer5.334
It BitesThe Tall ShipsJörg Schumann7.333
It BitesMap Of The PastJörg Schumann9.002
ItäväyläLPAchim Breiling9.001
ItoizItoizAchim Breiling9.502
Ivory TowerBeyond The StarsThorsten Gürntke9.502
IZZEverlasting InstantThorsten Gürntke10.002
IZZAmpersand Vol. 2Marc Colling9.001
Jack Foster IIITame Until HungryKristian Selm9.001
Jack Foster IIIEvolution Of JazzRaptorChristian Rode10.333
Jack YelloThorns of angerKristian Selm9.502
Jack YelloXericWolfram Ehrhardt9.001
Jackie-O MotherfuckerFlags of the Sacred HarpJochen Rindfrey9.001
Jackie-O MotherfuckerEarth Sound SystemJochen Rindfrey9.001
Jackie-O MotherfuckerAmerica MysticaJochen Rindfrey9.001
David JacksonThe long hello Vol. IIIAndreas Pläschke9.001
Jade WarriorFifth ElementAchim Breiling9.002
Jade WarriorFifth ElementJochen Rindfrey9.002
Jade WarriorEclipseAchim Breiling9.502
Jade WarriorAt PeaceJochen Rindfrey9.001
Jade WarriorWay of the SunAchim Breiling11.002
JadisAcross The WaterJörg Schumann9.001
JadisMedium RareJörg Schumann9.001
Los JaivasLos JaivasAchim Breiling9.001
Jakszyk, Fripp, CollinsA King Crimson ProjeKct - A Scarcity of MiraclesGünter Schote11.004
Jam CampBlack Hills Jam - Preserves Vol. 2Thomas Kohlruß9.001
Jam CampLiveThomas Kohlruß9.001
JaneHere We AreHorst Straske7.502
Janison EdgeThe Services Of Mary GoodeKristian Selm9.001
Steve Jansen - Richard BarbieriStone to FleshMarc Colling10.333
Jean Michel JarreZoolookJörg Graf7.673
Jean Michel JarreLes Granges BruleésJörg Schumann9.002
Jean Michel JarreZoolookAndreas Pläschke7.673
Jean Michel JarreLes Granges BruleésAchim Breiling9.002
Jasper WrathJasper WrathAchim Breiling9.001
Jazz QElegieAchim Breiling9.001
Jean LouisMorseAchim Breiling11.504
JerseybandLittle bag of feet for shoesNik Brückner9.001
JessamineJessamineJochen Rindfrey9.001
Jester's MarchBeyondGeorg Heep9.001
J.E.T.Fede, Speranza, CaritaAchim Breiling10.502
Jethro TullAUdo Gerhards9.673
Jethro TullJ-Tull Dot ComJochen Rindfrey6.673
Jethro TullRoots To BranchesJochen Rindfrey8.502
Jethro TullA Passion PlayUdo Gerhards12.755
Jethro TullLive at Hammersmith '84Jochen Rindfrey9.001
Jethro TullA New Day Yesterday - The 25th Anniversary Collection (DVD)Udo Gerhards9.001
Jethro TullRock IslandJochen Rindfrey8.502
Jethro TullWarchildGunnar Claußen10.004
Jethro TullLiving In The PastUdo Gerhards9.673
Jethro TullStormwatchSiggy Zielinski9.502
Jethro TullA Little Light MusicThomas Schüßler10.502
Jethro TullToo Old to Rock'n'Roll: Too Young to DieSiggy Zielinski9.003
Jethro TullBenefitJochen Rindfrey9.004
Björn JohanssonDiscus UrsiKristian Selm9.001
Steve JolliffeJapanese ButterflySiggy Zielinski9.001
JonathanJonathanAchim Breiling9.001
Percy JonesCape CatastropheSiggy Zielinski9.001
Jono El GrandeFevergreensNik Brückner9.001
Josh & Co. LimitedThrough These EyesThomas Kohlruß9.001
JPLCannibalesKristian Selm9.002
JPLCannibalesThorsten Gürntke9.002
Jud's GallerySWF SessionsAchim Breiling9.001
JugheadJugheadThomas Kohlruß9.001
Julian´s TreatmentA Time Before ThisAchim Breiling9.001
JulverneLe retour du Captain NemoAchim Breiling9.001
Junk FarmUgly Little ThingThomas Kohlruß10.002
Book Of The DeadChristian Rode9.502
KaipaIn the Wake of EvolutionMarc Colling9.254
KaipaNotes from the PastJörg Schumann7.605
KaipaSattygChristian Rode10.504
KaipaSoloJörg Schumann8.502
KaipaIn the Wake of EvolutionNik Brückner9.254
KaipaIn the Wake of EvolutionAndreas Kiefer9.254
KaipaKeyholderPiotre Walter7.119
Kaipa Da CapoDårskapens MonotoniJörg Schumann9.001
Kalles World TourStartUdo Gerhards9.001
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild)The GnomonAchim Breiling10.003
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild)SynesthesiaThomas Kohlruß8.502
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild)Messages from afar: The Division and Illusion of TimeSiggy Zielinski9.001
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild)The Invisible LineWolfram Ehrhardt10.002
KanoiBuru HazeJochen Rindfrey9.502
KansasKansasGunnar Claußen10.673
KansasDevice - Voice - DrumNik Brückner10.333
Marten KantuselevatorAchim Breiling9.502
Marten KantusMaleJochen Rindfrey9.502
Marten KantusCelluloidSiggy Zielinski8.502
Marten KantusApostleSiggy Zielinski9.001
Kaos MoonAfter the stormKristian Selm9.001
KarakalIIAchim Breiling9.001
KarakorumBeteigeuzeGunnar Claußen9.001
KarciusSphereAchim Breiling9.002
KarciusSphereThorsten Gürntke9.002
Karda EstraConstellationsKristian Selm8.002
Karda EstraThe Age Of Science And EnlightenmentThomas Kohlruß9.001
Karda EstraEveKristian Selm9.001
KarfagenSolitary Sandpiper JourneyJochen Rindfrey9.001
KarfagenSpektraMarc Colling8.002
KaribowHolophiniumPeter Meyer9.001
KarmamoiOdd TripSiggy Zielinski9.502
KasekeKasekeKristian Selm8.502
KatreEncountersJochen Rindfrey9.001
Kaukasus"I"Roland Heil10.003
Makoto KawabataJellyfish RisingAchim Breiling9.001
Kuni KawachiKirikyogenAchim Breiling9.001
KayakRoyal Bed BouncerSiggy Zielinski9.001
Tony KayeEnd of InnocenceNik Brückner9.001
KBBLost and FoundKristian Selm10.002
KBBLive 2004Ralf J. Günther9.001
KebnekajseKebnekaise IIIAchim Breiling9.001
KedamaKedamaAchim Breiling9.001
Keller & SchönwälderMore loopsAndreas Pläschke9.001
Kellerkind BerlinSignsJochen Rindfrey9.001
Kellerkind Berlin…still walkingSiggy Zielinski9.001
Mike KeneallyHatRalf J. Günther10.002
Mike KeneallyWooden Smoke AsleepNik Brückner9.001
Mike KeneallyGuitar Therapy LiveNik Brückner10.673
Kepler TenDelta-VSiggy Zielinski9.001
Kerrs PinkMystic SpiritThorsten Gürntke9.001
Kerrs PinkTidingsKristian Selm9.502
Dave KerznerNew World LiveMarc Colling9.002
Dave KerznerNew WorldJörg Schumann10.002
KettlespiderKettlespiderSiggy Zielinski9.001
KharaThere Were Heroes Amongst UsJochen Rindfrey9.001
King CrimsonPark West, Chicago, Illinois, August 7, 2008Nik Brückner10.502
King CrimsonThree Of A Perfect PairJochen Rindfrey9.673
King CrimsonHeroesJochen Rindfrey9.001
King CrimsonThe Power To BelieveRalf Damaschke10.002
King CrimsonLive at the OrpheumNik Brückner10.333
King CrimsonLive at Jacksonville 1972Siggy Zielinski9.001
King CrimsonInside King Crimson. 1972 - 1975. An independent critical review (DVD)Nik Brückner9.001
King CrimsonEarthboundJochen Rindfrey8.605
King CrimsonLive at the Zoom Club 1972Siggy Zielinski9.001
King CrimsonVrooomUdo Gerhards9.002
King CrimsonBeatJochen Rindfrey8.502
King CrimsonThree Of A Perfect PairUdo Gerhards9.673
King FridayLet the Song BeginSiggy Zielinski9.001
KingBathmatOvercoming The MonsterSiggy Zielinski9.001
KingBathmatTruth ButtonJochen Rindfrey9.502
King's XOut Of The Silent PlanetThorsten Gürntke9.002
King's XManic MoonlightThomas Kohlruß9.001
King's XOut Of The Silent PlanetThomas Kohlruß9.002
King's XLive All Over The PlaceThomas Kohlruß9.001
Bernd KistenmacherWake Up In The SunAchim Breiling10.002
Bernd KistenmacherCompiled DreamsSiggy Zielinski9.001
KlabautamannSmaragdSiggy Zielinski9.001
KlanLive Finland 1972Achim Breiling9.001
KlotetDet Har Aldrig Hänt Och Kommer Aldrig Hända IgenAchim Breiling9.001
KnifeworldDear Lord, No DealThorsten Gürntke9.001
Knight AreaNine pathsKristian Selm9.001
Knight AreaRealm of ShadowsHenning Mangold9.001
Knight AreaThe sun also risesHenning Mangold8.502
Knight AreaHyperliveThorsten Gürntke9.002
KopeckySerpentine kaleidoscopeKristian Selm9.001
KopeckyBloodChristian Rode9.001
Korai örömKorai öröm (1995)Achim Breiling9.001
KotebelFragments of LightChristian Rode9.001
KotebelMysticae VisionesKristian Selm9.001
KraanDiamondsKristian Selm8.002
KraanDancing In The ShadeRalf J. Günther9.003
KraanLiveUdo Gerhards11.333
KraanKraanUdo Gerhards9.502
KrabatWaiting for the next big ThingChristian Rode6.673
KrabatHomo LudensSal Pichireddu9.001
KraftwerkThe MixThomas Kohlruß8.502
KraftwerkRalf & FlorianMarkus Peltner10.504
KrakatoaTogethernessKristian Selm9.001
KramerLife CycleAndreas Kiefer9.003
Elias KrantzIsland RockJochen Rindfrey9.001
KreidlerMort Aux VashesAchim Breiling9.001
KreidlerEuropean SongAchim Breiling9.002
KreidlerWeekendAchim Breiling7.002
KreidlerEuropean SongJochen Rindfrey9.002
KreidlerEve FutureAchim Breiling9.001
KremlinKremlinGunnar Claußen9.001
Sonja KristinaAnthologySiggy Zielinski9.001
KrokodilAn invisible world revealedAchim Breiling9.001
KromlechLa Soledad de los SombrasDennis Egbers9.001
Kula ShakerStrangefolkJochen Rindfrey9.001
Kula ShakerKJochen Rindfrey10.002
Daisuke KunitaFuzzy LogicThomas Kohlruß9.002
Daisuke KunitaFuzzy LogicJochen Rindfrey9.002
Kuusumun ProfeettaJatkuvasti maailmaa pelastamaan kyllästynyt supersankariJochen Rindfrey10.002
Kuusumun ProfeettaRiemun ja kurjuuden sälekaihtimetAchim Breiling9.001
Kvartetten Som SprängdeKattvalsAchim Breiling9.001
KvazarKvazarThomas Schüßler9.002
KvazarKvazarKristian Selm9.002
La Iglesia AtomicaLa Iglesia AtomicaSiggy Zielinski9.001
La! Neu?Live at Kunsthalle DüsseldorfJochen Rindfrey9.001
La! Neu?BlueJochen Rindfrey9.001
La Tulipe NoireFaded LeavesHenning Mangold9.001
Labradfordfixed::contextJochen Rindfrey9.001
LabradfordA Stable ReferenceJochen Rindfrey9.001
James LaBrieI Will Not BreakGunnar Claußen9.001
Lac PlacideCloserKristian Selm10.002
La Ira de DiosCosmos Kaos DestruccionThomas Kohlruß9.001
Reinhard Lakomy & Rainer OleakZeitenAchim Breiling11.502
Land Of ChocolateUnikorn On The CobUdo Gerhards9.002
Land Of ChocolateUnikorn On The CobThomas Schüßler9.002
LandberkLonely landThomas Kohlruß9.673
Lander ConfigurationsOf Smoke and FireJochen Rindfrey9.001
LandmarqInfinity ParadeGünter Schote9.001
Las Orejas Y La LenguaLa eminencia inobjetableKristian Selm10.502
The Last Placid Days Of PlentyHeadphone GalleryDennis Egbers9.001
Lasting Weep1969-1971Achim Breiling9.001
Late Musicians Dream ParkDramatic Synth (EP)Siggy Zielinski9.001
LaughingstockClownJochen Rindfrey9.001
The League of GentlemenThe League Of GentlemenSiggy Zielinski9.502
Leap DayAwaking The MuseHenning Mangold5.333
Leb i SolLeb i SolAchim Breiling9.001
Leb i SolLeb i Sol 2Achim Breiling9.001
LebanonPlanet RubbleAchim Breiling10.002
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaDesigniosKristian Selm8.502
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaAl FiloKristian Selm10.502
LehtisalofamilyInterplayAchim Breiling9.001
The LensA word in your eyeKai Lorenz Kruppa8.003
Leo NeroVeroNik Brückner9.502
Frédéric L'EpéeMusic For LoversSiggy Zielinski9.001
Frédéric L'EpéeLe Mont AnalogueSiggy Zielinski9.001
LeprousThe CongregationGunnar Claußen11.333
Les Fragments de la NuitMusique de CrépusculeAchim Breiling9.001
Level PiEntranceAndreas Pläschke11.002
Leviathan (IT)Bee YourselfHeiko Westhagen8.502
Leviathan (US)Can't Be Seen By Looking: Blurring The Lines, Clouding The TruthGunnar Claußen9.001
Tony LevinResonatorThomas Kohlruß8.002
Tony LevinPieces of the sunJochen Rindfrey9.502
LibraMusica & ParoleAchim Breiling9.502
Life ArtistA Diary Of Inner VisionsFlorian Dietmaier9.001
LifesignsCardingtonPiotre Walter10.004
LifesignsCardingtonGunnar Claußen10.004
Lift (US)The moment of hearingKristian Selm9.001
Lightdreams10001 DreamsAchim Breiling9.001
LightnessLightness 2Dennis Egbers9.001
Like WendyEndgameAndreas Kiefer8.502
Limbus 4MandalasAchim Breiling9.001
Pär Lindh ProjectGothic ImpressionsThomas Schüßler8.333
Pär Lindh ProjectMundus IncompertusThomas Schüßler8.502
Pär Lindh ProjectIn Concert - Live in Poland (DVD)Thomas Schüßler9.502
A Liquid LandscapeNightingale ExpressSiggy Zielinski9.001
Liquid Tension ExperimentLTE 2Jörg Schumann9.001
Liquid Tension ExperimentLiquid Tension ExperimentJörg Schumann8.002
LitmusYou are hereRalf J. Günther10.002
Little AtlasWanderlustMartin Dambeck10.003
LizardW galerii czasuJochen Rindfrey10.003
Locanda delle FateThe Missing FirefliesGunnar Claußen9.673
Loch VostokReveal No SecretsMichael Büttgen9.001
LogosL'enigma della vitaSiggy Zielinski9.001
London UndergroundLondon UndergroundKristian Selm9.001
Lonely RobotThe Big DreamPiotre Walter9.002
Lonely RobotThe Big DreamJörg Schumann9.002
Lonely RobotPlease Come HomeJörg Schumann8.502
Long Distance CallingTripsMarc Colling10.003
Long Distance CallingTripsChristian Rode10.003
LoonyparkUnbroken Spirit lives in usSiggy Zielinski9.001
Lord Of MushroomsLord Of MushroomsHenning Mangold8.502
Jon Lord/Eberhard SchoenerWindowsRalf J. Günther9.001
Rüdiger LorenzInvisible VoicesAchim Breiling9.001
Lost GardenCotyledonSiggy Zielinski9.001
LotusVera O´FleraAchim Breiling9.001
Love de ViceNumaterialThomas Kohlruß9.001
Lucifer WasBlues from HellahKristian Selm9.001
Lukas Tower BandAfter Long YearsHorst Straske9.001
Lunatic SoulLunatic SoulAchim Breiling10.002
Lunatic SoulImpressionsThomas Kohlruß9.001
LunocodeCelestial HarmoniesGunnar Claußen9.001
M-Opus1975 TriptychSiggy Zielinski9.001
Mabel Greer's ToyshopThe SecretSiggy Zielinski9.001
Alex MachacekMachacek Sipe Fountain - The Official Triangle SessionsThomas Kohlruß9.001
Duncan MackayScoreAchim Breiling9.001
Made In SwedenSnakes In A HoleAchim Breiling9.001
Madelgaire(Im)PatienceThomas Kohlruß9.002
Madison DykeZeitmaschineKristian Selm9.001
Magdalena (Jap.)MagdalenaDennis Egbers8.502
MagellanSymphony For A MisanthropeHenning Mangold8.002
MagellanHundred Year FloodJörg Schumann9.405
MagellanImpending AscensionJörg Schumann9.001
MagentaLive: On Our Way To Who Knows WhereThomas Kohlruß9.001
MagentaThe singlesKristian Selm9.001
MagentaMetamorphosisAndreas Kiefer10.502
MaggotapplewonderlandSix Hits of Sunshine... and the Bruises to ShowJochen Rindfrey9.001
Magic PieIllusion & Reality (Demo-CD)Henning Mangold9.001
Magical Power MakoSuper RecordAchim Breiling9.001
MagmaFélicité ThöszRalf J. Günther11.405
Magma1001° CentigradesUdo Gerhards9.205
Magma1001° CentigradesJochen Rindfrey9.205
MagmaTheatre du taur Concert - Toulouse 1975Andreas Pläschke9.001
MagratheaLegendsHenning Mangold9.001
MagusThe gardenKristian Selm9.001
Mahavishnu OrchestraVisions Of The Emerald BeyondUdo Gerhards9.001
The Mahavishnu ProjectReturn to the Emerald BeyondThomas Kohlruß9.001
MaïakA Very Pleasant Way To DieGunnar Claußen9.001
Frédéric MailletStratégie LunaireSiggy Zielinski9.001
MainhorseMainhorseKristian Selm8.502
MajesticV.O.Z.Siggy Zielinski9.001
MajeureTimespanAchim Breiling9.001
MajeureSolar MaximumAchim Breiling9.001
MalaaviaFrammenti CompiutiJochen Rindfrey9.001
MalibranLa citta sul lagoKristian Selm9.001
MammutMammutAchim Breiling9.001
Man On FireHabitatSiggy Zielinski8.002
MandalabandBC - AncestorsJochen Rindfrey9.001
MandalabandMandalabandJochen Rindfrey9.001
MandalabandAD - SangrealJochen Rindfrey9.001
Mandra Gora Lightshow SocietyLuciles grotesque diary of her interstellar journey to the infamous paisley dungeons of the psychotic Leathernuns:(...)Kristian Selm10.002
MandragoraEarthdanceAchim Breiling9.001
Mandrake ProjectTransitionsThomas Kohlruß9.502
ManeigeNi Vent...Ni NouvelleNik Brückner11.003
ManeigeLibre serviceJürgen Meurer10.002
MangroveBeyond RealityThomas Schüßler9.502
MangroveComing Back To (Live)Henning Mangold9.003
Manifold ConceptionsPt. 1Thomas Kohlruß9.001
Geoff MannSecond ChantsGünter Schote9.001
Geoff MannChants Would Be A Fine ThingGünter Schote9.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandGlorified MagnifiedJochen Rindfrey9.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandSomewhere In AfrikaJochen Rindfrey10.002
Manfred Mann's Earth BandMessin'Jochen Rindfrey9.001
Manfred MannPlains MusicJochen Rindfrey9.001
Manfred Mann2006Andreas Pläschke9.001
ManningCharlestownChristian Rode6.502
ManningOne Small Step...Henning Mangold8.805
ManningA Matter Of Life & Death (The Journal Of Abel Mann)Christian Rode7.254
ManningOne Small Step...Thomas Kohlruß8.805
ManningOne Small Step...Andreas Kiefer8.805
ManningNumber TenThomas Schüßler9.002
ManningAnser´s TreeAndreas Kiefer10.673
ManningNumber TenRalf J. Günther9.002
Mappe NooticheCieli sotterraneiJochen Rindfrey9.001
The Marble Faun[disappearer]Christian Rode9.001
MarblewoodMarblewoodSiggy Zielinski9.001
Marco Manzella e Antonella ScaliaOltre...Jochen Rindfrey9.001
MareefieldSpark TransmissionChristian Rode9.001
MareefieldThe FloodThomas Kohlruß9.001
MarillionMisplaced ChildhoodNik Brückner10.336
MarillionTales From The Engine RoomChristian Rode4.505
MarillionLive From Loreley (DVD)Nik Brückner9.502
MarillionMarillion.comMarc Colling7.003
MarillionSingles Box Vol.2 '89-'95Kristian Selm9.001
MarillionClutching at StrawsHenning Mangold9.004
MarillionMade AgainThomas Thielen9.001
MarillionB-Sides ThemselvesGünter Schote7.003
MarillionHappiness is the Road - The Hard ShoulderMichael Büttgen6.502
Mars Red SkyApex III (Praise For The Burning Soul)Gunnar Claußen9.001
The Mars VoltaFrances The MuteThorsten Gürntke9.506
Rhys Marsh & The Autumn GhostTrioSiggy Zielinski9.001
MartiganVisionThorsten Gürntke10.333
MartiganCiel OuvertThorsten Gürntke8.502
MartiganOfficial bootleg (DVD)Kristian Selm9.001
Martin Maheux CircleSibylleAchim Breiling9.502
Martin Maheux CircleRequiem Pour Un VivantAchim Breiling9.001
MarysonMaster Magician IKristian Selm9.002
MarysonMaster Magician IDennis Egbers9.002
Master ExperienceBillions Of GrainsGunnar Claußen10.002
MastermindTragic SymphonyGunnar Claußen9.502
MastodonCrack the SkyeAndreas Hofmann11.502
MatterhornVol. 2 ...And It Will Resolve Itself Without HimGunnar Claußen9.001
Maury e i Pronomi(Ec)citazioni NeoclassicheAndreas Pläschke9.001
MaxophoneMaxophoneRalf J. Günther10.754
MaxophoneLa Fabbrica Delle NuvoleJochen Rindfrey10.333
MaxxessOffroadSiggy Zielinski9.001
MaxxessGreen FairySiggy Zielinski9.001
MaxxessUltraSiggy Zielinski9.001
May BlitzThe 2nd Of MayAchim Breiling9.001
Maze Of TimeTales From The MazeHorst Straske8.502
McDonald & GilesMcDonald & GilesNik Brückner9.504
Mekong DeltaLive at an exhibitionGeorg Heep9.001
Memories of MachinesWarm WinterSiggy Zielinski9.001
Merchants ViceAmberHenning Mangold8.502
Mergener et AmiciNox MysticaAndreas Pläschke9.001
Peter MergenerInstinctive TravellerSiggy Zielinski9.001
Mermaid KissEtarlisMichael Büttgen9.001
MeshuggahKolossChristian Rode11.333
MessageSynapseAchim Breiling9.001
MetamorfosiInfernoAchim Breiling9.805
Metamorphosis (CH)Then All Was SilentThorsten Gürntke8.673
Metamorphosis (CH)Then All Was SilentAndreas Kiefer8.673
Metamorphosis (CH)The turning pointThomas Kohlruß8.502
MetaphorEntertaining ThanatosAndreas Kiefer9.005
MetrolandThalysGunnar Claußen9.001
MIAMagicos Juegos del TiempoAchim Breiling9.001
Mia Vita ViolentaGrey SeasSiggy Zielinski9.001
Michael RomeoWar of the Worlds, Part IPeter Meyer9.001
Eugen MihăescuGuitaromania Part TwoGunnar Claußen9.001
MiklagårdMiklagårdAchim Breiling9.001
MilleniumEgoHarald Schmidt9.001
MilleniumPuzzlesSiggy Zielinski9.001
Milleniumdeja vuHenning Mangold9.001
MindcageOur Own DevicesSiggy Zielinski9.001
MindfieldsOneMartin Dambeck9.502
MindflowJust the two of us... me and ThemKristian Selm9.504
MindflowMind Over BodyHenning Mangold9.001
Mind's EyeWalking on H2OSiggy Zielinski9.001
Mind's EyeA Work Of ArtFranco Cappelletti10.002
Mind's EyeWaiting For The TideSebastian Mack11.002
minus twoSWF-Session 1972Achim Breiling9.001
MinutianInwardsGunnar Claußen9.001
MiosisAlbedo AdaptionThomas Kohlruß9.001
Mirage (GB)now you see it ...Achim Breiling9.001
MiriodorMiriodorAchim Breiling9.001
Miriodor3rd WarningUdo Gerhards9.001
MiriodorLive 89Achim Breiling9.001
MiscellanePainted palmHenning Mangold10.002
MishThe EntranceGunnar Claußen9.001
MishEntheogenGunnar Claußen9.001
Mispel BellyfulMispel BellyfulRalf J. Günther9.001
Mo.Do.La scimmia sulla schiena del ReJochen Rindfrey9.001
Modry EfektModry Efekt & Radim HladikHorst Straske10.002
Modry EfektNová Syntéza 2Kristian Selm9.001
Modry EfektSvet HledacuAchim Breiling10.673
Dieter MoebiusBlue Moon - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackJochen Rindfrey9.001
MörglblTea Time for PünksChristian Rode9.001
MogwaiHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will.Malte Krosse9.001
MogwaiHappy Songs for Happy PeopleThomas Schüßler10.003
MogwaiZidane: A 21st Century PortraitThomas Schüßler9.001
MogwaiHappy Songs for Happy PeopleAchim Breiling10.003
MogwaiRock ActionThomas Schüßler9.502
MoiraCrazy CountdownAchim Breiling9.001
Mona LisaVers DemainHorst Straske9.001
Francis MonkmanEnergismAchim Breiling9.001
MONO (Jp.)Requiem for HellJochen Rindfrey9.001
MonochromieEnlighten Yourself While You SleepGunnar Claußen9.001
MonochromieAngels And DemonsGunnar Claußen9.001
MonophonistBilanz 2010Gunnar Claußen10.003
The Moody BluesDays of Future PassedJochen Rindfrey9.254
The Moody BluesIn Search of the Lost ChordJochen Rindfrey9.003
The Moody BluesLong Distance VoyagerMichael Weinel8.002
The Moody BluesTo Our Children's Children's ChildrenJochen Rindfrey9.001
Moon SafariLive in MexicoJürgen Wissing9.001
MoongardenMoonsadnessJörg Schumann8.002
MoongardenA Vulgar Display Of ProgNik Brückner11.673
MoongardenThe Gates of OmegaKristian Selm9.502
MoongardenRound MidnightJörg Schumann11.004
MoonwoodTrans Venus ExpressJochen Rindfrey9.001
Steve MooreGutterballs: Original Motion Picture ScoreGunnar Claußen9.001
Steve MooreMayhemAchim Breiling9.001
Steve MooreThe HengeAchim Breiling9.001
Steve MoorePrimitive Neural Pathways / VaalbaraAchim Breiling9.001
Patrick MorazThe Story Of INik Brückner9.003
MorpheliaWaken the NightmareAndreas Kiefer10.003
MorpheliaWaken the NightmareThomas Schüßler10.003
The MorriganHidden agendaKristian Selm9.001
Alan Morsefour o'clock & hysteriaThomas Kohlruß9.502
Neal MorseThe Grand ExperimentJörg Schumann9.673
Neal MorseTestimonyChristian Rode9.006
Neal MorseTestimony twoNik Brückner10.333
Neal MorseLifelineChristian Rode7.405
MorsofHeapUdo Gerhards10.003
MosaikSchicksalThomas Kohlruß9.001
Scott MosherDeep HorizonThomas Schüßler9.001
Mostly AutumnThe Story So FarThomas Kohlruß9.001
Mostly AutumnGlass ShadowsHenning Mangold7.002
Mostly AutumnPassengersHenning Mangold10.002
Mostly AutumnThe story so far (DVD)Henning Mangold9.001
Mostly AutumnHeart Full Of SkyHenning Mangold10.003
Moth VellumMoth VellumRalf J. Günther10.205
Moth VellumMoth VellumSiggy Zielinski10.205
Moth VellumMoth VellumNik Brückner10.205
MotionlessMotionlessJochen Rindfrey9.001
MotisPrince des HauteursJürgen Meurer9.001
Moto PerpetuoMoto PerpetuoAchim Breiling9.001
Motorpsycho and Ståle StorløkkenThe Death Defying UnicornMichael Hirle12.805
M.O.T.U.SMachine Of The Universal SpaceAchim Breiling9.001
MouthFloatingAchim Breiling8.502
Mr. Albert ShowWarm MotorAchim Breiling9.001
Mr BrownMellan tre ögonHorst Straske10.003
Mr BrownMellan tre ögonHenning Mangold10.003
Mr GilSkelligKristian Selm9.001
Mr. SiriusDirgeAchim Breiling12.333
Dominik MüllerVagabond's ViewThomas Schüßler9.001
The MuffinsSecret Signals 1Achim Breiling11.002
James LaBrie's MullmuzzlerKeep It To YourselfThorsten Gürntke9.001
Murder She WroteDiva (EP)Marcus Kästner9.001
Murphy BlendFirst LossAchim Breiling9.001
MurpleIo Sono MurpleAchim Breiling9.502
MuseThe ResistanceGunnar Claußen9.001
MuseDronesPiotre Walter9.001
MuseBlack Holes & RevelationsRalf J. Günther9.333
MuseThe 2nd LawMarkus Peltner8.002
Museo RosenbachLive ´72Nik Brückner9.001
Music EmporiumMusic EmporiumAchim Breiling9.001
Música UrbanaIberiaAchim Breiling9.001
Musikgruppen RadiomöbelGudang GaramHorst Straske8.502
Musique NoiseDans le temps qui s’etire ...Achim Breiling9.001
Musique NoiseFulmines IntegralisKristian Selm8.002
MutyumuMutyumuKristian Selm10.502
My Sleeping KarmaMokshaMarc Colling9.001
MysteryBeneath the Veil of Winter's FaceChristian Rode9.673
MysteryTheatre of the mindKristian Selm9.001
MysteryAt The Dawn Of A New MillenniumKristian Selm9.002
MysteryDelusion RainSiggy Zielinski9.001
MysteryAt The Dawn Of A New MillenniumThorsten Gürntke9.002
MythologicStanding in StillnessChristian Rode9.003
MythosSuperKrautAchim Breiling9.001
MythosQuasarSiggy Zielinski9.001
MythosGrand PrixSiggy Zielinski9.001
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side of the Moog VNormann Hillesheim9.002
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side of the Moog IIISiggy Zielinski9.001
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side of the Moog VSiggy Zielinski9.002
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side of the Moog IVSiggy Zielinski9.001
Naoki IshidaFazing RedustJochen Rindfrey9.001
NAPVillaSiggy Zielinski9.001
National HealthMissing PiecesJochen Lohr10.502
National HealthNational HealthJochen Lohr10.676
National HealthD.S. al CodaAchim Breiling8.002
The National Orchestra Of The United Kingdom Of GoatsThe Chronicles Of SillyphusGunnar Claußen9.001
Native ConstructQuiet WorldMartin Dambeck12.004
Natural BreakdownInside The OneJochen Rindfrey9.001
NautilusAlong the winding roadSiggy Zielinski9.001
NautilusIn Search Of CastawaysSiggy Zielinski9.001
NDV (Nick D'Virgilio)KarmaThorsten Gürntke9.254
NecromonkeyThe Shadow of the Blind ManAchim Breiling9.001
NecronomiconTips zum SelbstmordAchim Breiling9.001
NecronomiconHaifischeAchim Breiling9.001
NecrostConception of NoiseDennis Egbers9.001
NektarA Tab in the OceanRalf J. Günther8.805
NektarEvolutionChristian Rode8.673
NektarTime MachineSiggy Zielinski7.002
NektarRemember The FutureAchim Breiling10.004
nema niko... mio scialboAchim Breiling9.001
NemoR€volu$ionRalf J. Günther10.502
NemoLes nouveaux mondesJürgen Meurer9.002
NemoLes nouveaux mondesJörg Schumann9.002
Nem-Q301.81Christian Rode9.001
Nem-QFault LinesMarc Colling9.001
Neo (Fr.)NeoAchim Breiling9.001
Neo ProphetT.I.M.E.Thorsten Gürntke9.001
NeomArkana TemporisNik Brückner10.254
Giorgio C. NeriLogosThomas Kohlruß9.001
Neu!Neu! 2Achim Breiling11.205
Neu!Neu! ´86Achim Breiling9.001
Neu!Neu! 4Jochen Rindfrey9.001
Neu!Neu! '72 Live! in DüsseldorfJochen Rindfrey9.001
Neue RegelIn a wordGeorg Heep9.001
NeuroniumVuelo QuimicoAchim Breiling9.001
NeuroniumThe VisitorJochen Rindfrey8.002
NeuroniumChromium EchoesAchim Breiling7.502
The New Grove ProjectThe DemosHenning Mangold9.001
New TrollsUTAchim Breiling10.002
Tom NewmanFaerie SymphonyAchim Breiling9.001
NexusBuenos Aires free experience Volumen 2Kristian Selm9.001
N.H.U.N.H.U.Achim Breiling9.001
NiacinHigh BiasKai Lorenz Kruppa8.003
NiacinDeepNik Brückner10.003
NiacinHigh BiasJörg Schumann8.003
Nice BeaverOn dry landKristian Selm9.001
Nice BeaverOregonHenning Mangold8.502
Czeslaw NiemenNiemen EnigmaticAchim Breiling9.001
NightwishAngels Fall FirstDaniel Bosen9.001
NihilingEgophagusGunnar Claußen9.001
NilQuarante Jours Sur Le SinaïThorsten Gürntke10.333
Nine Days WonderNine days wonderAchim Breiling10.002
Nine Days WonderWe never lost controlAchim Breiling9.001
Nirgal VallisY Murió la TardeAchim Breiling9.001
NitewalkDarker Shade Of GrayThomas Kohlruß9.001
No NameThe Other SideSal Pichireddu9.001
No second thoughtMonsterSiggy Zielinski9.001
Nodo GordianoFlektogonThomas Kohlruß9.001
NoekkThe Water SpriteThorsten Gürntke10.003
Clive Nolan & Oliver WakemanJabberwockyJürgen Gallitz-Duckar4.504
Erik NorlanderSeas of OrionDirk Reuter9.001
Erik NorlanderMusic MachineKristian Selm8.502
Erik NorlanderHommage symphoniqueHenning Mangold8.002
Erik NorlanderThe Galactic CollectiveMichael Hirle9.001
NorthwindDistant ShoresRalf J. Günther10.003
NosferatuNosferatuAchim Breiling9.502
NosoundA Sense of LossKristian Selm8.502
NosoundAllow YourselfPiotre Walter9.001
novActTales From The SoulThorsten Gürntke9.502
NovalisNovalisJochen Lohr8.754
NovalisAugenblickeJochen Rindfrey9.502
NovelaMiwakugekiDennis Egbers9.001
NovelaHarmagedon StoryKristian Selm9.001
NovelaRequiemKristian Selm9.001
NovellerDesert FiresFabian Lutz9.001
NovembreUrsaSiggy Zielinski9.001
NucleusRootsAchim Breiling9.001
Nuova IdeaMr. E. JonesAchim Breiling9.001
AJ NutterThe BirdsGunnar Claußen9.001
NylNylAchim Breiling9.001
The OceanFogdiverGunnar Claußen9.001
The OceanAeolianGunnar Claußen9.001
OceanicCity of GlassNik Brückner9.001
OceansizeSelf preserved while the bodies float upNik Brückner10.002
October Equus QuartetIsla PurgatorioAchim Breiling9.502
OctopusAn Ocean of RocksChristian Rode7.002
Odd UdderOdd UdderHorst Straske9.001
OdisseaOdisseaAchim Breiling9.001
OfferingA fiïèhAndreas Pläschke9.001
Oh HiroshimaResistance is FutileJochen Rindfrey9.001
Mike OldfieldExposedNik Brückner12.002
Mike OldfieldAmarokAndreas Pläschke11.1712
Mike OldfieldTubular Bells IIOliver Mensing10.333
Mike OldfieldCrisesMichael Weinel6.176
Mike OldfieldVoyagerOliver Mensing9.003
Mike OldfieldPlatinumJochen Rindfrey7.605
Mike OldfieldMusic of the SpheresJörg Schumann8.333
Mike OldfieldQE2Oliver Mensing9.333
Mike OldfieldVoyagerJörg Schumann9.003
Mike OldfieldThe Songs Of Distant EarthOliver Mensing7.254
Mike OldfieldVoyagerJochen Rindfrey9.003
Ole LukkøyeRelax in your dreamJochen Rindfrey10.002
On The RawBig City AwakesAchim Breiling9.001
On Your HorizonIn, EmptyJochen Rindfrey9.001
One ShotEwaz VaderAchim Breiling10.754
The OneiraNatural PrestigeJürgen Wissing9.001
OP3HopeJochen Rindfrey9.001
OpenspaceOpenspaceSiggy Zielinski9.001
OpethDamnationThomas Schüßler10.176
OpethPale CommunionGunnar Claußen11.176
OpethHeritageMarkus Wierschem10.006
OpethLamentations (DVD)Henning Mangold10.002
Opus (D)Opus 1Heiko Westhagen9.003
Opus (D)Opus 1Horst Straske9.003
Opus AvantraLord Cromwell (plays suite for seven vices)Achim Breiling9.001
Opus EstOpus IIHorst Straske9.001
Orbit Servicelive at the walnut room / denver 11.12.11Jochen Rindfrey9.001
Orbit ServiceA Beautiful VisionJochen Rindfrey9.001
Orcus ChyldeOrcus ChyldeSiggy Zielinski9.001
Order Of NineSeventh Year Of The Broken MirrorGunnar Claußen9.001
Ordinary BrainwashDisorder In My HeadThomas Kohlruß9.001
Ordinary BrainwashLabeled Out LoudThomas Kohlruß9.001
Øresund Space CollectiveØresund Space CollectiveHorst Straske6.754
Martin OrfordClassical Music And Popular SongsJörg Schumann9.001
Organized ChaosDivulgencePeter Meyer9.001
O.R.kSoul of an OctopusMarc Colling10.002
Le OrmeVerità NascosteHorst Straske9.001
Le OrmeIl FiumeKristian Selm10.002
Le OrmePiccola Rapsodia Dell´ApeHorst Straske9.001
OrpheoEchoesKristian Selm9.502
The Orphic SalvationOrphic SalvationThomas Schüßler10.002
Os MundiLatin MassAchim Breiling8.002
Os MutantesTudo Foi Feito Pelo SolAchim Breiling9.001
Osada VidaUninvited DreamsThomas Kohlruß8.002
OSIFreeGeorg Heep8.805
OSIFreeThomas Kohlruß8.805
OsirisBeyond Control - LiveHorst Straske9.001
OstinatoChasing The FormJochen Rindfrey9.001
Willie OteriSpiral OutUdo Gerhards9.001
Yvan OuelletLe Chant Des ChosesAchim Breiling9.001
OugenweideOugenweideJochen Rindfrey9.001
OugenweideSolJochen Rindfrey9.001
Out Of FocusPalermo 1972Achim Breiling9.001
Outer LimitsThe Scene Of Pale BlueJörg Schumann11.254
OverheadLive After AllJochen Rindfrey9.001
OVRFWRDFantasy Absent ReasonNik Brückner9.001
Owls Are Not2Jochen Rindfrey9.001
OzonePremière coucheJürgen Meurer9.001
Ozone QuartetNocturneRalf J. Günther9.001
Ozric TentaclesPaper monkeysKristian Selm9.001
A Pacific ModelDivisionsJochen Rindfrey9.001
PagaGnosisAndreas Pläschke9.001
Pagan's MindEnigmatic CallingDennis Egbers9.001
Pagan's MindCelestial EntranceSebastian Mack10.002
Pagan's MindGod's EquationMichael Büttgen9.001
PageantAbysmal masqueradeDennis Egbers8.502
PaintboxThe NightThomas Kohlruß6.002
Paintboxbright gold and redThomas Kohlruß9.001
PalefeatherPalefeatherJochen Rindfrey8.502
PallasThe SentinelJörg Schumann10.605
PallasThe River Sessions 1Andreas Pläschke9.001
PallasLive our livesJörg Schumann10.002
PallasMythopoeiaJörg Schumann9.502
PallasKnightmoves to WedgeGünter Schote8.003
PallasThe Cross And The CrucibleAndreas Pläschke10.003
Carl PalmerDo ya wanna play, Carl?Achim Breiling9.002
PanalogNew SilenceChristian Rode9.001
PandoraAlibi FilosoficoGunnar Claußen10.002
PangaeaThe Rite of PassageHenning Mangold9.001
PangéeHymnemondeUdo Gerhards10.502
PanglossJoe BarrJürgen Meurer9.001
Panic RoomSatelliteHarald Schmidt9.001
Panic StationVanished from the SceneJochen Rindfrey9.001
PankoWeil es so schön perltAchim Breiling9.001
Panta ReiPanta ReiAchim Breiling9.001
Panta Rhei (Ungarn)Bartok (1976-77)Ralf J. Günther10.002
Panta Rhei (Dt.)Das BesteAchim Breiling9.001
PanthéonOrionHorst Straske8.502
Panther & C.Il Giusto EquilibrioMarc Colling10.502
PanzerpappaFarlig VandringAchim Breiling9.001
Irene Papas & VangelisRapsodiesJochen Rindfrey9.502
Parallel MindColossus ADEAThorsten Gürntke9.002
Parallel MindColossus ADEAKristian Selm9.002
ParheliaOceans Apart (EP)Jochen Rindfrey9.001
ParheliaFirst Light (EP)Henning Mangold9.001
Matthew ParmenterAll Our YesterdaysThomas Schüßler8.333
Ryan ParmenterOne of a different ColorMarc Colling9.502
The Alan Parsons ProjectPyramidJörg Schumann8.254
The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Turn of a Friendly CardPeter Meyer6.255
The Alan Parsons ProjectI RobotJochen Rindfrey8.805
The Alan Parsons ProjectOn AirChristian Rode7.002
The Alan Parsons ProjectPyramidJochen Rindfrey8.254
The Alan Parsons ProjectI RobotJörg Schumann8.805
ParthenonMare TenebrisWolfram Ehrhardt9.001
ParzivalBaRockJochen Rindfrey9.002
ParzivalBaRockMarkus Peltner9.002
Parzivals EyeDefragmentsHarald Schmidt9.502
PattoPattoAchim Breiling9.001
Stefan PaulusBecoming-DissolveGunnar Claußen9.001
Stefan PaulusSalt Sea IslandGunnar Claußen9.001
Henning PaulyCredit Where Credit Is DueThomas Kohlruß9.333
Henning PaulyBabystepsMarkus Wierschem10.002
Henning Pauly13 daysHenning Mangold9.502
Henning PaulyCredit Where Credit Is DueHenning Mangold9.333
Pavlov's DogThe Pekin TapesAchim Breiling9.001
Harry PayutaBetween A Rock and Hard PlaceSiggy Zielinski9.001
PeffPleasing the Neighbourhood with Electrifying DadaismSiggy Zielinski9.001
Pell MellMarburgJochen Rindfrey9.502
Pell MellThe Entire CollectionJochen Rindfrey9.001
PendragonBelieveHenning Mangold6.754
PendragonMen Who Climb MountainsJörg Schumann9.673
PendragonPureHenning Mangold9.004
PendragonOut of Order Comes ChaosGünter Schote9.001
PendragonOut Of Order Comes Chaos (DVD)Harald Schmidt9.001
PendragonNot of this worldChristian Rode9.502
PendragonConcerto Maximo (DVD)Thomas Kohlruß9.001
PendragonThe Window Of LifeJörg Schumann9.004
Les PenningBelerionMarc Colling9.003
PentangleCruel SisterJochen Rindfrey9.001
PentangleOpen The DoorJochen Rindfrey9.001
La Pentola di PapinZero 7Horst Straske9.001
Perfume De Mujerél monólogo de él caracolAchim Breiling9.002
Perfume De Mujerél monólogo de él caracolKristian Selm9.002
Periferia Del MondoIn ogni luogo, in ogni tempoKristian Selm9.001
PerigeoLa valle dei templiAchim Breiling9.001
PeripheryIcarusJörg Schumann9.001
PersefoneSpiritual MigrationGunnar Claußen9.001
Persona GrataReaching Places High AboveGunnar Claußen10.002
Perspective X IVShadow of doubtSiggy Zielinski9.001
Pete and RoyceSuffering of TomorrowAchim Breiling9.001
Peter Pankas JaneTracesChristian Rode7.002
Petrus CastrusAscenção e QuedaAchim Breiling9.001
Petrus CastrusMestreAchim Breiling9.001
Phal:AngstPhase IVSiggy Zielinski9.001
Pharaoh OverlordHornJochen Rindfrey9.001
PhenomenaPhenomena IThomas Kohlruß9.001
PhiWaves Over Vienna - Live at dasBach, 30.04.2015Jochen Rindfrey10.002
PhiFor the love of ghostsJochen Rindfrey9.502
Anthony Phillips1984Jochen Rindfrey6.673
Anthony PhillipsPrivate Parts & Pieces X - SoireeSiggy Zielinski9.001
Anthony PhillipsSidesSiggy Zielinski9.001
PhoenixMugur De FluierHorst Straske9.001
PhoenixCei Ce Ne-Au Dat NumeJochen Rindfrey10.002
Phoenix EyeThe Adventures of the KingJürgen Meurer9.001
PhonophaniPhonophaniAndreas Pläschke9.001
Pierrot LunairePierrot LunaireNik Brückner10.002
La Pietra LunareLa Pietra LunareAchim Breiling9.001
Pig Farm On The MoonOrbitalJürgen Meurer9.002
Pig Farm On The MoonOrbitalKristian Selm9.002
Fredrik PihlSilhouettesRalf J. Günther9.001
The Pineapple ThiefMagnoliaMarc Colling10.502
The Pineapple Thief137Henning Mangold10.002
PingvinorkesternLook - No Hands!Gunnar Claußen9.001
Pink FloydObscured By CloudsJochen Rindfrey9.674
Pink FloydRelicsAndreas Pläschke9.002
Pink FloydThe Division BellMarkus Peltner5.405
Pink FloydThe Endless RiverMalte Krosse10.005
Pink FloydThe Piper at the Gates of DawnJochen Rindfrey9.505
Pink FloydMoreMarc Colling9.754
Pink FloydRelicsMarkus Peltner9.002
Pink FloydP.U.L.S.E.Jörg Schumann9.003
Pink FloydAtom Heart MotherChristian Rode11.334
Pink FloydThe Final CutJochen Rindfrey8.758
Bruno PitchCrystal GardenSiggy Zielinski9.001
Planet XMoonbabiesHenning Mangold10.805
Pekka PohjolaChanging WatersAchim Breiling9.001
Polite ForceCanterbury KnightsAchim Breiling9.001
Polska Radio OneCosmos InsideSiggy Zielinski9.001
Polytoxicomane PhilharmoniePsycho ErectusUdo Gerhards9.502
Jean-Luc PontyUpon The Wings Of MusicAchim Breiling9.001
Poor Genetic MaterialSummerlandAndreas Pläschke9.754
Poor Genetic MaterialSummerlandThomas Kohlruß9.754
Poor Genetic MaterialLeap into FallThorsten Gürntke10.002
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Letzte Tage - letzte NächteKristian Selm10.673
Popol Vuh (Dt.)In den Gärten PharaosUdo Gerhards10.004
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Brüder des Schattens - Söhne des LichtsRalf J. Günther9.002
Popol Vuh (Norw.)Popol VuhAchim Breiling9.001
Porcupine TreeVoyage 34Christian Rode9.004
Porcupine TreeThe IncidentPiotre Walter10.254
Porcupine TreeFear of a Blank PlanetJochen Rindfrey9.717
Porcupine TreeOn the Sunday of Life...Jochen Rindfrey7.673
Porcupine TreeMetanoiaKristian Selm8.673
Porcupine TreeVoyage 34Jörg Schumann9.004
Porcupine TreeUp The DownstairJörg Schumann11.003
Port MahadiaEchoes In TimeThomas Kohlruß8.002
PosturesPosturesJochen Rindfrey8.502
PotemkineNicolas IIAchim Breiling9.001
Nic PotterNew Europe - Rainbow ColoursJochen Rindfrey9.001
Nic PotterThe Blue Zone Party - Live at the Dome London 29/05/1991Jochen Rindfrey9.001
Nic PotterSketches in SoundJochen Rindfrey9.001
Poverty's no crimeOne In A MillionThorsten Gürntke9.502
Powder! Go Awaywe don't know when it has begun, but we know that it will never endJochen Rindfrey9.001
Roger PowellFossil PoetsThomas Kohlruß9.001
Roger PowellAir PocketAchim Breiling9.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiLive in Japan 2002Jochen Rindfrey11.673
Premiata Forneria MarconiEmotional TattoosSiggy Zielinski7.002
Premiata Forneria MarconiChocolate KingsJochen Rindfrey8.003
Premiata Forneria MarconiPerformanceKristian Selm7.502
Premiata Forneria MarconiJet lagJochen Rindfrey9.333
PresentA Great Inhumane AdventureAchim Breiling9.001
Presto BalletThe Lost Art Of Time TravelHorst Straske9.001
PrimusThe Desaturating SevenAndreas Hofmann9.001
PrimusPrimus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi EnsembleAndreas Hofmann9.001
Prism (US)Live 75-77Achim Breiling9.001
Pris'n StyleWait For ColoursNik Brückner9.001
Process of IlluminationRadiant MemoryPeter Meyer9.001
Procol Harum30th Anniversary AnthologyJochen Rindfrey9.001
Procol HarumProcol HarumJochen Rindfrey10.002
Procol HarumSomething MagicRoland Heil9.502
Procol HarumBroken BarricadesJochen Rindfrey8.002
Profuna OceanIn VacuumThorsten Gürntke10.333
Profuna OceanWatching The Closing SkyWolfram Ehrhardt9.001
ProjectionA Brief History 1999 - 2005Thomas Kohlruß9.001
ProspectMomentsGeorg Heep9.502
ProsperBroken DoorAchim Breiling9.001
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe Art of MadnessJörg Schumann9.333
PsymbienceIsChristian Rode9.502
PTSTidesMichael Büttgen9.001
PulsarGörlitzJochen Rindfrey9.001
PulsarPollenHorst Straske9.002
PulsarBienvenue au conseil d'administrationChristian Rode9.001
PulsarPollenJochen Rindfrey9.002
Puppet ShowTraumatizedKristian Selm10.003
Puppet ShowTraumatizedUdo Gerhards10.003
Pure Reason RevolutionHammer and AnvilThomas Kohlruß9.503
PursuitQuestRalf J. Günther9.673
Puzzle KingAnna's RevolutionGunnar Claußen9.001
PymlicoNightscapeSiggy Zielinski9.001
PyramaxxMoveSiggy Zielinski9.001
Pyramid (Spn.)Gaudi's LegacyThorsten Gürntke9.502
PythagorasJourney to the Vast UnknownAchim Breiling9.001
QuadraL'ArchivisteJürgen Meurer9.001
QuandaryReady To FailGunnar Claußen9.001
Quantum FantayKaleidothropeSiggy Zielinski9.001
QuarkspaceDropKristian Selm9.001
QuarkspaceSpacefolds 8Kristian Selm9.001
QuarkspaceSpacefolds 7Achim Breiling9.001
Quarteto 1111Onde Quando Como Porquê Cantamos Pessoas VivasAchim Breiling9.001
Quaterna RéquiemVelha gravuraKristian Selm9.001
QueenA Night at the OperaGunnar Claußen11.502
QueenQueen IINik Brückner10.002
QueenSheer Heart AttackPeter Meyer9.001
QueenLive at the Rainbow '74Nik Brückner9.001
QueenFlash GordonGunnar Claußen9.001
QueensrÿcheRage for OrderRalf Damaschke10.002
QuestOpposite sides of the picket fenceKristian Selm9.001
QuidamHalf PluggedHenning Mangold9.001
QuidamThe Fifth Season (DVD)Thomas Kohlruß9.502
QuikionEscargot BiancoSiggy Zielinski9.001
QuirinusThe Fate of a dreamerAndreas Pläschke9.001
QummaMessage from stardustJürgen Meurer9.001
Trevor Rabin90124Nik Brückner9.001
Raccomandata Ricevuta RitornoPer... Un Mondo Di CristalloJochen Rindfrey10.002
Rachel'sSelenographyAchim Breiling9.001
Radar FavouritesRadar FavouritesAchim Breiling9.001
radio massacre internationalorgan harvestAchim Breiling9.001
radio massacre internationalemissariesKristian Selm10.002
RadioheadThe King Of LimbsAndreas Hofmann9.002
RadioheadIn RainbowsMarc Colling10.254
RadioheadI Might Be Wrong - Live RecordingsJochen Rindfrey9.001
RadioheadAmnesiacAndreas Pläschke9.502
RadioheadThe King Of LimbsPiotre Walter9.002
Råg i RyggenRåg i RyggenChristian Rode9.502
Raison de PlusIci est ailleursJürgen Meurer9.001
RAMWHERE? (In Conclusion)Achim Breiling9.001
Random TouchDuologueChristian Rode9.001
Random TouchReverberating ApparatusAchim Breiling9.001
Random TouchAlchemyThomas Kohlruß9.001
RanestRaneShiningKristian Selm8.002
Rascal ReportersThe Foul-Tempered ClavierAchim Breiling9.001
Rascal ReportersHappy AccidentsAchim Breiling9.001
RavermenRavermenJochen Rindfrey9.003
Razor Wire ShrineGoing Deaf for a LivingChristian Rode10.002
RBCRBCNik Brückner9.001
RC 2rc 2Kristian Selm9.673
RC 2rc 2Henning Mangold9.673
Reale Accademia di MusicaAngeli mutantiPeter Meyer9.001
Reale Accademia di MusicaReale Accademia di MusicaAchim Breiling9.001
Il Reale Impero BritannicoPerchè si uccidonoGunnar Claußen9.001
The ReasoningDark AngelThomas Kohlruß8.502
RecreationRecreationAndreas Pläschke9.502
Red JasperThe Winter's TaleGünter Schote9.001
The Red KrayolaGod Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With ItFabian Lutz9.001
The Red MasqueDeath of the Red Masque (EP)Nik Brückner9.001
The Red MasqueFossileyesThomas Kohlruß9.001
Red SandGentryJürgen Meurer9.001
RedemptionThe Origins Of RuinThomas Kohlruß9.001
RedemptionThe Art Of LossGunnar Claußen10.502
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresMay You Dine On Weeds Made Bitter By The Piss Of DrunkardsJochen Rindfrey9.001
The Redundant RockerHeartJochen Rindfrey9.001
Robert ReedSanctuary IIIGunnar Claußen10.333
RelayerLast Man On EarthKristian Selm9.502
RelayerFacadeKai Lorenz Kruppa9.001
Release Music OrchestraNewsJochen Rindfrey9.001
Os Relogios de FedericoChumbo RossoAchim Breiling9.001
RenaissanceIllusionMarkus Peltner9.673
RenaissanceIllusionJochen Rindfrey9.673
RenaissanceIn the land of the rising sunKristian Selm9.001
RenaissanceDeLane Lea Studios 1973Jochen Rindfrey9.001
Markus ReuterThe longest in terms of beingSiggy Zielinski9.001
Markus Reuter & Robert RichEleven QuestionsJochen Rindfrey9.001
RevivalRevivalAchim Breiling9.673
RevivorThe SiegeSiggy Zielinski9.001
Jorge ReyesEk-TunkulAchim Breiling9.001
RhetoricaGanduri (Thoughts)Dennis Egbers10.002
Happy RhodesEctoJochen Rindfrey9.001
Happy RhodesRearmamentJochen Rindfrey9.001
Happy RhodesRhodes IIJochen Rindfrey9.001
Happy RhodesBuilding the ColossusJochen Rindfrey9.001
Rhythmische Beobachter1 LebenMarkus Peltner9.001
Alberto RigoniEvoRevolutionJochen Rindfrey9.502
Andy RinehartJason's chordAndreas Pläschke8.002
RingThe Empire Of NecromancersKristian Selm7.502
RinghausenHarmonic XtortionGunnar Claußen9.001
RinotopíaRinotopía IGunnar Claußen9.001
RitualDid I go wrong (EP)Kristian Selm9.001
RitualLiveAndreas Pläschke10.673
RiversideLove, Fear and the Time MachineGunnar Claußen11.205
RiversideMemories In My HeadThomas Kohlruß10.333
Dante RobertoThe CircleSiggy Zielinski9.001
Claudio RocchiViaggioAchim Breiling9.001
Rocket ScientistsOblivion DaysThorsten Gürntke8.502
El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez-LopezCryptomnesiaAndreas Hofmann9.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusSelbstportrait - Vol. IIJochen Rindfrey9.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusSelbstportraitJochen Rindfrey9.002
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusWenn der Südwind weht (Selbstportrait IV)Siggy Zielinski9.001
The Rome Pro(g)jectOf Fate and GloryChristian Rode7.502
Kurt RongeyBook in HandThomas Kohlruß9.001
Anton RoolaartDreamerHorst Straske9.001
RoomPre-FlightAchim Breiling9.001
The RoomOpen FireHarald Schmidt9.001
RootwaterVisionismThomas Kohlruß9.001
RorcalMonochromeSiggy Zielinski9.001
August RosenbaumVistaSiggy Zielinski9.001
Mathew RothImmersionGunnar Claußen9.001
Michael RotherKatzenmusikJochen Rindfrey9.001
Michael RotherLustJochen Rindfrey9.001
Michael RotherSterntalerJochen Rindfrey9.001
Michael RotherFernwärmeJochen Rindfrey9.001
Steve Rothery BandLive in RomeGünter Schote9.003
Il Rovescio Della Medaglia (RDM)Io come ioNik Brückner9.001
Rovo and System 7Phoenix RisingSiggy Zielinski9.001
Roxy MusicOn the Road. Live. 1979Christian Rode9.001
Roxy MusicCountry LifeJochen Rindfrey9.502
Roxy MusicManifestoChristian Rode9.001
Royal HuntMoving TargetFranco Cappelletti9.001
Roz VitalisEnigmardenChristian Rode9.001
RPWLThe Gentle Art of MusicThomas Schüßler11.002
RPWL9Thomas Kohlruß9.001
The Rube Goldberg MachineFragile TimesThomas Kohlruß9.001
Jordan Rudess4NYCMarkus Wierschem9.001
Rufus ZuphallPhallobstAchim Breiling9.001
Ruins + Kazuhisa UchihashiRuins + Kazuhisa UchihashiNik Brückner9.001
Rumple Stiltzken ComuneWrong From The BeginningSal Pichireddu8.502
Runaway TotemEsameronAchim Breiling9.001
Todd Rundgren's UtopiaAnother LiveSal Pichireddu9.001
RuphusInner VoiceAchim Breiling9.001
RushPermanent WavesThorsten Gürntke12.504
RushHold Your FireThorsten Gürntke9.254
RushAll the World's a StageThorsten Gürntke8.502
RushA Farewell to KingsSiggy Zielinski10.205
RushPower WindowsThorsten Gürntke9.502
RushSnakes & ArrowsThorsten Gürntke11.333
RushSignalsThorsten Gürntke10.002
RushExit...Stage LeftThorsten Gürntke10.502
RushVapor TrailsThorsten Gürntke7.755
Rusty PacemakerRuinsChristian Rode8.002
SabracadabraDemo 2001Horst Straske9.001
Saga (Kan.)Heads or tales LiveKristian Selm9.001
Saga (Kan.)Worlds Apart RevisitedChristian Rode11.003
Saga (Kan.)Full CircleKristian Selm10.754
Saga (Kan.)Images At TwilightJörg Schumann11.673
Saga (Kan.)Contact (DVD)Wolfram Ehrhardt7.502
Saga (Kan.)SagaJörg Schumann12.504
Saga (Kan.)The Beginner's Guide To Throwing ShapesGünter Schote10.254
Saga (Kan.)10,000 DaysThomas Kohlruß10.002
Saga (Kan.)House Of CardsKristian Selm10.754
Saga (Kan.)House Of CardsThorsten Gürntke10.754
Saga (Kan.)Wildest DreamsOliver Mensing5.002
Saga de Ragnar LodbrockSaga de Ragnar LodbrockHorst Straske9.001
SaharaSunriseAchim Breiling10.502
SairenUltima LuxJochen Rindfrey9.001
Salem HillMimi's Magic MomentSiggy Zielinski8.504
Salem HillMimi's Magic MomentThomas Schüßler8.504
Salem HillThe Unseen Cord / Thicker than WaterSiggy Zielinski10.002
Salem HillPennies In The Karma JarThomas Schüßler9.002
Salem HillPennies In The Karma JarWolfram Ehrhardt9.002
Salem HillCatatoniaThomas Schüßler9.001
SalisDopo il buio la luceAchim Breiling9.001
SalvaLeft to burnThomas Kohlruß9.001
Vincenzo SalviaAuto RadioGunnar Claußen9.001
Samla Mammas MannaSnorungarnas SymphoniAchim Breiling9.001
Samla Mammas MannaSamla Mammas MannaAchim Breiling9.001
The Samurai of ProgThe Imperial HotelJürgen Wissing11.002
The Samurai of ProgUndercoverRalf J. Günther9.001
The Samurai of ProgLost and FoundJürgen Wissing11.002
Karl SandersSaurian MeditationSiggy Zielinski9.001
SanityLive at 22Georg Heep9.001
Sankt OttenGottes SynthesizerSiggy Zielinski9.001
Sarastro BlakeNew ProgmanticsSiggy Zielinski9.001
Saraxfécula bicorpóreaAchim Breiling9.001
SarisUntil we have FacesChristian Rode9.502
SarisGhosts of YesterdayMarc Colling10.504
SatelliteA Street Between Sunrise And SunsetUdo Gerhards10.502
SatelliteNostalgiaThomas Kohlruß8.002
Lee SaundersA promise of peaceKristian Selm9.001
SavatageGutter BalletGunnar Claußen10.502
SavatageHall of the Mountain KingGunnar Claußen9.001
Saviour MachineLegend Part IIJörg Graf6.502
SBBNastrojeThoralf Koss10.502
SBBLive in Opole 1976. A late night recitalAchim Breiling9.001
SBBIron CurtainAndreas Pläschke8.502
SBBNew CenturyChristian Rode9.502
SBBWicher w polu dmieAchim Breiling9.001
SBBLive in Marburg 1980. The Final ConcertAchim Breiling9.001
SBB22.10.1977 Göttingen/Alte ZiegeleiHolger Grützner9.001
SBBWelcomeKristian Selm9.001
SBBRoskilde 1978Thomas Kohlruß9.001
SBBTrio - Live Tournee 2001Ralf J. Günther9.001
SBBLive in Köln 1979. In the shadow of the DomAchim Breiling9.001
SBBLive in Theatre 2005 (DVD)Ralf J. Günther9.502
Scale the summitCarving Desert CanyonsNik Brückner9.001
Schicke Führs FröhlingLive 1975Udo Gerhards9.502
Günter SchickertKinder in der WildnisJochen Rindfrey9.001
SchizofrantikLive at Burg Herzberg FestivalChristian Rode9.502
Irmin SchmidtGormenghastRalf J. Günther10.502
Detlev SchmidtchenThe Last Planet - Chapter I 'Impressions'Jochen Rindfrey9.001
Johannes SchmoellingSongs no words (Lieder ohne Worte)Siggy Zielinski9.001
Eberhard SchoenerMeditationAndreas Pläschke9.001
Eberhard SchoenerHarmonia mundiAndreas Pläschke9.001
Robert SchroederBrain VoyagerMichael Weinel9.001
Robert SchroederD.MO Vol.4 - Harmonic DecadenceAchim Breiling9.001
Kristian SchultzeExpedition ExtraJochen Rindfrey9.001
Klaus SchulzeAndrogynGunnar Claußen9.001
Klaus SchulzeBallett 4Jochen Rindfrey9.001
Klaus SchulzeTimewindUdo Gerhards12.333
Klaus SchulzeMoondawnUdo Gerhards11.003
Klaus SchulzeIn BlueSiggy Zielinski8.502
Klaus SchulzeInter*faceJochen Rindfrey9.503
Klaus SchulzeAngstAndreas Pläschke9.333
Klaus Schulze...Live...Andreas Pläschke10.673
Klaus SchulzeDosburg OnlineJochen Rindfrey9.502
Klaus SchulzeEn=TranceGunnar Claußen9.504
Klaus SchulzeCyborgJochen Rindfrey11.003
Klaus SchulzeJubilee Edition Third PartSiggy Zielinski9.001
Klaus SchulzeDas Wagner Desaster - LiveAndreas Pläschke9.673
Klaus Schulze & Lisa GerrardDziekuje Bardzo (DVD)Michael Büttgen9.001
Klaus SchulzeMoonlakeAndreas Pläschke9.502
Klaus SchulzeAngstJochen Rindfrey9.333
Andy SearsSouvenirGünter Schote9.001
Seasons Of TimeClosed Doors to Open PlainsThomas Kohlruß9.001
Second CallingImpressions (Demo/EP)Markus Wierschem9.001
Second HandRealityAchim Breiling9.001
SecoyaGhostsGunnar Claußen9.001
SecrecyRaging RomanceThorsten Gürntke9.001
Secret Chiefs 3Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws: HurqalyaJochen Rindfrey9.001
Secret Chiefs 3Satellite Supersonic Vol. 1Jochen Rindfrey9.001
Secret Chiefs 3Eyes of Flesh, Eyes of FlameJochen Rindfrey9.001
Secret MachinesTen Silver DropsThomas Kohlruß9.001
Secret OysterStraight to the KrankenhausAchim Breiling9.001
Secret SaucerTri-Angular WavesAchim Breiling9.001
Seeking RavenLonely ArtMarc Colling9.001
SeidMeet the spacemen (Vinyl Single)Andreas Pläschke9.001
Sensitive To LightFrom The Ancient WorldAndreas Kiefer10.502
September MalevolenceOur Withers UnwrungSiggy Zielinski9.001
Serpentina SateliteMecanica CelesteSiggy Zielinski9.001
Seven Day HuntFile This DreamDennis Egbers9.001
Seven Steps To The Green DoorThe PuzzleMarcus Kästner10.605
Seven Steps To The Green DoorThe PuzzleThomas Kohlruß10.605
Seventh WonderMercy FallsSiggy Zielinski9.001
Seventh WonderWaiting in the WingsSiggy Zielinski9.001
Seventh WonderTiaraPeter Meyer9.001
Shaa KhanAnything Wrong?Jochen Rindfrey9.001
Shaa KhanThe World Will End On FridayJochen Rindfrey8.502
Shades Of DawnGraffity's RainbowJürgen Wissing10.002
Shadow CircusWhispers and ScreamsRalf J. Günther9.001
Shadow GalleryTyrannyMarcus Kästner9.333
Shadow PointeSituationsThomas Kohlruß9.001
ShadowlandCautionary TalesJörg Schumann9.001
ShakaryShakary 2006Andreas Kiefer9.002
ShakaryThe Last SummerThomas Kohlruß8.002
David ShamrockThin PillowAchim Breiling9.001
Billy SheehanCosmic TroubadourThomas Kohlruß9.001
Derek SherinianInertiaThomas Kohlruß8.502
shield your eyesSHIELD EMAchim Breiling9.001
ShingetsuKagaku No YoruAchim Breiling9.001
Sh'lonkChild of MusicSiggy Zielinski9.001
Sh'mantraCornucopiaKristian Selm9.001
ShowmenShowmen 2Achim Breiling9.001
Michael Shrieve with Kevin Shrieve and Klaus SchulzeTransfer Station BlueJochen Rindfrey9.001
ShylockGialorguesNik Brückner9.003
SicherSicherAchim Breiling9.001
Side StepsPoints of viewKristian Selm8.502
Side StepsVerge Of RealityKristian Selm8.502
7iebenLupus und LeaSiggy Zielinski9.001
Sieges EvenSophisticatedMichael Hirle9.001
Sigur Rósuntitled #1 (a.k.a. vaka)Andreas Pläschke9.001
Sigur RósTakkJörg Schumann10.679
Sigur RósValtariThomas Schüßler9.673
Sigur RósMeð suð í eyrum við spilum endalaustGünter Schote9.502
Sigur RósValtariMarkus Peltner9.673
Sigur RósKveikurJochen Rindfrey8.502
Silent CallTruth's RedemptionSiggy Zielinski9.001
Silent IslandEquatorThomas Schüßler9.001
SilhouetteMoodsThomas Kohlruß9.001
Silo 10Silo 10Andreas Pläschke9.001
Silver ApplesSilver ApplesAchim Breiling9.502
A Silver Mt. Zionborn into trouble as the sparks fly upwardJochen Rindfrey9.502
Simon SaysParadise SquareSal Pichireddu10.673
SindelfingenOdgipigAchim Breiling9.502
Peter SinfieldStillAchim Breiling9.001
SinkadusAurum NostrumJörg Schumann8.002
SinkadusCirkusUdo Gerhards11.004
Six ElementsPrimary ElementsChristian Rode9.001
Sixty NineCircle Of The CrayfishAchim Breiling9.001
Rikard SjöblomThe Unbendable SleepSiggy Zielinski10.003
Skeleton$Life and the AfterbirthAndreas Hofmann9.001
Skeleton$GitAndreas Hofmann9.001
Skin AlleyTwo Quid DealAchim Breiling9.001
Guy SkornikPour PauwelsAchim Breiling9.001
SkySkyHenning Mangold9.001
Skyron OrchestraSituationsJochen Rindfrey9.001
Slaves To FashionArtistic DifferencesGunnar Claußen9.001
Sleep DirtShades Of MeaningThomas Kohlruß9.001
Sleep in HeadsOn the AirGunnar Claußen10.002
Sleeping HorsesWater for AirJochen Rindfrey7.502
Sleeping HorsesSleeping HorsesJochen Rindfrey9.001
SleepmakeswavesMade of Breath OnlyJochen Rindfrey9.502
Sleepmakeswaves...and so we destroyed everythingJochen Rindfrey9.001
SlychosisSlychosisMarcus Kästner9.001
Judge SmithRequiem MassGunnar Claußen9.001
Judge SmithCurly's AirshipsAndreas Pläschke12.333
Smother PartyCasa LimonFlorian Dietmaier9.001
Soft MachineLive At The Paradiso 1969Udo Gerhards9.502
Soft MachineVolume 1Udo Gerhards10.502
Soft MachineMiddle Earth MastersAchim Breiling9.001
Soft MachineSevenAchim Breiling10.502
Soft MachineLive In ParisAndreas Pläschke9.502
Soft MachineSoftstage - BBC In Concert 1972Achim Breiling9.001
Soft MachineSixUdo Gerhards11.003
The Soft Machine LegacyLive AdventuresAchim Breiling9.001
The Soft Machine LegacySoft Machine LegacyAchim Breiling8.502
Solar ProjectForce MajeureThomas Kohlruß7.502
SolarisBack to the roots... - Solaris Archive 1Kristian Selm9.001
SolefaldThe Linear ScaffoldGunnar Claußen9.001
SolsticeSpiritGünter Schote9.001
SolsticeProphecyJörg Schumann9.001
Solstice CoilNatural CausesSiggy Zielinski10.502
SolutionSolutionAchim Breiling9.001
Solution Science SystemsEponymous EPSiggy Zielinski9.001
SomaEpsilonAchim Breiling9.001
S.O.T.E. (Songs of the Exile)ReasonsThomas Kohlruß9.001
Sonic DebrisVelvet ThornsUdo Gerhards9.001
Sonic PulsarPlaying the UniverseChristian Rode8.002
Sonic PulsarOut Of PlaceGeorg Heep8.673
Soniq CircusSoniq CircusDennis Egbers9.001
Soniq CircusReflections in the HourglassSiggy Zielinski9.001
Soniq TheaterVision QuestSiggy Zielinski9.001
Soniq TheaterHeroes of the PastSiggy Zielinski9.001
Sons of Alpha CentauriContinuumSiggy Zielinski9.001
Sonus CoronaSonus CoronaGunnar Claußen9.001
Sounds Of New SomaGandhis Labyrinth EPJochen Rindfrey9.001
The SourcePrickly PearAndreas Kiefer7.502
Southern EmpireCivilisationPeter Meyer10.502
Space DebrisPhonomorphosisAchim Breiling11.002
Space DebrisInto the Sun. Live at Burg Herzberg Festival 2006 (DVD)Thomas Kohlruß11.002
Space DebrisLive GhostsRalf J. Günther10.502
Space InvadersAyakashiGunnar Claußen10.673
Spaced OutSpaced OutAchim Breiling9.003
Spaced OutSpaced OutKristian Selm9.003
Spaced OutSpaced OutThorsten Gürntke9.003
Spaced OutSlow GinUdo Gerhards10.333
A Sparrow-grass HuntLe Journal du DormeurSal Pichireddu9.001
Spastic InkInk CompatibleSal Pichireddu11.002
Speaking To StonesElementsSiggy Zielinski9.001
SpectrumPart OneAchim Breiling9.001
Sphincter EnsembleHarrodian Event #1Achim Breiling9.001
Spiral ArchitectA Sceptic's UniverseUdo Gerhards11.333
SpiralingTransmitterThomas Kohlruß9.001
Spirits BurningAlien InjectionJochen Rindfrey9.001
SpiritualizedPure PhaseJochen Rindfrey9.001