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Haken - The Mountain
Circle - Katapult
Trigon - 30 Jahre Traumzeit
Soft Machine - Hidden Details
Sherpa - Tigris & Euphrates
Hokr - Klid V Bezčasí
The Flaming Lips - Clouds Taste Metallic
Seventh Wonder - Tiara
Bi Kyo Ran - Anthology vol.1
Sanguine Hum - Now We Have Power
DRH - Thin Ice
Various Artists - Hamtai! - Hommage à la musique de Christian Vander
ALU - Die Vertreibung der Zeit (1980-1986)
Riverside - Wasteland
Datashock - Kräuter der Provinz
Rotor - Sechs
Gösta Berlings Saga - ET EX
Dream Theater - When dream and day reunite (Official bootleg)
24971 Rezensionen zu 17122 Alben von 6671 Bands.

Alben aus dem Jahr 2004

Auswahl mit dem Alben-Filter einschränken

Band  Album Ø-Wertung # Rezis
4/3 de TrioErsatz10.001
A Day's WorkDrowning in what I believe10.001
Aching BeautyL'Ultima Ora8.001
Acid Mothers TempleMinstrel in the Galaxy10.001
Acid Mothers TempleThe Mantra of Love6.001
Steve AdamsCamera Obscura7.002
ÆON SPOKEAbove The Buried Cry10.503
Jimmy ÅgrenClose Enough For Jazz11.001
AhleuchatistasThe Same and the Other11.001
AirbagCome On In9.001
Akinetón RetardAkinetón Ao Vivo12.002
AlasGrandes Exitos-1
AlkemyDa 63 Projekt9.002
The Amber LightGoodbye to Dusk Farewell to Dawn10.003
AngulartDonde renacen las horas7.001
Annot RhülThe Annot Rhül Surf Experience9.001
Anti-Depressive DeliveryFeel. Melt. Release. Escape.11.502
Anyone's DaughterWrong10.002
AragonThe Angels Tear9.502
ArcansielSwimming In The Sand10.001
ArcanumKlang-Raum-Wort X8.001
Martin ArcherHeritage and Ringtones13.001
ArenaLive & Life (The Contagion Tour 2003)9.001
Art BearsThe Art Box13.001
Art of InfinityDimension Universe8.001
AsiaLive in Massachussettes '837.001
AsiaSilent Nation6.004
AtaxiaAutomatic Writing11.001
AxiomA Moment Of Insanity9.001
AyreonLoser (Single)7.502
AyreonThe Human Equation10.206
AyreonDay eleven: Love (Single)7.001
AzazelloSeventh Heaven10.001
Back DoorThe Human Bed10.001
Vladimir Badirov ProjectGreeting from Nostradamus10.001
Dave BainbridgeVeil of Gossamer11.001
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoDonna Plautilla8.001
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoCió che si vede è (DVD)11.001
Tony BanksSeven - A Suite For Orchestra-3
Richard BarbieriThings buried12.002
Bark Psychosis///CODENAME:dustsucker12.001
Bark PsychosisReplay10.001
Masaki BatohCollected Works 95-9612.001
Beat CircusRingleader's Revolt10.001
Big Big TrainGathering Speed9.001
BjörkThe Music From Drawing Restraint 912.001
Black BonzoBlack Bonzo11.001
Jean Pascal BoffoInfini8.001
Carsten Bohns BandstandBrandnew Oldies-2
The Book Of KnotsThe Book Of Knots12.001
Boys´n WitchesSun And Moon9.001
Carla BozulichI'm Gonna Stop Killing10.001
The Brimstone Solar Radiation BandThe Brimstone Solar Radiation Band11.502
Cabezas De CeraMetalmusica - Aleaciones Aleatorias13.001
Chris CafferyFaces/God Damn War6.001
California Guitar TrioWhitewater11.001
Camp HansenKeep Music Progressive9.001
Canvas SolarisSublimation13.002
Capillary ActionFragments9.502
Cea SerinWhere memories combine8.333
CentrozoonNever trust the way you are11.002
CentrozoonBigger space (DVD)10.001
Cerberus ShoalBastion of Itchy Preeves12.001
ChanetonThe First Lights Of The Century7.002
Mikhail ChekalinA Pagan Suite9.001
Chroma KeyGraveyard Mountain Home12.002
Cinema (JP)Mindscape5.001
CircleGolem / Vesiliirto10.001
Circles EndHang On To That Kite11.502
Claudia QuintetI, Claudia10.001
Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie BrainsThe Big Eyeball in the Sky11.001
ClogsStick Music12.001
Coheed And CambriaIn Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 310.001
CollageLiving in the moonlight (DVD)7.001
ColosseumThe Complete Reunion Concert (DVD)11.001
Colossus Projects (Finnland)The Spaghetti Epic - Six Modern Prog Bands For Six ´70 Prog Suites9.001
Comets on FireBlue Cathedral12.001
Counter-World ExperienceFraktal11.003
Cro MagnonBrosella Suite12.001
Die Anarchistische AbendunterhaltungTub gurnard goodness10.001
DamenbartKarma & Gnade12.001
Dave Tucker West Coast ProjectTenderloin8.001
Dead Heroes ClubDead Heroes Club10.001
Deadsoul TribeThe January Tree9.001
Death & Taxe$The Alaska 12 Expeditions10.673
Donella del Monaco & Paolo Troncon, Opus Avantra ensembleVenetia & anima11.001
Joe Deninzon & StratospheeriusLive Wires11.001
Dice (Dt)If The Beatles Were From Another Galaxy7.502
Different StringsDead Man Walking-1
The Dillinger Escape PlanMiss Machine12.001
Disen GageThe Screw-Loose Entertainment11.001
DisillusionBack to Times of Splendor11.502
Divine RuinsSign of the times4.001
Djam KaretLive At NEARFest 200110.001
Tod Dockstader & David Lee MyersPond-1
Tim DonahueMadmen & Sinners10.502
Dream TheaterWhen dream and day reunite (Official bootleg)11.002
Dream TheaterLive at Budokan10.502
Dream TheaterLive at Budokan (DVD)12.001
DreamscapeEnd Of Silence9.001
Dura MaterDura Mater9.001
Dweller at the ThresholdFull Boundary Condition11.001
EarthworksRandom Acts Of Happiness8.001
Eccentric OrbitAttack of the Martians9.673
EcholynStars And Gardens (DVD)12.333
Ego EimiThe Door of Heart9.001
Electrocution 250Electric Cartoon Music from Hell10.673
Elegant SimplicityAnhedonia8.001
EmeraldCrown of Creation9.001
Keith EmersonGodzilla - Final wars (Soundtrack)4.001
Emerson, Lake & PalmerWelcome Back (DVD)9.001
Emerson, Lake & PalmerInside Emerson Lake & Palmer. 1970 - 1995. An independent critical review (DVD)10.001
Emerson, Lake & PalmerMasters From The Vaults (DVD)10.001
Empty TremorThe alien inside10.001
EnchantLive at last8.002
EstradaspherePassion for Life10.001
EvergreyThe Inner Circle8.002
EyestringsBurdened Hands8.001
FamilyBBC Radio Volume 1 1968-6911.001
FamilyBBC Radio Volume 2 1971-7310.001
Fanger & SchönwälderAnalog overdose "the ricochet dream edition"10.001
FantômasDelìrivm Còrdia7.502
Far CornerFar Corner11.333
Patrizio FariselliArea, variazioni per pianoforte10.001
Fates WarningX10.405
FaustBBC Sessions +10.002
FinisterreLa meccanica naturale10.001
Finnegans Wake4th10.502
FireclanSunrise to Sunset12.001
FishField of Crows10.502
Flaming BessFinstere Sonne / Black Sun10.003
Flat Earth SocietyISMS11.001
Flight 09Human nature7.001
The Flower KingsAdam & Eve8.258
The Flower KingsBetchaWannaDanceStoopid!!10.503
FLUTTR EFFECTTrithemis Festiva11.001
Flying CircusPomp11.002
Forgotten SunsSnooze10.502
fredLive at The Bitter End11.502
Free System ProjektProtoavis10.001
French TVPardon Our French12.002
Friends of Dean MartinezRandom Harvest11.001
Fripp & EnoThe Equatorial Stars10.002
Fred FrithEye To Ear II12.001
Frogg CaféNoodles10.001
FruitcakeMan Overboard6.002
FruuppIt's All Up Now-1
Fugato OrchestraNeander Variations10.001
Peter GabrielStill Growing Up Live 2004 - 18.05.2004 Nürnberg12.001
Peter GabrielPLAY (DVD)13.502
The GatheringSleepy Buildings - A Semi Acoustic Evening11.002
GazpachoWhen earth lets go10.001
GenesisThe Video Show (DVD)7.002
GenesisInside Genesis 1975-1980 - An Independent Critical Review (DVD)-1
GenesisGenesis Live (DVD)5.001
GenesisPlatinum Collection-1
Genesis for two grand pianosGenesis For Two Grand Pianos Vol. II10.502
Gentle GiantScraping the Barrel-1
Gentle GiantGiant on the Box (DVD)12.504
GerardPower of Infinity12.001
Lisa GerrardImmortal Memory14.001
GhostHypnotic Underworld12.001
Glass HammerLex Live (DVD)7.001
Glass HammerShadowlands9.754
Glass HammerLive at NEARfest11.754
Thomas GlönklerAuszeit11.002
God Is An AstronautAll Is Violent, All Is Bright11.001
GongAcid Motherhood12.001
Grace Cathedral ParkIn The Evenings of Regret9.001
GrobschnittDie Grobschnitt-Story 512.002
GrobschnittThe History of Solar Music Vol. 59.502
GroteskGrotesk 211.001
GryphonCrossing The Styles - The Transatlantic Anthology-1
GuapoFive Suns12.005
Shaun GuerinArchives11.001
John HackettVelvet Afternoon8.001
Steve HackettLive Archive 0410.001
Steve HackettLive Archive 0311.001
Steve HackettOnce above a time (DVD)10.001
HaddadArs longa Vita brevis8.001
HaggardEppur Si Muove12.001
Richard Hallebeek ProjectRichard Hallebeek Project11.001
Peter HammillIncoherence12.502
Happy The ManThe Muse Awakens9.502
HawkwindIn Concert - Out of the Shadows (DVD)10.001
HeartscoreStraight to the Brain9.502
Helmet of GnatsHelmet Of Gnats11.001
Hidria SpacefolkBalansia11.002
Steve HillageLive at Deeply Vale Festival '787.001
HokrHokrova Vila12.001
Gary HughesOnce & Future King part I5.001
Hypnos 69The Intrigue of Perception12.001
Ikarisches EnsembleIncipit Tragoedia11.002
Ilse Laude tinnen mannen11.001
IndrâzorCocoon to Butterfly10.001
Into EternityBuried in Oblivion12.001
Ion QuestIon Quest9.001
IQDark Matter10.806
IQThe twentieth anniversary show (DVD)10.673
IsotopeLive at the BBC9.001
IZZampersand volume 110.001
Jaime Rosas TrioExtremos7.001
Jam CampBlack Hills Jam - Preserves Vol. 29.001
Jean Michel JarreAero8.502
The Jelly Jam212.001
Jethro TullNothing Is Easy: Live At The Isle Of Wight 197011.001
Jinetes NegrosChronos7.001
Richard Leo JohnsonPoetry of Appliance10.001
KaloSpiral Dream6.502
KansasSail On - The 30th Anniversary Collection-1
Marten KantusInsomnia9.002
Kaos MoonThe Circle Of Madness8.001
Karda EstraVoivode Dracula8.002
KarmakanicWheel Of Life11.002
Keller & SchönwälderKeller, Schönwälder & Friends11.001
Mike KeneallyDog11.001
Mike KeneallyPup.-1
Mike KeneallyThe Universe Will Provide7.502
Mike KeneallyVai Piano Reductions Vol. 18.001
Mike KeneallyParallel Universe11.001
King CrimsonLive in Warsaw, June 11, 200010.001
King CrimsonThe 21st Century Guide To King Crimson Volume One (1969-1974)-1
King CrimsonLive in Philadelphia, PA, July 30, 198211.001
King CrimsonNeal and Jack and Me (DVD)11.001
King's XLive All Over The Place9.001
Klaus WieseMaquam14.001
Knight AreaThe sun also rises8.502
KopeckySunset gun6.001
Korai örömLive at Budapester Trafóban 29. Dezember 200310.001
KraftwerkAerodynamik (Single)-1
KreidlerEve Future Recall8.001
Kuusumun ProfeettaSanansaattaja Oraakkeli Salamurha Hyökkäysvaunu11.001
LampshadeBecause Trees Can Fly11.001
Land Of ChocolateRegaining The Feel7.001
LegacyThe Most Beautiful Lies6.001
LightnessLightness 29.001
Liquid ScarletLiquid Scarlet12.333
Liquid VisionsFrom The Cube11.002
LitmusYou are here10.002
The Low Frequency In StereoTravelling Ants Who Got Eaten By Moskus10.001
Lucifer WasBlues from Hellah9.001
Lukas Tower BandAfter Long Years9.001
Lux Nova Umbra EstLight Is The New Dark10.001
MagentaAnother Time... Another Place...10.001
MagentaI'm Alive (Single)12.001
MagentaBroken (Single)10.001
Magical Power MakoHapmoniym 1972-197511.001
MagmaUber Kommandoh-1
MagmaConcert Bobino 1981 (DVD)5.001
Magnitude 9Decoding the soul5.001
Nick MagnusHexameron11.001
Magyar PosseKings of Time12.001
MangroveTouch Wood11.001
Manfred Mann20069.001
ManningA Matter Of Life & Death (The Journal Of Abel Mann)7.254
Phil Manzanera6pm12.502
Marble SheepFor demolition of a spiritual framework10.001
MarillionMarbles ("condensed version")6.001
MarillionMarbles on the road (DVD)12.333
MartiganOfficial bootleg (DVD)9.001
La Maschera di CeraIn concerto11.001
Maury e i Pronomi(Ec)citazioni Neoclassiche9.001
Hubi MeiselEmOcean10.502
Peter MergenerLounge Control8.001
MeshuggahI (EP)11.001
Messküsi eneselt11.002
MetaphorEntertaining Thanatos9.005
Mike & The MechanicsRewired8.001
Milleniumdeja vu9.001
MindflowJust the two of us... me and Them9.504
Minimum VitalAtlas11.001
Mispel BellyfulMispel Bellyful9.001
Mist SeasonMist Season10.001
MoongardenRound Midnight11.004
Kevin MooreGhost book / Soundtrack to the Film "Okul"-1
Kevin MooreMemory Hole 1-1
Neal MorseOne10.806
Neal MorseTestimony Live (DVD)11.001
Scott MosherInferno8.002
Mostly AutumnThe V-Shows (DVD)10.001
Mostly AutumnPink Floyd Revisited (DVD)12.001
MotisPrince des Hauteurs9.001
Mr. GutterHaunted Cobblestone Series #1-1
Dominik MüllerLevellym8.002
The MuffinsDouble Negative10.502
Naked LunchSongs for the Exhausted10.001
NautilusIn Search Of Castaways9.001
Nautilus (GB)What Colours The Sky In Your World?10.002
NDV (Nick D'Virgilio)Live & Acoustic (DVD)10.001
NDV (Nick D'Virgilio)Live & Acoustic10.001
NecrostConception of Noise9.001
NemoPrélude à la Ruine13.001
NemoEve Et Le Génie Du Mal (Single)10.001
Neue RegelIn a word9.001
Nice BeaverOregon8.502
Stina NordenstamThe world is saved12.001
Erik NorlanderSeas of Orion9.001
North StarExtremes8.001
The OceanfluXion11.001
Odd UdderOdd Udder9.001
ominoXContemporary Past10.001
Orbit ServiceTwilight10.001
Le OrmeL'infinito11.001
Orphan ProjectOrphan Found11.502
Orphaned LandMabool - The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven11.001
The Orphic SalvationOrphic Salvation10.002
OugenweideWol mich der Stunde10.001
OvniHumanos pero no terrestres11.001
Ozric TentaclesSpirals in Hyperspace12.502
Ozric TentaclesEternal wheel (The best of)11.001
Pain of Salvation12:511.001
Pain of SalvationBE (ChinassiaH)10.502
Carl PalmerWorking Live - Volume 210.502
PanzerpappaFarlig Vandring9.001
pArAdOx OnEAlternative Reality7.001
Matthew ParmenterAstray10.001
Alan ParsonsA valid path8.502
Henning Pauly13 days9.502
PeccatumLost In Reverie10.001
Persona Non GrataThe Fine Art Of Living10.502
John Petrucci & Jordan RudessAn Evening with John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess12.001
PhideauxGhost Story10.001
Anthony PhillipsArchive Collection Volume II-1
PhonophaniOak or rock11.001
Picchio Dal PozzoPic_nic@Valdapozzo12.001
Richard PinhasTranzition9.673
Michael PinnellaEnter Through The Twelfth Gate5.001
Planet P Project1931: Go Out Dancing Part One9.003
Planeta ImaginarioQué Me Dices?10.001
Pochakaite MalkoLaya10.001
Porcupine TreeWarszawa10.502
Prime MoverPrime Mover alias Drivkraft11.001
PrimusHallucino-Genetics Live 2004 (DVD)12.001
Procol HarumLive At The Union Chapel (DVD)8.001
ProjeKctsProjeKct Three: Live in Austin, TX, 199911.001
Proto-KawBefore Became After10.003
The Psychedelic Avengers...and the curse of the universe11.502
PsyopusIdeas of Reference13.001
PyramazeMelancholy Beast10.001
QuarkspaceNode In Peril11.001
QueensrÿcheThe Art of Live (DVD)5.001
QwaarnThe Word of Qwaarn5.001
Rain for a Dayelemental11.002
Razor Wire ShrineGoing Deaf for a Living10.002
The Red MasqueFeathers For Flesh10.333
Red SandMirror of insanity5.002
RenaissantSouth of Winter6.001
Andy RinehartPillbox12.002
RishlooTerras Fames11.001
RiversideOut Of Myself11.333
Omar Rodriguez-Lopeza manual dexterity: soundtrack volume one11.001
Roz VitalisThe Threesunny Light Power (EP)10.001
Roz VitalisDas Licht der Menschen (The Threesunny Light Superpower)8.502
Jordan RudessRhythm of time10.502
Runaway TotemPleroma8.001
Michael SadlerClear5.502
SaensProphet in a statistical World (plus Bonus: Dodecamania)11.502
Saga (Kan.)All Areas - Live In Bonn 2002 (Limited Edition) (DVD)6.002
Saga (Kan.)Network12.002
SalmonWhen the Dust Settles...11.001
SalvaA handful of earth6.001
Karl SandersSaurian Meditation9.001
SanityLive at 229.001
SatelliteEvening Games10.673
Savoy GrandThe Lost Horizon (EP)11.001
SBB22.10.1977 Göttingen/Alte Ziegelei9.001
SBBAnthology 1974 - 2004-1
Scorch TrioLuggumt12.001
Secret Chiefs 3Book of Horizons10.001
Secret MachinesNow Here Is Nowhere11.001
Seventh KeyThe Raging Fire10.001
Shadow PointeSituations9.001
Derek SherinianMythology7.002
ShingetsuLive 25.26 July 1979, ABC Kaikan Hall Tokio10.001
The Shy TraffickerHurt Seconds10.001
Sigur RósBa Ba Ti Ki Di Do13.001
Silo 10Silo 109.001
Silver LiningThe Inner Dragon6.502
A Silver Mt. ZionPretty Little Lightning Paw11.001
Simon AppleRiver To The Sea11.502
Skeleton$I'm At The Top Of The World7.001
Skyline SymmetryTossing & Turning7.001
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumOf Natural History12.004
Soft MachineBreda Reactor10.001
Soft Machinesomewhere in Soho7.001
Soft MachineLive In Paris9.502
Solar ProjectForce Majeure7.502
Soniq TheaterThis Mortal Coil7.001
Space Machine311.001
Tony SpadaHuman Element8.001
A Sparrow-grass HuntLe Journal du Dormeur9.001
Spastic InkInk Compatible11.002
Specimen 37The endless looping game11.001
SplinterDevil's Jigsaw10.001
Spock's BeardThe Making of Snow-1
SpyraHeadphone Concert - Little Garden Of Sounds II (Documenta 11)9.001
The Stationall that lies between...10.001
Markus StaussNeolithicum (Bass Saxophon Solo & Extras)11.002
Simon SteenslandSimon Steensland's Kamikaze United - Live Gang-Gang11.001
Stern-Combo Meissen40 Jahre6.001
STSlive 20009.001
Swedish FamilyVintage Prog11.333
The SynOriginal Syn-1
Syrens CallEmoceans1.001
Systems TheorySoundtracks For Imaginary Movies8.673
The Tangentii: The World That We Drive Through9.148
Tangerine DreamEast - Live8.001
Tangerine DreamLive - Arizona '926.001
Tangerine DreamThe Bootleg Box Set Vol.211.002
Tangerine DreamPurgatorio7.001
TantalusLumen Et Caligo II11.001
Tarantula A.D.Tarantula E.P.10.001
Robin TaylorX Position Vol. 19.001
Taylor's Free Universe9 Eleven11.002
Taylor's UniverseOnce again8.001
Theodor BastardPustota11.001
TherionSirius B9.001
Thinking PlagueUpon Both Your Houses10.001
Third Ear BandThe Magus10.001
David Thomas & Two Pale Boys18 Monkeys On A Dead Man's Chest11.001
ThorkWe Ila12.502
ThresholdCritical Energy11.001
TiemkoÇa tourne...6.001
TilesWindow Dressing9.002
Time MachineReviviscence - Liber Secundus11.001
Time RequiemThe Inner Circle Of Reality7.001
Tin Hat (Trio)Book of Silk10.001
TirillA dance with the shadows10.001
TortoiseIt's All Around You8.001
Toxic SmileRetroTox Forte11.333
Toxic VisionsVisionary (Demo)9.001
Tr3nityPrecious seconds9.002
Theo TravisEarth To Ether9.502
Trettioåriga KrigetGlorious War (Recordings from 1970 - 1971)6.002
Trettioåriga KrigetElden av år10.502
TrigonHerzberg 200412.003
TrigonProgparade 4 - Live9.502
TrigonLive im Schlachthof Lahr, 16.10.200410.001
TUOfficial Bootleg10.001
Turing MachineZWEI12.001
Two Separate GorillasTwo Separate Gorillas8.001
UnisphereLe voyage de l'enfant lune11.001
Univers ZeroImplosion10.502
University Of ErrorsJet Propelled Photograph7.002
Urban SpacemenPlainsongs6.001
USThe ghost of human kindness10.001
Elizabeth Anka VajagicStand With the Stillness of This Day11.001
Valley of the GiantsValley of the Giants10.001
Vanilla FudgeRocks the universe - Live in Germany 2003 Part 210.502
Various Artistsassorted [progrock-dt] music vol. 1-1
Vedda TribeGood Night to the Bucket11.001
Veni DomineIIII - The Album of Labour4.001
Verspielte ZeitDas ist die Frage10.001
Ville Emard Blues BandAu complet 1973-1975-1
VintersorgThe Focusing Blur12.001
Visual CliffKey To Eternity9.001
Cédric Vuilledes pas rayé10.001
Rick WakemanOut There (DVD)7.001
Wappa GappaGappa9.673
The WatchVacuum11.001
Ray WestonThis is my halo10.001
John WettonAmata4.502
John WettonThe Ultimate Anthology10.001
White WillowStorm Season11.502
Wicked MindsFrom the Purple Skies10.001
Ray WilsonThe Next Best Thing10.002
Steven WilsonUnreleased Electronic Music10.001
Gary WindoAnglo American9.001
WindsThe imaginary direction of time10.002
Woolly WolstenholmeOne drop in a dry world10.001
Woolly WolstenholmeBlack Box Recovered9.002
The Wrong ObjectLive At Zappanale 2004 (feat. Ed Mann)10.001
YangA Complex Nature11.001
YesYes Acoustic (DVD)6.002
YesThe ultimate Yes10.002
YesInside Yes. 1968 - 1973. An independent critical review. (DVD)10.001
YetiVolume Obliteration Transcendence11.002
Yezda UrfaBoris12.003
ZaalLa Lama Sottile10.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffMïssa Furïosa11.001
Frank ZappaBaby Snakes (DVD)11.001
Zen Rock and RollThe Birthright Circle7.002
ZinklThe Temptations of St.Anthony11.001
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